Donetsk Region May Shift To Rubles After 1.7 Million Vote In Referendum

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Despite denouncements from the West (how did that work out in Crimea?) and diplomatic calls for postponement from Putin, tomorrow appears to be setting up for the next crucial catalyst in the ever-escalating civil (and not so civil) war in Ukraine. As RIA reports, Referendum organizers printed about 1.7 million ballots and on the day of voting in the region there will be more than 1,600 polling stations. The referendum will ask voters to answer the simple question: "Do you support the act of state independence of the People's Republic of Luhansk." and will take place from 8am to 8pm local time. Organizers claim that "the willingness to vote is almost total," which makes the decision of the People's Mayor that "after the referendum... gradually, we will move to the Russian ruble," even more economically significant for the IMF-supported nation.


The referendum poll is happening:

Ballots in the referendum on the status of the Lugansk region delivered almost all polling stations in the region, told RIA Novosti spokesman Army southeast Vasily Nikitin.


In the Donetsk and Lugansk regions May 11 must pass a referendum on the status of the regions. In Lugansk region submitted to the vote the question "Do you support the act of state independence of the People's Republic of Luhansk." Voting will take place from 8.00 to 20.00 (9.00 - 21.00 MSK).


"Newsletters delivered to almost all areas, the willingness to vote almost wholly" - said Nikitin.


Referendum organizers printed about 1.7 million ballots. Nikitin said that on the day of voting in the region will work more than 1.6 thousand polling stations.

Which followed this...

In March in eastern Ukraine - Donetsk, Kharkiv and Luhansk - started rallies federalization, dissatisfied with the actions of the Kiev authorities new. Later protests spread to a number of cities of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. From mid-April in Kiev authorities carried out a special operation against the protesters with military support. In Moscow, Kiev decision to use army against the population identified extremely dangerous developments.


On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin has urged supporters federalization postpone the referendum to create the conditions for dialogue to de-escalate the situation in the country. However, the militia decided to hold a referendum on May 11, as originally planned.

And, as seems likely, independence is voted for, separatist leaders are already making plans...

"People's Mayor" Vyacheslav Ponomarev Sloviansk not exclude that the Donetsk region eventually move to settlements in Russian rubles. Tomorrow, May 11, in the region must pass a referendum on self-determination.


"After the referendum will go until ukrainian hryvnia, but gradually, I think we will move to the Russian ruble," - the words Ponomareva RIA Novosti .


"People's Mayor" explained that closer economic integration with the Russian Federation. "Economically we strongly tied with Russia. Our industry is almost entirely focused on Russia ", - said Ponomarev.

Of course, the West are denouncing and proclaiming the referendum illegal...

  • Ukraine govt, EU and U.S. officials say referendums are illegal

But  just as in Crimea, things tend to be beyond the control of the West's ire for now...

  • Donetsk Separatists Say Vote to Be Valid at Any Turnout: RIA

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Harbanger's picture

Since when does voting matter?

Volkodav's picture

Since Crimea. The people there are still celebrating

you are stuck in west "democracy"?

Deathrips's picture

Someone mail a piece of shit in a box to Numan.



Carpenter1's picture

No way in Hades this vote happens if Putin isn't backing it, game on!

Deathrips's picture

"She gonna shit, when she realizes its shit."

Billy Madison



chapaev's ghost's picture

"If voting mattered, they wouldn't let us do it."

-Mark Twain

strannick's picture

Whats hilarious is Putin using the western tactic of "elections", while the West is being forced into using less and less covert invasions, while keeping their hands clean, via paid proxies of course.

"America ruins the world to rule it"

hairball48's picture

Smart dude wasn't he, that old Mark Twain?


german Wunderkind's picture

it surely doesnt if u have Academi mercenarys in your land...

(pro US newspaper with informations from a paper that is even more pro US)

Max Damage's picture

Merkel the US otherthrow of Yankovich was illegal you bitch, so piss off back to your hole. Another one doing as they are told by their Ponzi masters above

silvermail's picture

Washington and Merkel argued that the referendum illegal because it is contrary to the Constitution of Ukraine .
But they lie. Ukraine currently has no current Constitution .
Because the Constitution can not be valid without the Constitutional Court.
The Nazis seized power in Kiev by force of arms , through mass murder of citizens.
The first thing they did after the illegal seizure of power, - they destroyed the Constitutional Court.
About what kind of contradictions of the Constitution, after this can say Washington and Merkel?
They mean the contradiction of the Constitution, which had been advance raped, corrupted and destroyed by the Nazis?

