Putin Speaks On Ukraine Independence Vote: "Respects" Result, Calls For "Civilized Implementation"

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As previously reported, the key event of the weekend was the east Ukraine independence referendum which, as expected, passed by a landslide. Of course, the outcome of the referendum itself was largely irrelevant: all that mattered was that it happened, and that it gave the Kremlin the necessary and sufficient justification to intervene and enter the eastern territory when so needed. And hours ago, in its first official statement on the referendum, the Kremlin said Monday "it respects the secession referendum in eastern Ukraine and hopes for a "civilized implementation" of the results through talks between Kiev and representatives in the east." In other words, at least in the eyes of Putin, Ukraine no longer has a legitimate claim to remain in east Ukraine.

From the WSJ:

Pro-Russian separatists declared victory in Sunday's vote, ratcheting up tensions between the West and Moscow. In its first comments since the referendum, the Kremlin appears to challenge the West and Kiev's standpoint that it was illegitimate. (Read the latest updates on the crisis in Ukraine.)


The Kremlin said in a statement that Moscow welcomes all possible efforts to start negotiations between Kiev and separatist regions with the involvement of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.


"Moscow views with respect the expression of the will of the people of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions and expects that the practical implementation of the outcome of the referendums will be carried out in a civilized manner without any recurrence of violence, through dialogue between representatives of Kiev, Donetsk and Luhansk," the statement said.

And while the EU promptly proceeded with another round of largely meaningless sanctions, announced moments ago...


... Russia continued to rub it in, when soon after the Kremlin statement was released, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov read it aloud during a live television broadcast. Mr. Lavrov said that Moscow sees no sense in a new round of four-way meetings akin to the Geneva talks in April between Russia, Ukraine, the U.S. and the EU, saying the Kiev government instead needs to directly negotiate with representatives of its eastern regions.

Following the Kremlin statement, Donetsk was ecstatic:

"This is great news, very happy news. Excellent, excellent," Miroslav Rudenko, one of the leaders of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic said in response to the Kremlin's statement, which rebels in Ukraine's southeast see as a sign of support.

And while we previously reported that a Russian annexation vote (coupled with the implementation of the Ruble as currency), could come as early as next weekend, for now things are not quite clear on how long until Russia becomes the de facto land owner:

Mr. Rudenko described as unlikely the Crimea scenario—in which Russia quickly followed up a popular referendum with annexation—and said the Donetsk People's Republic therefore would take steps to develop as a sovereign state. Those include "integration steps" such as joining a Kremlin-run customs union with former Soviet republics and building relations with the neighboring Luhansk People's Republic, he said.


A poll by Kiev International Sociology Institute showed last month that less than a quarter of the people polled like the idea of federalization of Ukraine. This idea was supported more widely in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

To be sure Donetsk now can afford to wait - all it needs are a few more provocations by the Ukraine army to make up Kremlin's mind for it. One party whose time may have run out, however, is the Kiev government, whose IMF lifeline was conditional on keeping the country together. It failed. And now we wait to see what the IMF response will be since it is Russia, not the west, which continues to win the proxy war in Ukraine.

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Back in the USSR.....you don't know how lucky you are boy.


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So, the “bad” guy plays hockey and our “gewd” guy drives a golf cart all day long. The next round of sanctions should freeze bank accounts of all hockey stick manufacturers. I think? ;-)


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False flag by the Kiev Kriminals, targeting Putin and Russia, counting down....5 4 3 2.....

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isn't it too early in the morning to upvote yourself

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Wonder how the bankers are going to enforce E Ukraine to pay it's "fair share" of their pay, er, i mean debt when secceded?  Maybe they can get Belgium to buy it?

Texas and Oklahoma next!!!

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Yes, even now, fewer freedoms for Opinion.

This is why the 1st Amendment is so important.

That is why western people should fight harder!

At least the Russkies are more open about it, but it makes things worse in the long run.

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'civilized implementation' ?

The banksters & the neo-cons ain't gonna let that happen.


Just keep those tanks fueled up and ready to roll. They might be needed.


Future scene:   Massive crowds cheering and waving to greet Russian tanks as they roll in ?  Flashback to France as the allies rolled in to liberate Paris ?

The world has flipped upside down, it seems.

