Here's Why The Baltic Dry Index Is Collapsing (In 1 Image)

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If ever there was a better indication of the malinvestment boom created by an interfering Fed, this is it. As demand for shipping collapses on real slowing in the global economy - markets have "told" shipbuilders to "build it and they will come"... here is a ship-shipping ship, shipping shipping ships.


h/t @NMMGreenwich

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Iceberg ahead !!!!

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you've got to be shipping me

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I can't imagine the size of the cranes required to do that.

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As messed up as things are today, mankind's industrial capability is amazing in the scale we can build today, but most people don't ever see these feats of engineering. 

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That - is The Ship of Fools.

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+++++++ for the Firesign Theater, Tyler, if my uh memory serves uh...




heydidju order the pizza?

StychoKiller's picture

"Yeah, I'd like a large pizza and no anchovies..."

old naughty's picture

I don't get it...

Hadn't they invented BDI after they stacked them steelcases atop one another, high?

You mean it was all for "nothing"...

Oh, what's with the "no" anchovies?

ss123's picture

I dunno but after seeing that image, I immediately SHIPPED MY PANTS!

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Skipper: "That has got to be the second biggest stack of ships I've ever seen."



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You can't make this ship up?

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Yet the shopping malls are still filled to the rafters with people.  Go figure.

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Not in Marion Ohio at least, maybe Dayton...

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

Oh, I get it now! This is that alien thing that floated to the surface at the end of The Abyss (Special Edition).

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I hear it is also capable of carrying one average-sized American


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Am I wrong or is that a picture of the new Carnival Cruise ship?  Guaranteed lifeboat space for everyone.


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It looks like they are headed for the scrap yards. Tax deductible including loss of potential income. Broken window falacy on steroids

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Nick Danger says high.... he is still in Nairobi:)

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You know it's getting stupid when you can buy a tramp on Ali Baba for 50% off plus insurance.

Personally waiting for another 1985 style blowout where ships are going on sale for 40% of scrap value. Old man Onassis/Morgan Stanley made a killing back then turning hulks into bunkers and floating fridges.

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Too bad that pic is OVER TWO YEARS OLD.


crack reporting as always tyler!!!!!!!!!

ROFLMAO zerohedge has become a joke.



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The fact that the picture is two years old does nothing to alter the fact that the Baltic Dry is collapsing. The picture is a warning that the collapse is not necessarily due to falling trade volumes, but also because of oversupply of ships - an indicator of irrational exhuberance in recent years and a serious over estimation of demand for goods. Overproduction of ships would not occur unless commodity consumers and goods producers were not also wildly optimistic and built what is now excess capacity. The stacked water craft in the picture (which actually look like large sea faring barges) is merely a convenient graphic illustration of a much larger problem.

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Bullish Moet & Chandon, someday, in a galaxy far far away

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The picture is a warning that the collapse is not necessarily due to falling trade volumes, but also because of oversupply of ships - an indicator of irrational exhuberance in recent years and a serious over estimation of demand for goods.

Irrational markets? Whaaaaaatttt?? 

In other news, some serious ship porn:

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Mr Palladium has a point. The oversupply of almost everything is astronomical. For example, walk into almost any retailer and the isles are packed with clothes stacked up to the ceiling all discounted 60% ... no ... 70% ... no ... 80%..NO!...90% off!!! and yet few peeples are buying.

YET, thousands of ships loaded with a flood of clothes wait offshore from China ... Vietnam ... Bangladesh ... Cambodia, Honduras and on and on ready to release more Flood of acrylic, name it on top of the mountains of textiles we already cannot sell.

Massive backlog portends a scary ending as the global economy sinks deeper into recession some say.

franzpick's picture

'the isles are packed with clothes'

A few hours after the street rioting and looting begins, that inventory problem will be eliminated. 

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 Iagree with oversupply ovreall, but in stores I am seeing "faced" shelves 1 item deep. Any supply chain disruption and store inventory could become pretty thin.

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Guess what? It's still perfectly applicable today, as those ships are the very definition of the higher order capital goods where malinvestment occurred in advance of the collapse of the consumer goods industries that were originally supplying an unsustainable demand driven by a credit-fueled crack-up boom.


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You've stranded all your capital to pay for a trillion dollar ten man Army.

Ummm..."we'll just print out way out of this?"