Atticus Finch's picture

Logic does not play a part in any of this.

Washington wants a war with Russia, just like Cheney Bush wanted a war with Iraq.

The rest is window dressing.

chapaev's ghost's picture

A brief look at Kosovo reveals the depth of Western hypocrisy.

Kosovo was a province of Serbia, which itself was an autonomous repulic within the Yugoslav Federation.

In other words, Kosovo was to Serbia and Yugoslavia wHAT Riverside County is to California and the US.

Changes in the Yugoslav Constitution to allow a multi-party system, and the rise of Milosevic as the President of Serbia caused the largely Albanian population of Kosovo to declare independence in Septemer of 1991- this was done by a popular referendum, albeit, one that was not officaially recognized by either the Federal Govt of Yugoslavia or the Republic of Serbia.

We all know the rest of the story.

Why is a popular referendum for independence, held by a predominantly ethnic majority of a particular province, legal and supported by the West in one instance, illegal and condemned by the West in another?

The answer of course, is geopolitics. The Balkans needed to be secured for US hegemony, just as the rest of eastern Europe had been. A liberalized, democratic and economically viable Federal Yugoslavia was NOT in the best interests of the US. The Kosovar Albanians were agitated by US secret service members-

Good God, it is all so depressingly familiar. But, what comes around, goes around, or put another way, paybacks are a bitch.

Harbanger's picture

It's very political, In 1998, the U.S. State Department listed the KLA as a terrorist organization, and in 1999 the Republican Policy Committee of the U.S. Senate, expressed its troubles with the "effective alliance" of the 'Democratic' Clinton administration with the KLA.  Not much different than Obamas' alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Atticus Finch's picture

"Avoid entangling alliances..." George Washington.

You know those founders were some really smart guys.

BadDog's picture

What the U.S. really gained from the breakup of Yugoslavia was a mafia state and camp bondsteel.

blentus's picture


Make sure to check what Wesley Clark and Madeleine Albright are doing these days, and where their companies 'operate'.

Fighting for freedom and all that.

Seize Mars's picture

There is no major policy change, no major change of control or tax authority, and most certainly, no change in currency - without explicit approval from the Great Eye.

This shit is all scripted.

ebworthen's picture

What?  People voting and using self-determination!?!?

This will not stand!  Brussels and Wall Street must be obeyed!

Call out the media Orcs!  Send the State Department Nazgul!

philosophers bone's picture

Can someone start a new reality show - let's call it "The Bank Run" (it might need a more catchy name).  Anyway, the idea is have all of the usual bullshit (singing /dancing / talent competitions with decent talent) and the usual audience voting.

The twist is that when you vote (online), rather than paying the phone company, you actually receive a cash withdrawal from your bank account.  Even though it's your own money, people will be encouraged to vote more and more for their contestant to win.  It's not costing them anything  You could add a twist and have the funds converted into PMs, but maybe that's Season Two?

Dubaibanker's picture

After Crimea, next is a couple of cities in Ukraine, but the next one could be another country altogther - Kazakhstan.....

While China watches on......Russia keeps adding to its territory. Of course, N. Korea, Iran and Venezuela will support such activities because everyone's common enemy is the  'West'. All these countries will get suported with more trade and more stability.

Now, India has taken the next step to create its own domestic payment / settlement system, after Russia planned its own last month.

Welcome to the world where Western companies keep getting smaller in size and smaller in the number of people who were supporting Western systems. Major steps being taken to move away from the USD based system and progressing towwards a NWO towards China and Russia banding together along with the infamous list of sanctioned countries which keeps on growing every passing year. West keeps digging its own grave.

One of the reasons the Chinese are so strong is because they have their own domestic payment system and have no reliance on USD based systems.


Cathartes Aura's picture

. . . all in All another BRIC in the Wall. . .

Carpenter1's picture

Re - western companies gettimg smaller.

