Obama's 5 Pimpest Rides

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By now everyone knows that the US president has just commissioned a brand new $1.2 billion helicopter, also known in some circles as ObamaCopter 1. Ironically, by the time the chopper is completed and operational some time after 2020, Obama will no longer be president (unless the US constitution is changed enough to allow the current president to serve indefinitely), and as such the most likely US president to take advantage of the pimped out Sikorsky is Hillary Clinton. However, that is not to say that the current president does not have pimped out rides. The following BBG clip presents the "top 5 most extreme rides of the president", courtesy of the US taxpayer of course.

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Aussiekiwi's picture

Its good to have toys, and he has some cool ones.

chemystical's picture

"Is Reggie number six?"

Considering that he's an Oval Orifice, I'd say Reggie is more closely associated with number 2

James_Cole's picture

stupid article about Obama + article about rock paper scissors + another stupid article about obama = drunk weekend tyler?

Headbanger's picture

He's a pimp alright!  He's pimped this country into prostitution for the banksters and da gumbmint.

TBT or not TBT's picture

President Camacho. It's happening in our lifetime. No 500 year hyper sleep accident required to see it for yourselves. Take your average congress critter, please.

TeamDepends's picture

We have met President Camacho.  Barry is no President Camacho.

DavidC's picture

"We came, we saw, he died".

Disgusting woman.


Oh regional Indian's picture

Even if they play that clip a million times before the elections, if she is meant to be the next one in, she will.

The system is broken beyond repair...


philipat's picture

Hilary Clinton, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinshwein, Patty Murray, Maxine Waters etc. Where does the Dem party keep finding such dreadful "Women" (Allegedly).

The "C" word truly applies to all....

rubiconsolutions's picture

"The "C" word truly applies to all...."

Are you saying these women are all "C"ougars?

FeralSerf's picture

Where did the Republican Party find Condolezza Rice?

Both parties fish in the same shitholes.

Christophe2's picture

I think instead that whenever they pick a completely unlikable candidate for team red, it's advance warning that team blue is going to win.

Just look at Romney vs. Obama.  Who on earth was going to vote for a corporate raider who puts his dog on the roof of his car when driving across the country?  Obviously, Obama was meant to win and to be deemed far more preferable than Romney (the lesser evil).  (Same for warlike McCain vs. fake-peace Obama)

Hilary, with her baggage from Bengazi, her now totally decrepit looks, and her vile quips about (raping and) murdering foreign leaders using her al Qaeda henchmen, is set to make Jeb Bush's election seem almost logical and believable, in that at least we haven't seen him do quite so much evil, first hand (yet).

(Thinking of all this though, I am soooo happy knowing that I finally renounced my US citizenship and no longer have the 'right' to cast my ballot for that!  LOL)

Laughinggrizzley's picture

Never underestimate the stupidity of a banana republics populace. Marion Barry was reelected twice, whom the Washington Post endorsed, knowing of his drug addiction.

Lumberjack's picture


Air Force general: We invented an Invisible Shield for Air Force One Barry: No Way-Really? Air Force general: That's right sir.


New_Meat's picture

Is that anything like when the B-2 does an overflight of a domed football stadium at night? - Ned

DESMO_RR's picture

Years ago in the car business we always equated larger wheels with lower IQs. So this looks about right!

booboo's picture

I suspect just like the King of France was intercepted trying to escape dressed as a commoner our fearmongering faux leaders will be cauget doing the same, in that case Mctaint, Maobama, Lindsay "the buttplug" Grahm, Harry "broken" Reid, Nancy "Halloween" Pelosi will be caught scooting out of town dressed as common clowns.

Cast Iron Skillet's picture

it's just sort of the shits that the taypayers are paying for them.

drendebe10's picture

Yassir, gotta maintsin the corrupt arrogant nsrcissistic illegal indonedian kenyan sociopath liar in chief's grand imperial gplf lifestyle @ tax paying US citizen serf and peasant expense.

q99x2's picture

Head for the hills. The Butcher of Benghazi is getting a new chopper.

logicalman's picture

Kings of old couldn't even dream of such things

old naughty's picture

just when one thought all his are pimpest...BanBG came up with five extreme ones.