Can you even get a handle in Vegas these days?

Sure "they bet on everything there"...ten dollar slots are the way to go?

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2012 - so what - the FED gravy train to perdition began in 2008.

Besides, they'll make great troop and armament carriers for China when the time comes.

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The picture is there for dramatic effect. The OP is not saying the baltic dry is collapsing because of this picture, you had to reach for it.

Aside, I was on a ski lift with some shipping folks earlier this year. About six of those "shipping ships" go missing every year. It's thought that a rogue wave is to blame, but nobody misses the crew and the whole thing is just a write off. When your shipping a sweater made by Bangladeshi slave children for $.12 and the shipping costs are $.02 and you can sell it to some rich westerner for $25.00 on sale, who cares?

The decadent west needs to be brought down to parity with the rest of the world before we can have a world community and government to serve us all as equals.

Quantum Nucleonics's picture

So the key to nirvana is to have everyone live in abject poverty?  Gee, that's uplifting.

Quentin Daniels's picture

Abject poverty is going too far.  I think the poorest in the world and the richest can meet somewhere in the middle, perhaps a bit closer to the bottom than the top.  It certainly doesn't change the fact that the west achieved it's wealth mostly by borrowng from future generations.  Stealing, actually, since there really wasn't any intention to repay.

Zirpedge's picture

@Quentin Da

Yes, we must enforce equality and make everyone meet somewhere in the just south of middle. First you play opposing forces against eachother, then you come in with the solutions. The force is strong in you.

Debugas's picture

what is the point for the rich to uplift the poor ?

There is absolutely no point in doing it

The official policy of the rich as stated by the queen is to reduce world population down to 1 bln or even less

Quentin Daniels's picture

I'm not talking about the 'rich uplifting the poor', nor any form of imposed wealth redistribution.  I certainly don't think that people who have earned their wealth should have it confiscated to give to those who haven't.  IMHO, charity, while socially admirable, should always be voluntary.

I'm currently travelling through Australia, and here more than most places I've been, people draw a pretty clear distinction between the wealthy who earned their wealth, generally held in high public esteem, and those who didn't, who aren't.

In spite of generalisations and jokes to the contrary (and I'm as guilty of this as any), the reality is that people aren't that stupid.  They can pretty readily tell whether someones wealth is earned or not.  Much of the wealth that resides at the very upper end of the scale was not earned honestly.  So much of it has been accumulated through theft, both overt and covert, in some cases over the course of centuries.  The wealth redistribution that I anticipate won't be a government program.  It will be those who have been stolen from forcibly reclaiming that which was stolen.

There are limits to how unbalanced a system can become before it collapses in order to return to a more stable state.  I have a feeling that Her Magesty's Wealthy Looters Club which has only existed for a few hundred years (not long in the scheme of things) is going to find out that their activities are driving society to become too unstable, and it will all fall apart too soon to allow them to carry the plan through to completion.

This thought gives me hope.


nmewn's picture

Apparently the key to "personal nirvana" is hanging out on the ski slopes with shipping magnates, discussing the decadent west...or sumpin ;-)

Zirpedge's picture

@Quantum Neucleonics *sheesh

Nirvana? Who said you earned it?

Mike in GA's picture

"...The decadent west needs to be brought down to parity with the rest of the world..."

What the hell were you doing on a ski lift, practicing looking down on people you propose to join? 

Your man Obama is bringing us down as fast as he can and if you really think that any government will ever "...serve us as equals..." you are beyond hopeless.


BrosephStiglitz's picture

No no.. you misinterpret what he is saying:

By "decadent West" he means the Western peasantry and their decadent spending. How DARE they have disposable income. Buying new clothes?  Only your betters can, and should be able to afford new clothes.  Wear your rags serf.

And obviously this was a a ski-lift for the aristocracy to nonchalantly defecate onto the serfs below, while swilling champagne and eating beluga caviar.  It always runs downhill.

Zirpedge's picture


In the summer we prefer, " A rising tide lifts all boats."

The winter it's "Shit runs downhill."

Guess who controls the weather?

mt paul's picture



guess who controls 

the shit...

Zirpedge's picture

@Mike in GA

I guess your more equal?

omniversling's picture

< Stacking

< Bulk boating accidents

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Michael rowed his boat ashore...

Damn, that's some fancy rowing, Micheal!  Oar is it?