Over 3000 Chinese Evacuated (By Boat & Plane) As Vietnam's Anti-China Riots Escalate; Taiwan Also On "High Alert"

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China began evacuating hundreds of its nationals from Vietnam (via at least 2 planes and 5 ships) as the anti-China protests have become increasingly deadly following Beijing's attempt to deploy an oil drill in Vietnamese dispuited waters (detailed here, here, here, and here)...


Hundreds of police and security forces are in central Ho Chi Minh city and the Chinese consulate is under heavy guard. Tensions across the ASEAN region are growung as Taiwan is on "high alert" but the bloc’s inability to craft a united response to Chinese aggression signals a further decline in its regional clout.




The Vietnamese government has called for an end to the protests...

Vietnam's prime minister appealed for calm last night ahead of expected anti-China demonstrations in Ho Chi Minh City today.


A text message from Nguyen Tan Dung was sent to every cellphone in the country urging citizens not to "commit violations of the law" in defence of the "sovereignty of the sacred fatherland".


His office also ordered the police and local leaders to halt further illegal demonstrations. His plea came after China's deployment of an oil rig in the disputed Paracel Islands in the South China Sea unleashed a wave of deadly protests.

But the Chinese are clearly not leaving anything to chance... (Via PTI)

More than 3,000 Chinese nationals have been evacuated so far from Vietnam after the recent deadly violence, China's Foreign Ministry said today.


They returned to China with the assistance of Chinese Embassy to Vietnam, the Foreign Ministry said in a press release.


China says two of its nationals were killed in the violence and more than 100 others injured while the official death toll was put at 21.

Via 2 Planes...

and 5 ships...

China is to send five ships to Vietnam today to evacuate Chinese nationals after protests against Chinese in the country last week, the official Xinhua News Agency reports in a one-paragraph report, citing the Ministry of Transport

The official death toll is unclear...


The tension is spreading across the ASEAN region...



And the lackluster response from ASEAN is extremely serious... (via The Diplomat)

As Vietnamese and Chinese ships jostled and fired water cannons at each other – the best ASEAN could do was issue another summit statement urging restraint and expressing “serious concern,” timidly avoiding any mention of China.


Furious protesters have trashed 15 Chinese factories in Vietnam, forcing Chinese investors and tourists to flee across the border and into the safety of Cambodia. Golfers in Danang reported fighter jets overhead, heading out to sea.


Observers said it was the first time Vietnam had allowed the state-run press to freely cover the protests, which the government also allowed to proceed. However, Singapore-based Channel News Asia was taken off the air after flagging a report on the protests.


At least 200 people have been arrested and the Vietnamese government has pledged to crack down on hooliganism.


“It is clear that China’s new assertiveness is triggering anxieties among its neighbors,” said  Ernest Bower, of the Center for Strategic and International Studies.


ASEAN has long been ridiculed as a toothless tiger and its behavior amid the current standoff between China and Vietnam – perhaps the greatest challenge to face the group – only reinforces the claims.


If ASEAN genuinely wants to be taken seriously, now might be an appropriate time for a united public front on China’s territorial ambitions in the seas that divide the bloc’s 10 nations. If it is unable to do that, then individual member states face the daunting task of dealing with Beijing on their own, further relegating ASEAN to the political sidelines and undermining its diplomatic credentials.


The bloc’s inability to craft a united response to Chinese aggression signals a further decline in its regional clout.


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LetThemEatRand's picture

Di di mau, mother fuckers.  Need an extra bullet?

Millivanilli's picture

Vietnamese hate the Chinese like Arabs hate Jews.  

ZerOhead's picture

Well if they didn't before they sure do now.

I have no idea how they did it (fake geological siesmic data showing vast oil reserves hacked by the Chinese perhaps?)... but I'm going to have to chalk this one up as a win for Team Obama.

NoDebt's picture

Anyone else feel the implicit "Please, United States, step in and save us from the evil Chinese"?

Sorry, but we ain't coming to the rescue any more (and I think our credibility as the "good guy" is about shot anyway).  Get off your ass and do it yourselves or live with the alternative.

Sorry.  It may not be fair, but that's how it is.

