Chinese Vessel Rams Vietnamese Ships Under Air Support; Water Cannon Used

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With all eyes firmly focused on WWIII in Ukraine (oh, and don't forget Al Qaeda's pivot to attacking Saudi Arabia), China - as we noted here - decided now was the appropriate time to send an oil rig into Vietnamese (admittedly uncertain) territorial waters. The Vietnamese are not happy and is blasting China this morning after a Chinese vessel intentionally rammed two of its ships. As Reuters reports, the foreign ministry in Hanoi said the collisions took place on Sunday and caused considerable damage to the Vietnamese ships with six people sustaining minor injuries. Vietnam's foreign minister noted, "Chinese ships, with air support, sought to intimidate Vietnamese vessels. Water cannon was used," adding that "Vietnam won't fire unless China fires first." China has not yet responded to the Vietnamese allegations of ramming, but did have this to say, "The United States has no right to complain about China's activities within the scope of its own sovereignty."


As we noted here, China sent an oil rig into disputed Vietnamese waters...

An oil industry official in China said the deployment of the rig owned by China's CNOOC oil company to waters near Vietnam appeared to be a political decision rather than a commercial one.


"This reflected the will of the central government and is also related to the U.S. strategy on Asia," said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue.


"It is not commercially driven. It is also not like CNOOC has set a big exploration blueprint for the region."

But as Reuters reports, tensions are rising...

Vietnam said on Wednesday a Chinese vessel intentionally rammed two of its ships in a part of the disputed South China Sea where Beijing has deployed a giant oil rig, sending tensions spiraling in the region.




"On May 4, Chinese ships intentionally rammed two Vietnamese Sea Guard vessels," said Tran Duy Hai, a foreign ministry official and deputy head of Vietnam's national border committee.


"Chinese ships, with air support, sought to intimidate Vietnamese vessels. Water cannon was used," he told a news conference in Hanoi. Six other ships were also hit, other officials said, but not as badly.


Dozens of navy and coastguard vessels from both countries are in the area where China has deployed the giant rig, Vietnamese officials have said.


"No shots have been fired yet," said a Vietnamese navy official, who could not be identified because he was not authorized to speak to media. "Vietnam won't fire unless China fires first."

The US will have to decide if this is a red line being crossed after Obama's recent visit... but China is already putting him straight...

China has not yet responded to the Vietnamese allegations of ramming, but Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said earlier on Wednesday that the deployment of the rig had nothing to do with the United States, or Vietnam.


"The United States has no right to complain about China's activities within the scope of its own sovereignty," she said.

Vietnam concludes for now... we assume knowing the US has its back?

"We are a peace-loving nation that has experienced many wars," he said. "If this situation goes too far, we will use all measures in line with international law to protect our territory. We have limitations, but we will stand up to any Chinese aggression."

So Russia vs US in Ukraine, check! Al Qaeda vs Saudi Arabia, check! China vs Vietnam, check! Must be time for all time highs in stocks!!

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buy's bullish

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Most Americans dont know that after the US-Vietnam war there was a China-Vietnam war. No love loss between those two for decades.

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Audio transcript just released from the ramming.  "MAU! MAU! DIDI MAU!"

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Stackers:    No love lost with them for centuries.


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This should be good for another 100 points up on the S&P.

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gotta keep those billion zombie slaves busy doing something. 

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"no right to complain about China's activities within the scope of its own sovereignty"

Interesting new principle of international relations! So ... only Syria can complain about Syria? Only Ukraine can complain about Ukraine?

OK, got it! Though, it'll make for a pretty dull week on the 'Hedge....

Ghordius's picture

imo just a different way for China to say: "Uncle Sam! Is Vietnam your ally? No? Then buzz off to your sphere of influence"

as such, not a new principle of international relations

i-dog's picture

I can't believe that you (and 2 far) are so obtuse, Ghordius!

If China is suggesting that nobody has a right to comment on its "activities" within its area of "sovereignty" (with such "sovereignty" hotly disputed in this case), then consistency would dictate that nobody has a right to complain about Russia's [military] activities within its own borders; or Assad's activities within his own borders; or, indeed, any country's activities within its own borders ("scope of sovereignty").

No need to introduce your usual straw men into the argument, Ghordius, ("ally", and "sphere of influence", in this instance). It's a bad habit that you have had since your very first days on here.

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Ooo man!  You are stacked!  

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Decades? Ha! Centuries man, centuries!

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The US has already been involved in the Vietnam War, Korean War and WW2 (Japan) and has made these countries their allies even after they forced their way into their business and stationed troops over there permanently.....and now these countries are stupid enough to think that the US has their backs...

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The US has all of its allies' backs covered.  With a knife...

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AM gold reversal?

I'm holding my breath.

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RT just posted this video and this clearly looks to be more about the usual whale wars stuff that is always going on.

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before you know it... this will escalte into a massive waterbaloon fight...

