Tumbling Tuesday: Stocks Slide As "Fundamental" Pattern Buying Fails To Materialize

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But "they" said it was all ok yesterday? That is was all "priced in"... and it's a Tuesday!!!! US equity markets - most notably the Russell 2000 and Nasdaq - are back at yesterday's lows. We did see the ubiquitous JPY ramp, stock pump around POMO but it would appear we have reached Peak Tuesday Effect as every self-fulfilling prophecy inevitably comes to an end (though there is will a couple of hours left to save "investors")... Treasury yields are notably lower (unch on the week) with gold and silver modestly higher (up small on the week). Credit markets warning signal from yesterday seems to have bee spot on ...oh and TWTR's lock-up was "NOT" priced in... 1114 is the most important number of the day (the 200DMA for the Russell 2000)


Well that is not what we should expect on a Tuesday...


With USDJPY tracking stocks (but this latest flush looks more stock-centric)


As stocks track yields lower


Wondering where stocks will end?



TWTR lock up not priced in... despite what all the experts said eh?!


An odd coincidence of collapse... with Pandora

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Thanks for "blowing up the spot", Tyler. 

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I knew it. Joe Weisselberg at BI did a post about the "Money Tuesday" about a week ago. The guy is a walking contrarian indicator.

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its all being saved for tomorrow and thursday in order to make sure the psychological "fed is awesome" theme stays intact.....the bad bowl cut speaks both days.

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And it's not gonna help this time cause the war is on and fear is about to over power what little the Fed can do now cause they're saving their own ass!

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notice the choreography as yellen speaks on every non-POMO day in May


:::: : : ::: :::

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Won't matter.

Cause it's "sell in May and walk away" to the Hamptons time now!

Wall Street knows the market is about to implode now with the Fed tapering, the consumer tapped out and WW III starting.

So say AMF to this five year bull market.

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awwww......you're just tryin' to get my hopes up!


:::: : : : :::

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Closing at the lows of the day you mooks!

Sofa king funnay!!

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better use those hash tags while you can:)

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These latest up moves have been almost identical to that part in a fight where you hold your barely standing opponent's chin up with your left so you can land the haymaker. #rigged

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And the lows are now in.  Nothing pisses off K-Hen more than a bearish ZH post.  

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What, we are not expecting a ramp up in the closing half hour?

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S&P500 forecast to roll over last week.




Isn't it interesting when the Fed cuts it's printing?

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Ticks just reversed on this post, hammer bottom on the 15 min; the bottom is in.

20 point reversal into the bell incoming

buy buy buy!

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Hey man, I was right about the bottom wasn't I?   I bought in a few here at 65 from 80, fifteen points aint bad; hopefully the worst cover I ever make. 


My call for tomorrow is that we will go higher, unless we go lower...

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Im sure "Kreamer" will have the answer! 

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Creamer the clown is for wimps and entertainment only, and CNBC market fluffer, we gotta take our shorts black from now on.

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Don't you love a farce?

My fault, I fear

I thought that you'd want what I want, sorry my dear

But where are the clowns?

Send in the clowns

Don't bother they're here

Isn't it rich?

Isn't it queer?

Losing my timing this late in my career

But where are the clowns?

Send in the clowns

Well, maybe next year

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401k bathrobe brigades, prepare to get corn holed.

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TWTR insiders never heard of super secret options action ahead of the lockup period? WTF? WTF a red pomo day? WTF WTF???

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Look at the TWTR volume today...the stock woke up and fell off the bed.   She's going down Jim, twittering on her knees.

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Time to flip the script, now we're on to Wonderful Wednesday, Fabulous Friday, whatever.

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Wake me up when TWTR "trades" at 2 dollars a share (then it's still not a buy, but just for the fun).

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< Last hour Ramp

< Last hour Dump


I dont see it staying here.....

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NBI has exited a small wedge and started its little ramp (we shall see)...that and the TWTR.


Is TWTR a way to "sacrifice" a stock by TPTB and then make the overall market 'done' dropping ?  A kind of reverse psychology.

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Some may be waiting for the 330 ramp to sell "afterwards"... but if there is no 330 ramp, then it'll go downhill fast til close...

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still plenty of daylight left.  i guess the Fed is actually going to have to work today, back to the office boys, get this green by 4pm.

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Little early to be declaring Super Tuesday dead. They can turn this green in the last 10 minutes of the day. Might want to hold off on victory call for a bit.

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Agree...but TWTR down 16% and high volume.

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Is that company pronounced twatter now then?

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Where are the Space Monkeys to tell us stocks are going forever higher?  Space Monkeys - and it's Tuesday!

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Ho-hum, still awaiting an actual trend for 2014. This market has been a relentless whipsaw. Like a fat kid running up the down escalator. 

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The dollar is down a little over 1% so there is that too.  Remember to price assets in dollars with real terms not just nominal.

TumblingDice's picture

Well, to add to the confusion, dollar is down 1% and gold is...down as well. To me this all seems like the no EU QE trade now than anything. Things *might* settle after the ECB meets.

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Gold is up 7% on the year.  This isn't your first rodeo, is it?

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Ramp up unlikely as I'm positioned for it!

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My 20 year old daughter came to visit me today.  I asked her if she uses Twitter anymore and she said "hardly ever".  She was heavily into it in 2009.  She says she uses FB and Instagram all the time now.  Her words:  Twitter is going to go the way of  Myspace."

I'm an old fogey and the only I use is FB...

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I'm an older fogey...if you want to know what I'm thinking or doing...and you currently don't know...that's the way I want it.  I use no social media services.  

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but who will tweet all the talking head Twats on CNN and PMSNBC, they seem to live for that... #RandomMSNBCHebe

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Twitter is for journalists, athletes and celebs.  I bought TWTR this afternoon for a quick deadcat bounce.