American Dependency (And The 3rd Day Of The Month Effect)

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Submitted by Rory of The Daily Coin via Jim Quinn's Burning Platform blog,

Having noted America's surging government dependence before, the impact of almost 50 million people on food stamps is hard to imagine if you are not in retail food.

The spike in business beginning on the 3rd of each month is truly astounding. By the 10th of the month the business begins to normalize and by the 22nd the ship is sinking. When there is a holiday in the month we experience a slightly different flow of business. Depending on the nature of the holiday and when it hits the calendar the flow of business changes accordingly. There is always the spike from the 3rd through 7th as the pantry has run dry. But when the holiday rolls around people have saved their position in the soup line in order to “celebrate” the event appropriately. Remember, not only are the working people of this country putting food on the table, we are also funding items like, lottery tickets, cigarettes, alcohol and everything else that is non-food as a lot people are issued a “cash card” in addition to the ticket for the soup line (EBT card).


When you combine the number of people that receive their daily bread from taxpayer funds with the number of people who work for government I dare say it will be impossible to have an election that ever removes the corrupt from office. Who is going to vote against their pay-check or the food on their table?

Sadly, it appears, the soup line is here to stay.

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For three years we have gently urged you towards Depends....  And now you expect us to worry about your burning platform?

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American Dependence. 
Gives New Meaning to "international"  Space Station, now that the Rooskies say we can't ride their rockets.
And talking about rockets, they're not gonna sell us any more rocket motors used to lift USMil payloads.
And several months ago I got some reddies when I predicted this.
Vlad the Bad has this Wired, boys and girls.
If we (the West) agitates him much more, he's gonna double or triple the price of natgas and demand payment in Rubles or Gold, only.

Oh to be in Bilderberg now that Russia's here.


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Moochers… We have become a country of phucking moochers. Exceptional, aren’t we?


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I am more concerned with the ones that stole the loot to give to the "moochers," and also have drones and maintain "kill-lists."

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Da Free Shit Army salutes you, sir !

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It is really more about knowing who thy enemy is--the "moochers" or the thieves and murders in DC and the local town hall.

Or put another way: Eliminate the "moochers" and the thieves will make more. Eliminate the thieves and they AND the "moochers" go away.


“My guillotine knows the difference”

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We've had this shit in the UK for decades. But then, we have not had to fund a proper military.

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A "proper" military. Now there's a conversation. How bout one that isn't used to expand state department power and Davos asset holdings.

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I think it is actually worse in the UK. I saw a documentary on BBC last week, titled, Don't touch my benefits. I was shocked to see that people were receiving up to £800 PER WEEK in benefits. The interesting thing was only one of the many people profiled was a native born Brit. The rest were all immigrants from very poor countries and yet they were all complaining they were not getting enough.

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All Vlad needs do is hack into the EBT system on the 2nd of the month,paralyze it, and let the FSA do the rest.
Not a drop of Russian blood spilt.

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Most readers think this is a joke, but it is deadly serious. Why start a nuclear war when Russia has the cpacity to hack our computers and shut down EBT, Medicaid-Medicare, SSI, SSDI, etc.? They have the best engineers in the World and they know perfectly well that our welfare system coupled with multiculturalism is our Achilles heel.

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Exactly right... take away EBT, and riots and looting begins all over America in seconds.

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Forget EBT cards. 

Putin only has to disrupt the supply chain to take down both the middle class and FSA. Every population center in the US only has about 3 days worth of food due to our just in time delivery system.

With that you don't need to take out a supply chain, just disrupt it for a bit. 

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EBT take down would be my last move, a grand finale, only after disrupting the supply chain, raising oil prices and droping the petro-dollar.  It would be very effective I'm afraid.

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You guys fellating of Putin is both laughable and pathetic.  This isn't "Red Dawn" you cannot make a first strike move against a superpower without seriously endangering your own countries well being.  The real consequences of a hot war between the USA and Russia will hopefully keep it confined to your Call of Duty fantasies.

And on a personal note, all you fucksticks who speak so cavalierly of cuting off peoples food and laughing at the prospect of widespread suffering better hope you're never in a position to experience it first hand.  Karma's a bitch and hungry people can be quite ruthless.

Slave's picture

Willing to bet the people saying this here have those evil assault weapons at the ready to defend their emergency food and water supply.

NihilistZero's picture

Watch an episode of the Walking Dead.  Everybody runs out of ammo eventually, and I've got a few boxes myself...

The fact is all you emotionally maladjusted douches are rooting for an apocalypse that would harm so many people who have nothing to do with making this system what it is.  Get some fucking therapy or something but quit the blood lust for the lower class folks that are the VICTIMS of .gov, not the beneficiaries.  Jesus Fucking Christ you tools are pathetic.

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I am reading comments on both sides of the issue and you are both right. How is this possible?

Mr. Nihilist Zero your handle is counter to your expressed beliefs but they are not misguided. It appears that all those who are praying for system total failure have had so much of this diregard in your face trashing of liberties and theft that believe that this is the only salvation.

The ignorant, the passive, the sick and the gadget distracted will be sacrificed.

