"Conflict Between China And Vietnam Is Imminent" - China Piles Troops, Tanks, Artillery And APCs Near Vietnam Border

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Earlier today, Putin did his usual "we are pulling our forces away from the Ukraine border" gambit (sure he is... and is replacing them with a massive airforce drill), and as usual the algos fell for it, after European stocks suddenly surged out of nowhere on the now quite generic bounce catalyst (Update: RASMUSSEN: NO SIGN OF RUSSIAN TROOP PULLBACK FROM NEAR UKRAINE - what a surprise), but what is shaping up as a far more dangerous escalation is what China is doing next to its border with Vietnam, where as reported previously protesters destroyed Chinese factories and killed Chinese civilians in retaliation over yet another maritime territorial spat. According to the Epoch Times, "troops, tanks, trucks, artillery, and armored personnel carriers of China’s military were seen heading to the Vietnamese border on May 16 and 17, according to photographs taken by by residents near the border."

Chinese netizens have been posting photographs of the large movement of the People’s Liberation Army, many of them showing Chinese troops in full combat gear heading to the local train station in Chongzuo, along with military vehicles.


One netizen said the Chinese military was taking the train from the Chongzuo station to Pingxiang City, which shares a 60-mile border with Vietnam. The netizen said that the Huu Nghi Border Gate to Vietnam is also now closed.


One of the photos, taken from inside a passenger train, shows the Chinese military preparing artillery for transport on a train track. Others show Chinese troops and military vehicles traveling along dirt roads.


Another photograph shows troops walking under the red-colored entrance to the Longzhou International Building Materials Market, on Provincial Road in the city of Chongzuo.


A reverse image search of each of the photographs using Google indicated that the photographs had appeared on the Internet only recently. Most were indexed by Google on Saturday.


Collectively, the images and eyewitness reports from the ground show what Taiwanese media are calling an “endless stream” of Chinese troops.

Why is China doing this? Simple: "One netizen, with the username Zhiyuan0703, echoed a common sentiment on the Chinese social media site, “Conflict between China and Vietnam is imminent.

And just in case the US gets any ideas to support its one time foe, China has already taken measures:

Fang Fenghui, the Chinese military’s chief of the general staff, spoke with reporters at the Pentagon on May 15, alongside U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey.


Fang defended China’s oil drilling in disputed waters with Vietnam. He also warned the United States on taking sides, saying through a Chinese translator “there is possibility that these issues could affect or disturb the relationship between the two countries and two militaries.”


White House press secretary Jay Carney reiterated the U.S. stance on China’s oil rig, however, during a May 15 press briefing.


He said China’s oil rig, which the Chinese regime has accompanied with “numerous government vessels” is a “provocative act and it raises tensions in the region, and by raising tensions makes it more difficult to resolve claims over disputed territory in a manner that supports peace and stability in the region.”


Carney said the United States takes no position on the territorial claims, but, “We do take a position on the conduct of the claimants who must resolve their disputes peacefully, without intimidation, without coercion, and in accordance with international law.”


Regarding China’s oil rig and the tensions that have formed around it, Carney said, “We consider that act provocative and we consider it one that undermines the goal that we share, which is a peaceful resolution of these disputes and general stability in the region.”

But fear not: the futures are actively monitoring this, and all other global geopolitical conflicts, and are absolutely confident the Fed will fix it should war break out. As usual, we wish algos the best of luck, because as ET summarizes, "China is currently involved in territorial conflicts with nearly all its neighbors." Once again - what can possibly go wrong? Judging by the photos below, nothing at all.

A Bradley Attack Vehicle troop transport of the Chinese military, is seen in Kunming, Yunnan, in Southwest China. Chinese netizens have posted several photos showing the Chinese military moving toward the Vietnamese border. (Weibo.com)

A Chinese tank is seen near the border with Vietnam, as tensions grow more tense between the two countries. (Weibo.com)

Chinese troops carrying anti-tank weapons are seen marching in Guangxi Province, near the border with Vietnam. Local netizens report a strong smell of gunpowder. (Weibo.com)

A convoy of Chinese military vehicles are seen in Fangchenggang City in Guangxi, near the Vietnam border. (Weibo.com)

Chinese troops march in Chongzuo City in Guangxi Province near the Vietnam border. Chinese netizens say the troops are moving along the border. (Weibo.com)

Chinese troops are seen marching in a city street in Chongzuo in China’s Guangxi Province near the Vietnam border. (Weibo.com)

Chinese artillery is being transported in Chongzuo City, Guangxi Province. (Weibo.com)

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and Washington will start sanctioning China in 3 .... 2.... oh wait.

How many TBills do the own again? 


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Message to Obama from China re Asian Pivot:

Fuck you!

