Gold Infographic: The Eclipsing Demand Of The East

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Lifted by a continued surge in Asian gold sales, consumer demand for gold reached an all-time high in 2013 at 3,893 tonnes. Amazingly, 54% of this demand came from two places: India and China. However, it is only recently that the East has dominated global demand for the yellow metal. In this infographic, we look at India and China specifically to see why demand keeps expanding in the East.


Source: Visual-Capitalist

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  MOAR silver! No element is ever lost. It just changes perception.  " TRUTH"

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Hey, aren't you the guy with the 'tank-ass' sister?

Yen Cross's picture

 I am?

 Welcome to Mc Yen Sir.. would you like some Mc. Lung nuggets with your slider?

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And with the compliments of The Fed, they are able to buy all the gold they want at less than half its real value. So afr. Next, China and India will tell The Fed what is the price of physical Gold.

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every time you give a silver eagle to one of those graduating seniors, an angel earns its wings


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 Bigtime!  You know why?   I already know you know the reason!


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Well there's no space shuttle anymore and the USSA is becoming a second rate power in space travel, so maybe that will lesson some demand.

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It's been 5 years since my self-awakening...nobody I personally knew was all via the internet and primarily ZeroHedge and Turd Ferguson...I shit you not.  I'm an original Watch Tower Turdite and that's when I finally was able to connect all the dots. 

Props big-time to ZH and TF and then all the other people, websites, podcasts, etc. that I began to utilize which fully awakened me.

It was like Neo in the Matrix before that.  I knew something was wrong.  Shit was not fucking right at all.  But I just didn't quite know what the fuck it was until I stumbled onto ZeroHedge and quite literally everything else started falling into place for me like the proverbial domino effect.

I'd like to say that as of 2 days ago I have awakened and converted 5 people over these years.  5. 

5 people.

I've tried to speak to what's going on over all these years to most likely 100 people.  I've woken up and seriously converted 5.

I'm proud of that.  For all the frustration in that I haven't converted every single one of them or not even half of them or even 10 percent of them, I'm still very proud that I have 5 confirmed people who now have been or are now going to be consistent phyzz silver stackers, bitchez!!!

It...ain't...easy.   People don't want to listen and even if they kinda do listen (as I'm sure you all know) it's even more rare that any of them actually commit a little bit or full-on like I have.

But so far.......5.

Keep trying, folks.  And keep stacking.  5 out of maybe 100 I'll take.  It's better than none, and I at least I know I've helped 5 people.  And many others might eventually come around one day.  Everyone has their path to take, and we all can make a difference in waking people up.

Have a great weekend and lets all stack some fucking Ag on Monday, bitchez!!!!!!  YEAH!!!!!!!!!

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I got laughed at by my 2 best friends when I tried talking to them.  More chuckle than gut laughter, but ya, stack on bitchez!

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Gold and silver are eternal. No matter the price.

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"Cash" for gold.

The clarion call of the end.

If you give a rip about your family and friends send them a link to a linear chart of the DJIA and include a wiki link to the closure of the gold window in 1971.

If they fail to take action? Darwin awaits.

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????? ???????; ?????? ?? ???????? ?? ????? ???;  ;-D  Too funny, I wrote in Greek:  Are you Greek?  Do you know what my name means?, but the system does not recognize the Greek character set...  Yasou!

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I'd like to say that as of 2 days ago I have awakened and converted 5 people over these years.  5.

You're doing well. I've managed only 4 over the last decade but I sort of gave up a little while ago. I honestly just got to the stage of thinking "fuck em" because of the emotional and time investments required. I'll still point things out, but in the past if a persons retort was "but but but look at the sharzes" or something simililar I would counter that and continue to counter their counters, but now I just can't be bothered... it really does get draining - so much so that it's easier to let people think they scored a win in an argument than carry on with it.

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Tell'em to search for "Mandrake Mechanism,"  if they still aren't curious after that, well there's little hope for their benighted soulz...

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I'd like to see the correlation between people who laugh at the idea of owning gold and the idea that 9/11 was an oligarch takeover of the government.  I expect it would be in the 90's.  I've had people tell me "if it's true I don't want to know."  The most annoying are people who should know better - 'scientists' - who refuse to even look at the evidence.  As tyler says, they're gonna get just what they deserve..

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A friend of mine was trying to get a couple he knows to just store a little food. The response to his efforts? The lady actually said: "We don't need food storage because my husband and I don't eat that much."

