6 Ukraine Soldiers Killed, 8 Injured Ahead Of Tomorrow's "Leave Or Face War" Deadline

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With another day left until the 48-hour "leave or face war" deadline imposed by the newly-independent regions of Ukraine, Interfax is reporting:


This follows earlier concerns from Germany's Schaeuble who said he "can imagine" a worsening of the Ukraine crisis. As AP reports,

Ukraine's defense ministry says 6 servicemen ambushed, killed in the restive east.

And from the Ukraine defense ministry:

, May 13 , about 13.00 on the outskirts of the village Oktyabrske ,
Slavic district, 20 km from Kramatorska , while driving a convoy of
military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was cynical and insidious
fired from an ambush .
Terrorists attacked the Ukrainian paratroopers with grenade launchers, were busy aimed fire with small arms.


Over 30 attackers arrived early and were located along the river in the bushes. The first shot from a grenade launcher terrorists hit the engine of the other BTRiv who approached the bridge. There was an explosion. Other BTR tried to push the damaged fighting machine that caught fire , away from the village. The soldiers took the fight .


After the first volley of heavy weapons from terrorists killed two soldiers, 3 more were wounded. Overall, as a result of prolonged clashes killed 6 members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine . 8 injured varying degrees of severity.


All the wounded and dead were evacuated.

if this is any indication what to expect tomorrow when yesterday's 48 hour ultimatum expires, the S&P should easily hit 2000 when the Ukraine civil war bursts out of the gate.

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If 6 dead soldiers is considered 'restive,' I fear what armed conflict might bring about...

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I forecast that Russia will undertake military action for the express purpose of protecting the ukrainian military from the democratic resistance against the putschists.

Kerry and the rest have been demanding this of Russia. The only way for Russia to comply with such a request would be to invade and exert control to prevent a failed state / civil war occuring on its periphery.


Latina Lover's picture

Old Russian Proverb:

Russians  are slow to mount, but fast to ride.  

Onward to Berlin, ooops Kiev.


BadDog's picture

the fires of the tigers are lighting the road to berlin...Roads to Moscow, Al Stewart.

Arius's picture

You will be the dummiest guy to buy gold at this point .... thats the all point of recommendations from BoA and Morgan Stanley and relentless efforts to keep it under 1300 just to make people shy away ... not sure how successful they are

Oracle 911's picture

6 Blackwater mercs killed, 8 Injured. Fixed for ya.

ebear's picture

Could be mercs doing the killing.  Wouldn't be the first time Kiev fired on its own guys.

Volkodav's picture

"The Russians are slow to saddle up, but ride fast" Otto Von Bismarck

Overdrawn's picture

So not worth sleeping with I guess.

TheReplacement's picture

Berlin?  Berlin will only be a pit stop.  Berlin, Paris, and now, London featuring the chunnel.  Napolean and Hitler rolled over in their graves when the chunnel was completed.

Winston of Oceania's picture

A bit of explosive would render the chunnel utterly useless...

mrpxsytin's picture

Which is why I personally would flood the tunnel rather than blow it, so that one day (when sanity prevails) it can be reopened with minimal effort.

Overdrawn's picture

If Russian gets to Berlin can they please put the wall back up to stop all those Romanians entering the UK please.

anarcholeptic's picture

In Mother Russia....____________  Fill in the fuckin blank


GoldBricker's picture

I dunno,

credit card max you out?

'locally sourced' means local thugs, not globalist thugs?

patriots die fighting, and I don't mean on internet fight club

Nevsky's picture

Try this one

'Which Russian doesn't like a fast ride'

jerry_theking_lawler's picture

You obviously have never dated a russian woman.....

kliguy38's picture

Its called foreplay. The "action Jackson" will begin in earnest tomorrow

WhyDoesItHurtWhen iPee's picture

Laying there in their caskets they look so "restive".  I think thats what they were going for.

Hippocratic Oaf's picture


Couldn't resist, I know

km4's picture

New Zealand: the Shell Company Incorporation Franchises (II) (and Ukraine) #NakedCapitalism http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2014/05/new-zealand-shell-company-incorpo...

Kaleniuk explains:

What we found was that the money stolen in Ukraine was heading into British and European tax havens and hidden using shell companies inside the European Union. This was very uncomfortable to find out. What we felt is the Western elites were being hypocritical to us—preaching anti-corruption but allowing this offshore world to flourish.

In  posts to come, we develop a nuts-and bolts view of these very looting mechanisms; mechanisms which, in Ben Judah’s phrase, sank Western soft power. The relevance of the story told by the New Zealand register continues to grow, and it’s time to bring it up to date.

