Rick Santelli Explains Why The Number 3996 Is Critical For Bond Yields

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Forget international capital flows, forget central banks (even though the world's reaction to the ECB enacting such an extreme policy - QE- this far down the 'recovery' raises questions about the entire false state of the world), and forget positioning... Rick Santelli - stunned at the disconnect between stocks and bonds off the February lows... says there is only one number that matters for lower rates - Nasdaq 3996.



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Go get your Myra now! Call 3996santelli.

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I need more cowbell.

3996 is meaningless.  How many times have we seen support broken, the talking heads freak out "this is the big one!" and then it goes right back up again a few days later (on no volume)?

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Amen brother. We've had a couple years now of 1-2 day pullbacks with everyone freaking out about the "big one" and then, like you say, the markets just springboard higher. 

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The days of masturbating while furiously clicking the refresh button to see the Nikkei dropping like a stone are over.  

Used to love those nights.


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that's just wrong...

Fucking funny, but very very wrong...

MillionDollarBoner_'s picture

ever heard the expression "grinning like a wanking Jap" ?:O)

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Good thing the 30Y doesn't get put against the Russell 2000. We'd already be fucked.

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i'm still not convinced the market even opened today.

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the market closed down 5 years, 3 months ago, once the Fed decided to print money and obama legalized fraud to save all the banks.

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"I've got one who can see"


(They Live)

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And I'm all out of bubblegum.....

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"...obama legalized fraud to save all the banks."

.gov supported/endorsed/mandated fraud long before Obama.  You cheapen the argument when you invoke the empty suits name in any way tht implies he has power.

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True, but 101 years and counting is on the right track and Chairman Obamao assumed the mantle and deserves all the criticsm he is entitled to for continuing the fraud as a willing participant as Boosh did and was rightly criticized for.

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When I read the headline I thought 3996 was going to be the year the bond bull market ends.

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That'll be in the year 3535.

If man is still alive..

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Even if man isn't still alive, I'm pretty sure bonds will still be a good buy-and-hold.

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I think the last person alive on this rock will utter "Better than expected." 


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The vast, unblinking universe just loves sick jokes like that.

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Sooner or later the world will return to fundamentals...on a long enough timeline.

Problem being this insanity can be passed from one FED chair to the next, and one generation to the next.

I'd bet the FED is patting themselves on the back saying "This is good for home mortgage rates" while not once glancing at the $17 Trillion in debt, the historically low labor participation rate, or the ridiculous inflation us real people live with.

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They're only limited by foreigners patience to be ripped off via the ever inflating Petro Dollar. It'll end in a tidal wave if they don't change their ways.

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Santelli is talking NASDAQ composite - NASDAQ100 is the 100 largest.




If the largest 100 NASDAQ (NDX) companies are sliding, there remaining willl follow.  The NDX excludes outlier moves that affect index calculations.

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if i were the fed i would sell some of their bonds here. push yields back up to 2.6% or so and then announce they did it later, proving they can in fact exit stimulus and lighten up the balance sheet if needed to.

Bosch's picture

But that would be logical.

Winston Churchill's picture

No doubt Belgium can handle some more.
Waffles for USTs.
A lot more than they are worth IMO.

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One slave after another paying into a pit of unplayable debt. 

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If M'Fen CNBC says it then it must be fucking true.


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OK...NASDAQ hits 3996, rate to 2.25%, and then...The Rapture?  Cause if it isn't The Rapture then why bother.

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"If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.”

-Nikola Tesla 

cougar_w's picture

Nice catch.

That guy really scares me. If he says that's the key, then it probably is the key. The challenge is then to find the lock it opens and in the process not destroying the world.

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I am the gate keeper of the house of Zule. 3669 is just some anagram that the generational satanists wrote into Santelli's script. Sounds like something but it means nothing. It's a completely arbitrary line in the sand. 

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WTF. Who cares?

None of this bullshit matters.