Al Qaeda Has A New Target: Saudi Arabia Says "Major Terrorist Plot" Foiled

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With Syria (and its Al Qaeda-funded "rebels") having taken a back seat in geopolitical developments, some wondered what are all those heavily armed mercenaries doing. The answer emerged moments ago when Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry said Tuesday it had thwarted a major plot by a militant group with links to extremist elements in Syria and Yemen, arresting 62 suspected members.

From Al Arabiya:

According to a ministry statement, the majority of those arrested were Saudis. A Palestinian, a Yemeni and a Pakistani were also apprehended.


Authorities are also pursuing a further 44 alleged members, the statement said.


The group had been targeting “government and foreign interests” and had planned “wide -scale assassinations.”

How ironic: first, the government that was explicitly destabilizing the Syrian regime, first lost its "intelligence chief" Prince Bandar, who was fired three weeks ago for failing to get the US involved in a Syrian ground war fighting on Saudi's behalf, and now its one time allies, feeling left alone and isolated (since the US never lived up to its part of the bargain), are turning on one of the many hands that fed them. Hmmm, where have we seen this exact plot line before...

Unfortunately for Saudi Arabia, the "Mujahid" jihad is only just starting:


Who could have possibly foreseen this? Well, anyone who watched the following clip released several weeks ago in which the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham, aka ISIL, aka al Qaeda, declared their intent to bring jihad to Saudi Arabia.

And just like that the middle east is interesting once again.

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Sudden Debt's picture

Clearly they should all be given greencards and a proper militairy training in the US STAT!!

knukles's picture

Whose side is anybody on today?

kill switch's picture

What day of the week is it??

spine001's picture


 has anybody heard of the pope crying due to the crucifixion of Christians in Syria by muslims extremists?

+ No

- Yes

Why not?

espirit's picture

Unfortunately, those who collude with similar thoughts in the USSA will be labeled "terristoast" and rounded up.

At least fellow ZH'ers are cognizant cellmates.

BlindMonkey's picture

Great. We can play a mean game of chess with knock codes for movement when we are in isolation for 23 hours a day. I will look forward to it...

Haus-Targaryen's picture

When does the CIA have Al Qaeda invade Ukraine?

Ying-Yang's picture

Are box cutters and flying lessons punishable by DEATH under

Sharia Law in Saudi Arabia... just saying.

TruthInSunshine's picture

"Hi mom. It's me, Mark Bingham."

svayambhu108's picture

Probably they boasted openly about it, they were caught, good now they will work more secretly.



TruthInSunshine's picture

APB out for Tim Osmon, aka code-in "Geronimo."

tonyw's picture

i read saudi shipped 150 freedom fighters to Ukraine, payback for russia supporting syria.

TammanyBrawl's picture

To paraphrase the inestimable Jeremiah Wright:

Saudi Arabia's chickens...are coming roost!

tbone654's picture

Kind of reminds you of the early days of western civilization in North America, where the native americans were on your side as long as you were paying them.  The only thing you had to worry about was someone else paying them better than you.  Then it was a masacre of you from within, including your women and children.  Nothing changes...

tonyw's picture

terrible savages weren't they, massacring all those peaceful settlers who were merley trying to fit right in with the locals and get along.


earnyermoney's picture

Why do you think they rounded these dudes up?

Emergency Ward's picture

....tapping thru the walls.

1stepcloser's picture

I guess he figures, The Cross of liberty needs to be watered with blood of tyrants, Patriots and christians once in a while..

The_Dude's picture, from a year ago....which axe have you decided to grind today?

or maybe you could try to

Stackers's picture

once the oil runs out, they'll just go back to being the goat herders and rock farmers they've always been.

tonyw's picture

i think they have the odd billion or two put aside for that eventuality.

below elite level they don't all live like princes, so not so far to "fall"

effendi's picture

Below the elite level they have even further to fall as unlike the elite they cannot flee to their mansions in Belgravia or yacht on the Riviera. The typical lower Saudi national depends on regular handouts from higher up.They distain work and leave that to the imported labour (Pakis, Indians and other cheap countries for labourers). Tens of billions are handed out and the Saudi elite increased that a few years back to reduce the risk of a colour revolution.

Once the oil is gone and the savings squandered then the average Saudi will not be getting handouts and they will be in a worse position than the American FSA. They will lose all their foreign labour, have their air con cut off (in 110 degree heat) and have to work out how they will feed their 4 wives and 30 children with zero work skills.

Chopchop Square will get bloody.

Chuck Walla's picture

Send them plenty of Gay porn and a few slave girls, they will come around.



Grande Tetons's picture

Reminds of the Who's on first   routine by Abbott and Costello. 

Sudden Debt's picture

If you keep asking questions like that, it's pretty clear on which side you're on...

Dr. Engali's picture

Globalization bitchez. It's us against them.

