Martin Armstrong Exposes The Saddest Side Of The Ukrainian Revolution

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Ukrainian soldiers have nothing. People had been donating money to support them. While the West's injection of career politicians only replaced the head - Yanukovich - what is going on now is the corruption the people were revolting against is still in  the first place. Money donated to the soldiers has not been getting to them. Now the Ukrainian people are simply bringing food to their own troops because the corruption takes the money. Ukraine's soldiers have taken to Facebook to ask for help...

Via Martin Armstrong,

Ukrainians abroad do not want to transfer any money more to help UA army, because there is too much corruption. Now they try to create some organized system, which would allow to send concrete things to Ukraine, the soldiers need food, not money to some strange accounts.




Maximum repost!!

Friends! Many times across the posts to ask for help. We are not living in Ukraine, helping money. But that's me personally send money somehow not very interesting. Namahalova much everywhere and betrayal! I propose to consider the system as much as possible to help things, and not money. For example, such a hundred sleeping bags needed, intercoms, knee pads, etc. Laid entire list (wish list), and you need to make reference to Ukrainian online shops where everything is available at exactly the model of goods which particularly need . Shipping address must be the same in Ukraine.


That is to say, you chaps, decide what quality \ size \ color, etc you need, give specific references to the right things, and we'll book these things online! Thus it is possible to some extent ot protect yourself from fraud. Address of the recipient must also be specified. And upon receipt of goods, it is desirable to make hundreds of pictures. Perhaps with online shopping, you can arrange to open a savings account they are for the recipient, something like a wish list, and so that people can go to the site and buy from a list of what they currently afford. MUCH nicer people to help really something that you can touch and not corny send money.


If you have any ideas on this subject, write, together we are strong, together we can all think properly and really help our guys! Some people can afford to buy only a couple of packs of milk, and someone will azkazat much more. But the sea is composed of drops!

The IMF has done nothing but washes their hands in the blood of Ukrainian Patriots. These people are fighting against corruption... They have no one to turn to because of the usurpation of the government in the political chess game between the USA and Russia.

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CIA gives them ''advisors'', info, tactics and weapons, but not food.


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They are bitting the bullet.

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So a lesson to NATO dupes, stooges and puppets.  Are these the types of people you want to give your life for?  They will discard you in the trash, ask a Vietnam or Iraq vet.

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

They can at least use the fiat cash to wipe their ass. Oh, my kingdom for a horse.

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it seems pretty obvious what these soldiers should do, turn the guns around on the real foreign invaders, terrorists and oligarchs... 

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But I suspect the Top Ukrainian Politicians' Swiss Bank accounts are swelling...along side the Top Leaders' accounts of most nations who park their loot there ... no matter whether your dealings with the Ukraine, Zimbabwe, North Korea or Greece.

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They need to turn to themselves... shoot the fucking bankers and politicians... and probably their own officers as well.

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before they shoot you first

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Bingo, bingo.  This is becoming a cluster that is so bad that people are trying to get out (at least in the west) and save face and it's not happening.

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Bring a soldier bread and he can eat for a day; teach him to rape, pillage and kill, unleash him, and he can eat for the rest of his life.

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If I was living in the ukraine I would be getting the flock out of there right about now... Either with a pedal bike or walking, just get the hell out of there...

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Easier said than done, especially if you have roots in the community or a business to tend to.

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Or just a house you think you own and try to keep.

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Ukraine’s new authorities were put their by the west, almost overnight. How hard would it be for their removal by Russia, indirectly ofcourse - I doubt it would take much.

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Nuland's 178th Liver-Eater Airborne Forces sponsored by AlCIAda prepped and ready to roll.

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I really did comment to the missus.. I feel sorry for those kids and men who we are forcing to confront their own countrymen.

The Neo-Nazis in the Ukraine, EU, NATO and US State Department.. not so much.

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Where can I send my Bitcoin to help these guys?

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Maybe if martin Armstrong really cared about Ukraine he'd do a post about the massacre in Odessa by right sector and the Kiev hunta!!!

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Yeah, If there´s a war, stay home! Dont show. Send the mongerers! I would absolutely LOVE to see a war where no soldiers showed on both sides. Would be the ultimate finger to psychopathic and empty suits.

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I wonder what counsel Vlad got on Valaam.

Or maybe he saw this flick..