IMHO all of us have a valid point one way or another. Destroy it in order to rebuilt it.

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You are only a victim till you become a willing participant.

You see, the govt was going to pass regulations on my corporation is I didn't pay them a bribe, and start to play ball. So I played ball, and bought a few favors for myself while I was at it. But I am the victim of govt, see?

Seriously, if the moochers are blameless, so are the Crony Corporations.

The people here aren't "rooting" for this apocalypse - they are rooting for justice to be done upon the thieves who brought this calamity upon us. And such justice will necessarily cause great suffering to those who deserve it and to those who do not- but no one can help that. SO we hope that the suffering falls first and foremost on those who are guilty of causing it. That is your Karmic Forces in action. You hurt others, you shouldn't be the least surprised when they are unwilling to help you when you are hurt.

NihilistZero's picture

Seriously, if the moochers are blameless, so are the Crony Corporations.

Bullshit.  One group wields power while the other does not.  And if someone steals from you (inflation, imprting cheap labor through immigration and trade) stealing some back does not make you a moocher.  It makes you smart.

The people here aren't "rooting" for this apocalypse - they are rooting for justice to be done upon the thieves who brought this calamity upon us.

Total.  Fucking.  Bullshit.  Ther is a large contingent here who spits vitriol everytime it's mentuioned that a minimum wage worker might like a lifestyle other than that of a peasant.  That maybe he'd like the living wage his predecessors earned before inflation went total retard.  These sadistic holier than thou libertards can die in a fire. 

Weisshaupt's picture

They are "stealing some back"? They are stealing my tax dollars and the future  earnings of my children. Inflation is stealing it right out of my bank account.  They aren't stealing it from politicans who took those opportunities from them - they are joining the illegal enterprise  run by the politicans.. And since you admit it is STEALING, yes they are culpable for that immoral act.

If the minimum wage earner wants a better lifestyle he can start providing services are valued by his fellow man as being worth more than minimum wage. ( which is how the people who earn higher  wages do it - many of whom started earning minimum wage)   It is not my fault if he can't provide that sort of value, so I deserve to be stolen from at gun point why?  No the inflation isn't helping these people, just as it isn't helping anyone - but at least 2/3 of the govenment expenditure in a given year is on entitlement programs ( to include both SS and Medicare/ciad)  so 2/3 of the inflation is being driven by people on the dole in some way  ( and don't tell me that Social Security is your money -- your money was stolen by the criminals and spend just as assuredly as if you had invested with Bernie Maddoff - the monmey you get now is confiscated from others at gun point just as much as the EBT money is)  

Its called the Cloward-Piven strategy. Its meant to deleiberately destroy the  "living wage" and entice  people onto govt programs via the moral hazard they represent. . Because beggars are easier to please, and will reliably vote to keep food on their table. even if the food only gets there by robbing someone else.   If you willingly particpate in a crime, you are a criminal. It doesn't matter if you buy a politican to particpate and enable your criminal enterprise, or if the politican buys you to enable its his criminal quest for power.

People are responsible for what they do and the choices they make. Only the politcal left denies it, and they only deny it so they can justify to themselves their use of violence against others to get what they want.


Slave's picture

Run out of ammo? I'd wear out all of my barrels first...

Monty Burns's picture

There's truth in what you say but it's way too simplistic to call the FSA 'victims'.  Some are, especially the former middle class who've fallen on hard times due to jobs being exported. But all too many of the FSA are just that: Spongers who never did an honest days work in their lives.

Weisshaupt's picture

Thanks to Smart Diplomacy (TM) the US is no longer a superpower. Didn't you get the memo?

And I fully expect people who ruthlessly vote for a Govt mafia to let them live off of others at gun point, will simply take up the guns themselves if that mafia network becomes unavailable. Misery loves company and Poverty must be spread equally after all. Do I want to experience such a thing? If course not. Its it going to come regardless of my feelings about it? Yes. Yes it is. Because MATH.

Are you suggesting that because I now wish to see harm come to this mob of leeching cretins that steal from me today that my Karma is affected and I will then somehow deserve to be attacked and stolen from when they are hungry in the future? Perhaps starving in the street is their karmic payback for using violence to entitle themselves to the labor of others. Or do you think that they are somehow immune from Karma because they are too stupid and lazy to pay their own way in life?

I intend to not let them know I have food. I intend to shoot trespassers on sight. And yes, I may end up dead, but that isn't exactly plan A, and at least my plan A isn't living off of the production of others at gun point.

NihilistZero's picture

While you were amassing you little fortune of whatever size it may be you benefited quite directly from .gov protecting your property at far less than what you'd pay in a private system.  In their absence you so-called moochers couldn't be exploited by the rentier class and wouldn't need any .gov assistance.  So you're both at the gun barrel.  Your getting a much better deal however...

Weisshaupt's picture

The main purpose of the government IS to safeguard the rights of individuals. Including the right to their own property, acquired by their own efforts. A government that does otherwise is using its coercive power to illegitimately violate the rights of those its supposed to protect. And no for the amount I pay in taxes, only 30% of that tax actually goes to any legitimate govt service, so even if a private firm charged 60% on top as profit it would cost the same as what I pay now - oh, and I would actually be protected in my property rights instead of threatened with Audits by proponents of the ideology that sees people as property of the state.