I don't know about other companies, but so far as oil reserves go, national oil companies now own more by far. This is a big change from when the big oil giants used to own rights to the world's oil.

Companies like Gazprom now own more

Mr. Delicious's picture

Richard Lourie?

A Jewish, rabidly anti-Putin, largely pro-neocon writer for the Moscow Times, the news editor of which is Ezekiel Pfeifer, huh?

Crimea, formerly an integral part of Russia, voted to rejoin Russia, overwhelmingly, after a US and Nazi backed coup in Kiev.

How is this Russia continually adding to its territory?


I'm just saying - Lourie is not exactly unbiased.  The Kazakhstan thesis is not absurd, but it's very, very unlikely.


Dubaibanker's picture

It's not Russia adding to its territory but my intent was that by creating conditions, West is pushing ex-Soviets to rejoin Russia whereby Russia keeps getting new territory. The intent ws not that Russia is in any way annexing or adding territory by war etc.

If US and West had not interfered in countries such as Syria, Egypt, Ukraine etc, there would have been no increase in Russian territory and that too through a referendum. Look at Iran, they are doing much more trade today with Russia than with the West. Look at Syria, who were not supported by most, except Russia. Imagine, who will these countries support?!

As far as Richard Lourie is concerned, while he may be a neo con, which I did not know of, thanks for updating me, but he has written those two mentioned books as per the article, which makes him somewhat of an expert on the region. Whether Russia likes it or not, if the US and NATO keep adding fear and arms and coups to Russian neighbours while pushing NATO boundaries to next door countries of Russia, it will be like gently nudging all the neighbouring countries to fall into the lap of Russia. Kazakhstan may not happen just because they are a major trading and recepient investor nation of Russia and speak Russian and toe Russia's line and are also growing very strongly and Kazhakstan aims to be in the Top 30 countries over the next 35 years, therefore, they may not have the need to be annexed. Just like Canada need not be annexed to be a part of US, they just toe the line.

If USD dominated system, breaks down and everyone rushes into Chinese yuan or gold backed currency or a barter based trading system, US would only have itself to blame!

falak pema's picture

they have a choice between ruble and rubble ! 

shovelhead's picture

economically significant for the IMF-supported nation.

 Theoretically not a lock, as the wildcat Ukrainian govt. hasn't put it's runaway oblasts under heel, but like so much of the Obama 'redlines' are nothing more than bluffs, I suspect that the Cabal of Criminal has no other choice but to pony up the money with egg on it's face.

These Nazis seem to lose their vigor when facing something other than unarmed protesters in a burning building.

Jack Burton's picture

By the simple act of voting, each person who votes YES will be making a personal declaration of war against the Coup Government in Kiev. The simple fact is, the Kiev government came to power by armed force and riot. That the West was there to recognize this coup as the new legitimate government, though no election was held and threats and force were the primary actions by which power was taken, shows that the West was behind this action. The problem is, the EU and NATO have declared that they, not Ukraininas are the deciders of government and borders in Ukraine. No other people or nation would accept this foreign rule, so why should East Ukraine.

Every action of the West in this affair stinks of Hypocrisy and manipulation. It's actions, the USA's, run counter to a hundred precedents set by the USA in other cases. Libya being the most recent. But Kosovo is another. The west funded and armed the destrution of Yugoslvia, and used military force to back certain seperatist movements there. BUT, the USA and NATO want Ukraine as a base and thus they have turned precendent on it's head, and now talk out of the other side of their mouths. Pretenting to be shocked that their coup government ,using Right Sector fascists is not being accepted by East Ukraine or Russia. "Pretending to be Shocked!!" It is almost a joke to listen to the desperate threats and cries of FOUL being aimed at Russia and East Ukraine. These are Terrorists who would defy the Fascists in Kiev. The western media hides the nature of the Kiev government from the west, but the loud mouths are always shooting their sick brains out on Ukraine TV and this ends up on youtbe videos. Yulia the gas queen is openly calling, and this is on video, for genocide in East Ukraine, saying that all these people there should have been killed in the 1600's! The west ingnores this, and ignores the open muder going on in the East.

