Is The Political Fight Over Keystone XL Over?

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A bill passed in a House energy committee aims to amend the rules for cross-border energy projects, suggesting the political fight over Keystone XL is over.



The House Energy and Commerce Committee approved resolution 3301, the so-called North American Energy Infrastructure Act. Authored by Reps. Fred Upton, R-Mich., and Gene Green, D-Texas, the bill aims to do away with the current processes for approving electrical, gas and oil infrastructure that would cross the U.S. border with Mexico or Canada.

"No one can rightfully argue that the current presidential permit process is not broken," Upton said in a May 8 statement.

A presidential permit is needed for cross-border projects and it's been more than five years since pipeline company TransCanada submitted its application for the Keystone XL pipeline. Since then, the company constructed and started service at its 485-mile Gulf Coast pipeline from Cushing, Okla., considered the U.S. leg of the pipeline.

Keystone XL itself would extend more than 1,100 miles from Alberta to Nebraska before it connected to existing links to Cushing. Designed to deliver oil sands, the pipeline has become the scapegoat not only for environmentalists, but for policymakers on both sides of the U.S. energy debate.

U.S. Sens. Mary Landrieu, chairwoman of the Senate Energy Committee, drafted a bill with Sen. John Hoeven, R-N.D., that would advance Keystone XL. Landrieu said May 1 it's time to stop debating the project and move ahead with construction.

"This pipeline is clearly in our national interest, and I urge all senators to join Sen. Hoeven and me to support this bill," she said.

Bipartisan bickering over procedural voting issues, however, left the bill dead on the Senate floor.

In April, the U.S. State Department said the federal agencies in charge of the permitting process needed more time because of legal issues related to the route through Nebraska. A state court is hearing challenges to legislation that gave Gov. Dave Heineman authority over the route and, while the consultation process isn't starting over, the State Department said route uncertainty was slowing federal decisions.

Upton said the legislation he helped write with his counterpart Green would get around such delays.  With North American energy production on the rise, U.S. policymakers can make it easier to take full advantage of the boom by building more cross-border projects.

"This approach is a sincere effort to focus on a targeted solution to the lessons learned from the Keystone pipeline," he said.

The lesson learned after five years of waiting may be that the fight, at least in political terms, is over for Keystone XL.

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Slave's picture

Pretty sure that long, hard pipe is coming from the wrong hole in Obama's face.

Bad Attitude's picture

Which ear are you referring to?

old naughty's picture

not coming out of Harper's?

That's a pair, no.

economics9698's picture

About 1” lower and the pipe is attached to Reggie Love. 

TeamDepends's picture

For the love of God, won't someone think of the Nebraska Prairie Tortoise?

knukles's picture

The Nebraska Truck Stop Slug is more important.

Roll Tide's picture

Nobody really cares about the slug.  The tortoise is another matter.  Lots care about them.  Especially the mighty Barry.

TheRedScourge's picture

I will be laughing when it is maybe 2018 and they have 99% of the pipeline completed, except for a small sliver where the border is, and they finally decide to thwart the political gridlock by installing a small circular section of rail between the two endpoints.

old naughty's picture

1585 mile long --- that ought to "improve" global warming, no?

luckylogger's picture

I have been surprised this hasn't already happened....

Good one!

sylviasays's picture

The pipeline is not being built because of Obozo's political payoff to Warren Buffett. 

Instead of shipping Canadian/North Dakotan oil via a pipeline, it’s coming south via rail tanker cars owned by Berkshire’s railway, BNSF.

nmewn's picture

The Nebraskan Truck Stop Slug (Midwestia Hookus) can be put out to pastu...errr, ahhh, on EBT, given freeeeee! methadone treatments through ObamaCare and placed in public housing where his/her ulcerated lips will no longer infect the hard working unionized truckers of Amerika!

All it takes is the simple transfer of profits from eagle killing windmills & solar ovens.

This is central planning in its finest hour!

Forward Komrades!

Escrava Isaura's picture

 Update on Misinformation

Keystone pipeline is to bypass US consumers and export Canadian oil products to more expensive overseas markets. And all of it, tax-free, stupid!


duo's picture

Is Canadian oil within 100 miles of the border subject to warrantless searches?  You wouldn't want to be transporting short-chain hydrocarbons that might actually be liquid at room temperature.

Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

i don't care about any of that, but if it results in even 1 imminent domain abuse where someone has his property taken from him by force, then I am against it

Gusher's picture

More global supply means lower prices.  Doesn't matter where the oil goes.  And anybody more concerned with taxing the hell out of someone else than creating jobs, oil srecurity and lower prices, is definitely an Obama lover.  5 years of Obamanomics failure isn't enough for people like you Escrava?   How do you feel about the 12 other major oil pipelines coming from Canada? Close them too? 

Roll Tide's picture

I am thinking of them.  Now what?  

Oink1689's picture

Who cares, they taste like crap

max2205's picture

M.   I.    D.   T.  E.   R.  M.   S

nmewn's picture


Or they can keep arguing that somehow, transporting oil by rail or truck is

FreedomGuy's picture

It's funny how the things that are good for us, even if we are too stupid to know it seem to be bad for Democrat elections. Obamacare provisions have been delayed and watered down, as well.


q99x2's picture

Who is that man?