TeamDepends's picture

What are we fighting for?

Don't know and I don't give a damn

Next stop is Vietnam!

Latina Lover's picture

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Do you think this time around, we could send the kids of the congress critters in our place?

Latina Lover's picture

Notice how Putin is supposedly pulling his troops from the border with Ukraine? European union elections next May 25th, and it is expected that the anti EU parties will make major breakthroughs, after years of austerity and no growth.  Russia would benefit from a change in parliament, even through the leadership of the EU is appointed in secret by bureaucrats.

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That's the latest scuttlebutt......tune in tomorrow.

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It is 1.5 BILLION people in the country .... there will be by definition, at any given time, anywhere in the country few tanks and thousands of military ... dahhh


In response to citizen, with the username Zhiyuan0703.

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Fucking tribe needs a war, the tribe gets a war. 

Hopefully in 20 years there will be international warrants and wanted dead or alive posters out on the banker scum parasites that have infested Europe for over 400 years now. 

Hang every last one of the mother fuckers.

FYI the last Vietnam War was fought not to win, the tribe could care less about wining wars, it was to run up debt and get off the gold standard.  That was it.  A few million dead so our tribe can afford to fuck the finest whores and live like kings in America.

Headbanger's picture

It's the fucking liar shit balls we elected who need the war to help keep their stupid asses in office.

And the banksters want to cash in on all the death and destruction again.

They just might get what they want big time soon.. Only they won't survive this one to see it pay off for them.

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

Vietnam is a no-brainer for Chinese annexation. What the hell is the USSA going to do about it? Support the same people that kicked its ass in the 60s and 70s?

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

All this global conflict is like economic shock therapy. It may be painful in the short run, but in the medium to long term this should have a very positive effect on global GDP.

SamAdams's picture

Currency War - Reducing the world's faith in your rival's fiat currency.

Step 1: encourage your rival to print excessively while manipulating your own currency.

Step 2: encourage and support threats internal to your rival's country, thereby forcing your rival to expand government requiring additional printing.

Step 3: use aggressive miltary displays against your rival's "allies", causing money printing to fund its overextended military

Step 4: offer a non-fiat currency as a safe alternative to the rampantly devalued currency of your rival.

The war is being won, but not by the USSA....

ilion's picture

I think this all should be really bullish, especially for Vietnamese stock market.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Most ironic statement: locals report a strong smell of gunpoweder!!! Looks like the Goliath's of the world are all ready to crack down on them dis-obedient Davids.

Which is the feint and which is the real thing?

How does all this interesting troop and ship movement not end in conflict?

Time for a global heat map Tylers...


rubiconsolutions's picture

Where's Jane Fonda in this whole kerfuffle?

dogbreath's picture

Now come on all ya big strong men

Uncle XIAM needs your help again

got himself in a terrible jam

way down yonder in Vietnam......................................

Flux's picture

Well if Zhiyuan0703 says war is imminent, we better button down the hatches.





Who the fuck is Zhiyuan0703? Because I heard from netizen Zhiyuan0704 that 703 is a bastard child who smells of elderberries.

705 confirms, but 706 disputes the elderberry part.

More tangerine, apparently.




Terminus C's picture

We take the posts of "some random netizen" Tyler Durden as fact all the time...

You are right to question and seek multiple sources, but you are not right to dismiss out of hand and mock the source.  If and when the source proves faulty... mock away.

Flux's picture

Fair enough.


The tangerine thing was suspect.

CheapBastard's picture

The China of 2014 is not the China of 1979. Same with Vietnam for that matter.


I hope they solve it thru negotiation instead of boxing it out.

Four chan's picture

certain things make me wonder if we deserve to survive long term as a species.

edotabin's picture

We probably will but wind up like Idiocracy. Just look at the spelling in the Youtube comments and you know we are halfway there already.

g'kar's picture

True. Fewer people on the planet will reduce the strain on resources.

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

That's a gross misrepresentation of my view. What I mean is that the spending associated with global conflict will increase aggregate demand which will reflect positively in global GDP. 

Bioscale's picture

Sure, the more deaths, the more fired bullets and grenaeds, the bigger the GDP. GDP FTW

Headbanger's picture

Oh let's jump for joy joy that there will be hundreds of millions killed in boosting global fucking GDP!

MDB, I seriously hope you're one of the first cannon fodder

El Vaquero's picture

I don't believe MDB is real.  I think that MDB is an epic troll who is so in character that it is difficult to believe that somebody could stick to it so well for so long.

Arius's picture

you got to be a moron to believe the guy is for real ... for one thing why would he come over and repeatidly repeat the same game.


difficult? not really ... it is probably his hour to have some fun ...i think he gets a thrill from the attention and reaction of people ... especially newbies, who dont know any better and he can knock them out quite easily and have fun ...

