The United States Of Secrets

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Hardly a day goes by without some new revelation regarding the US surveillance leviathan's reach. In the following (part 1 of a 2-part series), PBS' FrontLine reveals the dramatic inside story of how the U.S. government came to monitor and collect the communications of millions of people around the world - and the lengths they went to trying to hide the massive surveillance program from the public. From 9/11 to Edward Snowden and on to NSA reform - what must be done... a must-watch for all US citizens (if they can spare some time away from The Voice or Flappy Birds).


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"They hate us for our Freedoms" was actually a true statement.  But "they" were not the terr'ists.  

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Damn... things will never be the same... we have become mainstream.

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When your only tool is control, everything gets controlled.

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Say... does anyone other than me get a feeling that the documentary is a propaganda exercise to get the message out before the final Snowdon story from Greenwald? And speaking of Greenwald... I am very uncertain about who exactly he is working for these days...

Then again I could be wrong...

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I'm less than 20 minutes in and it's a BIG sales job for the official narrartive for 9/11.

They did mention again that Cheney was IMMEDIATELY taken to the PEOC (which Cheney described as "down the stairs, through some doors, and down some more stairs") which would have him there by atleast 9:15 (9:03 2nd twr hit) where Minetta SWORE he saw him at 9:20.

To borrow Nuland's quote, but speaking of Ukraine "we gotta glue this thing."

The Commission said he entered PEOC at 9:58... yeah.  /s

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Saudis are born Top Guns.

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oh joy a two hour documentary from the Ponderous Broadcasting Service

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desperate to annoy americans enough to start shooting, totally controlled media are exposing specific "truths" but of course not revealing anything off the list. as if we had a free media. they need totally armed americans to start responding to the war against them. well, there are certainly fights going on, but you dont hear about them. some delta guys revolted after team 6 were killed. but, best if no one does. 

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The whole narrative docudrama from PBS centered on the "Agony of the Lawyers." It was legal, it wasn't legal. The Times would print, the Times wouldn't print. The FISA court, the "Upper Deck" of the Agency, the race to Ashcroft's bedside, the spy-like meeting in Kowloon, blood on your hands, etc. John LeCarre is a better writer of bureaucratic processing.

Nice work of narrative fiction, PBS. It would assuredly convince anyone who has not been following 9/11 and the New World Order. 

Since no Mossad agents have been outed, all communications remain monitored, and Washington DC has not yet been burned to the ground, the facts on the ground remain. The Federal government is occupied territory, engaged in a war against the American people, their army of Staffers and Lawyers will declare whatever actions taken legal, and the Mockingbird Press will report whatever the Puppet Masters deem necessary.


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Excerpted from


"To quote GTI’s comments after I’d first posted:

[Greenwald] made a subtle pivot from “strategy to undermine anticapitalist country” to “damaging the internet.”

[He] might as well have complained that the CIA using exploding cigars to kill Castro undermined the quality of cigars.

Like much of what Greenwald does, it’s so stupid and short-sighted, it’s cringe-inducing, but no doubt USAID and its billionaire partners appreciate it."

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lol, thanks for bringing ohtarzie's blog to the light. . . I've been embedding the link here for a while, subversively drawing the flies to the honeypot. . .

some brilliant stuff 'n' snark in the commentary threads, and good history-threads dating back to the "first episode" of the GreenWald rise to Fame 'n' Fortune.

here's another, for perspectives.

Cathartes Aura's picture


is just another narrative thread tying the storyline together.

for folks who like that sort of thing.

and he's making bank, eh.

AND movie-rights!  I smell an Osssscar!!


ZerOhead's picture

I think you may be right. Plus he appears to have been consumed by his own ego lately. When they get that way they are usually ripe for the picking

Thanks for the heads-up on this the other day.