Bangin7GramRocks's picture

Why is this so fucking important to so many of you? It will make Canadian oil producers and oil refiners wealthier. How exactly is this so awesome for Americans? I would love to know. I don't have an opinion either way. Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi.

Chief Kessler's picture

But OB is holding back the economy because of a stupid pipe dream er line, the US is now making 8.5 million bbd, and it still ain't enough???? Cause y'all drive monster trucks and piss it all away. Bengoozi my eye, Keystone yer butt, turn down the central air conditioner, turn off the 6 foot satellite TV, buy a hybrid, eat a salad, for fuckssake.

Sheppy's picture

Eat shit.  Don't tell me what to do and I won't tell you what to do. How's that, nazi ?

nmewn's picture

Sooo, ummm, I'm gonna assume you have WH connections, would you be so kind as to find out how much the solar panels installed on the roof of OUR FUCKING HOUSE (the White House belongs to us) cost us?

Rumor has it that the panels will only power 22 lightbulbs, so we kinda wanna know the cost.



For my dickhead junker, I'm still waiting for an answer from you OR the White House, on what the cost was.

Cuz of "government transparency" and all that stuff.


Well, this is one seems to know the ACTUAL PRICE OF INSTALLING SOLAR PANELS at the White House.

How odd, could we assume about as much as one of their glitchy websites then? 

Possibly if King Obama I could deign to speak to the "folks" we can get into the details of the contract, bid?...funds from where? know the veterans memorial & the fucking panda cam was shut down during "sequester"...this has real import to the nation, panda cams ya know...the mind reels ;-)

Babaloo's picture

22 light bulbs? You just can't be that fucking stupid, can you?

nmewn's picture

And the patient fisherman finally see's his pole bend downwards, why looky here, its the bright green Babaloo fish, normally not caught on hook & line but probably mistook the bait for a Subsidy Sardine, one of its favorite

So tell me then Einstein, how many can they power, how much power does the WH consume on a daily basis and what was the cost of installation?

StychoKiller's picture

Homey, why you be shootin them puppies in a barrel? Turn over the barrel and give'em a running start!

nmewn's picture


It seems the progs (just like "their king") have no words or facts they want to divulge at this time...outside off calling people


walküre's picture

Are there any true Canadian oil producers left? I think they're all American or European by trade name and the ownership is almost entirely the big money from London or New York. When has it ever mattered to US interests what language is spoken at the rigs? The money is made elsewhere on this deal.

ZerOhead's picture

The governments of China, Malaysia and Norway have some substantial ownership in the oilsands in addition to the usual multinationals.

I'm not sure if the Canadians or their government actually own anything there anymore.

Rootin' for Putin's picture

Its not, but the longer its delayed the more money Warren Buffet makes hauling oil by rail.  The more money he makes the more there is available for his buddy Obama or campaign donations for Hillary.

TheRedScourge's picture

By making the Middle East poorer and less important to the US.

marathonman's picture

Actually mid-west refiners in MN, IL, OH, and KY have been making a killing because of the depressed prices of Canadian syn-crude because it can't get to market.  Those refiners would honestly rather keep the northern leg of the Keystone XL shutdown because they have access through existing pipelines that aren't big enough to get more flow keeping the syn-crude prices depressed.

Big Corked Boots's picture

"this pipeline is clearly in our national interest"

Who cares about national interest, when Warren Buffet can originate his oil trains that are running all over the nation? What's good for Warren is, uhh, good for Warren. 

666's picture

Transporting oil by rail has an advantage in that it helps with the overpopulation problem.

holmes's picture

The libs were quite successful in creating the meme :"it's Bush's fault"

I would love to see a new meme created for anything coming out of the 

White House "Obama's a liar". It's just fits so well.

Chief Kessler's picture

You forgot "Bush Lies" from the first war criminal.

kchrisc's picture

I always find "this pol good, this pol bad" back and forth amusing, as they are ALL lying, thieving and murdering scumbags.

Sort of like arguing if the shit with corn in it is worse than the one with peanuts. Doesn't matter, as shit is shit.

nmewn's picture

Turns out ethanol is even worse than oil for the enviroment.

Suuurprise suuurprise suuurprise!...right? ;-)

Fucking "progressives"...

Hulk's picture

and its a waste of some damn fine alcohol to boot. Why I hear that thar are thirstin  utahans  that don't even have enough alcohol to binge on !!!

nmewn's picture

Its a damned shame, considered criminal in fact, in some families ;-)

crunchyfrog's picture

That's your Red State farm lobby, not progressives. Iowa caucus dude. Bachman land.

Fucking RWNJs that lie for a living on Fox.

nmewn's picture

I wasn't aware that Tom Harkin was a slobbering neanderthal and Bachman is from that well known RED STATE of Min-e-sooota.

Thanks for the update. all means lets give "progressives" a pass for promoting ethanol as greeeeeennnn! ;-)