Smegley Wanxalot's picture

Damn it,  why wasn't Nuland there, passing out pastries?

And where are those Kiev-humping assholes who celebrated torching people alive in a building now?

williambanzai7's picture

She is busy giving Soros his daily rim job.

Quinvarius's picture

Sucks when you get too old to wipe yourself...unless you are rich and surrounded by degenerate whores.

Flagit's picture



Damn it,  why wasn't Nuland there, passing out pastries?


She was probably busy crying about not being able to restore her native land of Bessarabia, which is now once again, more or less under Russian influence.

Jack Burton's picture

Nuland has her bank account in Israel, she is well taken care of. Where is the 5 billion she spent to fund a nazi coup? Wanna guess how much made it's way to Israel?

So, by tomorrow the Ukrainian Waffen SS divisons are to leave or be destroyed? I suspect that this is no minor threat, to my knowledge none of the East Ukraines newly organized self defense forces have engaged in battle yet. Maybe some members of the civil defense forces, but East Ukraine has quietly been building up forces with real weapons and experience as trained soldiers. By real weapons, I mean infantry operated missiles for anti tank and anti aircraft defense. We saw three or four Ukraine Army Helicopters shot down last week by a self proclaimed Donestsk anti aircraft regiment of the self defense forces. The really good weapons are more deadly than westerners know, because these weapons do not leave the region for export. It is not beyond reality to think sympathetic Russian forces have let the most modern of infantry weapons and missiles cross the border. I saw a video of a Self Defnse unit manning a check point this week. Mounted off to the side was what I took to be a model of one of the worlds best anti tank missiles systems, small, modern, compact, easy to move and programed to be deadly against tanks. This kind pops up before impact to strike the thin armor of the turret roof. The Ukrainian army will not sit still when it's tank start to go up in flames, they will run, and I don't blame them. Who wants to die to futher the Kiev nazi agenda, who wants to die for NATO expansion in Donetsk? Nobody does, only the Right Sector, but they kill civilians on the streets, a well trained soldier could scatter a hundred fat, drunken Right Sector thugs.

sushi's picture

Good analysis.

Plus Ukraine had mass conscription until very recently so even the civilians will have the same military knowledge as the putschist forces.

In addition there have been mass defections, or stand downs, of active units. The 25th Airborne was one of these and it was subsequently disbanded by the coup leaders. No word on what happened to all of its light arms. I suspect that the ex-members of the unit could tell us. I suspect that what you saw in that video was an example of the sophisticated weaponry available to the democratic resistance of Donetsk (DRD).

I was voted down for my suggesstion up top but I think it likely the following will occur;

1) The DRD commences to defend its territory and there is open conflict with the Banderista's

2) I anticipate the DRD will prevail. they are after all fighting for thier home lands against a group of thugs, bandits and mercs, not to mention a sleezebag, untrustworthy and illegitimate governmnet of oligarchs. I place my bet on the people to win and the oligarchs to loose.

3) NATO, EU, Kerry, Nudelstan and all the rest then seek to assist the oliigarchs put down the democratic resistance by increased military assistance. In Iraq and Libiya the grounds for intervention were based on the state using military force against the people. In Ukraine the west will intervene in support of the state using military force against its own people.

4) Things get messy and confused, the conflict grows, more lives are lost. 

5) At some point Russia intervenes. It will do so for three reasons;

5a - the responsibilty to protect doctrine used by the west in Iraq and Libya. Russia will seek to prevent the state using military force against its own people. This may be through the creation of no-fly zones, air interdiction strikes and possibly ground forces.

5b- Russia will act as the West has demanded that Russia control the democratic resistance on the grounds that these people are Russian proxies. I believe them to be independent citizens acting to defend themselves against a government that has openly spoke of nuking them, eliminating their language rights and culture, making them second class citizens in theor own lands etc, etc.

Since the West has repeatedly demanded Russia control its alleged proxies, Russia will turn around and say "OK, you win. We are going to do something about these DRD folks. We are going to establish military control and enforce a peace until a political solution can be arrived at.

5c - Russia has grounds to act based on the coming into being of a failed state on its periphery with that state being engaged in miliatry actions on the Russian border and acting against slavik peoples. If there were a civil war in Mexico would the USSA intervene. You bet. Russia will do the same.


The Blank Stare's picture

Untill Colin Powell is resurected, goes to the UN and holds up a toy model of "worlds best anti tank missiles systems" I won't believe what you say.

gcjohns1971's picture

Deadline was too short.

There is no possible way to comply - even if they wanted to.