So any chance that Snowden is for real?  (Please say yes)

Cathartes Aura's picture

he's got the Pulitzer & the Guardian newsy-servicing, plus he's hanging with Vlad. . .

your call.

but it's all a bit to hero-ick and episode-ick for my tastes, as I've said, it's like TeeVee drama, with cliff-hangers, etc.

if this were truth, we'd not be getting a Sony movie deal - this is HollyWood.

you know it in your heart, *nods*


plus:  GG is a white jewish lawyer - remind me again why we trust this demographic?  then there's Omidyar. . .

ZerOhead's picture

Omydar was the light bulb coming on for me... nothing says one of "them" better than a self serving NGO or two.

And deep down in his DNA... after he hangs up his bejeweled scepter... Vlad definitely will be one of them.

Cathartes Aura's picture

the way Vlad has been *pitched* - manly Man, vs. various other "wussy" nationstate leaders, yeah. . . add the "restoring the religion, no gheys, traditional values" retro-50's stylee - might as well call him Zorro, give him a TeeVee show.

since I don't pick faves when it comes to global state-farms, preferring to circle from above when watching the game play out, I wouldn't be surprised if ALL the current storyline is intentional, right down to the memes "leaked" and the daily "ramping up" of the pre-war stories. . . we know they have mercenaries & other off-the-radar shit stirrers - seriously,

what is True any more?

if the goal is to see the current nationstates crumble, why not create some wars, bring out the scary weapons. . . get the people so terrorised that they BEG for a new Heroic Leader to bring a PeaceFull-World, order'd.

"interesting times"  is the curse, eh.

take care kitty.


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True? not a lot to be sure.

Well the Bard did warn us ... "All the world is a stage..."

I just wish I knew the rationale behind the writing of the scenes to the play these days. They are simply awful.

Later Gator

Cathartes Aura's picture

well, whoever's writing the scenes sure ain't gettin' them published on First Look Media    *click for giggles*

research'd & snark.


medium giraffe's picture

I said it was bullshit. I did.  You believe a single damned thing that comes out of that electronic bullshitter in the corner of your living room?


'Can't you see this is a land of confusion" - Phil Collins


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Here's something a bit ahead of the pack of vampires for ZH readers: (Great Picture of Grandpa Munster!)

A May 5 article on The American Interest website reads, “Vampiric Boomers to Steal Millennials’ Blood.” The article references a study that shows blood from young mice helped neurons in the brains of old mice sprout new connections. The article alleges that over the years, “boomers have sucked millennials dry financially in all sorts of ways.” Now, it says, boomers could be out for millennials’ blood. This “us-versus-them” mentality is a manifestation of social mood.

Find out more by clicking here

Faces May Reveal Social Mood
Chapter 14 of The Wave Principle of Human Social Behavior (1999) lists many behaviors and emotions that people tend to display in response to social mood. Let’s look at the two poles of one of those categories, “Confidence versus Fear.”

Here’s a snapshot of FDR & Co. in 1933 as they signed Glass-Steagall [below], which separated the financial sector into safer, deposit-taking commercial banks and risk-taking investment banks.

And of course this trend:

There you go, now we are edgy again.

Have a great day :-)






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Sounds like Czechoslovakia 1948

The_Dude's picture

Had the same thought the other day.....if Ukraine was part of the act that Vlad and Obuma agreed during their infamous open mic. to (or were instructed to) start the world moving toward a new East-West alignment that will provide them cover to pull the rug out from underneath the financial system.

Question is how destructive the next scene needs to be to bring about the re-ailignment and put the US in its new position and how many dual-citizens it will take.

Hydesrevenge's picture

The sad truth is that we are at a point that we ask this question. I have to admit that I am doing the same thing, we will se what is in part two. I think its important to understand the initial minipulation of anyone who opposed this action by fear of being responsible for another 9/11. That manipulation, as the political class circles the wagons around the NSA, has turned to Obama claiming that most Americans are more concerned with another terror attack then this program. Meanwhile it has only been used to further distance the political class from thier constituents. honestly does anyone even believe parties matter anymore?

Kobe Beef's picture

honestly does anyone even believe parties matter anymore?

Yes. The livestock believes it. Therefore the show will go on, and they will remain livestock.

ZerOhead's picture

Oh yes we are !!!

