Initial Claims Drop But Alaska & New Jersey Remain Top Of "Insured Unemployed" List

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The total number of people claiming benefits in all programs for the week ending April 19 was 2,832,693, an increase of 10,353 from the previous week (on an unadjusted basis) but the headlines will gloat of the drop in initial claims after last week's rather disturbing spike (which temporarily destroyed the pent-up demand post-weather meme). Initial claims dropped 26k to 319k, beating expectations. New York and Massachusetts saw the largest increase in claims while Michigan and New Jersey the largest drop.


The highest insured unemployment rates in the week ending April 19 were in Alaska (4.9), New Jersey (3.5), Connecticut (3.4), Puerto Rico (3.3), California (3.2), Illinois (3.0), Pennsylvania (3.0), Nevada (2.9), Maine (2.6), and Michigan (2.6).

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When nobody has a job, the initial claims number will drop to zero. I believe that is the goal.

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I will not sleep until NJ makes it to the numero uno position!

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Losing a 29.5 hr/wk job does not qualify you for unemployment.

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That's a fantastic point for the Tylers to follow up on!!

What are the numbers for laid off part time workers and do they figure into claims?


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No wonder highways and malls are so crowded at 2pm ... no one is working!

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Yep, and muricans will stare at the tee vee and believe those numbers and think it's for real.

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these hedge funds continue to short treasuries into every economic release...these fukks still don't get it...economics shmeeconomics!

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As expected, CNBS heralds the dramatic improvement as a harbinger of further recovery.  I have now deleted the CNBS bookmark from my web browser.  What a complete waste of spectrum!

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Gold getting wacked as usual.....same old shit different day in the asylum.

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DXY just broke support.

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"Wow. Draghi's comments about comfort in acting next time have pushed the euro to a loss on the day. at intraday low"


"Draghi commenting at length on improving credit conditions - no QE any time soon."

Fucking pick a side...

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Just the hope of QE has everybody front running him. People are scurrying to pick up the trash hoping to pawn it off on Prince Drag Queen. He has a good thing going.

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"DXY just broke support."

...and then reversed.

A near-term / intermediate low in this area would jive well with long bond yields continuing to fall. So far though, the long bond can't pierce a double top on the weekly and as you say the dxy support may be all absorbed.

The closing prices of this week will have an interesting fortune to tell.

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Insured unemployment numbers.

I cannot wrap my head around that statement.

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Just more noise....


When the officials have to keep telling you things are good, and you believe they are good, they may be right, but it's an accident.

When they tell you things are bad and you think they are good, they are of the minority party and want a change in leadership.

When they tell you things are bad, and you think things are bad, they retire.

When they tell you things are good, but you think they are bad, they are just lying, hoping you do not force them into retirement.

Isn't it we retired the majority of these Assholes from BOTH parties?

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How can anyone believe any of this bullshit?  This goverment is making it up as they go along to manipulate financial markets dont you see where the dollar is?

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soooo if we are at 62.3, were are the 38.7?

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It is amazing how many of those states listed voted for Obama. Well, maybe not amazing.

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The link to the report: better than just a seasonally adjusted number.

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And yet it is still 319k.  Awesome!

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Where i live in NH, a very large shopping mall in the state capital, owned by Rouse Properties, might "hand the keys back" to its lender due to continuing operational losses and loss of tenants.  They might get rid of the mall entirely if they cannot renogiate the mortage and property taxes with the city.  The mall's value is being contested with the city for property tax purposes.

If the worst case scenario comes true - the city will lose its second largest taxpayer and hundreds upon hundreds will lose jobs.  This will have a trickle down effect throughout the region and cause a spike in homeowner's property taxes for city residents.

No - Things are NOT improving.