Bloody Muppet's picture

"Whose side is anybody on today?"


The House of Saud isn't on theirs. A couple weeks ago they said anyone going out to Syria to fight will not be allowed back in. If they do manage to get back the crime will be going against the tenets of Islam, punishment will be... probably death, I expect.

dontgoforit's picture

They should take jihad to N Korea.

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

ISIL aka ISIS has been denounced by al quaeda for going off the reservation as far as I know. I am equally ennobled and disturbed that ISIL and Jabhat al Nusra or the ISlamic front or whatever the names are at this moment are killing each other off.


According to their own numbers inter savage fighting has caused as many as 5 thousand deaths this year which is a plus for man kind. As for the useless bronze age retardates in Saudi Arabia - that one is going to be a wild card as regrettably they are cozying up with china ( regrettably as I would have hoped for more out of china ).


I wish the plans to bomb them that russia drew up were made good on.

83_vf_1100_c's picture

"ISIL aka ISIS has been denounced by al quaeda"


Archer is working for the raggers now? So what side is ODIN on? You can't tell the players without a score card in this Brave New World. /s

StychoKiller's picture

"It's the 'People's Front of Judea!'"

SyriaL Stowlker's picture

RE : " Clearly they should all be given greencards and a proper militairy training in the US STAT!!"


Don't worry man , Obomba is clearly a few steps ahead of you


Obama To Pave Way For 30,000 Syrian Islamists To “Resettle” In America


PR Guy's picture



Musta been out to steal some sand... or do something unspeakable to a christian....


MFL8240's picture

Totally expected this because this will crush the dollar and Obama will have succeeded in destroying America and making us part of a new world order of people who are rich and think we are disposable.  Wake the hell up god damn it, this man is a terrorist!

MeMongo's picture

Haha milf8420 that gave me a ggod laugh this morning! I was actually thinking the main guy looks a lot like Adam Gadahn:-)

Aka Adam Pearlman!

shovelhead's picture

Putin will start handing out passports to Americans*


*not employed by Greyrock.

Time for Titus's picture

Okay, somebody remind me how it works. Aren't the Saudi's Sunni? And aren't the Sunni's the radicals? So wouldn't Al CiAda be for the Saudi's?

Is this Russia's "asymmetrical" response?

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

The House of Saud and the Muslim Brotherhood run White House are no longer allies.

Fixed that for you.

House of Saud is still aligned with the Jesuit MIC NWO neoclownz faction.

Now we get to find out which Al Qaeda factions are under which of the 2 factions control here since there will be 'costs' for O'muslim brotherhood's head to bring the Egyptian Army back into the empire's fold. Can't have them unfriending the empire and deciding to be BFF with Putin or China over the Muslim Brotherhood. They control extremely important territory in the empire.

shovelhead's picture

Jim Willie peels back the onion with some suprising twists and turns but reading him reminds me somewhat of working through a Joyce novel. Before  you can digest a thought, he zips you somewhere else.

Tzanchan's picture

We were "allies"? Exactly when did Saudi ever vote with us at the UN? Who led the 1973 oil boycott? Where did 19/20 9/11 hijackers come from? Take the needle out of yer arms man!

ZeroPoint's picture

The petro-dollar system. Enough said.

tonyw's picture

must mean Gawar is close to the end?

fallout11's picture

Ghawar is close to the end. Water cut is over 50% now (look at the amount of seawater pumped by Saudi Aramco....they're moving 14 million bpd of seawater a day through pipes up to 8 feet in produce 11 mbd of oil, or over a barrel of seawater for every barrel of oil produced) and rising.
A major (10billion USD) expansion project at Khurais back in 2009-2010 that increased the capacity of the Qurayyah seawater injection system by 4.5 million bpd of treated water for injection at the Khurais and South Ghawar fields resulted in a 1.2m bpd oil output increase, which is 3.75 barrels of water for every 1 barrel of oil returned (a 79% water cut!).
That is not an accomplishment I would be proud of. Extrapolate that performance across most of the Saudi fields and you can see the depletion rates are rising rapidly now.

Ignatius's picture

The US MIC will park its ass on Saudi and suck buttermilk (oil) when/if necessary, count on it.

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

Just drones and advisors, the GCC has it's own military force. It is their backyard let them do the heavy lifting. The mercenaries are occupied at the moment.

NYPoke's picture

Sunni's generally back the Saudi's & the original Prophet's goal.  The Saudi's want to run all Islam, as the Prophet did.


Shiities want a religion, to counter Jews & Christians.  They DON'T want the Saudi's/Sunni's running the show & telling them what to do.


They will both kill/murder, but the Sunni's do it more for control.  The Shiities do it more to keep the Sunni's out of their business...that is the short version.

WillyGroper's picture

As explained to me by a native Iraqi, it's as simple as Sunni's want a direct descendant of the Profit ;) & the Shia want the democratically elected.