Putin Warns "Other Countries Must Respect Russia"

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Hours ahead of Donetsk' planned referendum this weekend, Russia's President Vladimir Putin - speaking from a recently reclaimed Sevastopol (and denounced for being their by Ukraine's acting government) - has made anything but the market's much-needed diplomatic comments...


In other words, while he publicly asked for the referendum to be postponed; the people are demanding it and he will live by their will... and if they choose independence, he will enforce it. On a day when 20 have already died in clashes, is it any wonder event risk concerns this weekend are surging.


Ukraine is not happy about his visit...

Statement of the MFA of Ukraine on unauthorised visit by the Russian President Vladimir Putin to the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine expresses the strongest protest against today’s unauthorised visit by President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol, temporally occupied by Russia.

Ukraine considers this step to be a blatant disrespect by the Russian side for the legislation of Ukraine, international law; gross violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty, the United Nations Charter, the United Nations General Assembly Resolution "On Territorial Integrity of Ukraine ", as well as the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Partnership between Ukraine and the Russian Federation of 1997.

This provocation makes yet another clear evidence that Russia has been consciously escalating tensions in Ukrainian-Russian relations and unwilling to bring bilateral disputes to diplomatic solution.

We demand the Russian side to return to the civilized way of international relations, listen to the decisive voice of international community, as well as repeal all the illegal acts on occupation and annexation of the part of Ukraine’s territory.

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Gold and Silver LOD

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Respect is earned, not forced.


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I respect no politician. 


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What tyranny wants tyranny takes.

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Yes, that is why the USSA is always invading other countries, under the guise of responsibility to protect, or some other pretext.

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Quoting the article re Putins visit:

Ukraine considers this step to be a blatant disrespect by the Russian side for the legislation of Ukraine, international law; gross violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty, the United Nations Charter, the United Nations General Assembly Resolution "On Territorial Integrity of Ukraine ", as well as the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Partnership between Ukraine and the Russian Federation of 1997.


I guess overthrowing the elected president of the Ukraine and replacing him with an illegal CIA coupmeisters doesn't count, LOL

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AND 1, 2, 3, Let's ALL Keep Selling THE GOLD Right Now...

...Fucking Market Manip Puke...

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The former and current Ukraine governments go what they deserved from Putin by being the corrupt sluts of the West and thinking they has noting to worry about with NATO backing them.

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"Respect is earned, not forced."

Force is often needed to earn respect from idiots.

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Just turn off the fucking gas.  I give it hours before everyone in the west starts playing nice or kicking off WWIII.  Trouble is if they kick off WWIII, the west has to take Russia in one go which is why it won't happen.

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Noooo, you have to worry about secondary smoke ;) http://youtu.be/QouJEDVNt6s?t=3m52s

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I am sure that he was laughing as he flew over the other soon-to-be new Russian provinces that were once Ukraine. Nato/EU you blew this one big time.

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Well, Ukraine jackwagons are gonna have to "learn" to respect the hands that control their gaz/oil; ain't but one way to teach that lesson...

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Yep. Goldman's death plunge is awaiting. One final capitulation selloff in the next 6-10 weeks to an ultimate bear market low of $1080 or thereabouts. Who will be brave enough to buy at that point?

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Yes, it is clearly reflected in the gold price. ROTFLMFAO!!!!

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It is pretty clear that Moscow is reponsible for the Odessa deaths.  Not only did Putin's thugs fire on a unarmed crowd of peaceful marchers, killing four people, reports from some survivors of the building fire bring to light some strange irregularities.  Evidently nerve gas was used to paralyze people who were then burned to death.  In addition, people were prevented from leaving the most dangerous areas.  There is no good explanation for the deaths of so many unfortunate people in such a minor fire.  There were people sitting on the roof, laughing, while other people below were unable to escape the fire?  It is not reasonable for this to occur without some external intervention.  The most gruesome thought is that the pregnant woman put on such hideous display was the work of one of Putin's brutal, ruthless thugs.

That episode is a fail for Putin - he had hoped to provoke an outcry against Kiev.  The street killings took away the emotional impact, and there is a nagging sense of irregularity in the building fire that even someone who hasn't investigated the reports of survivors has to deal with.  

Who can respect such a country?  

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Nice try. You get a C for effort.

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How is the weather in Kiev today ?

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It's too bad for you that there is plenty of documentation that proves otherwise. But never let the facts get in the way of a good lie, right sock puppet? It's funny how these long term accounts with no history of posting suddenly show up carrying .gov's water.

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Trolls and sock puppets always seem to show up when PM's are getting killed too.

A nice coordinated effort isn't it?

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True, man.  Getting downvoted is a pleasure from such a bunch of stupids.

