Russia Demands "Immediate Talks" With Kiev; Says Referendums Show "Real Mood" Of People

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UPDATE: AP reports Pro-Russian protesters declare independence for the Luhansk region in eastern Ukraine.

With local reporters citing officials claiming "direct talks between the eastern regions of Ukraine and Kiev are now out of the question", Russia's foreign ministry has commented directly that:


Adding that the Dontesk and Lugansk referenda short evidence of the people's strong will to make decisions on their own, Russia wants "immediate" talks in Ukraine on state governance... and cites Kiev's criminal unwillingness to engage in dialogue with his people.


Local officials do not seem too hopeful of direct talks...



and so it seems Russia is stepping in to mediate...

May 11 in Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine referendums.

Despite the attempts of the Kiev authorities to disrupt the vote, including using against the civilian population fighters heavy weapons, radical nationalists, army, which led to casualties, residents of these areas will have passed an exceptionally active population turnout.


Preliminary results of the ballot counting convincingly show the real attitude of citizens of Donetsk and Lugansk regions have the right to independent decision-making on issues related to these vital issues. We believe that the implementation of the outcome of the referendum should take place in the framework of the dialogue between Kiev, Donetsk and Lugansk.


Reaffirm the need for the immediate establishment of a broad discussion in Ukraine concerning its future state structure involving all political forces and the country's regions. This fully fits into the efforts of the international community, as reflected in the Geneva declaration of April 17 and the "road map" that suggested by the President of Switzerland, OSCE Chairman D.Burkhalter.


We are waiting for the real action of the Kiev authorities, and not the general declarations of intent, speedy and effective meetings with representatives of the regions of the South and East of Ukraine, which would lead to stabilization of the situation in the country. Unfortunately, the authorities in Kiev continue to demonstrate criminal unwillingness to engage in dialogue with his people.

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We will just see what Obama has to say about this. After all, he is the one with the peace prize. How soon before he starts taking credit for "resolving the issue?"

Bill of Rights's picture

Screw Obama, I'm more interested in what the Teleprompter has to say.

Arius's picture

i'll show you immediate talk ... call Eric.

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So it looks like the evil Russians weren't going to invade after all folks... the MSM warmongering machine was wrong yet again.

Let's just hope that the original suggestions for a Ukrainian federation of regions with substantial autonomy can happen before the economy deteriorates further or the NeoNazi riffraff starts killing more unarmed citizens.

If Obama is smart he should know it's time to throw in the towel before a wholesale slaughter of Russian speakers and Jews occurs.

Peace to the Ukraine.

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Gazprom chimed in!

Gazprom Threatens to Halt Gas Shipments to Ukraine on June 3



IMF wants the puppet regime to push east to claim the whole country-a big fucking NOT GONNA HAPPEN, or no loan.  Well, it looks like Biden and the CIA just bought another broken client state.  Maybe the EU could give them enough loans to pay their existing IMF loans. HAHAHAH  Ole Yellen might want to fire up the printing press or  it will be a  hot summer and cold winter for Europe.

Arius's picture

Biden has been doing his best under very tough circumstances ... the people who understand the situation am certain appreciate his efforts!

Millivanilli's picture

What have you been smokin, bro?   Everywhere the US goes, bloodshed, heartache and human misery follows.  


Iraq, Egypt, Afghanistan, and Libya are all in bloody civil wars.  I guess the MSM needs to keep us up on the homo kiss and the racist Jew NBA owner.   

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

Putin is just waiting for West Ukraine to fold and say "Okay, we're just kidding guys, please take us back." Everyone already knows this is another undisputed (to any unbiased man of free thought) loss for the USSA.

Headbanger's picture

Now it's Obozo's war to start like the idiot he is!

Manthong's picture

“Biden has been doing his best under very tough circumstances ... the people who understand the situation am certain appreciate his efforts!”

Kerry, McCain, Nuland and others too. The entire planet owes a debt of gratitude to these valiant leaders for their efforts work with the powers in the region, assure self-determination, promote democracy and assure freedom and peace in Ukraine.

The problem is that 95% of the sheep actually think this is the case.

willwork4food's picture

"Biden has been doing his best.."

Yea dude, just like Obama is doing his best for the good of the country. Do us all a favor will you? Stick your head inside a gas lite oven and hold it there for a few hours. Beers on me!

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This person is very funny.

Arius's picture

be careful - you might get junked!

there is a lot of Republitards ....replitards or whatever...

Somebody said ZH has been sold to ABC Media, if true that explain the recent overpopulation of true believers on Red and Blue Teams paradigm ,,, I just hope they are right! 

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Too bad Vaudeville is no longer in vogue. Your comedy act could prosper.

Arius's picture

Booya right back to you!



Momauguin Joe's picture

Stooge Shemp and his brothers actually started out in vaudville, with Ted Healy, if I remember correctly.

Luckhasit's picture

You've been a member for four years, you know better. 

Now, get off my lawn!

foodstampbarry's picture

Arius, I've been reading your posts the last couple of days and I was just wondering, do you jerkoff to pictures of Obama?

Blano's picture

Did you get banned for some reason, MDB?

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Obammy is too busy crapping on the board as he struts on the 19th hole. 

...out of space's picture

what teleprompter have to say about proEU force on a proRussia side now that referendum is out?

what Putin will do, will neo-naci go back behind the line?

williambanzai7's picture

Take a look at his golf score cards

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

"We will just see what Obama has to say about this. After all, he is the one with the peace prize. How soon before he starts taking credit for "resolving the issue?"...

