Today's WTF "All Clear" Indicator To Buy Everything

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Does this look in any way normal to anyone?



Certainly seemed like someone is was in a hurry to dump VIX futures contracts at the open... (and that rippled down to the spot VIX)


And as Salient Partners' Epsilon Theory notes,

1M implied volatility on the VIX fell to an all-time low last week. Generally speaking, this means that options on short-term market volatility increasing have never been cheaper.


How is this possible, you ask, with outright war simmering in Eastern Ukraine and China flexing its muscles in the South China Sea? Because Mario Draghi is "signaling" that he's going to launch a European version of QE. Because the Narrative of Central Bank Omnipotence has never been stronger, and for markets this is the only thing that matters. Because we continue to live in the new Goldilocks environment, where mediocre growth is not so weak as to plunge us into recession but not so strong as to take central banks out of play. If the news gets a lot better the market will go down, and if the news gets a lot worse the market will go down.  


But what I call the Entropic Ending, a market-positive gray slog where global growth is more-or-less permanently crippled by the very monetary policies that prevent global growth from collapsing, can go on for a looooooong time.

and how to tell when this starts to change...

How can you know if this Narrative starts to waver or shift? If and when gold starts to work.


This is what gold means in the modern age... not a store of value or some sort of protection against geopolitical instability... but an insurance policy against massive central bank error and loss of control.

And gold and silver started to work today.

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I'd say silver "starts to work" above $25. These moves look like like the rest of the market. Choppy. 

Earnings season is winding down and it's nice out. Those two factors should be good enough for 2,0000 S&P.

Tsar Pointless's picture

You put the comma in the wrong place, fonz. It should be after the first zero, not before it. S&P 20,000 sounds about right to me.

Say What Again's picture

Imagine this. You went into the hospital for surgery. They finished the first surgery, and you're in recovery for a few days to weeks. You don't feel very well, and the doctors learn that you have another tumor that needs to be removed, so the doctors decide to do another surgery that will save your life. You're happy that they found the problem, and you're glad that you're going to live. But most people will NOT celebrate this news.

Drag-e decides he needs to do more intervention to keep the patient alive -- and the market celebrates by driving the SP500 to new highs!?!?!?

This makes perfect sense to me!

BTFDemocracy's picture

The bitcoin charts look much more logical, and that's a real free market with anything-goes "non regulation" (includes manipulation by whales).

fonestar's picture

No, fuck you moron.  Bitcoin is putting in a floor in the low $400's and if the pattern holds we will soon be rallying again.

Stoploss's picture

But. but you said the floor was 500 last time.

Which is it? 400? 500?

Will 300 also be a new floor???

It would appear that there is a stair step of sorts.

It is going down..

Fortunately, fonefuck knows all about that, eh?

fonestar's picture

Who fucking cares whether the final floor is at $358 or $440 dipshit?  Is fonestar going to care when your precious gov-bitch "dollar" is 1/1,000,000 of a BTC?

fonestar's picture

Yeah, that video was released eleven months ago.  What was the price of Bitcoin then?  Maybe you should have listened to the video and bought the fucking Bitcoin dip?

dryam's picture

fonestar...."Give me attention.  Please give me attention!!  I have nothing to contribute, but I like cluttering up these threads as much as I can.  That's my job, and this is what i get paid to do."



fonestar's picture

Who would pay fonestar for this?  This is a service sector economy and fonestar is providing a service for free.

Keyser's picture

Why do you continue to flog a dead horse on ZH? No one here gives a shit you know...




fonestar's picture

It's not fonestar's fault that Zerohedgers are too stupid to see Bitcoin IS the game changer.

Mistress Raindrop's picture

I see the DOW topping out at 36,000.  Now put that in the bank, bitches.

fonestar's picture

Who would pay fonestar?

silverserfer's picture

yes , now that ZH sold out we have fonestar instead of francis sawyer. no free speach in fight club anymore. Who owns ABC Media anyways?

fonestar's picture

Who would want Francis Sawyer when you could have fonestar?

silverserfer's picture

fone it would be more fitting if you would refer to bitcoin as "my master" from now on.

fonestar's picture

You want government silver money?  You want government "gold backed" money?  You want government paper money?

