Happy Mother's Day, Corporate America

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Fucking Government.

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Ah, just enough nipples for the 0.01%


While Main Street gets the effluent.

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I had no idea Oprah was our gubmint!

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Wife? That is so 1998. Him and his gay lover adopted.

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wait, you left out the little piggy obamacare...


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In the family of the crony pigs

where young'uns come to suck on mama's tits

they love her so much

tender to the touch

because papa reggie throws fits

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Must be the new method to distribute EBT. That must make JPM the large Hog. Yea, that fits....

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The price of bacon ... is going up every day.

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Don't feed the corporate beast. 

Apply discernment with every discretionary purchase.

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Perhaps, but the price on "bacon" is going up every day, too.

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I see a few of my neighbors in there. 

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Happy Mother's Day ZH'ers. Lost mine over breast cancer in the late eighties. Give your mother a hug for me.

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Atomizer - I feel your pain. Lost mine last year to the same thing. Mother's Day is always depressing. Based on your intelligent commentary your Mother was a person that taught you well. Mine taught me to love unconditionally, a lifelong goal.

The last time we spoke she had done her nails and hair at the hospital, after a mini-stroke. I was weeping and she said "Don't cry it will be Ok."
I said "I am not crying for knowing I am losing you I have done that enough.
I am crying because you will be such a tough act to follow."

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Thank you for sharing that; simply awsome.

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Can't wait to see the day when it is drawn with a skewer and rotisserie instead.

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Actually, it should also be drawn with the mother pig nursing too to show how she got so fat.

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I can pick out Warren Buffet's, Jamie Dimon's, Rex Tillerson's, and Jeff Immelt's lard asses, but I'm not sure who the rest of the fat pigs are.

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Shouldn't that piglet have AT&T or Exxon on the side of him while the one underneath being a bit darker in color?

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Corporations, Congress, and the rest of the freeloaders have fucked all of us. Alas, Americans enjoy their enslavement so cronyism will just burn out on its own, like any ponzi...


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Parents watching handcuffs pulled out for a Dad asking difficult questions in a school meeting; everyone sits and watches passively - guess its gold plated handcuffs for Dads on Fathers Day this year, though I doubt the parents in this clip will get the joke.


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Given enough time, every single day of the year will be some useless made up holiday just to hock useless shit.

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So true. Like if your only nice to your mom or your girl on mothers day or valentines day, then fuck you. Be nice more often and save your self some money.

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The little piglets are missing their corporate labels:  WalMart, Chase Bank, RAND, McDonnel-Douglas, Exxon, etc.

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The older I get the more I appreciate George Harrison.  R.I.P. George.

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The images to go along with this tune really should switch between the current administration, the house, the senate, the epa, the irs, nsa, etc.

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BTW - Notice the deluge of "Google Play" ads?  Must not be working out so well.

Something tells me Google bending over for the N.S.A. isn't helping their reputation any.

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   At first I thought it was the new Mc Donalds $ menu advertisment...

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The older I get the more I appreciate George Carlin.

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"The safest place to be during an eartquake would be in a stationary store."
    -George Carlin

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Them belly full but we hungry.

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Mothers' Day. Busiest day for resturants in the US, ever....

Very quiet this year in, of all places, Northern Virginia. Hmm...

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'My mom's 79. The other day she called me and asked for ten dollars for some FOOD.  I said, what's this bullshit, mom?  What happened to the ten I gave you last month?

Don't worry, I sent my secretary over there with a check.

I'll be ok, I worked it out with her. I'm having her haul some junk up to the attic..'

-Steve Martin 

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Ever notice all capital domed look like a big, malignant mammary, spewing fetid goo?