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It looks like you told us. Stupids? Did you just learn that new word on the playground from the big kids?

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Happy to contribute, twat.

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Hey Sablya, or should I call you Maidenite/fascist,

Your false flag failed. The world now knows via video, audio and witness testimony that your pravy sector burned and killed 100's of people. 

Keep lying, however, while I enjoy what will eventually happen to you and your scum when Putin gives you an asskicking, Russian Style.


sablya's picture

Shall I call you a Colorad?  Or a Putin puppy?  Or just a moron?

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Better to remain silent, and let everyone think you a fool, than comment and remove all doubt.
The only question left is are you a fool, or a nazi ?
Or both ?

sablya's picture

The real Winston Churchill wanted to continue on to take out the Soviet Union immediately following WW2 in "Operation Unthinkable."  Same with General Patton who was "disdainful of Russians as "drunks" with "no regard for human life."  He wanted to press on to take Moscow.  You ought to be ashamed to take Churchill's name to yourself and yet write like such a fool.

Winston Churchill's picture

Sticks and stone may break my bones, but words, from nazi's, will never hurt me.
Nothing in life is black or white.Churchill had many faults,
but without him,and others, , we would all be speaking German now, and giving salutes to Der Fuhrer, as I'm sure you do anyhow.
Maybe you should change your avatar to Bandera to match your
persona. Mine doesn't match Churchill's by the way.

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Better German than American Yiddish.

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Hey Latina Lover go suck Putin's dick and make sure you bend over to take that little USSR dick up your ass.

First off there will be no WW3.  This is just another Cold War.  Nothing to see here move along blah blah blah

Secondly youre little more then just another conspiracy nut job that has no idea about how the world really works.

Third im sure your russian so that automaitcally make you an idiot so go back to your USSR.  And if your not, then im sure you'll be hawled off to a FEMA camp at first light which is where you belong.


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I would be careful with the word "knowing".

Myself being strictly on the side of Russia, but there was a video on RT.com, that showed how a man was alegedly shooting with a gun at people in a house. I felt something was wrong with the video an when I watched it the thied time I recognized it: the camera was only showing the man and not where he was shooting at! Faked.


So I have become very suspicious.

And what is making me even more suspicious about Putin now, is how he plays the May 8th "victory day". This day was not a victory for all people. Many nations have come under the Bolshevik regime with millions of victims. While I think it's the right of every nation to have a special view about the past, to play that card in teh current situation is not a sign of deescalation from the Russian side. How should the Baltic nations or the Ukrainians feel, if Putin tries to impose the Communist propaganda on the surrounding nations?


I think, with this ridiculous antifascist propagandacourse, he is digging the hole deeper and isolating Russia from the surrounding nations which had sympathies so far for Russia in this development.

And that's not the only development that smells bad: how about that Russian NGOs supporting Soviet monuments in foreign countries? It's the right of every nation to decide on her own, which monuments it wants or which ones she wants to get rid of.

Currently Russia is not making any friends and the Globalists probably are winning big support in the affected countries because of showing everyone that Putin's Russia was like the Soviet Union. When the Ziomedia begin to use this open flank, then very soon all the old cold-war stereotypes will be resurrected in the USA. Maybe that's where they want things to go. And then Russia will lose lots of support.

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was there supossed to be a /sarc there?

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What a lovely fictional story you wrote, all it was missing was the alien invaders assisting Russia to overthrow the heroic defenders of democracy, perhaps a little more crack next time before writing.

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They do have a history of using gas- anyone remember when the Russians gassed the chechnayans that were holding a  theater hostage? Seems like a bunch of innocent people died if i remember correctly.

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That is correct.  The same sort of irregularities took place in the 2002 Nord-Ost siege.  Anna Politkovskaya's account of the tragic event is quite enlightening.  Yeah, Russia had the means, motive and opportunity (MMO).  It's pretty obvious once you think about it.  There is really no other explanation for so many deaths when other people were sitting on the roof, perfectly safe and sound. 

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Sablya, -- aren't you supposed to be preparing those matzos with the blood of white children?

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The chechnyans would have killed them all anyway. The Russians got to send a message by saying "We dont care how many hostages you take, we'll kill everybody." Good strategy that in the larger picture probably saved a lot of lives.

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Nudelman, is that you ?

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Pretty much that.

Pay your bills.  Then we'll talk about that new cash-on-delivery arrangement that begins in 3 weeks.

BTW, we'll be informing your populace that they can have their gas subsidy restored, undo the IMF austerity, and even get another price cut on their gas if they just come and remove you from office -- with or without your bloodshed.

Have a nice day.

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Kiev should charge Crimea twice as much for water and electricity.

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You do realize the electricity is from the Russian grid?