Caught On Tape: Ukrainian National Guardsmen Shooting At Crowd In East Ukraine Referendum Town

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With the referendum vote largely concluded in most east Ukraine regions, it was virtually inevitable that the day would end without some provocation. And, as expected, moments ago CBS reported that "Ukrainian national guardsmen opened fire Sunday on a crowd outside a town hall in eastern Ukraine and an official for the region's insurgents said there were fatalities."

The details:

The bloodshed in the town of Krasnoarmeisk occurred hours after dozens of guardsmen shut down voting in a referendum on sovereignty for the region.


An Associated Press photographer who witnessed the shooting said two people were seen lying unmoving on the ground and insurgent leader Denis Pushilin was quoted by the ITAR-Tass news agency as saying there were an unspecified number of deaths.


Several hours earlier, guardsmen came to the town about 20 miles from the regional capital, Donetsk, and dispersed referendum voting that was taking place outside the town hall and they took control of the building. In the evening, more guardsmen arrived in a van and a scuffle broke out with people who were gathered around the building. Then the guardsmen fired shots.

And the incident caught on tape: the man in the blue sweater appears to be hit in the foot by a stray bullet fired by Ukrainian troops as the try to disperse the crowed in Krasnoarmeisk.


The incident from a different perspective.


And a third angle, showing the second person hit by stray assault rifle fire:


Finally, a compilation of what happened based on all available video clips:

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crazzziecanuck's picture

Sad day.

Considering that the central authorities are resorting to untrained goons since the police and army can't be trusted to follow orders, should any one be shocked at this set of referendums?  For me, and I could be wrong, but these are the ultimate acts of no confidence in the Ukrainian political system.

Of course, the thugs that replaced the last set of thugs in Kiev were never about improving things but merely to take control and have their own payday.

ohhhhhbaaaaahhhhhhhhhmaaaaaahhhhh's picture

It's not smart approaching armed guys aggressively unarmed.

Winston Churchill's picture

Picture on RT showed a teenage boy shot in the back.
Must have been approaching backwards I suppose.
One miilitia man was wearing sneakers.

Pure Evil's picture

So where did they get all those nice shiny new AK-47's?

Although the close up of the casing looked like it had been sitting around growing moldy for a number of years.

Ya know, when a brass casing is made it looks all shiny and new, after a few years of sitting around it develops a patina on the surface.

(Patina is a thin layer that forms on the surface of stone ; copper, bronze and similar metals (tarnish produced by oxidation or other chemical processes)

ilion's picture

Obama is laughing at this, still unaware that he will burn in hell when justice will be served. And Bernanke, Yellen, you too!

Malachi Constant's picture

There is no justice, no hell, no Robin Hoods, no messiahs. Obama will die and disappear forever after a life lived to his heart's content. Can you say the same about yourself?

So Close's picture

Did anyone actually see anyone get shot?   I missed it if it happened.

Lore's picture

The first vid is pulled, but you could see the guy jerk backward. More iwll be uploaded.  Look at all the cell phones and cams.

BlindMonkey's picture

Not if it is packed well.  I have opened 1200 round cans of 7,62x54R that were OLD and the rounds came out perfect. 

Headbanger's picture

Pure Evil:   Russian ammo looks "moldy" cause it  is STEEL CASED and their military ammo uses "corrosive" Berdan (two hole) primers that last for centuries in a sealed steel "Spam can"

I say "corrosive" in quotes cause the primer residue is really just a salt that speeds rusting if not washed out with plain water (and forget the Windex)

And "nice shiny new AK-47s" were probably stored in some old salt mine packed in Cosmoline for the past 50 years ready to get up and go after a good cleaning.

And that's a horrible thing to do to unarmed civilians and those shooters must be charged with war crimes IMO. They're no different than the Nazis and prove Putin is right saying his concern is for the protection of ethnic Russians in Ukraine.

There are many non-letal weapons the Ukraine forces could use to disperse such crowds. An AK-47 firing 124 grain 7.62x39 bullets is not one on them!

booboo's picture

most eastern bloc and chinese ak ammo has a green clear lacquered steel case.

Trogdor's picture

Russian/Eastern Bloc ammo is typically steel cased (brass is too expensive).  It tends to be gray-blue or grey-green in color even when new.

SoDamnMad's picture

Where did they get those shiney AKs?  Why on E Bay of course. Guy in Crimea who was in a balaclava said his fishing buddies all got together and got armored personnel carriers, VKS silenced sniper rifles, digital uniforms, rocket launchers, surface to air missiles from a site on E Bay located in Russia, Good prices and quick delivery.  A guy is working up a price for me on an Iskander missile.  Going to lob one of those on to a guy's boat who is stealing my fishing traps.

Sticky Wicket's picture

Yeah, it's usually better to just let your rights be trampled and have an illegal government tell you what to do.

Pure Evil's picture

Yeah, kinda like the British infantry marching across No Man's Land while facing an angry horde of german machine gun bullets at the Battle of the Somme.

Other than the fact that they had the ability to fire back with their bolt action rifles.

That worked out real well.

(What I mean is, human bodies don't stand up well to rapid burts of high powered rounds exiting the ends of gun barrels.)

kchrisc's picture

Using their violence against them is sometimes the most effective weapon. Like Gandhi's "Salt March" showed when the Brits beat the marchers with canes.


BlindMonkey's picture

Could you resist the vast amounts of dollars that Nuland had at her disposal? Most couldn't , human nature being what it is.

FreeSlave's picture

some videos are no longer available... here is one of them... one young man gets killed, and some injured...

one more:

one more injured at 8 minute 20th second, and one killed at 12:41...