RafterManFMJ's picture

Got to admit I'm starting to like the douchebag. I even green him now just for the laughs he generates and how the noobs go off on him.

SumTing Wong's picture

And I think MDB is the troll on our side. He point sout the stupidity of the argument the Keynesians have, so that we have to think "broken window fallacy" and stuff like that. 

I like MDB. He's below Boris on my list, but I like him or her.

moonshadow's picture

I think he's a New MDB. The Old MDB from a couple of years back was a bit more clever in concealing his trollishness

g'kar's picture

Come on people, MDB's the most sarcastic person I ever met next to me.

Overfed's picture

Everybody that's been here for more than a month knows that everything MDB says is meant to be taken as if it were straight from the noise hole of Paul Krugman.

detached.amusement's picture

anyone that thinks mdb's ass backward statements arent humor is either on zh for the first time, or asks if they want fries with that for work

g'kar's picture

Sorry...I was looking at it as supply and demand, less demand due to fewer people on the same supply of resources. My apologies for the misrepresentation.

BrosephStiglitz's picture

Okay.  You lost me now.  You're a fucking idiot who is either a troll, or happens to be the son of the Chairman of a major PMC.

g speed's picture

MDB  you can't have war without casualties---if its not in your equation your model is flawed---I suggest you rethink your "view" to reflect reality.

BrosephStiglitz's picture

His reasoning isn't flawed because of the casualties (though it will impact consumption marginally), his reasoning is flawed because war spending is channeled into glorified fireworks and non-productive assets such as tanks, whilst capital is literally razed to the ground or hijacked to support the war effort.  Furthermore uncertainty and mistrust increases as do barriers and tarriffs, sanctions etc.

The one silver lining in a war (particularly amongst developed nations) is that it often creates a technological golden age through the massive investment in R&D, because y'know if it is uncertain whether you will be alive in a year as a nation, you had damn sure better try to outcompete the enemy in tech.  When order is finally restored these new technologies will eventually will have positive network externalities.

BrosephStiglitz's picture

Actually agree with this.  If only because the necessity for R&D will increase in the event of a major war.

Edit: not to mention the positive network externalities associated with information sharing and cooperation amongst allies. 

Anusocracy's picture

That R&D increase is just a variant of the Broken Window Fallacy.

Government directing use of resources is government wasting resources.

BrosephStiglitz's picture

It really isn't.  I agree with the broken window fallacy, but the list of technologies that emerged out of the 2nd world war (many of which had significant benefits on the average individual) was both extensive, and isn't really considered.

Here are a few:
- Nuclear power 
- Plastics
- Synthetic rubber
- Antibiotics (first mass-produced, but discovered before)
- Aerial technology
- Early computers

The list goes on.  Of course many more of the technologies had direct military application, and many were extremely destructive to humanity.  It does highlight an interesting facet of military spending.

I'm not a fan of war at all.  I think it is largely destructive and is best avoided.  But humans always are most innovative with their backs to the wall and nothing screams R&D like international conflict between major developed powers. 

Anusocracy's picture

I'm usually agnostic on arguments like that because mankind's warfare is based in monkey warfare and has been one of man's most consistent and long-lasting traits.

You can't replay history without war, therefore one cannot objectively assign any good coming from warfare as being at its earliest or only because of war.

But you can objectively assign a lot of bad.

BlindMonkey's picture

I'm just hoping we will start Krugman's interstellar war in my lifetime.  'Murica, FUCK YEAH!

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Yes, I'm sure we'll survive all this "progress" and pseudo-economics.  /s

Alas, Economics in NOT a science.  See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NiauhOCfsk

"CURRENT ECONOMICS IS A FORM OF BRAIN DAMAGE" - Dr. David Suzuki, Geneticist/Activist


Things that go bump's picture

Once the war starts and their attention is directed elsewhere, during the most painful part, that is the time to kick them when they're down and are distracted. 

"Rise like  lions after slumber

In unvanquishable numbers

Throw your chains off you like dew

That in sleep had fallen on you.

Ye are many, they are few." Percy Bysshe Shelley.

wee-weed up's picture



MillionDollarBonus_   said: All this global conflict is like economic shock therapy.

Actually, all this recent "global conflict" is because all the world's tin-horned dictators...

can clearly see there is a complete wussy in the US White House for the first time in generations - if not for the first time ever.

Plain and simple! They're not fools.

They're gonna GET what they've always wanted all these years while the getting is good!

Redneck Hippy's picture

Annexation of Vietnam is even more stupid than annexing Afghanistan.  What do you get?  An impoverished country full of the greatest resistance fighters in the world.

Citxmech's picture

You get a distraction for your disgruntled (over-)population who are close to rioting/civil war.