Mapping 360 Years Of A Divided Ukraine

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We know Ukraine is divided...

But how did it get that way?

How did the Russians get into Ukraine, you might ask? Well, here is a handy guide:

Eastern Ukraine was added to Russian Empire in 1654-1667 with western border defined by River Dniper. These parts were first incorporated into the Ukrainian territories in 1919-1920 and then in 1922 Treaty that created the USSR. Here are the lands lost in the Polish War by Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and gained by Ukraine via Russia:


Today's Western Ukraine was formed during one of the subsequent three partitions of Poland: which also added significantly to the Ukrainian territories claimed today.


In 1783 Russia added Crimea and other parts of Tatar Crimean khanite, including Odessa.


Irony has it, as points, it was Russian imperial control that allowed Ukrainians to settle into Crimea and Southern Ukrainian territories.


After WW2, Soviet Union largely expanded Ukrainian territory adding over 65,000 square miles and 11 million population (an increase of over 1/3 on pre-war period. The main expansion took place along the Curzon Line at the expense of Poland, Romania, Czechoslovakia.


Lastly, in February 1954, Russian Republic (RSFSR) 'gifted' Crimea to the Ukraine - from legally Russian territory (sub-part of the USSR). Only 22% of Crimean population at the time was Ukrainian (the rest were Tatars, other ethnic minorities and those, who Kiev supporters today frequently call post-genocide occupants of Ukraine coming from Russia, but in reality are Russian ethnicity residents of Crimea and Eastern Ukraine since 17th century).

Here is a summary map of what shaped the territory of the Ukraine prior to 2014:

These changes in the territories clearly indicate that ethnically Russian population is not a phenomena of colonisation post 1922 famine, but an outcome of centuries old movements of people with changes and reshaping of national, political, economic and cultural boundaries.

Alas, with every day passing, this hope of a unified Ukraine is becoming less and less feasible in the longer run and Kiev's insistence on avoiding orderly, democratic federalisation now threatens to lead to a civil war in the short run.

Source: Dr. Constantin Gurdgiev via True Economic blog

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Give it back to the Vikings. Problem solved.

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A rifle in every living room = never being invaded.

How's the militiamen situation in the Ukraine?

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Ukraine?  No, Mykraine.  No,....

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Mmm. Can I have that divided ukraine pattern for my carpet?

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I was cleaning out the refrigerator and found a lettuce that had rolled back too close to the vent a little too long ago.  It was a mixture of inedible frozen and rotting mess.  Looked kinda like something that was probably not safe to eat.  Ukraine is a mixed up, un-edible mess that is probably going to make someone pretty sick.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Don't forget about Chernobyl.  That mess might not be talked about any more, but it is certainly still there.


Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Varangians, more specifically...

Who, btw, some historians think were Slavic, not that there was a massive distinction between Slavic and Nordic 1000 years back.

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That Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth map was drawn by some interwebs bozo. The Ottoman Empire never bordered on long sections with Poland or Austria, since Hungary and Transsylvania were jammed between them all the time.

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More than Fukushima talk, is being done @ the Chernobyl site. Much more.


Mind you, completion is not @ hand. Admittance and action is being taken on an INLAND nuclear reactor.







viator's picture

Like the Swiss. They have an assualt rifle in every home.

PiratePiggy's picture

You load 15k tons, what do you get
A defensless nation when you're President
Turchynov don't you call us 'cause we can't go
We owe our plight to the Democrat lore



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THAT'S what this situation needs...Scandanavians!...


Bemused Observer's picture

I have to interrupt my own post a minute...

In reading my post, I realize it appears that I have misspelled "Scandinavian", but this would be incorrect. I was actually saying it to myself in the voice used by the SNL girl who does the porn star doing a commercial sketch and accidently typed it that way...

Just wanted to clear up any misunderstandings. Carry on.

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The norse that went east were called Varangians.

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Khanites are Khewl, need more of those.

CrashisOptimistic's picture

The electoral map says Odessa voted against the current regime.

That's the ballgame.  Odessa will go with the pro Russia crowd.  And that will be that for imports.

nah's picture

Its still alot of land, prime coastline and water rights for a "Ukranian" to give up under the threat of nuclear war


who are these strange nomands settled on the banks of the Dnieper river

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Ukraine has been an independent state only since 1991.  People talk like it has been a nation for centuries. 

When will the Kurds have their nation?  Tens of millions of them. 

Self-determination is good.  If East Ukrainians do not want to live under a Nazi regime, or be part of the EU, they should be able to make that decision.

sessinpo's picture

Tracerfan      Ukraine has been an independent state only since 1991.  People talk like it has been a nation for centuries. 

When will the Kurds have their nation?  Tens of millions of them. 

Self-determination is good.  If East Ukrainians do not want to live under a Nazi regime, or be part of the EU, they should be able to make that decision.


And I will add, whether you agree or not, let them fight for whatever type freedom they want. And that goes for the Kurds too.

Freedom is not free.

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"This map is so 17th century"  --  John sKerry

Nex's picture

First, name Ukraine, in slavic languages mean:

1) something on side, out of center

2) something on border

That is indicative.