Big Slick's picture

Apparently, boys and girls, ‘Peace through strength’ was never seared… SEARED… into the minds of the American people. The pendulum will swing back; unfortunately not before a lot of violence and death.

Eventually we will have someone like Les Grossman as US Sec State and the world will be right again…


(insert additional Tropic Thunder clips as appropriate)

So What's picture

ASEAN is useless. Cambodian fell after a week after fighting Vietnam in 1979. Thailand and Malaysia, Indonesia won't stand a chance against the Chinese.
Only the Vietnamese has a record of and can stand up to China. They have plenty of young people who are dying to die and kill Chinese. THey just need weapons, which USA and Japan will love to sell to them in return for oil as collateral. Sound like a good deal for US war money making machine. Get rid of super power competitor like China and get oil in return.
Interesting to see how it will turn out.
Another point, the million or so ethnic Chinese in Vietnam now should also clear out when they have a chance. Once the shooting starts, these ethnic Chinese are as good as fertilizers.

The_Dude's picture

It should be pretty fun when it comes to the Philippines also!

MeMadMax's picture

They all look the same to me.


How in the world can they tell the difference???

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

They are all a bunch of communists. Can't they all get together and have a peace fire while chanting Marxist slogans with a red orgy afterwards?

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

Capitalist America attacked Communist Vietnam and lost, Communist Vietnam attacked Communist China and lost, Vietnam and China became Capitalist, America became Communist, now Capitalist Vietnam asks for help from Communist America against attack from Capitalist China.

What a FUCKING planet of apes...

creonnoir's picture

BWHAHAH!  Stop it, I almost choked on my coffee!

Lynn Trainor's picture

You nailed it.  Just one question:  How could we be so stupid?!  And I see no hope on the horizon.  As Pat Buchanan once said, "Like Thelma and Louise, we are going right over the cliff."

Mine Is Bigger's picture

Individually, they are weak.  But I wonder though.  China seems to have territorial disputes with pretty much all neighbors, except perhaps for North Korea and Mongolia.  If everyone gangs up, they may amount to something.

SoDamnMad's picture

You mean you can't be everywhere at once?  Dang  That kind of sounds like guerilla warfare. Payback China.

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Aggression like this tends to be a sign of societal weakness or collapse. Chinese leaders need to distract the masses from the imploding reality.

Bay Area Guy's picture

That was the premise of a book (fiction) I recently read from an author named Larry Bond.  He used to collaborate with Tom Clancy on a couple of Clancy's earlier books.  His premise was that, initially, Japan, the Phillipines and Vietnam got together to fight the Chinese and later on, a couple of other countries, including Taiwan and India, came into the action against hte Chinese.  Interestingly, the US tried to play the peacemaker in this story, which is why you could tell it was a work of fiction.

old naughty's picture

"...you could tell it was a work of fiction."

To deploy an offshore oil platform with a deadline of Aug-15 is.

To instead not pick a fight with Japan is.

To act "aggressively" after TPP agreement stalled is (even when holding off joining now).


The probable non-fiction is not wanting to be world policeman --- so help is on the way, Mr. President. 



Rakshas's picture

Playing the part of US.gov in this scene Ben Stiller


Antifaschistische's picture

This attitude on the part of the Chinese, is the only thing that keeps them from being the next superpower.  America became what it is today in great part because people around the world loved America.  deserved?  maybe, maybe not.  Irrelevant.

China can not be respected internationally if they bully their neighbors.   It would have been much cheaper for China to form a joint venture operation with the Vietnamese.  Look at all the money their wasting with their stupid Navy!  for what!!   Peace, is a hell of a lot cheaper than warmongering. 

China needs to get this....

Grimnir's picture

This is false. America has very dubious territorial claims with Canada, and Canada just lets America walk all over it because it knows they can't stand up to them. See the Canadian government's hilarious policy on the American use of the Northwest passage.

Maybe Canadians can learn a thing or two from the Vietnamese. I'm all for a little rioting and Yankee hanging.

