China Slams US "Hypocrisy", Tells Obama To Stop "Inspiring Militancy"

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Tensions between China and the U.S. continue to grow. On Wednesday, Beijing called U.S. Secretary remark about "provocative behavior" of China in the South China Sea "inspiring militancy," and insisted that the U.S. "stop encouraging the provocation" of the Philippines and Vietnam. As China Daily reports, China has expressed the view that the U.S. must abandon the "hypocrisy" and stop publicly support Vietnam and the Philippines in territorial disputes with China.

As RIA reports, Tensions between China and the U.S. continues to grow, experts say. On Wednesday, Beijing called U.S. Secretary remark about "provocative behavior" of China in the South China Sea "inspiring militancy," writes China Daily .

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in a telephone conversation with John Kerry that China insists that the U.S. "stop encourage provocation" of the Philippines and Vietnam.


According to analysts, so China has expressed the view that the U.S. must abandon the "hypocrisy" and stop publicly support Vietnam and the Philippines in territorial disputes with China.


Earlier it was reported that the Philippine government to seize the Chinese fishing boat and 11 crew members on charges of catching endangered sea turtles in the territory disputed waters of the South China Sea. Shortly before that, Vietnam demanded that China stop drilling for oil in the South China Sea.


Tensions between China, Vietnam and the Philippines began to increase after last week, President Barack Obama signed a new military agreement with the Philippines, which aims to persuade Asian allies of American support in case of conflict with Beijing.


According to experts, the reason why the conflict risks becoming much more serious than just a territorial dispute is because Philippines quickly became embroiled in the geopolitical rivalry between the U.S. and China, while the two powers are fighting for strategic dominance in the western Pacific Ocean, says Al Jazeera article "Strategic Dilemma of the Philippines, between the eagle and the dragon."


Professor at the Chinese Institute of International Relations Dan Dzhankun believes that the U.S. is fully engaged in the problems encountered in the Asia-Pacific region because of its relationship with China. However, Washington's aggressive behavior in the territory of South-East Asia is unlikely to stabilize the situation. "The Obama administration is moving away from a century of U.S. diplomatic tradition in maintaining the balance between the other two countries," - said the expert, noting that "sabotage relations between the south-eastern countries may have important implications for the situation in the region and even the world. And fatal mistakes in strategy, which adheres Obama can not be ignored."

Seems like the potential for "costs" are growing...

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The Gooch's picture

<----- Barry's bowing

<----- Barry's blowing

Arius's picture

Kerry again, and again in trouble ... why am  I not suprise ... where did they found this guy?

Renewable Life's picture

Kerry siding with the Vietnamese government should feel like coming home to an old friend, for him!

economics9698's picture

Cockroach class is desperate for a war, anywhere, war needed.


China and Russia should let the USA drown in their own piss.  When the fiat dies there are a few hard core mother fuckers who know where the rope is and the nearest tree.

Dr. Richard Head's picture

Doesn't China understand how they could cripple the US Governemtn by burning the debt they hold?

El Vaquero's picture

Which is why I don't expect war tomorrow.  Maybe next month, maybe next year, but not until even bolder moves against the USD are made, and our ability to import oil is severely hampered.  Then, there may be no need for war with a foreign country, as we will be crippled, and may be experiencing a war amongst ourselves.  Shit is only just starting to get serious.  There is still quite a bit more economic escalation that can happen, and I expect that it will happen.  If you look at it from a purely logical standpoint and throw ethics out the window, if the US truly wants a war, it needs to fire the first shot, and it needs to do so soon. 

Latina Lover's picture

Asking the USSA to stop attacking other nations is like asking a pedophile not to re-offend, or asking the Abominator to stop sucking Reggies Root.

El Vaquero's picture

Sure, but firing the first shot against Russia or China is a lot different than bombing some brown people inhabiting some sand. 

SafelyGraze's picture

the terms of the trans pacific partnership require that we engage in public spats and kabuki theatre

hope you are enjoying!

ps -- let's hurry up and pass it so we can see what's in it! 

ZerOhead's picture

Obama understands he needs to get some new money into the economy fast or as G W Bush famously said... "This sucker will be going down".

With the need to inject new dollars and/or debt into the economy before everything including precious corporate profitability implodes... the ONLY thing both NeoCon parties can agree on at this time is WAR SPENDING.

For all intents and purposes this is a "Now or never" moment for the struggling American Empire...

Manthong's picture

How dare they accuse our policy making, banker controlled  .gov  hypocrite warmongers of Inspiring anything but incredulity, resentment and despair.

They should mind their tongues and stick to their domestic credit bubble, housing bubble and resource grabs in marginally sovereign waters.