For understanding Ukraine you must know history of Russia, Poland, Austria and some extent Mongols and Turks.

There was no mentioned of Ukraine until 16/17. century. In medival times that was slavic lands, on north of Ukraine, and south was under different influence from Romans, before Greeks, Khazars(probably origin of Ashkenazi Jews), Sarmatians...until slavic tribes not united and created Kiev Rus', powerfull and rich country. But that is Russia. Listened this, Ukraine nationalist claim that they are original Russians not Moscow Duchy. Yes, belive or not.

Russian accepted Christianity and literacy(cyrilic alphabet from Greece) in Kiev.

But Kiev Rus' was conquer by Golden Hordes(Mongols), and in Russian lands only survive Novgorod Republic on north of today European Russia(they pay taxes to GH, but GH never enter there, only Germans(Teutonic knights) and Lithuaninas try to use Russian problems with Mongols to conquer Novgorod(rich city, part of Hanseatic league- in the name of Pope and catholicism(Russian are accepted Orthodox Chrsitianity from East Rome(Byzantium) because that was most powerfull country in Europe in that time) and in 1054, ther was Great Schism between East and West churches) but Germans lose(famous movie od Eisenstain before WW2, with great Prokofiev music, was created in name of that battles and one of greatest Russian heroes-(Alexandar Nevsky- Nut Novgorod will not be city wich will uniteed Russian land, it will be Moscow(village before Mongol invasion in Vladimir-Suzdal principality). Kulikovo field, name of sqaure in Odessa where massacre occured in may 2, was great Russian battle against Mongols, in whichRussia(Moscow) become first time united, that was point of Russian expansion- From that point Russian begin to liberate, first, old teritories in south and go east. But Poland-Lithuanin comonwelth enter before Russian in some parts od former Kiev Rus' on south and that was point when so called Ukraine was born. They try to catholize much of population, later Austrian do that, and crete some language which they called Ukraines. But after Poland invasion of Russia in begining of 17. century and fall in that conquer-, on Russian thrones come dynasty Romanov(Russian tsars claim they throne like extension of Roman dynstie because, niece of last East Rome Emperator was wife of one Russian Tsar, blood line) and they claim Moscow for 3rd Rome from XV century) and expansion on Poland, Sweden start, that include today Ukraine. But not all like picture abode show.


ThirdWorldDude's picture

Almost correct, except for this line:

"Russian accepted Christianity and literacy (cyrilic alphabet from Greece) in Kiev."


Read your books again and check out 1) which alphabet is/has been in usage in Greece; and 2) which country did Russia recieve Christianity and the cyrilic alphabet from? Does your book name some sources?

karutzar's picture

Yeah, it come clear the origin of Cyrillic alphabet - Bulgaria. And that's not all - russiand DO SPEAK bulgarian, some ancient form. It was under Ekaterina that official "russian language" been invented by her order - few hundreds words only. Let's not forget - Ukraine territory has been old great Bulgaria. It was khazars that break it up that great kingdom.

Comrade de Chaos's picture

"There was no mentioned of Ukraine until 16/17. century."


There are over 40 ml Ukranians. And most of them do want to be independent. As of the first use of Ukraine, it varies. Of cause, according to Russian sources, they are just self hating Russians.


The modern name ukrayintsi (Ukrainians) derives from Ukrayina(Ukraine), a name first documented in 1187.[28] 

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

You mention "Ukrayina".  Now look up the word Krayina -- a generic word for Place, Region, or Land.

Like "__stan" is generic for "Land of ___".  Afghanistan = Land of Afghans, Pakistan = Land of Pakis, Uzbekistan = Land of Uzbeks.

Flying Wombat's picture

FALSE FLAG? Ukrainian Police Interactions On Film Raise Questions About Odessa Massacre

Bunga Bunga's picture

This one is much better:

1000 years of European borders

NoDecaf's picture

Very informative Tyler, Now we have a good visual of what they were celebrating in 1954 on the 300th anniversary when Crimea was "gifted" away. That tiny little peanut of a country was Ukraine in 1654! wow...

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Utopia has its roots in two Greek words: [1] Eutopos = the good place.  [2] Utopos = the place that cannot be.

Given [1] and [2] above, will we have Eukraine or Ukraine?

syntaxterror's picture

Where's JP Morgan and Goldman on the maps? 

Rodders75's picture

Crimea given to Russia as part of power struggle upon Kruschev's accession to power.

q99x2's picture

Proof that learning is transferred genetically.

Puppet Hegemon's picture

The "Territories annexed to Ukraine" "map" is pure BS.

Better have a look at the map of Ukraine in 1918 published by  Freytag & Berndt in Wien

Crimea was already Ukrainian that time, along with parts of Voronezh and Kursk regions (which ar part of Russia at the moment).

Uni's picture

I love that the first comment is a small note about Polish Lithuanian. Lithuania used to control all of the way to the black sea (and had this longer than the history covered here).


I say Lithuania should invade under pretexts of protecting a historically Lithuanian population. At the very least taking over kalingrad which a total border clusterfuck would make total sense