Ukraine Claims To Have Detained "Terrorists" With 100,000 Pre-Marked Referendum Ballots

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While the following YouTube clip is - in the eyes of the West - irrefutable proof of potential vote-rigging ahead of tomorrow's referendum, we find it somewhat intriguing that a group of heavily-armed "rebels", carrying boxes with 100,000 pre-marked 'positive' referendum ballots


...would be detained by Ukraine's anti-terrorist operations without firing one shot...


...still men laying down with bags on their head proves it... right?


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Ukraine's government and news media are even less believable than the Western ones.

Someone did a calculation, and determined that it was not possible to fit that many ballots into the car model that they were traveling in, let alone three guys besides the ballots in that car.


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And even more controlled.

And yes, by Jews. 


Facts are stubborn things...

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Mother never let me play with platic bags because if you put one over your head, you might 'suffercate.'  And yet these clowns expect us to believe this is real, as they have bagged these men with what would, in fact, be lethal confinement within 5 minutes?

Yea, right.

In other news, RafterMan's other leg was pulled.

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"terrorist" ... these must be "domestic terrorist" to be exact...

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Since when did this unelected regime care about the sanctity of elections?

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That guy, second from the left, with the garbage bag on his head looks awfully familiar. Could you please put him in a line-up?

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Somebody somewhere knows that the post-election Nationalists will react badly if they lose. Did Russian intelligence stage this in order to justify a later false flag attack on Russia and blame it on UKR nationalists-- thereby jsutifying agression and invasion? Maybe... Maybe...

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Just another propaganda stunt by Kiev.   The local authorities in Donetsk didn't feel they needed to print ballots with a "NO" option.  This is obviously fake.

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How nice of the FBI and CIA to print off some fake ballots for the Kiev fascists who have never held an election themselves. Still waiting for the FBI to investigate election fraud in the USSA, but that would probably be stepping on CIA toes.

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< Vote riggers were advised by the CIA.

< Vote riggers were advised by the Re-elect Obama campaign staff.

Since they got caught I'd have to say CIA.  The Obama people would have gotten away with it.

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Could 100,000 ballots fit into that car with 3 guys and still be driveable?


A 500-sheet ream of 20-pound bond paper weighs 5 pounds.


Assumption: 2 ballots per sheet of paper

100,000 ballots = 50,000 sheets =

100 reams = 2,000 lbs


Dimensions of 1 ream = 8.5 x 11 x 2

100 reams  = 8.5 x 11 x 200 =

18,700 cu in = 10.8 cu ft






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But, if it's on Youtube then it MUST be true! Ugly horse shoe face Kerry said it.

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i liked the trick parrot better.

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Are these the same guys that were carrying around a Russian flag and handing out anti-semitic letters?

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You are either a whack or a CIA/EU troll.


Which is it?


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Legacy Death Camp Guards (Nationalists) or Hitler's spawn (Nazis); two highly credible groups that you can trust . . .


Lying Mofos. Buthchers. War criminals . . . et al.


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Somebody somewhere knows that the post-election Nationalists will react badly if they lose. Did Russian intelligence stage this in order to justify a later false flag attack on Russia and blame it on UKR nationalists-- thereby jsutifying agression and invasion? Maybe... Maybe...

I think you have watched the Princess Bride one too many times, or maybe read too much spy vs. spy. Time to put down your Mad magazine.

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Or did Kiev intelligence set this up to look like Russian intelligence staged this in order to justify a later false flag attack on Russia and blame it on UKR nationalists-- thereby jsutifying agression and invasion?

Or maybe Russian intelligence set this up to look like Kiev intelligence set this up to look like Russian intelligence staged this in order to justify a later false flag attack on Russia and blame it on UKR nationalists-- thereby jsutifying agression and invasion?

You see how I did that?

The clue to who's really responsible is in that picnic basket.   Until you open the basket, you can never really be sure.

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i notice they panned past the revelatory sausage and cheese rather quickly.

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People are stupid.  That's why your government needs to tell parents not to let their kids put bags on their heads.  Doing stupid stuff does not invalidate this photo.

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You're right. That appears to be an incredibly stagey tell ...and probably from the same fucking losers that previously brought us videos of alQ conducting the beheadings of westerners featuring terrorists wearing golden rings....

