Latest Satellite Images Show No Russian Troop Withdrawals

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Surprise: Putin punked everyone again.

But it's all good because the fake de-escalation allowed the rigged Dow Jones to close at a new all time high inspiring Americans full of "confidence" so they can go ahead and spend money they don't have to boost US Q2 GDP: after all it has a ways to go to hit Goldman's 3.9% quarterly target.

And now it's time to unleash the Kerry once again, who will explain all the "cost" nuances the Kremlin has missed for the past two months, and we get round X+1 of "de-escalation" headlines next week again which in turn pushed the DJIA to record-est highs. Rinse. Repeat.

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Probably true, but why was it again that am I not convinced when US or NATO "prove" sth with satellite images?

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Image was posted by US State Department. It's Digital Globe, so it should be checkable.

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No fuckin shit..

We're talking about Russians on their own turf.

And they're not going to leave it.  Ever.

So get over it.


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What about Ukrainian troops within 75 km of Russia's border?


McMolotov's picture

No fair asking those kinds of questions, pods. Also not fair to ask what we'd do if a civil war broke out right across the border in Canada or Mexico.

sushi's picture

The Russians have reason to be concerned.

As a previous video showed the Ukrainian military has full launch capabilty for its BMP armoured personnel carriers. 

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Um their is a war going on in Mexico. 48000 dead in 5 years as of last year. That more than died in Afganistan in 10 years. ANd to answer you question of what would we do? well you have to Ask Eric Holder for the answer to that one. Sell guns to the drug cartel of course. War on Drug remember

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"...Mexico. 48000 dead in 5 years as of last year. That (is) more than died in Afganistan in 10 years."

 agreed that the death toll for americans is far lower than 48000. probably more than 48000 dead afghanis though. anyway, maybe if the dea/cia and all of that would quit mucking around in mexico, the death toll would lower?

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"War On Drugs" = "War For Drugs"

"War On Terror" = "Control Of Terror" (see also "Proxy War," "False Flag" and "Reign Of Terror")

"Weapons Of Mass Destruction" = "Bypassing USD for International Trade" (see also "Nuclear Enrichment," "Yellowcake," "Colin Powell's Mysterious Evidence," "Leader XXXX is a Bad Man" and "Regime Change")

"No Child Left Behind" = "All Children Left Behind"

"ObamaCare" = "NoHeDon't" (see also "Insurer Windfall")

"Global Warming" = "Carbon Tax" (see also "Carbon Offsets," Medieval Catholic "Indulgences," "Agenda 21" and "Grassroots Totalitarianism")

"War" = "Peace"

"Freedom" = "Slavery"

"Ignorance" = "Strength"

"Up" = "Down"

"Left" = "Right"

Add your own...

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Russian troops in Russian territory, Russian aircraft on Russian airbases, Russian tanks on Russian military bases, Russian military defending Russian speaking people who VOTED to “go back” to Russia.

OH MY! What will we do? 

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Taint boil -love that handle

RT and its propoganda are in the free world.


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May 9, 2014. Ukrainian troops shooting at unarmed peaceful civilians. Injure 3 of them.

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Wasn't on CNN, are you sure it really happened? Ha! HA!

Lore's picture

The precedent is set. Walking toward those soldiers with your arms outstretched just gets you shot.

Are those rubber bullets?

The stakes haven't yet entered the popular psyche.  So far, after 8-12 weeks, it's still largely a matter of hollering and waving your arms and throwing chairs. Nobody is willing yet to use their cars and risk them being damaged. 


CrashisOptimistic's picture

Wait.  75 kilometers?  They aren't allowed to be within 75 kilometers?

Squid Viscous's picture

yes, future generations will refer to this as the "Kohn Doctrine" 

CrashisOptimistic's picture

The US has an entire Army base closer than that to the North Korean border.

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yes but, they aren't really troops... they're "peacekeepers" - got to work on your double-speak skillz!

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75 kilometers from the border is NATO's "free speech" zone.


Excellent CIA Photoshop plant, dudes. 

Now go get some hookers and blow until we need ya again soon. 

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

Ahhh is that a T34 tank in that image, how old are these photos?

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Wait a minute so the USSA and HATO are now claiming that Russia needs to keep its troops over 75kms from the border?  WTF?  Is there an accepted protocol that dictates that a nation may not place its soldiers within 75kms of a border that I am not aware of?

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Russia is not allowed to have troops within its own borders. I thought everyone knew that.

As an aside: This must be another example of ZH only showing the Russian point of view — right, trolls?

EDIT: Come on, trolls. Don't be a bunch of pussies hitting the down-arrow and running away. You're the ones basically calling ZH a front for the Kremlin, yet here's a post with imagery from fucking NATO.

disabledvet's picture

Well...Ukraine means "borderland" I believe.