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To SuperRay, doubting a correlation between PM buyers and 9/11 truthers...  WTF???   I know quite a few people IRL who both stack and _know_ 9/11 was a scam.  No clue why you would think truthers and stackers aren't the same people.  ???

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I told my wife in our last discussion about this "gold-buying thing" that I was going to have her sign a statement saying that she had been duly informed numerous times about the very steep down-side of not having 5-15% of our stash, at the very least, in gold and silver. I said it is no absolute guarantee of anything, but it is a relatively inexpensive way to cover a lot of bases.


Talking to friends and relatives about this is kind of like that old biblical saying that a prophet is never recognized in his own home town -people think that you can't possibly know anything because you are, well, just good old Bubba, and what the hell can he possibly know that I don't know. 

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For me, I awoke in the year 2008 and I bought 2 krugerands for $750 each.

Unfortunately, for all my rantings, I've convinced 0 of the coming collapse.

Although I've found a number of brothers and sisters that have reassured me that I'm not alone and not insane.


I'm embarassed to say that it dawned on me in 2008. I say this because I have a Finance degree and spent 2 years working for a Big 8 brokerage house (now deceased) and then 5 years as a financial analyst for a S&L bank.  I should have learned earlier but like most people got absorbed with trying to chase the dying american dream.  I knew Obama was a marxist and like most people really thought this country got off track after 911.  The progressives have been ddestabilizing this country for the last 100 years but it was only after I read "The Creature from Jekyll Island" and found ZH that I awoke. those were my red pill moments and made me realize how much of a dumb shit I was for not seeing this sooner. Good news is that I am far along in my goals and have been preaching the gospel to friends and family. Convinced the wife , brother in law and 2 friends. Being informed and referring them to people like Griffith, Schiff, Sinclair, Maloney and Bass has helped them to see what the main stream media won't.  I made my family and friends watch "end of the road" . It made a difference.  Now we no longer call ourselves Republicans and realize the US is now an oligarchy. Best 5 minute video I have ever seen is George Carlins take on the "American Dream". Never saw eye to eye on most things but he was spot on

Better late than never

rocker's picture

I was going to give you a down arrow until the end where you confirm to yourself, we no longer call ourselves Republicans and realize the US is now an oligarchy. You see, while you have a distaste for Bambi you do recognize he alone is not the problem, it's "big money" who runs the show. Americans vote does not matter if all don't vote. Politicians really don't want everybody to vote. Because it destroys oligarchies. It's the real voice of the masses they fear most. Our full demise is already determined because of No Campaign Reform. Big Money now owns ballot box. Big Money can now brainwash the few voters who do with unlimited dollars requardless of party. The Supreme Court had been bought out for Big Money's agenda. Journalism is Dead. Voice of the People, dead.    

After 9/11, (never let a good crisis go to waste), it was the Republicans who gave us a Homeland Security, the Patriot Act, phone tapping and the longest War in U.S. history. A war that really had nothing to do with 9/11. And another War that may have had a little to do with it, Afghanistan. Think of all the money that went down that shit hole.  Afghanistan is also partly reponsible for the Soviet Union's demise. In which, they are rebuilding now. While we are still pumping money in the shit hole. At least Reagan had sense enough to cut and run, but his party has been bought out by the military complex which owns them now. Yes, we are voiceless on both sides.

Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

ive had 2. it would be three, but my dad, after probably a year of me telling him to put some money into it, did finally buy some. unfortunatly, after doing a little research and seeing how undervalued silver is relative to the dow/S&P, and the gold/silver ratio, he bought SLV, not actual silver."no one can break into my house and steal my stock portfolio, and no, im not buying a huge safe and putting it in my house" So i count him as half, so ive gotten 2.5. hopefully the old man will come all the way around one day

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

My experience; most don’t want to be saved; they know something is wrong but can’t be bothered to find out more. I agree trying to enlighten friends is like an impossible task, they think you have gone a little odd.  Strangers are easier to persuade if they will listen. My wife is on side and I encourage my kids to do their own research, after giving them some guidance.

BigJim's picture

People are terrified of waking up. If they understood what was wrong, they'd either have to act, or admit they're serfs.

The illusion of freedom is far more comforting than the knowledge of reality.

cocky roach's picture

Nice work. Every person we wake up has the potential to wake others up, so I think 5 is a very good number.

I've been awake for a little over a year and have managed to really wake up 3 people and I have partially awoken several others. I'm still working on it.

Stuck on Zero's picture

In the West it's hopeless.  Women used to accumulate gold jewelry.  Now they accumulate Silicone.  A number of polls have shown that women see more value in plastic surgery than in gold.  Good looks can attract rich guys, make you popular, and lead to better career options. 