The short deadline GUARANTEED military conflict = was totally unnecessary.

Should have asked to leave within 30 days, with milestones for percentages leaving, and asked for meeting with Ukrainian commander to coordinate movement & schedule.

Arbitrary demands of men with guns do not end well. They should have been able to see that in advance.

SpanishGoop's picture

They were able to get more forces in in a couple of days so surely they must be able to gat them out just as fast.


Sticky Wicket's picture

It's hard to pull out when it feels so good.

SpanishGoop's picture

Been there, didn't do that, still sorry.

"Shut up child, daddy is typing".


MarsInScorpio's picture

Believing that Ukraine can't get out in a couple of days is on the same level as believing it takes 7 years to repatriate a hundred tons of German gold . . .


gcjohns1971's picture


Can YOUR company abandon a base of operations that has been in use since WWII in 48 hours?

angel_of_joy's picture

Yes, if your life depends on it...

Winston Churchill's picture

The Italian(or French) army could handle 48 hours no problems.

IndyPat's picture

Sort of cheating...when they were never actually on the battlefield in the first place....

messystateofaffairs's picture

Yeah but the Italians have five speeds in reverse on their tanks and only 1st gear in forward.

Volkodav's picture

dumb comment   they could march out in 48 hours

gcjohns1971's picture

Your reasons are deafening in their silence.


Ukrainian troops had been there since they were called 'Soviet' troops. 

It is not normal for the Army to keep locals in the area they came from because it makes for Army units who can't work with the units from elsewhere.

It is normal for soldiers to be moved away from where they enlisted, and to be moved periodically in order to standardize procedures across the Army.

Those soldiers, by decree, just became homeless, jobless, and under threat of arrest if they don't defect immediately. 

But those same soldiers remain armed.  The ones who had not chosen a side yet were just forced to fight.

That was the 'brilliance' of the short ultimatum.

You will see more killing there in the next week, which was not there last week because of this stupid decision that was made by incompetents and demons.

IndyPat's picture

...Ukrainian troops had been there since they were called 'Soviet' troops....

Then they should have no problem switching out the Uke patch for the new Russian one.


GoldBricker's picture

They wouldn't have been the first ones, either.

gcjohns1971's picture

You have obviously never coordinated loading of large amounts of materiel on a train.

You are dreaming.   And your logic is even weaker than the reasons you offered (none).

GoldBricker's picture

How much material you think this US left in Vietnam? When it's your life, you go. Maybe not you, of course, just a figure of speech.

Victoria, is that you?

socalbeach's picture

Irrelevant point since Kiev said "special operation" to continue. Read a similar thing yesterday also.


Kiev to Continue Special Operation in Southeastern Ukraine – Interim Leader

15:47 13/05/2014

Uncle Remus's picture


Arbitrary demands of men with guns do not end well.

Government. You're talking about government.



gcjohns1971's picture



Government loves bureaucracy - which has the minor benefit of reducing the arbitrary demands, because no one wants the extra red tape to file the demands.


I see that everyone hated the post.  The problem is that there are no answers in hate.

Armies aren't generated solely locally, nor are they made only of conscripts.  Some of the Ukrainian soldiers were going to be from elsewhere in the Ukraine, who had been stationed there years before.  Those people will have families, houses, and all the rest.

With the stroke of the pen this demand makes them jobless, homeless, and under threat of arrest.  That is why it is shortsighted.

Some of those people might have decided to switch to Donetsk.  They won't now.  Now that Donetsk has offered to rob and imprison them for doing exactly what they did last week, last month, last year, etc.  They are not going to be friendly.  And that will make a violent revolt in Donetsk.

Also there is the Ukrainian Army equipment, air defense installations, etc.  At this time last week that equipment was there legitimately, as it had been for years if not decades.  It may have nothing whatsoever to do with the unrest.   Now, it has to be gone in 48 hours.  And the operators have to perhaps separate permanently from their families to stay in Donetsk or leave their jobs and homes behind.

That is why it is not a realistic timeline.  It is impossible.  And it was never meant to be possible.  It was meant to facilitate a robbery.

There are two explanations for the short timeline. 

ONE:  They might have hoped that this would trigger those who haven't chosen a side to defect to Donetsk and steal equipment from Ukraine to do it.  I discount this.  Ukraine will not voluntarily surrender its Army equipment.

TWO:  They wanted bloodshed for their own reasons.


Omen IV's picture

Tanks don't have to make UTurns - all they do is turn the turret around and go

no notice is necessary when they came in noee required to leave

as Brad Pitt said in Inglorious Bastards: " I like to kill Nazi's! - should be the tag line