NumNutt's picture

In the last video link you posted I could be wrong but it appeared to me that the one guy grabbed the barrel of the gun and yanked on it and it discharged.


Watch it and see what you think. This maybe an accidental discharge, not saying anyone was in the right or wrong. This is being reported as mercs firing randomly on unarmed civilians, all the other videos I have seen they are shooting over their heads, could this event start a war, or turn the tide of public opinion against one group? Sure it can, conflicts have started for less, look at the Hatfields and Macoys, all those people dead over a stolen pig...

I need Another Beer's picture

To bad the crowd wasn't Tea Party people. U know, NRA members, people that still believe in LIBERTY , that bunch

Jack Burton's picture

America's heros spreading freedom and prosperity to these ungrateful people. Make no mistake, these gunmen are paid with our tax money and armed with our tax money. Obama and Nuland meet to plan more money for these gun men. Nuleand is covered in blood and so is Obama. That they can hire thug killers and then send then in to murder, while western media lies and cheers them on. Yes, this is what America has sunk to under Neo-Con rule. But this is nothing, unlike America's Al-Qaeda forces in Syria, these Ukrainian nazis have not yet begun to eat organs. That is coming soon. America now has white people shot down in  their own streets just like they used to do to brown people, but now they even kill whites. If you refuse to take ordes from Washington DC, you will be killed, some Americans already know that fact, now Ukrainian Federalists know it too.

The Noble Peace Prize winner is funding this killing.

fattail's picture

Merely some more collateral damage in the global war on terror.  I wish those terrorists would arm them selves so we could send in the drones and not rely on those blackwater/xe/academi mercenaries.  

those goddamn terrorists keep filming instead of shooting back.

goldhedge's picture

Ukraine no more.


What are Carney or Psaki going to say about this?

Flagit's picture

"Stop hitting me"

"Dont bury me, im not dead"

Seek_Truth's picture


franzpick's picture

What Carney, Psaki or Hegel say about millions of eastern Ukraine voters - says everything about the declarers, and absolutely nothing about the voters.

cifo's picture

If I were Putin I would send in the cossacks.

cossack55's picture

My cousins are more than ready. Alas, I am to old to play.  The heart is willing, but alas, the flesh sucks.

b_thunder's picture

Ready to beat up girl band or kill the jews like in the good old days?


chemystical's picture

One a collection of useful idiots engaging in acts of deliberate provocation.  The other a collection of vile MISNOMERED* filth who have no problem lying, cheating, stealing, and corrupting mind and spirits.

* your tired old canard is well-worn.  the "jews" to whom you refer are usurpers; hijackers of a religion and perverters of the term 'semite'.  My dog has more semitic DNA than 99% of them.  Nevermind your broad-brushed delusion; there were "jews" amongst the cossacks.


chemystical's picture

Truth is a criminal offense to you as well I see.

hot sauce technician's picture

Hitler also had a "truth". Is that the one you're referring to?

American Dreams's picture

Guessing history was not your A level course there special sauce.  Your masters have programmed you well, like most I might add.

Know your enemy


hobopants's picture

I never delved too much into Jewish conspiracy stuff because the few I'm acquainted with seem nice enough and don't own banks or plot world domination.

Genuinely curious when you say that there are Jews and non Jewish-Jews. Are there different levels of Jewdom depending upon the ratio of semitic blood you have?  

Seek_Truth's picture

You could have Googled the answer to your question:


hobopants's picture

I'm a contrarian and never "Google" anything, I much prefer to "Bing" things because I find it a more aesthetically pleasing verb. "I Binged the fuck outta that" See? Rolls off the tongue like silk.

That being said I appreciate the link (no matter your poor choice in search engines ;-) interesting stuff.

hot sauce technician's picture

Go fuck your patronizing self.

You don't know me and you don't know what I know or don't.

DogOfSinope's picture

In good old days they were killing the jew killers - all the way from Stalingrad to Berlin, liberating Auschwitz (from Ukrainian guards) as they went. BTW, this is pretty much what would they be doing in Ukraine today, too - if the hell break loose.

About the "girl band"... Well, desecrating an religious object is such a distasteful and chauvinist act (isn't religious freedom a cornerstone of democracy?) that being slapped in the face is both expected and deserved. Public reaction (and potential action of some insulted "member of public") wouldn't be any different if those misguided attention seeking idiots performed their "act" in St. Peter's or Notre Damme.  

Get your facts right. Go back to your local NSA lair for some fresh trolling instructions.

BlindMonkey's picture

Ahh. The good old days of Jew killing. It was a warm summer morning when I bagged my first. My dad, in order to make sure I had the appropriate reverence for the moment, made me drink a cup of the Jew's blood. I didn't like it at first but I understood. I really did. I understood the awesomeness of the moment. /s


Seize Mars's picture

Cossacks? Do you mean Khazaks? Is that like Khazars?

Patriot Eke's picture

Uhm, this is old news.  They are there already.

kchrisc's picture

"Guns don't kill people, mostly people in uniform do."

Seize Mars's picture


True that. As Larken Rose would say, the "most dangerous superstition" is that some people have "authority" over other people. It's a religion or cult.

MillionDollarBoner_'s picture

Guns don't kill people. Rabbits do...

Pure Evil's picture

Actually, it's the bullets that kill people.

Now that we've got that straightened out, back to The Killing Fields.

DogOfSinope's picture

Guns don't kill people.

But, hipothetically (for the sake of this thought experiment), if you would give a loaded automatic weapon to a chimp and he starts spraying around and kill some people, it would be gun that kills people. A chimp without a gun is still rather dangerous and unpredictable beast, but way less leathal than with a gun.

Finally, to be absolutelly intelectually honest, in the thought experiment above the one who kills people is the one who gave a gun to a chimp. ;-)