You mean this guy the guy that Trey Gowdy is asking the Press where "they" and the president were on the incriminating issues on that other scandal that destoyed that other Country thats been looted, raped and pilaged by the U.S.?

Don't worry though "Jew" Blitzer and Anderson 180 are on it!

JuliaS's picture

Unlike the US, Russia is willing to negotiate with terrorists.

nonclaim's picture

Just assign most of the past due gas bill to the East and say: "There!, you can have it all."

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

That sounds like a good deal for Russia. West Ukraine still needs gas and will rack up a new bill in no time.

Not being able to create real things of value for fair trade (i.e. without printing money) is a real bitch sometimes.

Relentless101's picture

Dead on. It's really like the 12 year kid who wants to run away and then realizes, holy shit, what am I gonna do now?

willwork4food's picture

sometimes you got to let the little shit run..

Tortfeasor's picture

And Russia waives the past due as a bonus for joining the Federation. And Russia gets Ukraines best economic assets. And demands prepay or pay at the pump just like your local 7 eleven.

CrashisOptimistic's picture

You do realize that would also end tax revenues sent from the east to Kiev, and thereby end the IMF bailout?

nonclaim's picture

The bailout is to pay the bill anyway... Get rid both of the past due bill *and* imf, so what's not to like?

What remains of Ukraine will have to find it's way to whatever they want to be.

CrashisOptimistic's picture

The numbers I saw were 17B with 5 to the IMF for past loans in arrears, and about 3 to Gazprom.  So 9 spaced out over two years, and that's to be paid by cutting govt salaries and pensions and also the perpetual optimism on economic growth and tax revs in total.

If the eastern tax revs disappear, the IMF will walk.  But then the west has to pay for oil and gas, with I suppose printed Ukraine money.

It just doesn't work.

nonclaim's picture

Forget eastern tax revs. Ukraine has to deal with reality and it is not pretty.

Still, if they want to be an independent country of whatever size they can get they will suffer the pains.

Chupacabra-322's picture


Not a chance in Hell. The destabilized & now IMF West funded Fascist Acedemi Military Criminal CIA / State Dept Junta will have nothing of the sort.

Winston Churchill's picture

Perfect PR from Russia though.
Heads they win, tails you lose choice for Kiev.

Bastiat's picture

Of course Putin knows that.

cougar_w's picture

"and so it seems Russia is stepping in to mediate..."

Translation: Russian APCs will be crossing the Dnieper River by June.

Volkodav's picture

at least before the nato excercises of july...

but so far no tracks needed   the people walked to the vote

JustObserving's picture


Only the community organizer can truly gauge the mood of the people.  Or the CIA chief, Brennan, especially when he is traveling under a false name in Ukraine.  And, of course, Biden when he is visiting Kiev.

US is always for democracy and self-determination as long as it is in its interests. Besides, the US is helping democracy and freedom by sending 400 mercenaries to Ukraine along with CIA and FBI personnel.

Can any Nobel Prize winner do more for democracy and freedom?


Bastiat's picture

Community organizer manufactures the mood of the people, then pretends to represent it, or represents the "mood" and interests of one or more subsets to that of the people then promotes their agenda as that of the "people."  Obama knows this game . . . in Chicago.  Here he relies on the guidance of the neocons . . . who understand nothing but their own vision and are therefore insane.

ZerOhead's picture

Incredibly insane.


They aren't even able to understand that their NeoLib bretheren had already won the fucking war.

After all Russia owes billions in dollar denominated debt and the West's crooked oil companies are already busy extracting Russian oil and gas while Russian billionaire oligarchs buy soccer teams in the EU.

Charles The Hammer Martel's picture

All Russia has to do at this point is just wait it out. The uncertainty in itself will be enough to push Kiev into the idea that their position is hopeless and they will be begging Moscow to Assimilate them. It isnt like the IMF is going to be able to govern the Ukraine indefinitely.

tbd108's picture

Does anyon know if the power and water going into Crimea is coming from the newly independent (or soon to be) Russian territories?

CrashisOptimistic's picture

Two more Oblasts (states) in between Crimea and Donetsk and Luhansk.

Charles The Hammer Martel's picture

I would imagine that the electric and water grid and infrastructure existed before the creation of Ukraine which would make the grid most likely a Russian one considering the electricity is no longer coming from Chernobyl which is up river in Ukraine. I could be wrong, or it could be a mixture of the two since Crimea can be reached easily from both countries.

Chupacabra-322's picture

"It isnt like the IMF is going to be able to govern the Ukraine indefinitely."

What? Of course they will. The Criminal Fascist IMF, CIA / State Dept., funding the NAZI's over there have a lot of more destabilization campaigns to take care of.

Lybia & Syria where just practice grounds. Definitely more blood shed of the innocent has to occur. Turn the Ukraine into utter bedlam & Putin perhaps my not want any part.

The Jackels are very hard at work as we speak.

Charles The Hammer Martel's picture

Except they didnt take into account that most average Russians are heartless viking savages with nothing to lose and everything to gain. I guarentee you that Putin has all of his i's dotted and his t's crossed. He most likely has a list of the CIA members in the Ukraine right now as well as a list of all of the "blackwater" mercs tearassing across Ukraine with tanks and running through barricades jumping them like its some kind of baja rally.

doomandbloom's picture

Not in the mood, honey. Ive got a headache!

sondernauch's picture

To Washington this referendum means, "Please bomb us into freedom and democracy!"