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Obammy must have advised them. He is an expert after the 2012 election on vote rigging.

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Yep, the only difference between the US and the Ukraine is that the Diebold machine makes the decision for you.

The ballots they hand out in the US are the equivalent of coloring books where you get color between the lines.

Although, there's no need to connect any dots like events leading up to 9-11.

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US elections are the only rigged elections?

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Sounds like Florida, or Philadelphia, or Ohio. or any close election in the States.

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I wonder if voter ID is a problem for them, like is it is here for the Democrats.

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There's more than one way to rig an election.

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oldest one: promise this but do that

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14 down votes because why?  The truth is "anti-Semitic"?   The oligarchs own just about all of the media in Ukraine, and most of them are Jewish - a group comprising 0.7% of their population.  Just because some Ukrainian neo-fascist said it, does not mean it is not true.

If those tv stations and news media were owned mainly by any other such minority, or by foreigners, that would be just fine to mention, right?

Do you ever ponder as to whether you've been brainwashed, not to avoid "hate," but to avoid appreciating the extent of this massive, massive concentration of power? 

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Its ironic you spew hate towards jews while calling others fascist.

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Maybe because 99% of the 1% are Jewish.

jeff montanye's picture

i doubt that is true (and the truth is not easily found) but the concentration in media, finance and government, especially the appointed positions of the last, is fairly breathtaking.  in many ways it is an amazing accomplishment but to pretend it doesn't exist isn't helpful to understanding the world, assuming one wants to.

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Brainwashed? Come fucking on.  ZH is not a dumb fuck MSNBC crowd. Fuck off.

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How can you tell them apart?

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Pre-marked ballots could easily be a psyop.

Smells of Al CIAda as much as anything else.

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It sure could be a psyop. To counter the propoganda from the West, the russians might consider having spetznaz capture a few Blackwater turds operating over there. Then again, we'd probably never hear about it here. The TV people are crazy...I'm so glad the leaves are growing in and rapidly blocking my OTA signal.

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You nailed it.  My neighbor and I were just joking about it yesterday afternoon: there's NO WAY the psychos would let this referendum proceed without at least some token attempt to disrupt / discredit it SOMEhow.  Sure enough, here we go. 

If those were real bad guys, their faces would be shown and they'd probably be shot.  If they were plants, the faces would stay covered and they'll disappear back into Kiev.  The eyes have it. 

Local authorities can probably distinguish legitimate ballots somehow.  These are probably crude copies, but even so, 100,000 probably wouldn't dent the outcome.

C'mon guys, come up with something original.  This is too... American.  (This is essentially what happened in an old episode of Battlestar Galactica.)

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I still believe the Obama election was rigged.

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President McCain. 

What a lost opportunity.

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The big fear was Palin as VP, Not McCain.

Quus Ant's picture

I, for one, was never worried about John "bomb, bomb Iran" McCain.  He's a small, hairless, withered teddybear full of piss and vinegar.

Harbanger's picture

Really. I think he's a dangerous war monger like Barry.

Quus Ant's picture

So.... it was rigged and that mattered.... how? 

Harbanger's picture

It mattered to the liberal left in the US.  Because there was the possibility that a conservative might get the POTUS by mistake as McCAin is an old man.  The MSM reacted to Palin like the classic vampire to a cross.

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Palin was not a savior.  She was a shitty politician.  A really shitty politician. With tits.

She didn't get a chance to gorge at the big trough.  c'est la vie.

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Of course not, but What difference does it make?  Still better than Hitlery or Warren.  If they're all the same to you.

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The Democraps and Rethuglicans are both enforcement arms of concentrated corporate interests.

They've stuck their collective noses into areas better left... a) alone, b) to states or c) to locals.

Federal government could be cut 90%, easy.

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One has to wonder at how people have come to be the people they are.  That said, McCain must have some interesting nightmares and Hillary Clinton has been of considerable service to this country.  It takes an experienced politician to run a country.  As much as people want to demonize the left or the right, politics make people do some rather unpleasant things.

Not trying to be anyone's friend here, just being observant.


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Can you please describe Hillary Clinton's "considerable service to this country"?

You've got to be kidding.