Murder for US interests is anti terrorism operations. Washington, the Neo-Con movement world wide are prepared to kill anyone standing in their way. They use Al-Qaeda as CIA operatives in Syria, now they use openly fascist thugs in Ukraine to kill those opposed to US hegemony. And all of the EU and NATO cheerlead this operation. Paul Graig Roberts address this slavish adherence by NATO and EU leaders to all US policy, no matter how evil and deadly it may be. His theory for this is that he believes the leaders all across economic, political and social aspects of the EU are being openly, or by the back door ,bribed by the financial elites and banks to follow in lock step the Neo-Con world agenda. People in Europe, the citizens are much less willing to follow US orders IF they are informed of the truth of what is going on and if they have other sources other than main stream corporate media. Even Germans are not fully onboard with the Ukrianian fascist revolution.

Right now, the USA and NATO are trying as hard as they can to force Russia to step in to protect people in the Eastern Cities. A troop movement across the border benefits the USA in that this provided pretext for a new cold war, and a new Berlin type wall to cut Russia off from the EU. The openly growing economic and social connection that have been growing between Russia and the EU are not to Washington's liking. Especially the open travel of Russians to EU nations and their investment in EU nations, while Europe invests large sums of money in Russian economic enterprise and sell huge amounts of goods to Russian consumers. To America, this cooperation and growing unity must be stopped, and blood will flow so that the US can seperate the two EU and Russia, and end their growing together in peace and mutal benefit. Washington is the destroyer of nations, now it is Ukraine, next it will be Iran, then Russia. A long hit list, a millions of deaths to come!

Winston Churchill's picture

Bribing may be the carrot the US is using to drive a wedge
between the EU and Russia.
The stick is that the crazies in DC will leave a nuclear 'scorched earth' in Europe if they fail by all other means of disruption.
That must have been conveyed to the European leaders, because bribes alone do not explain their actions.
As I stated months ago, the irony of DC being taken out by an 'allied' D5 missile could become a reality one day.
There is only one way to deal with a rabid dog in the end.

Jack Burton's picture

The behaviour in Washington DC is increasingly that of a "Rabid Dog". The propaganda control over the entire Western Media is total. One can access Western Media and read stories of how the Odessa protestors killed themselves or we killed in self defense by yhe peaceful Ukrainian people. In teh East, the 20 recently gunned down, many civilians on the street, as videos show, and the BBC calls them terrorists and armed fighters killed in gon battles. I don't need to go on really, the propaganda is proven to be lies by the mountain of videos and eye witness accounts available. Yet Western Media does not care that their lies are easily proven to be lies, they just carry on an up the scale of their lies. BBC, NPR, CNN and all of them, they have thrown shame to the wind and are prepared to take dictation from the US State Department and print what they are told, even if the lies are open to exposure in minutes.

You wonder, how the Rabid Dogs feel about telling lies to further murders, they lie and people die. Washnington is nothing but a new rise of a Fascist ideology. Washington has borrowed the Israeli model, be the aggressor, but blame the victims, lie, awlays lie and never flinch when the truth is exposed, just up the lie. Claim to be under threat from terror, at the same time you are the biggest terror exporter on earth. Israel is an innocent victim seeking peace, but the enemies will not grant them the peace and freedom they deserve, America now claims the same status as Israel. Sick fascism. As the body count rises in East Ukraine, the State Department threatens Putin and Russia with war and destruction. The evil doer now hounds the victim to his grave with the lie that Washington is an innocent freedom and prosperity spreader under attack by terrorists who hate us for our freedoms.

East Ukraine exposes Washington in all it's new found fascist evil. Yet we Americans are told we must be patritotic and support these evil doers who call themselves Neo-Cons and Neo-Liberal Bankers, all they want is to make people free and spread prosperity to all. Now that is the Great Lie, a Lie for our times.

Harbanger's picture

Another great lie is that there is a difference between a Neo-con and a Neo-liberal.   Both are progressives and statists like McCain/Obama.  And there is also the great lie that the MSM doesn't have a political agenda.

A82EBA's picture

The west needs to stay the fuck out of their business

debtor of last resort's picture

Merkel is afraid of referenda in southern Europe.

hairball48's picture

And to think that O'Bummer and that crew of fucking half-wits at the  White House will be here till January 2017.