Stunning Clip Of How Russia Is "Not" Preparing For Nuclear War

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Despite all the words - and equity market rallies (confirming that it must be true) - it would appear Mr. Putin and his men have been quietly "not" preparing for all-out war (which makes us wonder, aside from the ICBMs, just what it would look like if they were actually preparing for war). Below is a clip of today's "simulated massive nuclear attack" drills conducted in Russia. It is in short, stunning.


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… while our Teleprompter-in-Chief is playing golf on a pogo stick… ;-)


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We need Slim Pickens to go "toe to toe with the Ruskies".



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Bomber with turboprops? Do those still exist?

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Impressive, so many fucking rockets fired without a glitch.

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All part of the Banksters plan for us.

Here's the plan in case you're interested.



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Putin isn't playing around it seems...but Obama is definitely playing a foursome somewhere while JoKe (John Kerry) is on a yacht playing some bridge and sinking down martinis.

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Draghi sent out his own rocket today and managed to crash EUR/USD almost 150 pips. What will putin respond with?

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Anyone see a 155 artillery bombardment?  Hell on earth. 

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Looks Like Putin Would Be VERY VERY VERY Pissed Off If Us Fucks With The Rubble Or Russia Finances.
Thats What PUTIN Is Telegraphing!

We Know The Us Fucks The GOLD Price For Decades, The Rubble Is Another Matter...

HFT Is No Match For A Real Russia NUKE...

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What's the big deal? We've faced all this before. Like in Grenada and Libya and, and ... . Well, lotsa places. And this time, we'll like have China on our side. And everyone else. Man, that Putin better watch out. If he nukes a few American cities, boy are we gonna be mad at him. (Or maybe somebody else?)

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Doomsday plans work like that, everyone everywhere who so much as made an off-color joke gets their own personal nuclear death on the offhand chance they were the one who launched.

There are many who are considering the EMP option.  

However, it is a pointless option.  Whoever was EMP'd would eventually recover.  When they did they would do a carte-blanche no-notice first strike with all the toppings.

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Recovery of a national grid shutdown, which a national communications shutdown, would take years, per FEMA. If power plant transformers are lost, it could be a decade, since only the chinese make the big ones and there's a 4 year backlog. Black starting the national grid has never been sttempted and without comms, is impossible.

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I favor the "fart in their general direction" option myself.

It gets the point across without too much of a mess to deal with later.

BTW, those rockets are called "Stalin's Organ"

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The launch display is pretty awesome, but I wanna see where they landed.

The destruction of all the groundhogs, prairie dogs and moles must be breathtaking.


Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

I beleive Putin yells 'Fore' before his missiles launch

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We will need to write the songs about WWIII before the war because nobody will be around afterwards.

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Ummmm! Rocket Porn!


Dumb question, but did they keep any rockets for the actual war?

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If the DC idiots don't recognise the abyss when they see it this time they should be pistol whipped. They have no right to drag us all into their willfully created nightmares. I still don't understand why Victoria the pyromaniac Nuland is allowed to hide when it was she who provoked this war. She should be made to pay reparations to all families of the dead, those recently killed and those yet to die. She is responsible for every death after that vicious phone call. 

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I think it is about time that Obama starts hitting that damn 'Reset' button his Secratary of State gave Putin.

fleur de lis's picture

And after that it's about time he starts hitting that obnoxious unelected snot Nuland who ignited the whole thing.

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“If the DC idiots… this time they should be pistol whipped.”

I’m for pistol whipping them at any time.

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 Recovery of a national grid shutdown, which a national communications shutdown, would take years

we would only have weeks if the grid went down long term...think Fukishima



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Seeing as 20C civilisation is so dependent on electricity, it might be even less than weeks.

Apart from the significant infrastructure replacement delay (India and China being the only major suppliers of "new" high capacity, high voltage Supergrid transformers, and Grid Control infrastructure), how would America propose to "pay" for these systems?

