Donetsk Warns Ukraine Army Located In The East To "Leave In 48 Hours" Or Face War

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Update: And just to make sure Russia has a catalyst:


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With the US having voiced its support for Ukraine's "anti-terrorist" operations, and Russia strongly supportive of pro-Russian people's decisions to regional self-determination, the threats coming from the newly independent regions are a concern (that markets clearly do not care about):


Ukrainian military forces have 48 hours to leave the region or Donetsk own "anti-terrorist" forces will fight. Of course, with the US already saying the referendums are illegal and not recognizing them, we suspect it will be time for more sanctions soon (despite the lessons below).

Insurgent group army of so-called Donetsk People’s Republic “will start its own anti-terrorist operation in Donetsk region” against Ukrainian military forces if they don’t heed seperatist army chief Igor Girkin’s 48-hour ultimatum to leave or obey him, head of seperatist group, Denis Pushilin, says by phone.

So... buy stocks?

And a different perspective on which the western approach to resolving the Ukraine crisis may not be exactly "working."

Lessons on Sanctions Based on Past Experience (via PIIE)

1. Don’t overreach. Policymakers should avoid inflated expectations of what sanctions can accomplish. Sanctions seldom impair the military potential or change the policies of an important targeted power. Modest goals contribute to successful outcomes. Thus it may make more sense to achieve the modest goal of thwarting an impending invasion of Eastern Ukraine than to try to reverse the fait accompli of Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

2. Russian economic integration with the West is an advantage. Economic sanctions are most effective when aimed against close trading partners with more to lose.

3. Don’t count on Russian public opinion. It is hard to “bully a bully” with economic measures. Democratic regimes are more susceptible to economic pressure than autocratic regimes like Russia.

4. Slam the hammer; don’t turn the screw. Economic sanctions are best deployed with maximum impact. Gradually imposed steps may simply strengthen the target national government’s resolve. In the present case, threatening very heavy sanctions if Russian armed forces cross the Ukrainian border has the best chance of deterrence.

5. International cooperation is not always essential, but in the case of Russia, it probably is. A large coalition of sanctioning countries does not necessarily make the sanctions highly likely to succeed. Financial sanctions against Iran, on the other hand, succeeded in large part because they were backed by an international coalition of countries willing to forgo Iranian oil imports and dealings with Iranian banks. To be sure, the effort to gain international support can dilute their scope. But the United States has little choice but to gain the cooperation of Western Europe in this case.

6. Choose the right tool. Sanctions deployed in conjunction with other measures, such as covert action or military operations, increase chances of success. So far, the United States has been reluctant to provide substantial military assistance to Ukraine, out of concern that Russia will escalate its own intervention.  Instead, the military dimension of US support has been limited to greater assistance to NATO allies in the region, especially Poland.

7. Don’t be a cheapskate or spendthrift. Sanctioning governments must balance the benefits against the costs borne domestically to sustain public support at home. At present, the United States, but especially Europe, are facing the resistance of major business firms over the possibility of severe energy and financial sanctions.

8. Look before you leap. Sanctioning governments should weigh their means and objectives against unintended costs and consequences.  In the Ukrainian case, all signs indicate that President Obama and his European counterparts (especially Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany) are giving each step of the sanctions regime their carefully guarded attention.

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FieldingMellish's picture

War imminent... BUY STAWKS!

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Barry and Hitlery... your eviction notice is served!

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All news.......................bullish




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Against all logic I am long silver and short the Dow. 

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Let's just hope that General Girkin's actions doesn't put them in a pickle...

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Moar War !! I'm buying with both hands ... Everything!!!

Uber Bullish ... it's all good news ... 'stock prices never drop' ... anti-Terrists vs. anti-Terrists...

"No one saw this coming."




Manthong's picture

I actually feel sorry for the ordinary schlubs in the Ukranian army.

They are stuck between a rock in the east and pile of turds in the west (between a rock and a warm, moist brown place).

Latina Lover's picture

I don't feel sorry for the ordinary schulbs. If they have any brains, they will either bug out or do nothing useful.....Hmmm, come to think of it, how effective has the Ukrainian army been to date, LOL!

john39's picture

wait, look over there... gay football player kissing his boyfriend on every single tv station and internet site all day! 

that ought to keep the sheeple distracted....

Manthong's picture

I seldom get irritated going to Drudge's page, but the last day or so..


Arius's picture

Morgan Stanley last week, today BoA calling 1300 the top of gold market has only one explanation ... it is the last shaking of the tree, whatever they can get before it goes off ....

somebody knows smt ....


otherwise it makes no sense .... why would they make these calls when everyone can see they cannot keep it under the water ... so many tries to push under 1280 to no avail ....

just a thought, coupled with what is going on in this part of the World ... then you got Moldova and the final stage the Baltic States ...

couple it with the nuclear exercises being done on weekly basis now and everything else BoA backs Morgan ... makes no sense


it could also be damage control ... trying to scare people from getting in ...

i do not think anyone with a bit of a brain even a republitard/replitard will sell it now...

although a new President might fix it all - lets hope we make it to the next "election" stupidos

new game's picture

arius, i'll believe it when it can stay above 1500 for six month, 1300 is nothing. only way what you say happens is if they loose control of phys markets. even morso, the shit is being cycled via contracts and shorted to bail prices. fucking joke...

buy something you can use and enjoy and physically touch...

gold doesn't meets those parameters, cause i don't enjoy the bullshit that goes with the manipulation-end of my posting on fucking gold...

