What Can Possibly Go Wrong: In China Homes Are Offered "Zero Money Down"

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How is China, which as we explained yesterday just completed a very bearish "head-and-mutated-shoulders" formation in its "gloomy" housing market and where the entire economy is threatened with imploding into a hollow house of cards (built in one of the Chinese ghost cities no less) because according to SocGen "the aggregate exposure of China’s financial system to the property market is likely to be as much as 80% of GDP", dealing with the threat of a housing market, and thus economic, and thus global depression? Here's how.

From Global Times:

East China's Fujian Province has eased curbs on home purchases amid a cooling pro­perty market, China Business Journal (CBJ) reported Monday, ­citing industry insiders.


Fuzhou, capital of Fujian Province, saw its home sales in terms of floor areas more than halved as the average home price more than doubled over the past five years, stock information portal aastocks.com reported on Monday.


This news came after media reports of massive home price discounts in cities like Hangzhou of East China's Zhejiang Province and Changzhou of East China's Jiangsu Province.

The punchline:

Since March, 20 property developers in Guangzhou have been offering "zero down-­payments" to attract buyers, in addition to large discounts and tax refund, the National Business Daily reported Monday.

In other words, "please take this home: it's free."

What can possibly go wrong?

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Buckaroo Banzai's picture

NINJA loans from the home of the Ninjas! The circle is complete.

max2205's picture

Just think...50,000 little Chinese babies were born today

zerozulu's picture

Chinese houses are made of bricks and concrete and our houses are made of Chinese cardboards. there's will be still standing when loan will be paid off. we will have a pile of rubble when we retire.

eatthebanksters's picture

Of course there is no bubble..never was.

PTR's picture

Bullish for upcycle industry.

PTR's picture

Just think...50,000 little Chinese babies were born today


Chicken McNuggets.

Boxed Merlot's picture

…50,000 little Chinese babies were born today…


I remember listening to the NCR salesman Ira Hayes, (not the American Indigenous person who participated in the Iwo Jima flag raising), who made the rounds of the mid 80’s motivational speakers circuit allude to this very important point.

“Customers”, he said, just “keep on coming.”


It always struck me as the reason why deception, wonder and excitement are so easily marketed by crusty old fools hell bent on concealing their own nefarious activities, the beauty of Creation and the concept of Freedom from those they believe to be their “inferiors”.


I take solace in the ZH tag line “On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero”, … “but after this the judgment”. (Hebrews 9:27b)





walküre's picture

How many Chinese kicked the bucket yesterday? Increased pollution, undersupply of calories, not enough females .... extremely bad for the demographics. Who would immigrate to China?

NihilistZero's picture

Ninja's are Japanese, I would think they are enemies to the home of Shaolin Kung Fu...

Anyone still thinking the Chinese are ready for World Hyperpower status isn't paying attention.  At least our crumbling infrastructure is old...  The cultural corruption is already collapsing the "Chinese Miracle" economy.  I live in the SGV region of SoCal that has been invaded by ChiComs.  These guys fled for a reason.  Though I do look forward to them losing their freshly bought Bubble 2.0 shacks via executive order once relations with China get to hot :-)

The banksters giveth and so shall they taketh away.

Jumbotron's picture

So what they are giving away free houses.  As long as we give them our business....and our dollars.....then nothing changes.

Only after the prols realize that what we have is a confidence scam.....and there is no confidence left.....then the hyperinflation explosion followed by the deflationary crater will take care of this situation.....and ours.

But only after the dust clears and enough blood is shed from the war to follow.

jaxville's picture

In Canada the banks were allowed to insure "no money down" mortgages since 2004. By 2008 over 400 billion worth of those mortgages had to be taken off the banks books. The government agency that insured the mortgages created a MBS which the banks were able to market to get liquidity as a goodly portion of those mortgages are non performing.

  Exposure to Canadian real estate has been directly transfered to the tax payers.

robertocarlos's picture

It is topped out at $600 billion. That's like only 200k per functioning taxpayer.

nuclearsquid's picture

Disgusting.  zero down debt is like the 'hyperpalatable' food that was discussed here yesterday.