After the inevitable failure of command and control leads to the inevitable escalation into Global nuclear war (and that WILL be the outcome), it'll be safe to assume that the "survivors" will be returning to a Mediaeval standard of existence, for quite a very long time, and "electricity" will become no more than a distant, folk memory.

And - that's looking on the "best outcome" side - without any additional catastrophes (volcanic, climatic, planetary impact).

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An EMP strike would tear US civilization apart.  Just picture what major cities would look like even one week after the supply chain broke down?  The Free Shit Army would get pretty angry once the free shit stops coming in.  First they would turn on each other and then the survivors would head out to loot and pillage the countryside. 

Bad as that is, it would be a walk in the park compared to Global Thermonuclear war.  Throw in generation of deformed and misborn from the radiation.  The living will envy the dead.

Manthong's picture

"think Fukishima"

more likely.. "think Mad Max".

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If the market goes down for good there would be an opportunity for someone to broadcast daily gold and silver spot with smoke signals.

August's picture

>>>it'll be safe to assume that the "survivors" will be returning to a Mediaeval standard of existence

It'll be more like the 17th Century IMHO.  Maybe the residual cultures will produce some decent literature, or at least some snappy swordsmanship.

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Nuclear power read my mind.

DeadFred's picture

All you guys spreading negativity waves, enough already! The government estimates that in the case of a complete shutdown of the electric grid at least 1/3 of Americans would still be alive after the first year, hungry but alive. Plus look at all the missiles that were used in that exercise today, only 8500 more are were in the clear.

Things that go bump's picture

I imagine our launch capabilities are protected from EMPs, unlike our infrastructure.

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

Supposedly there is a lot of EMP hardened military equipment, but how much of it has REALLY been tested? It's also old as hell; EMP threats haven't been taken seriously in decades.

El Vaquero's picture

The general idea about EMP and singular objects is generally, if it's close for the EMP to get it, it has other problems.  Power grids and phone lines and whatnot are going to have issues, but a nuclear missile and the bunker with the guys who can launch the missile?  If EMP could take them out, the nuclear blast will be close enough to be causing other problems.  We made sure our ability to respond was protected from EMP, and once we knew how that shit actually affected equipment, we let the Soviets believe it was a big, big problem to get them to spend money that they didn't have. It makes sense in a MAD world to do this, i.e. make sure your hardening goes towards making sure you can still launch a missile.  It does not, however make sense in a mad world, which is what we have today.


Oh, and BTW, we've still been doing research on this stuff.  Not just EMP, but ground effect stuff on things like critical communications infrastructure for being able to respond.


Just remember, it is the flux that counts.  Power grids are huge fucking antennas, and thus have a lot of area.  Make a loop, and the entire area inside of the loop counts when talking flux.  A missile?  That's a small area, especially when compared to all of the loops in our power grid.


So, do we live in a MAD world, or just a plain old mad world?

pitz's picture

Weird that you mention that, because much of the US fleet of nuclear weapons until the 1970s/1980s apparently weren't even EMP-hardened themselves.  The strategy for many of the early "Anti-ballistic missile" schemes was simply to exploit the lack of EMP hardening in the weapons themselves by forcing the ICBM/SLBM re-entry vehicles to fly through EMP-laden zones of ionization.  Basically the Soviets or the Americans would EMP-nuke themselves, to disable the incoming weaponry.

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Nukes a few American cities? I bet Obama would pull out the really big red marker for that one. Putin watch out!

Dead Man Walking's picture

Or, the really big teleprompter.

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considering that the electrical grid would be taken out with an EMP attack before the bombs hit, he would be using flash cards instead.

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Only if it didn't interfere with his tee-off times.

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They may have nukes, but we have a Hulk.

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Hmphf.  I'd be more impressed by a million red drone army flying over Stalingrad tomorrow(Victory Day).


Yep.  69 years ago tomorrow the Nazis surrendered to the Red Army. 

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Victory day parade from earlier today.
The tech section starts by 42 min

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This is just burning off old stock and getting a bit of a message out: you can choose which way you are going to end your hegemony.