The moochers are still taking what is not theirs using guns. I am not taking anything from them. Yes, the politicians they are voting for are, but I can't help that or stop it, and if they vote for it, any gun pointed at them is SOMETHING THEY ASKED FOR.

Mad Muppet's picture


Most readers think this is a joke, but it is deadly serious. Why start a nuclear war when Russia has the cpacity to hack our computers and shut down EBT, Medicaid-Medicare, SSI, SSDI, etc.?


Oh my, I'm having a Cognitive Dissonance moment. Does the fact that I would LOVE to see this happen make me a Godless Commie?

NihilistZero's picture

No.  It just makes you an unempathic cunt.  Which is your perogitive, but don't delude yourself into thinking you're anything more than that...

Pickleton's picture

The FSA should not be allowed to vote for a number of years after they extract themselves from the FSA.  Any attempts to vote should put the moocher's neck in a rope.

DerdyBulls's picture

Not that voting matters at the federal level, but I read a recommendation that to qualify to vote you had to pay at least $1 in federal tax. Seems okay to me.

IndyPat's picture

5lb Blocks of Cheese, Bags of Groceries...Social Security has run out for you and me....

sounds as good as it did the first "recession"....

Green shootz!


flyingcaveman's picture

The circle jerks were way ahead of their time.

pods's picture

That is exactly how the government wants it. Enough dependent on them for their very survival ensures their job is safe.

If people ever realized just how much the government takes in order to dole out scraps it would blow your mind.

Not just taxes, but skimming the depreciating currency and stealing productivity increases with inflation as well.
EBT is just the fat kid to hit with the dodgeball.


ebworthen's picture

Yup, all by design.

Buys a lot of votes, and complacency.

But what are people to do with such a crappy job market?  Starve?

No, see, that would lead to riots and civil unrest.  Bread and Circuses in the New Rome.

SDShack's picture

Bread & Circuses are a great distraction, but they didn't solve the fundamental problem of total corruption plaguing Rome, anymore then the EBT will solve today's problem. All TPTB are doing is papering over the problem, while making the problem bigger every day. TPTB have created and are feeding the beast that will eventually grow to consume so much that it must turn on them. That's when TPTB will unleash the security state to keep the beast in line while they try to starve it back into submission. The real Bread & Circuses have yet to begin... Plan accordingly to minimize the fallout of the struggle between the elites and masses that is going to get infinitely worse.

NotApplicable's picture

I think you mean the struggle between the masses and the masses. The idea that they'll grow smart enough to go after the real perps is absurd.

Divide and Conquer 101.

SDShack's picture

I think King Louis, Marie Antoinette, and Robespierre would disagree...

samsara's picture

You are right. That's how it will go.

And good advice. Plan Accordingly. For You and Yours.

But, Trying to convince the average person to prepare is like trying to convince someone in 1938 that they should move out of the city of Dresden (unless they were comfortable with 3000 degrees. )

NoDebt's picture

"These Negros are getting pretty uppity these days and that's a problem for us since they've got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness.  Now we've got to do something about this, we've got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference."

"I'll have these n****** voting Democratic for the next 200 years."


Shortly thereafter, politicians realized that it works for all skin colors.  And corporations, since they're also people.  Oh, and both political parties.

Sorry for the rough post, but it's what the man said, and it laid the groundwork for everything that's come after.  I've seen nothing on the horizon that even HINTS we're ready to rethink this situation.

fxrxexexdxoxmx's picture

LBJ worked for the one party that has the legal, moral, and the peoples agreement, to be a fucking a racist. Now if somone from the other party said it, he or she should be killed.

I just love how racism works in this country.

McMolotov's picture

The future belongs to the Walmartians.

SDShack's picture

 "You're so concerned with squabbling for the scraps from Longshanks' table that you've missed your God-given right to something better. There's a difference between us: You think the people of this country exist to provide you with position. I think your position exists to provide these people with freedom." (William Wallace - Braveheart)

BlueCheeseBandit's picture

"Who is going to vote against their pay-check or the food on their table?"

Our foreign creditors.

NaiLib's picture

"foreign creditors"? I guess you are talking about FED. Forigners are slowly but surely leaving the USD

Al Huxley's picture

Well then, lucky for everybody that the FED is such a grand charitable institution.  I'm sure they're eager to look after the ever-expanding have-not class.

Yellowhoard's picture

“I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” —Lyndon B. Johnson to two governors on Air Force One

Osmium's picture

Good thing he didn't own a basketball team.

Billy Sol Estes's picture

LBJ was a very savy businessman.

-Mr. Estes.

IndyPat's picture

better to be his nigger than his basset hound.

heard some unsettling tales about those poor bastards.

CelticCanuck's picture

Had a bread route in New York City for about 15 years and it was exactly as described in article. Feast until the 15th of the month and famine for the rest of the month. We we're all all on food stamps despite not receiving any government monies.