The debt serf masses feel like they are getting something for free, but then figure out that they have been screwed by promising all of their future income (just like a mcdonalds binge gives them ass pissing for the next three days).


Mr. Delicious's picture

you speak truth.  I mean, the US is fucked, but China has way, way too many people on too little {arable} land.

I think a few people commented on this, forget who, but - the Russian far east is mineral and perhaps oil/gas rich, and very sparsely populated.  Much of it is worthless for agriculture, but a lot is not, a lot is good for grazing and the fishing grounds are considerable. 

Either Russia and China make some sort of deal or a war within 20 years or so seems inevitable.  One might add Mongolia to this mix - huge area, mostly empty, and could not resist a bona fide Chinese takeover.

Interesting times.


BlindMonkey's picture

"NINJA loans from the home of the Ninjas! The circle is complete."


You meant well.

Mercury's picture

I'm pretty sure a zero money down, interest only mortgage is the same thing as renting...except that you're now counted as a "homeowner".

Lost My Shorts's picture

No, no, wrong you are.  You are now counted as an investor.  Make the payments for a few months, and when the price goes up 30% (which it always does), flip it for an easy profit.  ROI is very high.

I have no money, so put me down for three !!

Handful of Dust's picture

I'll take a Baker's Dozen....I mean, what can go wrong?

Anyway, why would anyone buy there when they can buy up moar of Kornifornia and Texas? The last 4/7 houses sold in my little area were for cashola to some Chinese families.Gee.


666's picture

Free? Ain't good enough. I'll wait for a better deal.

youngman's picture

This is Chinas savings account....if the people lose that...there goes their middle class..

RagnarDanneskjold's picture

Central Bank Worried China's Mortgage Slaves Will Walk Away; Bank Exec Says Houses Overpriced; Banks Unwilling to Lose Money; 1.23 Trillion of Household Deposits Leaves Banks in April

For all the doom and gloom headlines in the Chinese media though, prices are still basically flat. The cuts have almost entirely been on new buildings.

Transaction slowdowns, inventory buildup and cuts to existing home prices are definitely pointing in the direction of big trouble. Interest costs are equal to 40% of developer profits, Real Estate Agencies Are Downsizing, and home ownsers regret not selling sooner. This is why the PBOC sent a political message to the banks the day before.

RagnarDanneskjold's picture

Oh BTW, China has subprime too. Credit guarantee companies pay the down payment for poor Chinese people. And credit guarantee companies are set up by people with lots of cash sitting around, like steel traders who used their steel as collateral.

walküre's picture

from one of your links...


Before the Spring Festival, Li Jing to the house to hang out. "Initially listing, psychological expectations reserve price is 2.4 million, but hung up 2.6 million listing price, want to be able to sell another job selling high. Owners me upstairs hanging 2,650,000 it." Jing said that during the Spring Festival to the Ching Ming Festival She also feels the market state, there were 2.4 million buyers want to buy, she did not agree.

But I did not expect, after the Ching Ming Festival, the market becomes more sluggish. View room buyers either "rambling look," or is "do not fly to bargain." Until May 6, she finally hit a pair of "fly" buyers, the price is negotiated 2280000. "Mental somewhat regret, the festival will be able to sell 2.4 million." Jing said.

Because lots of listings Jing still good, and belongs to the school district room, sold relatively easy. And another recent hang out Tongzhou two suites of second-hand housing owners Zhao Jie (pseudonym) feel more market chill. Within two weeks, only one suite had a client once seen, and there is no intention to buy.

Sounds awfully painful to be a real estate "investor" in China now and for the forseeable future. Of course many here understood this since 2010 when the first images of ghost cities and ghost malls emerged.

All the commodities were bid up like crazy because the Chinese were building like there's never anymore building allowed in the next decade.