And self-less of him leaving Hitlery with the heli for rain-down someting.

duo's picture

naaah, Obama is one pleasure barge away from the US's version of Caligula.

lolmao500's picture

Maybe he can use one of those to go tour Afghanistan? Or eastern Ukraine?

Mr. Magoo's picture

I think Somalia would be the best choice.

Matt's picture

A victory parade in a convertible through Tikrit?

rocker's picture

ZH could do better. Everbody knows the President Ride is most determined by "Not the President".  Please don't become MSM.

 Ala: The helicopter is for the future. As Bambi is mostly history. Term almost done. Most high priced armed vehicles were the

result of past orders to do so. They are not built in a day. Yes, they are overpriced, as is, most of our Military Complex.

Overpriced show pieces to make us feel safe, eh.  Oh yeah, to garnish the contractors pockets too.  

Now the real question is, who gets the money to build the crap. 

loonyleft's picture

no. It was Obama! Obama! Obama! Obama! It's always Obama! Obama! Obama!

TBT or not TBT's picture

Wait, it's not Bush's fault? And the dead white guys on the dollar bills?

Sages wife's picture

Soon, what he will really need is his 'clothes' back.

BorisTheBlade's picture

That if he doesn't appoint himself a lifetime president. What could stop him after Constitution is thrown away?

Jreb's picture

No worries there. Hillary is next in line and if you thought Barry was bas wait until you get a psychotic, bitter murdering bitch in the oval office.

old naughty's picture

wait, you mean she'd still need the OVAL office?

Hurdy Gurdy Man's picture

Can you prove ANY of that? Didn't think so.  What are republicans offering against Hillary.  Nobody with the experience or chops.  Jesus... you want ANOTHER "gee, Washington is bad, so... I'll go work in Washington" person?



A Nanny Moose's picture

You still think there are two parties that differ materially in ideology? You prefer a government is good, so we wil create more government fascist? Interesting.

Pewblik Skewl worked its magic on you.

blentus's picture

I envy people like you. Life must be simple in that black and white world.

Ignorance is bliss, they said. I didn't listen :(


nmewn's picture

Outside of the documented evidence of Steven's requesting (begging really) for increased security and being turned down by his "good friend" Hitlary in favor of locals with AK's?

Well no, I guess not.

But we don't have to prove anything anymore, Harry "Tax Cheat" Reid lowered the bar into the dirt, an accusation can just be hurled now (truth or lie doesn't matter) so on average everyone saves $2,500 a year on health insurance (its like a Geico commercial or sumpin), and they keep their doctor, which also vindicates Nana "400,000 jobs almost immediately" Pelosi's claims of funemployment and eagles can be killed by the thousands cuz the money's already been spent and millionaires can become billionaires cuz its good for statist-cronyism and food stamp usage can soar like poets writing of dead eagles moldering in the sun.

Because of proof & truth. "What difference does it make?!?"

Uncle Remus's picture


What are republicans offering against Hillary[?]



Well, not only...

I'm not pushing the red/blue livery shit, this just jumped out at me, so I ran with it.


Oh, and Donovan called - he wants his "m'fing tambourine" back.

CHX's picture

Well, I think the republicans are correct to offer a "nobody" and let the ship sink under a democratic captain... probably obama when DDay2 arrives, else HC (?). Little difference it will make. It's past the point where "change" (in politics) will do to get out of the mess the U.S. are now in, way too late. Best hope is a smooth crash (no second civil war) and start over from scratch, with a honest and constitution respcting head of the nation. There are still many good people in the US, so that's my hope for them. Good luck to all, there's a rough and very bumpy streach of road ahead.

Jreb's picture

Actually - you got me there. I can't prove any of it. I therefore retract my obnoxious statement. I kinda feel bad about it - not because I might have offendded Hillary. I still don't like her - but too much wine, disgust and hyporbole is bad for the soul.

To be honest I think it might be time for a ZH vacation. I'm starting to care too much about the state of the world again. Also very unhealthy.

G'bye all.

ebworthen's picture

It wouldn't maintain the appearance that voters choose their leaders with elections.

Pairadimes's picture

Caligula, your chariot awaits.

Dead Man Walking's picture

If you need 8" armor on your limo when you are in your own country... you're doing it wrong.