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That's just a start, never forget---and unlike everyone else---back in February and oh-so-quietly, the US allowed Vietnam to enrich its own uranium, of course for peaceful purposes

zaphod's picture

Nukes have been the greatest tool mankind has ever had to stop and prevent wars. The USSA and USSR would definitely gone to WWIII and it was the nukes that prevented it.

It's all going so swimingly well, of course until it doesn't and some *sshat in charge pulls the trigger. Then we are all collectively are screwed 100x worse.

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Yeah and with all the tech flying around, its pretty dam easy for mistakes to happen. Expensive mistakes (cue Krugman)

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Captain pisses off the bow of a ship in the OCEAN, FOX News call's Urination a national event,...

Pretty fucking thin hey?

Must be a closed news day, in the mean time 100's were murdered today in UKRAINE, and elsewhere.

Get over it Unicorn's, men URINATE with their dicks, and unicorns SIT on their throne.

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Progressive women URINATE men dicks. Point?

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With 7.3 billion people on this planet and resources getting scarcer, conflicts will break out everywhere.  Especially in Asia which has the highest population.

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a nice billion on billion war between inda and china would be entertaining. 

thank god for oceans.

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DOW +100ish kinda news here! Wheee!!

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Should be good for 100 dollar drop in Gold.

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John Kerry needs another Purple Heart....send him in ..he can scratch himself loading his water pistol...and write up his own form

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Timmy Geithnerererer (representing the deep state) was just in China meeting with high Chinese gov officials........looks like we are moving to a 'tri-lateral' world..this was all planned right after Lehman took a crap...Russia and China will have more control over their respective 'backyards'.........Rickards SDR wet dream will be realty..

Winston Churchill's picture

You think Timmy is a player ?
When a Rothchild goes there, let us know.

Edward1290's picture


wake up does get to run the NYFED/Treasury Dept unless one is a player

Timmy is a spokesman/errand boy for the deep state.......

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Obama was just in MALAYSIA a few days ago promising that if the IRS could see MALAY bank account's that every pedophile in MALAY could  download the GAY-EDGAR-HOOVER pedo-files for free, ... now to say the least , ... the USA now had the MALAY banks by the USD.

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Send Sen. McrazyCain..

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Those Chinese are such pests. Poke. Poke. Poke. 

youngman's picture

They have a billion people to waste..why not....poke poke poke..whats a few million

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Ukraine failed, Putin unwilling to take the bait, so now it’s time to destroy Vietnam?  Sound about right?  Let’s take a second crack at killing the Vietnamese; we didn’t do a good enough job in the 60's.    Whatever it takes to get a war started and save the dollar ruined by Obama, Bernanke and the corrupt bankers on Wall Street!  

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You had me up until 'Obama' the destruction of the dollar started long before him. 

Spastica Rex's picture

Yeah, but he's mulatto, bisexual, and a Democrat.

MFL8240's picture

The 7 trillion in debt in the past 5 years isn't Obamas reponsibility?

loonyleft's picture

no. it's not. get over it. 

james.connolly's picture

I remember years ago RAYGUN or BUSH 'invaded' GRENADA, it was a proud day, USA the most powerful nation on earth, had kicked ass on a nation of 110 souls that had a collective IQ of 90, and a total budget of $120 USD.

Now as then we can be proud that we be AmeriKKKan's, so the Chinese are now immitating OUR stupid arrogant SHEET, ... who could have guessed?

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As I recall, The US invaded Grenada to protect American ethnics at an offshoere medical school from Cubans who were building a runway.

BandGap's picture

Here, watch the movie. Clint Eastwood, kicking ass. Gots Gangstas in it, too. War is soooooo cool.

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I was there in Nah Trang last week.  People fear the Chinos.  No shit!  They view us as their savior..  Gold is selling like hot cakes

james.connolly's picture

GOLD has been selling like HOTCAKES in Vietnam for what now 3+ years with 50% annual inflation? Shit, the gubmint has pretty much put the lid on gold, ... but VIETNAM hyper-inflation has nothing to do with grabbing these oil fields.

This is a new deal,... I still say that CHINA/GERMANY has MORE to offer ASIA in developing these OFFSHORE wells' than what the CIA/mOSSAD is offering. ( death ).

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Wait until they find out Bath House Barry's idea of "having your back" is trying to bugger your bunghole!

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Who's 'us' pachanguido?

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The Chinese economy is heading down fast, thus the action against the Philipines and Vietnam. Stir up a regional war and put all those dumb Chinks to work making bullets to get them damn Viets and Pinoys!! WW3 is beginning to look like a reality. I was so hopeful after the Berlin wall fell......

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We won't fire unless China fires first, but they can ram the shit out of us all they want.... lol.

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And yet another example of that wonderful "evolved" species known as the humans. I am pretty sure that if there is intelligent life elsehwere i the universe and it monitors things going on this rock that it does nothing but laugh at the sheer idiocy of the humans and how they squabble oevr such stupid crap.

Pathetic how humans just can't quit fugging with each other and live in peace. Some "highly intelligent" and again, "evolved" species...