Oh regional Indian's picture

All this gold story hides the real story, which is silver.

Silver was what was stolen from the chinese by the brits, not gold.


In Hindi, the word for Gold, Sona, literally translates to going to sleep. 

If someone wants to say that something great happened, especially financially.... they say "I got Silvered", literally.

That is real history, the hints in the language....

Gold in fact has the curse of midas attched to it. 

Silver is the ticket....


BigJim's picture

 In Hindi, the word for Gold, Sona, literally translates to going to sleep. 

If someone wants to say that something great happened, especially financially.... they say "I got Silvered", literally.

Interesting stuff, ORI.

But - to paraphrase one of the Establishment's favorite Sodomites: a silver investor can go broke sooner than the market can become unmanipulated.

IndianaJohn's picture

Done it. Now I'm just waiting for the angels.

Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

i give an ounce to the little ones in my family every b-day and christmas, and every dollar our family gives us for my infant son buys silver as well. he will have quite a stack by the time he is old enough for me to actually give it to him(could be 15, could be 25, just depends on his maturity level)

The Navigator's picture


I do the same, hoping to instill some knowledge of the history and value of REAL money.

Perhaps I need a better sales pitch.

My reward is "crazy Uncle Charlie" and his silver coins thingy.

I will not give up.

HardAssets's picture

If the demand was so high, the price wouldn't have been going down the last couple of years.



old naughty's picture

Good question.

If demands are so high, and PTB "permit" {B}RIC to own them, at rigged lower prices, you'd think something's afoot, no?

Sure, many of us "know" their planned collapse...But really, us sheeples?

There's another hand stirring, invincible, calculated, dark, no? 

Al Huxley's picture

They're not selling their private gold, they are almost certainly adding to their private collections after each panicky midnight dumping of futures contracts.  The gold their selling is western government gold - they're essentially selling their own countries into debt servitude, under widespread media complicity and government cover, and when the shit finally hits the fan and the USD is displaced as the reserve currency, THEY'RE going to be fine, and its the population at large that's going to be well and truly fucked, and its they lying duplicity that makes them the worst kind of traitors, not the fact that they're getting their own share, but that their willfully and intentionally doing it by destroying their own nominal countries.

Yen Cross's picture

 Keep -up the good duplicity.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

 Al Huxley wrote

"...THEY'RE going to be fine,.."

Yes sir, that is completely right.  THEY will be fine, the 99% will be screwed.

Puts all us Physical Gold Advocates into a new perspective, no?  Silver and platinum are OK too.

UselessEater's picture

TPTB behind the Anglo-American alliance are done with us, we've served our purpose. The globalist PTB serve no nation and do not want nations. The BRICS are presently useful to 'finally' overpower the hollowed out West which has been working to destroy itself, we're sleep walking into a planned collapse. So many indicators and warning lights complimented by many more distractions and false flag issues; a calculated perception of invincibility because most can't detect therefore grasp the real threat and so obsess about the useful distractions that are prepared for launch as the situation dictates.... planners are calculating and prepared for contingencies. Eventually it will be convenient for the pendulum to be swung the other way; but for now its our turn. if we go along with it

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

+ 1


Your comments last night on the (lack of?) marriage thread last night were most excellent.  I look forward to seeing more and more.

Groundhog Day's picture

the 1.5 billion chinese and 1.2 billion indians must be barbarians chasing after a relic.  They need to become civilized and make proper investments in Fiat, paper stocks and derivatives.  

Bokkenrijder's picture

I have a question: if the chinese are soooo bloody smart by suddenly switching to buying gold, then why have they build all those empty cities? Why were they so stupid by having invested trillions in useless US bonds? Why do they need to fake economic statistics? Why are a lot their local companies on the verge of bankrupcy and constantly need to ne bailed out?

Trust me all you China lovers out here: the Chinese can only think INSIDE the box! All their economic experiments in the past (The Great Leap Forward") have ended in tears, and it looks like the current economic experiment (started to keep a restless population 'fat, dumb and happy' after the 1989 student uprising) will end in disaster as well. The only things the Chinese are good at is 'copy-pasting' the same successes AND mistakes that we make in the West as vitrually nobody in China is able to think for themselves.