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Democracy for Donetsk, Lugansk? How dare they!


The EU

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That's what happens when you don't use NSA approved voting machines. 

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Excellent essay and well worth the time reading.

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meh . . . . article was nothing special, but decent

until you get down to the end where it claims that Jesus studied Buddhism in Tibet.



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Obama, fed up with Putin being glamorized in the press, shows his nads by going over Niagara Falls in a canoe... sans helmet.

Check out this video about 3:40 in...


Comments by enlightened San Diego residents included.

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"Bath House Proves Toughness"
     US leader Shot from Cannon

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Oblamer's high profile stunts may be good for gold... It's edged up a little this am.

He probably received phone calls from PPT, Treasury, FRBNY, Fed, et al, today.

Guess he will go back to golf and cancel his scheduled 500ft high dive onto a damp anvil.

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The West can't solve Vladimir Putin

They're tryin' to get him to shootin'

But this guy's too quick

His moves are too slick

His chess guess is best, no disputin'


Signed: the non-lymeric king (but thought I'd give a try for WB7)


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My god those are some visionary lyrics right there! 

Must've been written by a time-travelling Putin himselt.

Man, I had a dreadful flight = Fuck the TSA.

Honey disconenct the phone = Fuch the NSA.

Ukrainian girls really knock me out, they leave the West behind = The the EU.

Georgia's always on my-my-my-my-my-my my mind = Fuck Saakashvili.

Come and keep your comrade warm = Fuck Obamacare.

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Fuck the IMF.  

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In the Ukraine, you do not fuck the IMF, the IMF fucks you!

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In Soviet Russia state fucks IMF.

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If you open the door to the IMF you will get shafted regardless of who you are.....I think thats on their business cards...

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I think that's the general rule with the IMF, not just Ukraine.

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IMF gets the gold, all others get the shaft

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Does DC have a legitimate claim to remain in US?

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I vote we bundle it with the UN and ship them both to Belgium.

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If I had the money to ship one all the way there, I'd ship them both...

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In Soviet Russia referendum votes for you

Latina Lover's picture

There is no soviet Russia, and Donetsk, Lugansk are not part of Russia. At least get your basic facts straight.

timeless21's picture

Chill out, I was referring to Russian mentality, what a straightforward man..Maybe next time, you also better exam my grammar mistakes ? Pathetic idiot.

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I don't care about your grammar mistakes since I can tell that you are well versed in English as a second language.


The fact that you do not use the definite article "the" tells me that you are a Ukie troll trying to stir up shit.

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In Soviet Russia referendum votes for you

In Soviet Russia - certainly. In Putin's sane Russia - not at all.

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Respect and civilized behavior, or fucking else people.

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Don't worry, dude. It is Ukrainian Yatzi Junta Citizenism way to shift the bill of wrongness onto others, so no harm in being wrong, others will digest it for you.

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That boat left a long time ago. So bring the else.

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Everyone catch that goal Putin scored in a game with NHL players the other night? Don't think Obama could manage it.

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The Choomster only excels at receiving! Be it orders from Moochelle, banks, Israel...no matter! Sir Reggie can attest to this! 

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 Will the west fight for Ukraine? I doubt it....

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Even if they wanted to, the EU/USSA elitists could not win a land battle against Russia on their home turf.

Moreover,I doubt that they are prepared to go nuclear since even elitists political criminals realize that SPF5000 sunscreen is not enough and besides, whats the point of lording over people if there is no one left to dominate.

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Truth be told, the US and EU likely could win a war with Russia. The cost would be FAR to great to do so for anything like Ukraine though.


 I think they'll do what they did in Syria, arm the other side and be a thorn in Russias side, nothing more

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truth to be told, even thinking about going to war with Russia betrays a mentality only possible to those who feel it's all very far away and have misunderstood the very fact that all wars in the last twenty years were small "police actions" or mop-ups against previously damaged countries like Iraq

I'm amazed how many entertain this little fantasy of a war with Russia. utterly childlike. MSM at it's worst, i.e. "we report what you want to hear, and we speculate about what you would like to dream of"

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For once, I actually agree with you, sans reservation.

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Let the consensus building begin!

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Pray for Peace.

Let us put an end to all wars.