Tuesday "Hockey Stick" Humor

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"Faith" in America's central planners goes from the sublime to the ridiculous...



h/t @Not_Jim_Cramer

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Slave's picture

What a bunch of fuckups.

max2205's picture

That's right. ..I checked my calendar and everyday is now Tuesday

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This has the same credibility of Angelina Jolie walking into some show somewhere (lead photo on Drudge, no I don't follow here, other than to know she probably would be arrested if she had as many dogs as she has kids) and having white powder on her face and it dropping onto a carpet and her makeup people saying they screwed up.
For thew Love Of Fucking Sanity, Please God (whom or whatever you are) please strike these people down!

nmewn's picture

Angelina Jolie needs to up her game to twerkin.

(And go all skin & bones anorexic, of course)

knukles's picture

What I can't figure out (And this is all from reading the front pages of the Enquirer, News of the World and so on at the grocery store checkout lanes... is good fun.. especially when you strike up conversations with strangers about how talented Miley Cyrus is, etc... )  is what the fuck Brad Pitt was doing with Jennifer Aniston.


scratching nuts, wondering   wondering           wondering

nmewn's picture

First Rule, we don't talk about Fight Club ;-)

knukles's picture


Jenifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie fighting to the death in a swimming pool of Jello.

Now that would get the old CNN ratings back up!

Ness.'s picture

Brad Pitt did pretty well for himself... considering he's basically just a stoner from Missouri ;)  

knukles's picture

He went to journalism school?

Ness.'s picture

Yup.  Journalism and Advertising.  Like I said, a stoner from Missouri.

nmewn's picture

Wait, I've been away cooking bacon, whats the matter with stoners again? ;-)

Ness.'s picture

Whoa!?!... nothing wrong with stoners nmewn.     Rastafari    -_-

nmewn's picture

Both of those are my greenies my man ;-)

Mistress Raindrop's picture

I'm a big fan of hockey.  But I never learned to skate.  Bitches.

prains's picture

you are a taint boil that never goes away

Oldwood's picture

Hey! I'm a stoner from Missouri...or at least I was forty years ago, and yes I attended that dreaded University of Missouri and walked past the communist school of Journalism every day. Of course I was just taking brain dissolving courses in math and sciences. If I hadn't been such a stoner I might have realized the potential of that giant stack of Fortran cards I was packing around. I eventually had to leave as it was the only way to get free of the drugs that saturated a college town in the seventies.

youngman's picture

My college computer was a CDC 6400....we learned Fortran in Engineering...I had those boxes of cards...I hated them because I do not type very well..and I always made a mistake..and we could only run our programs 2 or 3 times before they kicked us out...I passed..but many long nights in the computer room...

Oldwood's picture

Yes, computers seemed so useless back then. So much work to solve relatively simple problems. At the time it seemed like we were doing everything the hard way. Fifty years later and I realize I have been doing everything the hard way ever since.

Major Major Major's picture

Give um a break, they get their data from equifax, just like the fed and everyone else

So Close's picture

I would trust them to run the biggest economy in the world.

knukles's picture

I thought it was a TurboTax datd series derivative

MrTouchdown's picture

Matches CO2 - must mean global warming causes GDP recoveries. Where's my PHD!?

JJdog's picture

weather! Weather screwed up everything! too cold and then too hot! 

NOTaREALmerican's picture

Well, as the wise Sphinx said once:  The worse it was the better it must be.

nmewn's picture

No margin for error there!...lol.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Swinging for the fences every time.

RockyRacoon's picture

Is this stuff gettin' wobbly, er whut?

Maybe it's just me....

knukles's picture

No more Ativan, Thorazine, Vicodin, Quaalude and vodka enemas for you, son!

Look mommy, daddy just melted! 

nmewn's picture

Amazing ain't it?...lol.

The bean counters did an audit on our department today (we were 99% by the way) and in the spreadsheet they passed around there were so many misspellings I found it almost unreadable. Bean counters.

Hey, here ya go, I know you love this shit about the whackos living around me...

"When a 62-year-old St. Johns County woman decided she didn’t like the sort of people who had been living next door, a bulldozer solved the problem.

Except the demolished trailer wasn’t hers."


We take this community watch thingy serious down here ;-)

Oldwood's picture

How the hell do you expect them to sell anything if they tell the truth?!

Of course they expect a banner quarter and year. There has NEVER been a better time to buy.

knukles's picture

And here, kiddies is a place that people used to call Echo Point which was later discovered to really be where Satan was talking inside people's heads ...

Rehab Willie's picture

wake me up when we hit ludicrous speed

TrustWho's picture

As the pundits YELL, "the stock market discounts FUTURE earnings"  What an idiots game.

Yen Cross's picture

    These fucking guys have been spending too much time in the choom wagon with Zero behind the Out(White) House.

Colonel Klink's picture

Fake it until you make it.  Lie until they die.