The second point I'd like to make is the so called Middle Eastern 'demand' for gold. Anyone who has ever been to a Middle Eastern gold Zouk knows that most buyers AND sellers are Indians. When I was in DXB (Dubai airport) about one month ago and I wanted to buy a 1 TrOz Nugget, they were going to charge me $200 (!) over spot as a commission. When I explained to the sales lady that I only pay roughly €60 ($80) over spot here in Europe, she just shrugged. I used to buy gold coins in DXB many years ago, but since the Indian import taxes and resrictions, premiums in DXB have gone through the roof.

FredFlintstone's picture

The Chinese we see here are the cream: grad students and their off spring. Even they are not all that brilliant. I worked for two Chinese (PhD, and MS in  engineering). They worked hard when it counted, but could not plan for shit. They admitted as much and made jokes about it.

They government made all of the big decisions for them early in their adult years.

Bokkenrijder's picture

Exactly Fred, that's my experience as well when in China. I work in the airline industry and despite a HUGE amount of infrastructure (runways, terminals etc) the Chinese can only handle a fraction of the capacity that we can deal with here in the West. The bureaucracy is enormous, the wastage is even bigger yet nobody offers any constructive critisism on how to improve things because that would mean "loss of face" for the people in charge.

Unlike what most China/Asia bulls like Jim Rogers and Peter Schiff tout, there is NO entrepreneurial atmosphere in Asia in general, let alone in a communist planned economy like China. People get educated in a system that sees faillure as a loss of face, so people just stick to what's safe and don't stray outside the white lines. (except when driving, because they can't drive!)

People are like numb slaves (from the taxi drivers to the hotel receptionists, to the airport managers), capable only of following orders from above, and those people with real decision power have no long term planning or interests, except for filling their own pockets and transfering their assets abroad a.s.a.p.

FredFlintstone's picture

Yeh, I help these people build their business from 8 to over 30 before getting frustrated and quitting. The whole "face" thing was very hard for me to figure out until near the end. Holy shit, the driving! Think about it. We learn to drive at 15 to 16 or eaven earlier if you grew up in the country on a farm or something. My old bosses arrived in the US when they were in their 30's. Kind of like there is an optimum "window" to learn a language, there is also one for learning to drive. These people would just stop in the middle of the raod of they got confused.

You know the people who will just stop on a busy sidewalk or in a crowded mall and not think to get out of the way? Well these people do it on the roadway in a car.

Bokkenrijder's picture

"You know the people who will just stop on a busy sidewalk or in a crowded mall and not think to get out of the way? Well these people do it on the roadway in a car."

Hahaha! True! I've seen it on a 6 lane highway in Shanghai! A person missed the exit, so they just stop in the outer left lane, pull into reverse, and back up. And all that during rush hour of course!

Have you also noticed how they are not able to maintain an intermediate throttle setting and drive a constant speed? In my company we call them "digital drivers" because you get gently rocked back and forth by the constant varying the throttle between on and off.

When there is any air disaster (Asiana crash in San Fransisco or more recently the disappearance of MH370) or a ferry that sinks in Korea, you see a perfect example of the Asian culture at work: complete gridlock and 'deer caught in headlights' panic. Lot's of generals with lot's of stripes and decorations, lot's of important looking people, yet none of them are able to plan a piss up in a brewery. Asians can not deal with ANYTHING that is outside the box, i.e. something that has not been planned, regulated or preconceived, so I really really really do not see how they will come out on top if there is any major economic collapse or systemic breakdown.

ltsgt1's picture

Most of what you stated are true and that is why I'm still holding more dollar than PMs. However, the innovative Roman was not defeated by unsophisticated savages, the destruction came from within.

Bokkenrijder's picture

Good point ltsgt1, that the Roman collapse came from within, but did we see the Germanic, Celtic or Nordic tribes immediately take over from the Romans as their empire collapsed? Nope.

What followed was a looong void, the Dark Ages, The Crusades, the Plague and it wasn't until >1000 years later, during the European Renaissance and Enlightenment that some of Rome's competitors started to make a name for themselves in the form of the English, the Dutch, the Spanish, the Portuguese and the French colonial empires. 

Nevertheless, it was the remnants of the former Roman empire like Venice, Lombardia, Genoa and Florence that still had a large power basis, great intellectual and artistic talent (Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Marco Polo etc) and enormeous wealth and were able to greatly influence the world (Columbus, and again Marco Polo) in which we live today.

Maybe the present USA empire will also 'downsize' but with remnant areas of wealth and commercial creativity like New York and Silicon Valley. It never goes up in a straight line, but neither does it go down in a straight line. Look at the former Sovjet Union. It collapsed, recuperated and is now in the process of regrouping.

JuliaS's picture

I wish I could afford as much gold as someone living in a 3rd world country.