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The West Ukrainian forces sent East to supress the people unwilling to accept a coup government in Kiev are dupes of the highest order. It was reported that many of the attacks on self defense checkpoints were aimed only at stealing the food, medicine and money of the men manning the check points. I don't call that sad, I call it reflective of Ukraine. They have been free and independent for decades now, they have been getting ultra cheap energy off of the Russians and lots of help from the EU. Yet, they are worse off now than ever. Their hobby seems to be blaming others for their complete and utter failure to form a nation, an economy or a civil society. When the West Ukrainians march east to gain victory, they are just conquering the East so the rich elites can loot it again.

Frankly, the Maidan Heros and the loyal Ukrainian army units are a total refelction of their failure in every respect. Why would anyone in the East want to be ruled from Kiev? And why would they want to become IMF slaves, I mean debt slaves. Or why would they willingly close all factories and industry so that Germany can boost exports.

The US media and it's campaign for the simple minded dupes who actually believe that shit. In fact, the economy will collapse. Austerity will hammer the bottom 90%. Jobs will be killed as Ukraine comes under German rule and the place is shutdown and EU imports, funded by IMF loans give Ukraine all the viability of Greece.

But, never fear, the true believers will march east and get their helicopters shot out from under them, like four in recent days. Wounded or dead, the heros will be a big joke to the EU and to the Gas Queen of Ukraine and her IMF banker sidekick from Israel, Yats. So many people, so many fools, no wonder the Ukraine was looted for 2 decades and the people just woke up!

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You never give me your money
You only give me your funny paper
and in the middle of negotiations
you break down

I never give you my comfort
I only give you my situation
and in the middle of investigation
I break down

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were gonna "smoke em out"  .....BUSH

were gonna "starve em out" .....OBAMA

cossack55's picture

we are gonna "burn em out"..........euromaiden

john39's picture

cut off water to crimea... another violation of the Geneva Conventions by our Nobel Peace prize winning fascists....

Quinvarius's picture

I'm gonna "eat her out".....Hillary.

gdiamond22's picture

were gonna 'leave em alone'.......Ron Paul

zaphod's picture

This is how sad the world is today, it didn't even occur to me that this was an option. God I miss Ron.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Yeah, me too.  And there is no credible "politician" to fill his shoes.


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It never ceases to amaze me how many people are willing to fight for bankers and politicians who wish to enslave them.

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Military recruits from the poorest echelons of society.  Has for hundreds of years.

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Where hope, national pride, making something of oneself, etc. all have different meanings.


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You have to wonder what is blurring these solders vision.

Nork style indoctrinization in play here, or just loyalty for the motherland? poor bastards...

I knew it was bad, but no sleeping bags?

I'm shocked that a few ambitious Generals haven't decided, fuck this, and taken matters into their own hands yrs ago...

Terminus C's picture

It already is in their hands... why people think  the most murderous pack of monsters a society can create (Generals have their job because they are the best killers that society can devise) will some how "find God" and chase off the politicians and bankers.  They are in the club. You are not.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


You have to wonder what is blurring these solders vision.

Nork style indoctrinization in play here, or just loyalty for the motherland? poor bastards...

My guess is that at least some of them are motivated by threats made against family members by the Ukrainian Nazi government.

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

If the idiots are willing to be treated like dogs by unelected fascists while they risk their life, then fuck'em. Time for Russia to take out the garbage.

Terminus C's picture

That is for the American Sheople.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Not true.  The CYA gave them all "Food for thought".

Berspankme's picture

The knee pads are for Yats when he meets with his western masters

Terminus C's picture

Nah, he hasn't yet earned the right for pads and loob.  Not enough Slav(e)s dead yet.

blindman's picture

instructions for death, who offers them?
instructions for life, no one? ...

drink or die's picture

I guess that explains all the defections.

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MORALE PROBLEMS ANYONE? There are few quality personel on the ukraine side. No wonder the pilot of that downed copter was hovering still like a doofus over enemy territory

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If they would just spin their turrets around and blow a big hole in the door of the banks (Kelly), I would be more than happy to support them.  A Hind-D can really do a number on a bank.


Targeting IMF nazis would also be good.

kchrisc's picture

Attacking a bank?!

Now that would surely be a war crime.


And for those that need it>> /sarc

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Oh, they do have someone to turn to..

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This is written in RUSSIAN.  Why not in Ukrainian? 

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Oh, a trouble maker, huh?

Ukraine just needs a good "babies tossed from incubators" story and the money will be flowing.  And hey, some of it may even trickle down to the troops.

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Because Ukranian is a language that uses Cyrillic script, which is an alphabet, not a language. It just so happens that Russia also uses the Curillic alphabet.