The important thing to do now is to immediately start searching for gay/tranny porn on Google (accept no substitutes) and text your friends often about how horrifically frightening you think Supermodels look... oh... and how you would ABSOLUTELY DIE if one ever had her way with you... not to mention 3 or 4....

If properly employed this tactic will guarantee THE BEST TIME OF YOUR LIFE when they begin to employ tortu.... errr... enhanced interogation techniques on you in the FEMA camp... ;)

(I would hope they are merely looking for real security threats but then again one never knows just how deep this rabbithole goes anymore...)

TheReplacement's picture

Why do so many people talk about FEMA camps as if they intend to surrender and go willingly?

holdbuysell's picture

Everyone is, judging by that list, as it covers just about everyone. Except, 'they', of course. :)


Keyser's picture

Anyone that posts on ZH is probably on 3 or 4 lists, if that is any solace... 

stant's picture

#73 everybody south of the Ohio river

holdbuysell's picture

If I get your drift, LTER:

They = Sheople

Us = Oligarchs

LetThemEatRand's picture

It's okay.  He's dyslexic, but got the drift did he.

g'kar's picture

It is an important point to get.

holdbuysell's picture

Actually you may be right gk.

I interpreted bush as saying:

The sheople hate the oligarchs for their freedoms, as he's one of the 'us'.

But what you are saying is that bush, not being in the oligarch status, is saying:

The oligarchs hate the sheople for their freedoms.

If so, yes, I did miss the point.

Which is it?

LetThemEatRand's picture

1.  9/11 was not orchestrated by any sheep.  

2.  Bush was an oligarch puppet with a belt buckle rallying the sheeple against a fake enemy.

3.  Bush is an oligarch.  His daddy was head of the CIA.

4.  Of course it's that the oligarchs hate the sheeple for their freedoms.

What is your point?


holdbuysell's picture

Thanks, LTER. Was dyslexic as you called out, causing the whole thread waterfall and confusion.

My bad.

LetThemEatRand's picture

We're all in this together.  Except for "them", of course.

ZerOhead's picture

I hate "them".

Although I must admit I would like to become one of "them" someday... perferably soon... with some Supermodels on the side please and thank you ...

holdbuysell's picture


Are you aware of the Nephilim vs. Human conflict (as related to the thirteen families) theme that is discussed in some circles? Some of this research is rather murky that it takes a while to dig through. Credible sources appreciated.


g'kar's picture

Maybe, but it is top notch stuff.

FeralSerf's picture

I thought GWB was lying when he said that.

I just didn't understand that "They" were the TPTB and "us" were us peons.

disabledvet's picture

"Lies...and the lying liars that tell them."

I mean c'mon...this story is really insulting for all the conspiracy folks.

Only the NSA was in the dark?
If true...why is that so?
And what does "top deck" mean again?

This story strikes me as very limited in both scope and vision...pretty standard fare...with a lot of parsing in need of doing.

First does Snowden (as laden) just "appear" again?

I mean everything and everyone is compartmentalized...which strikes me as very much "pre-9/11." After that the entire story follows a fairly predictable path.

buzzsaw99's picture

actually, "they" hate us for our freedoms AND "they" are the terrorists too

Rakshas's picture

Exactly buzzsaw........

..... to paraphrase and twist one from "Roger Kint" - "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist"

The puppet masters have been perpetrating the greatest destraction in history for the past 2 and a half decades now rolling out pictures and videos of bearded guys running around a jungle jim playground while actually describing the ongoing deeds of and telling us to buy another car or a bigger house...... so the beared bastards don't win..... fuck me

Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

i forget who said it, and this is kind of a paraphrase:

"im sick of hearing about how the rest of the world hates us for our freedoms. Its the democrats and republicans who hate us for our freedoms. the rest of the world hates us because of our democrats and republicans"


dont remember who it was, but truer words have not been spoken.

lordbyroniv's picture

1 hour 54 minutes and 12 seconds?




thx for the homework Tyler



James_Cole's picture

It's so well done you won't notice the time.