Joe Davola's picture

"Inspiring militancy" is line item 1 in a community organizer's job description.

shovelhead's picture

Holy mackerel!

I never thought about that...

He really is qualified for something after all.


This shakes the very foundations of my world view.

Random_Robert's picture

That's an interesting allegory (pedophiles),  since so many of those sick, deranged fuckers manage to get themselves elected into the US government:


The Gooch's picture

Every extra day to enjoy peace and prepare accordingly is a good day.

That notion helps keep the powder dry.

KNOW that day IS coming. 


aVileRat's picture

Take a wild guess what is currently back stopping the RNB.

It's not Chinese arms exports or wall mart steak knife sets.

On another note, I kind of wish the Russian "top gun" was set to Danger Zone this year. FSB strategy unit missed a great troll opportunity here.


magnetosphere's picture

the us dollar, which is itself backed by 10 aircraft carriers and unfettered access to the persian gulf

Sean7k's picture

One, they're all in this together. Two, even if they weren't, the US could just refuse to honor them. What is China going to do then? It is already a trade war at that point. Three, they have plenty of their own debt to manage and I imagine those treasuries are some of the premium collateral they hold.

SilverRhino's picture

Yeah they do.  But they WANT to start a war to cover the debt blowup. 


Dugald's picture


So little many necks !

tonyw's picture

rope is re-usable.


Dugald's picture


So little many necks !

caconhma's picture

Germany twice lost major wars trying to fight on two fronts simultaneously.

Now, a community organizer is conducting US foreign policies fighting against Russia and China simultaneously. It appears that Obama's puppeteers, the Zionist Banking Mafia, became totally intellectually bankrupt getting Napoleonic mentality. These puppeteers still do not understand that they cannot afford any more feebleminded and community organizers as leaders of the Western world.

As for Vietnamese and Philippines, it is not smart on their part to get involved in somebody else wars. There is no anymore Soviet army to defend Vietnamese from China as it was in 1970s.

Martial's picture

Unfortunately it looks like it's the year of the Horse in the US as well as China.

Joe Tierney's picture

Under a horse's tail, I imagine.

drendebe10's picture

"A horse is a horse, of course, of course..."

Peanut Butter Engineer's picture

They found Kerry on a horse farm, need I say more?

ZeroPoint's picture

Why are those mutually exclusive?

lakecity55's picture

This is why ya don't elect a girlie man to the Presidency.

No Respect. From Anyone!

lakecity55's picture

Looks like Moar USTs Down The Drain!

Termin8or's picture

time for O-Bama to place some sanctions on the ChiComs. That will teach them.

Headbanger's picture

Time for Obama to be recalled from office, is moar like it.

lakecity55's picture

Time for TPTB to arrange an "Accident" and give ole Joe a shot???

StychoKiller's picture

Was yer name H.P. Lovecraft in a previous life?  (The Horror!)

onewayticket2's picture

Nobel Peace Prize - Tomahawk Edition

Renewable Life's picture


Stop talking and start dumping Bonds, 200 billion at a time! Then see what the US does or doesn't do! The US Government currently in run by insane, short sided, egomaniac sociopaths, so expecting to be able to rationalize with them in futile!

Arius's picture

SO WHAT?  will buy it and issue some more ...

medium giraffe's picture

Only Belgium can save us now.

tradingdaze's picture

Very funny Mr. Garaffe. I spit my coffee all over my puter.

shovelhead's picture


Good one. This could be Belgiums 'Finest Hour' moment.

Infinite QE's picture

Ready for the ale and bonds tourism?

MillionDollarBoner_'s picture

What's Belgium famous for? Chocolates and child abuse, and they only invented the chocolates to get to the kids.

Renewable Life's picture

So you have offically drank the kool aid the lunatics want so badly for the rest of us to drink! The insane premise, that the US dollar has infinate value and ability to be devalued on this planet with NO end or consequences???

I hope your NOT putting your money where your mouth is on this one:) 

The lesson the American people are going to have to "relearn" over the next 2-10 years, may be too much for most to be able to live with! THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FOREVER IN THIS WORLD, there never was and there never will be! 

They can issue 200 billion at a time for a minute or two, but when the price of "real stuff" becomes two or three times more expensive then it is now, someone WILL pay the piper eventually!

Dr. Engali's picture

It's a touchy subject. I think that people who have hung out here long enough have gone bat shit crazy from the never ending bullshit. It makes people a little trigger happy after a while. A few days ago I watched a long time poster go off on Tyler and the next thing i know he was shown the front door. 

shovelhead's picture

But theres still no reason to be unpleasant while you go insane.

Although, some might be put off by the constant smiling.

They think you're up to something.

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Yeah! cut the smiling shit and really get inscrutable