Arius's picture

it is not me amigo - it is the masters of the universe who have made that decision will be part of the new system

the price it will be kept like this until it explodes ... i think it is stupid because they are losing more physical but we would never know, if someone screwed up or not ...

i would guess at the meeting last year of six bank CEO with Obama, most probably Jamie Stupid diamond threaten, because he must have been on the losing side, so everyone has been cooperating to keep it down, kind of ALL CARDS on the table ... the thing is they are losing more physical this way, but hey stupid is stupid does...

as far as the final goal is concern that is more than obvious at this point .... you cannot tell me the week after two biggest nuclear powers make nuclear exercises everything is ok,,,,

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2016, President TheReplacement is sworn in by the oath of office.  The entire electorate was present, consisting of TheReplacement's dog.  The election was a landslide.  Recovery doubtful.

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May want to look at what the markets and metal demand did in Balkan war 1 and Gulfwar 1 before you talk the long silver/short dow trade.

Few points on the "independence" vote that may have been lost:

- No observers were allowed to monitor the votes

- 2004 election lists were not updated, yet somehow 80% of the people voted and 64% of those who voted, voted for independence. A cursory look at Lugansk's census data reveals that of the 1.78mm who live in the city, there has been 500k deaths since 2004, and over 300k people who migrated from the city. You do not need a PHD in stats mech to realize your P-fit for 80% voting does not compute with those exit numbers. But whatever.

- Anyone who does work over there would know employers were directing vote boxes. Look at WHO voted, notice the union jackets ? Vote was as cooked as JFK in Boston with the Teamsters.

- Violence on the ground: armed militas are starting the looting run. Soldiers are being paid to switch sides in black cash, which is ironically the same gig that caused many Russian patriots to defect in the Chechan occupation.

What difference does it make? United States lets Ukraine go failed state, then NATO and the Budapest accord fails. Will it happen overnight ? nope



TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


United States lets Ukraine go failed state, then NATO and the Budapest accord fails.

Sure, sure. Discarding quite easily the time reference. Budapest accord failed on February 22nd when Vichy DC sponsored the violent overthrow of the Ukrainian government.

NATO fails? One should hope so. Since the fall of USSR decades ago, NATO has had no purpose save for perpetuating its bloated bureaucracy. New NATO headquarters, under construction for ten years now and still an unfinished monument to waste, is 500 million dollars over budget. The only successful war waged by NATO is its war on taxpayers.

Latina Lover's picture

AVile Rat:


Oh please, were people rousted out of their homes at gunpoint to vote, or did they show up on their own? Watch the videos and see people lining up for hours without duress to vote.

During the last federal 2010 election, over 80% of the population voted for the overthrown president Victor Yanukovich.  Why would they suddenly support the Ukrainain nationalist/right sector political parties, especially after the Odessa Massacre?

The message is simple: the vast majority of the people of Lugansk want nothing to do with the illegal coup government in Kiev.

lakecity55's picture

How do we know if there were indy observers or not??

I think they want to be federalized or taken in by Russia, because Ukraine is sure gonna be broke.

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What happens to you if a meteor hits Los Angeles and stocks go parabolic on the news? All I can say is I would hedge those shorts in case some really bad news hits the market. You could get wiped out.

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Ignore equities. Why do you even care? You were told three weeks ago it's all HFT.

So sell everything and buy farmland.  If you live in a city, buy it anyway and get a tenant farmer, while you start your maneuver to get out of that death trap.


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Thankfully I sold everything 7 years ago and bought farmland. That is where I am right now full time. Best decision I ever made. I am sitting on my front porch sipping a cocktail and reading ZH all I can hear are song birds and spring peepers. All is right with the world, do it while you still can and never look back.

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Not possible when you have chronic health issues that require the best medical support. That support is only available in a major urban setting. Otherwise I would do exactly what you have done. But be aware that health issues are a personal game changer.

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Now that West did the hearts and minds for him, the easy part comes for Putin

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Lesson not learned: mind your own fucking business.

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Pres. G. Washington calling from beyond the grave:  "Avoid foreign entanglements!"

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Bought yet another gold producer. We'll see who laughs last.

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Probably the maker of mine equipment.

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the Ukraine has its own army?  I thought they just had other factions fighting over them.  I guess they don't mind becoming ground zero.

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Buy War Bonds?  The rational thing for the US/Neocons would be to back off.  But then they'd have to be rational.

Better polish up those Georgia Guidestones, and keep packing, stacking and racking.

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Everything would be so much easier (for the elect) if the population of the Earth could be held at about 1/2 billion souls.

1/2 billion middle class and above managers/creatives and about 1/2 million brown labourers.

Sounds like a (fascist) utopia to me.


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Have you been to Georga lately?


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Its time to put putin into the proverbial corner to see how big his balls are.


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Well, we can only summise that Putins balls are of a regular size but, few really know for sure.

On the other hand Obama's balls are unique, petite and sweet according to the Chicago Bathouse Boys

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Vlad doesn't need to prove his balls.

Besides, if he whipped them out, Bath House would teabag him.

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Can't propagandists come with better offuscation?

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That was a remarkable "how to do".  I only hope our public servants don't read it.

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What's that? A new Russy Riot song?

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The mouse that roared.

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That should pretty much guarantee DOW 17k today. If it goes nuclear...DOW 36K no problem.

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nuclear - that should make the DOW really pop!

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Man, the markets were rally Glowing today!

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Fuck a few years ago I thought 14k was 10 years away, then 15k came and climbed up the the impossible 16k, and Knock-Knock who's there k, k who, 17k.  Oh, the euphoria of Obamanomics -- the promise of bombs and stock buybacks !!

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Should make the Dow go up!

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The fuse is lit...

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And here comes Barry blowing.