"And yes, Russia has agreed that territorial contiguity is the goal here.

Therefore of course Ukraine has a right to establish border security and of course has a right to defending "Ukrainian-ness" if that's what you mean.

As for everything is what it is I guess.

sushi's picture

has a right to defending "Ukrainian-ness"


Not if that "defense" consists of attacks against its own civilian population. This isn't my claim. It is the stated position of the The Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe on 30 April 2002.



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- See, Vlad, you have to pull back those forces of yours back into I don't know somewhere because our proteges in Kiev feel uneasy strangling pregnant women and punching babies with your troops just across the border.

- After careful consideration, I decided not to withdraw Russian troops from Russia. Happy Victory Day, convey my regards to your stooges in Kiev, tell them we'll be visiting. Vlad.

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I wish Putin would just get this over with and roll in with the tanks, the suspense is killing my SPY puts

CrashisOptimistic's picture

That's not how he wins.

He will let the gas cost drive them to beg him to take over.  The price he'll demand for relief will be replace the Kiev government with East Ukraine people, default on the IMF loan, and then he'll reduce the gas price.

The military isn't the instrument of power it was when oil and gas were infinite.  Now the spigot is the instrument.

ZerOhead's picture

Did you say "puts"?

When the tanks roll you are really going to want to cash-in with calls...

Squid Viscous's picture

lol, maybe I'm wrong... need to put on my Krugman/Yellen/Summers thinking cap - what could be more bullish than WW3!!

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No. Puts are the way to go. the V Put, in particular

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McMolotov      This must be another example of ZH only showing the Russian point of view


Russian point of view?

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Sarcasm detector. Get it checked out. Today.

August's picture

>>>here's a post with imagery from fucking NATO.

Any information released by NATO sources, or the US government, is presumptively a lie.

It may be merely distorted, manipulated or cherry-picked, but until proven otherwise, assume that it's false.


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But ZH IS a front for the Kremlin. That's the only reason to come here. To see the ZH spin on things. It's entertaining. Oh and the schizo dumbass commentators who actually think they are ''informed'' by reading the bullshit ZH posts.

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In Canada we have forts right on the boarder of the USSA.  We have cannons pointed right at the USSA and have for over 200 years.  Any attempt to invade Canada and there will be bombs bursting in air.  I don't know if the USSA is aware of this as I do not believe they have complained.

Is there American cannons pointed at Canada?

sushi's picture

Putin should follow the precedent by the USSA which positions its forces over 8,000 miles from its own borders.

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

Well apparently the USSA must have some kind of agreement with Mexico where it can't put troops within 100mi of that border. Instead, the USSA searches citizens on I-10 and calls it a day. God bless the USSA.

NotApplicable's picture

"Say, is that lettuce you've got there in that box in the back? What are you, some kind of terrorist?"

Meanwhile, all the illegals are low-crawling through Camp Pendleton.

Mitzibitzi's picture

Fuckin' 'ell! Us guys in Britain would have to have one military base about 300 feet wide and 120 miles long to comply with that one! And what about Lichtenstein? And Mediera? Other small n skinny countries like dem, man! Dat's rayciss!

And it would surely eliminate the ability for any country at all to have a Navy, right? Cos that's kinda like military, isn't it? Ok, they have better food and there's silver cutlery in the mess but it's sorta a military thingy, no? OK, it's one where they seem to teach their dudes and dudettes weird things like 'telling the difference between the enemy-de-jour and other guys nominally on our side for the moment' and 'we're on a fucking boat, ALL fire is unfriendly, you moron!' that seem to have passed other branches of the military by... but still!


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What about USSA troops in another country and no body wants them there.  They were supposed to leave in 1999 but are still there with no intent of leaving.  Unwelcome guests.

Guantomino Cuba.

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They have to wait for the people to vote to become a part of Russia this Sunday before moving to the next front.

Eyeroller's picture

And Putin can then say "I told Ukraine not to have the referendum, but..."

All that idiotic hype about Putin backing down on Wednesday... RIGGED

SpanishGoop's picture

You can almost see a Russian taking a leak but they can not see where flight 377 went to.

They must have a sat image of that.


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I thought that the US might worry more about Mexican military on the wrong side of our border, but <sigh>, not the case.


Winston Churchill's picture

Why would he FFS.
There is a civil war going on across the border with one side being , nazi, anti Russian crazies.
He would need those troops to handle the soon to be DP's in there millions if nothing else.You can't fix stupid and
the USA/EU are stupid.

Squid Viscous's picture

Don't call Nudelman stupid, she's from a long line of 130+ IQ ashk-nazi's ... must have been a "policy failure"

Winston Churchill's picture

Show me someone with a 130 IQ ,and I will show you stupid,
Common sense ,and high IQ are mutually exclusive.
They can barely feed ,and clothe themselves.