Lore's picture

Hyperbole and "talking smack" notwithstanding, your post fits my observation of a new rush of anti-Americanism in Canada. I think the recent ignominious ass-kissing by Prime Minister Harper and Foreign Affairs Minister Baird with respect to events in Middle East and the Ukraine has raised a lot of public ire among those who do not share the sentiments of bought-and-paid-for politicians.  I used to support Harper and the current government in many areas, but their behaviour recently is embarrassing.  Unfortunately, the only potential opposition leaders in the wings are a barking socialist moron and a boob son of a dead Francophonic sociopath. 

NidStyles's picture

I think it's perfectly fair, considering how much blood the people that called themselves Americans had to spill over there by conscription.

LetThemEatRand's picture

And you joined up voluntarily.  Sucker?  Or do you care to explain?  Were you protecting my freedom?*

*Nice.  Fucking Work.  And I like what your military has done with the police.  

Sean7k's picture

There was a draft for Vietnem. 

11b40's picture

I'm sure you understand the meaning of conscription, right?

Uber Vandal's picture

Ultimately, there are no "good guys", only rival gangs vying for control.

Some gangs just had better PR than others for a longer time.


Cathartes Aura's picture

and "rival gangs" push their mind-memes, because once they get you to believe their "story" pushed,

then you're Hook'd on their Drug.

parallels abound once you dis-engage and look for 'em.

Optimusprime's picture

"via the Diplomat" shouts "neo-con meddling alert" to me...

intric8's picture

Its american bravado in ukraine causing the chinese to act like punks too. Meanwhile, where will vietnam be economically if they have poor relations with china?

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

Capitalist America attacked Communist Vietnam and lost, Communist Vietnam attacked Communist China and lost, Vietnam and China became Capitalist, America became Communist, now Capitalist Vietnam asks for help from Communist America against attack from Capitalist China.

What a FUCKING planet of apes...

newbie vampire's picture

Vietnam and its sovereignity is guaranteed by the currently unsigned one-way defence agreement by Team Obama, between the good Communists of Vietnam against the bad Communists of China. That includes every Vietnamese fish, fowl and also oil resources in, near, under or over Vietnam's 200 km defence and economic zone.

Time to draft the cannon fodder./sarc/

LetThemEatRand's picture

And the Japanese hate the Chinese and vice-versa.  Kirk was wrong.  Tribalsim will never die.

ZerOhead's picture

It's evolutionary.

Why should we expect to be wired differently than other primate species?

(Or quite a few other species for that matter...)

Son of Loki's picture

Ok, so Ralph Lauren, Van Heusen, Arrow, and so on will move their factories to Bangladesh or Cambodia where the starving people there will greet them with open arms.

"Cutting off your nose to spite your face," is what Momma always said can be a bad thing.

NidStyles's picture

Evolution takes time. The world is a bit different than it was 18 years ago. 

LetThemEatRand's picture

Are you seriously a military guy preaching free markets?  Jesus.  What unit were you in?  How's your government pension?  Fuck.  Are you fucking serious?  And you call yourself a fucking libertarian?  Fuck you.  Explain yourself you fuck.  And tell us how much you receive each month in government benefits.  It NEVER fucking fails with you guys.

gmrpeabody's picture

I counted six...,

must be some sort of record.

Tulpa's picture

It would be nice if we could be more like bonobos than chimpanzees.  Their first reaction to meeting another tribe is to copulate with them like crazy.

ZerOhead's picture

Totally agree. Bonobos are a major exception to the rule.

Tortfeasor's picture

No worries, John Kerry is familiar with the place. He'll get there swiftly.

ZerOhead's picture

Actually I think he was there to kill them last time. Or was that the time before?...

newbie vampire's picture

"Actually I think he was there to kill them last time. Or was that the time before?..."

He was on river cruises except he wasn't allowed to use the family yacht.

BrosephStiglitz's picture

I hear it's been a while since McCain holiday'd there too.

ZerOhead's picture

I hear the Hilton is a nice place to stay...

Zeta Reticuli's picture

They still have a room reserved just for him. The civilians in the neighborhood he was bombing in Saigon when was shot down want to have another chat with him.

11b40's picture

He was bombing Hanoi....substantial difference.  Even someone with McCain's awful record as a pilot couldn't be off by that far ;-)

machineh's picture

'Vietnamese hate the Chinese like Arabs hate Jews.'

Reversed order in the latter portion of your analogy, no?