I've said it before. The Chinese take the cake as "real estate" morons.

california chrome's picture

" in 35 major cities new residential supply of 21.38 million square meters, an INCREASE of 10.2% MONTH-OVER-MONTH, this is the highest single month increase in supply this year, indicating that the market is gradually speeding up the rhythm of bringing properties to market."

Mr. Delicious's picture

Well, on the upside, once the CIA starts ramping up its destabilization efforts in China's west/northwest, there might be a lot of people looking to relocate.

We ought to give them plane fare to Detroit.

napper's picture

I don't think the CIA has ever stopped or scaled back its destabilization efforts in China, or anywhere else ... Ukraine, Russia Syria, Libya, Iran, Sudan, Yemen, Nigeria, Congo,  Cuba, Venezuela, N.Korea, Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma. And why not, China and Japan are subsidizing US subversion efforts with their purchases of US treasury bonds. On top of that, the US can print free money at will.


Back to Detroit, I've heard the Chinese are moving in already. They are saying that Detroit is similar to run-down Chinese cities after the Cultural Revolution or the Chinese Civil War.

Relentless101's picture

For fuck sake. The chinese are even make our housing bubbles now.

qazwsx's picture

its like leasing/buying a car in the U.S. 0 down, 0 first month payment, 0% apr. 

MuleRider's picture

Was that photo taken somewhere in Beijing?  Or Harlem?

cowdiddly's picture

They should have hired a few Saudi Pilots to hit the buildings with aircraft so the jet fuel and office furnishings would get hot enough to melt the steel and the buildings will collape straight down instead of that mess.

StandardDeviant's picture

Great picture!  Are there any Mandarin speakers on this list who can translate the characters on the tops of the buildings?  (Yeah, yeah, I know: "Ho Lee ...")

Boxed Merlot's picture

who can translate the characters on the tops of the buildings?...


I'm not sure, but I think it says something like "now reduced..."

BandGap's picture

Always trying to understand - they want people to go in to debt to save the country from going into debt, but since the people in debt can't pay their debts where does that leave the country with it's debt?

Mr. Delicious's picture

simple, they just get a loan from the IMF.

With just a couple of "conditions."

Look to what was done to Russia under Yeltsin...  actually, what Putin managed to do was remarkable and laudable.  He's basically taken shit for disgorging the oligarchs and rolling back US NGO influence. 

This doesn't mean there is no corruption in Russia - it is rampant. 

But less than what it was, and the Russian people are less fucked and robbed by the usual suspects than they were in 1998, or for that matter, 1918.

Boxed Merlot's picture

where does that leave the country with it's debt?...


"There you go again"

 I sometimes wish those with intelligent questions would kindly leave the thinking to the Drs. and Nobel laureates among us.  It gets quite tiresome to weed these threads out of the massive information gathering we’re paying the government to do on our behalf. 



i_call_you_my_base's picture

Don't worry...

"Watt also announced he was loosening rules that have forced banks to buy back billions of dollars worth of flawed home loans they sold to the two mortgage financiers, a move designed to spur the housing market."


The US is headed back there.

1stepcloser's picture

How much for role shitty...   Central Planning special, everything must go



corporatewhore's picture

What's the climate like?  I'm looking for an ex-pat location

Peanut Butter Engineer's picture

Fuzhou has Good climate just like Florida hot and humid, due to its proximity to Taiwan it was labeled potential war zone therefore the region was never choose for any earlier manufacture locations which resulted in its good air quality. Like wise whoever buy a place there be prepare to know were your bunker is located you will be needing it anytime Taiwan and China have a major spat. Did I mention it has good air quality?

walküre's picture

L.A. has good air quality compared to Beijing. No, thanks.

BlindMonkey's picture

Call Simon Black.  He is the man of the world with a dozen passports on every continent.  He will give you the hookup.  /s

napper's picture

It's not fog; it's a combination of smokes from coal fired power plants, American/European/Japanese/Chinese factories, legal / illegal burning of various stuff by Chinese residents, and dessert / sand dusts due to deforestation during the Mao era.

walküre's picture

Maybe they're burning people. Mass cremation plants. Who'd know any different?