The point is you want government involved with your money, so eat shit and die in vain.

The Merovingian's picture

No, I simply want physical Gold and Silver (and lot's of it).  You can keep 'your' money.  Obumbler said so.

silverserfer's picture

fone it would be more fitting if you would refer to bitcoin as "my master" from now on. Bitch. 

fonestar's picture

Yes, especially buy more Bitcoin.  Buy Bitcoin at any "dollar" level.  If your head gets cut off, buy more Bitcoin.

Oh, but most people here could not download an executable, double click on it and sign up at btc-e or localbitcoins.  So scratch that...

septicshock's picture

Looks like you made a poor investment decision in bitcoin and are angrily defending it. Sorry. Cut your loses.
Think for a moment, will any government/banker allow a currency they don't control to run amuck? Go through your stages of grief faster and cut your loses sooner rather than later...
Good luck

fonestar's picture

fonestar has been in Bitcoin since $16 fool.  fonestar has only spent a few of them over the past years.  fonestar will still be extremely angry at $1,000,000 BTC.

fonestar's picture

Insert one satoshi to ride the wild horse.


NickVegas's picture

Based on your block chain spending patterns, it looks like you are a coke head. These regular increasing withdrawls look like eight balls you are purchasing at an increasing rate that matches cocaine addition. What say you Fone, are you addict? Your spending pattern is an exact match for someone deep in depths of an addiction. It honestly looks like a cry for help.

fonestar's picture

Why does it matter what drug(s) fonestar and his PAL are on?  fonestar has provided the smart, thinking part.  All you need to do now is:


hobopants's picture

Awwww man and we were doing so well with stuff staying mostly on topic. This thread done got bitcoined...

Bárðarbunga's picture

At today's prices, it seems fonestar has burned through almost $11,000. I'm sure that when bitcoin was only $4.00 or $5.00 per, it would have been different. Probably not a coke habit, but maybe weed. I sure as hell could have found other uses for this funny money.

Take the purchase of silver ingots in either 1 or 10oz varieties. Eleven grand would be a nice addition to your stack. I'm trying to see what small transactions; sometimes over 8 a day could be used for. Maybe weed.

You know, I think there are people called "dealers" who accept cash payments for this. Just thinking out loud here.

NickVegas's picture

That's my point, you can trace when he needs to reup. $11K, I don't think it's weed. Maybe he is dealing weed, but only to carry his coke habit. Take a look at his spending, and draw your own conclusions.

LooseLee's picture

Yep. And only PINKO COMMIES, SOCIALISTS, and FASCISTS are buying (besides FOOLS, of course!...

nope-1004's picture

In a fascist oligarchy run by kleptocrats, that chart is totally normal.  As time goes on, it will numb people into thinking that the fascist state that they label a "democracy" experiences these types of anomalies.

100% rigged, manipulated, gamed, and controlled.  Nothing has been allowed to go bankrupt since 2008, yet intervention daily in these markets is warranted.  That's the sign of a healthy market.... lol.

It's such an obvious joke.  Fuck you Bernanke, you lying pos.


Headbanger's picture

Anything goes when nothing matters.  Until it does.

That's how we got the ass clown we have for "president" and the country run by a bunch of slime ball banksters.


max2205's picture

I'll take Yes for 400 Alex

new game's picture

the thought crossed my mind that it is normal because it is going on 5 fucking years of this phoney bullshit.

now, if i could manipulate my little world to react as i wish...

maybe some serious bitch slapping to "get er done".

fut the wuck...

ilion's picture

At current stage it seems that the only best strategy is to buy any risk asset out there and get out only then once the SP500 has touched down on the dark side of the Moon. This market is completely ridiculous.

Gonna now go down to my cellar and smell my shiny gold... 

knukles's picture

Well, Justin Timberlake said "I am America.", so can we assume that he works?
He might make Opie mad with that narcissism

jmcadg's picture


Jeez, at least MDB was worth laughing at.

oklaboy's picture

somebody forgot to take their medications

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new game's picture

i got some digital shit you can eat...