Caught On Camera: Fire At Fukushima?

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We are by no means experts at identifying instances of fire caught on camera under low illumination conditions, but the following compressed 3 minute video from the official Tepco YouTube feed (where 1 second of the clip represents 20 seconds in real time) showing the Fukushima nuclear power plant between 8:00pm and 9:00 pm last night, and particularly the segment 1:16 into the clip and continuing for about 30 seconds (or about 6 minutes in the real world), certainly looks disturbing.

That said, we are confident Tepco has a canned and ready for dissemination explanation which soothes away fears that in addition to free gamma rays, the Fukushima sarcophagus is now also in the flambe a la carte business.

We can't wait to hear it.

h/t pressure studios

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I ain't goin' in there.

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Jim Stone Freelance has the goods on this 'disaster'.

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<-my name

<- not my name


But seriously, I think NSA did video injection to make use afraid of the Russian China deal.

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Japanese Boy Scouts roast radioactive marshmallows? ;-)


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That used to be a HD camera.



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Relax folks, it's just fog and car lights.

There is no immediate danger to human health.

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The subprime crisis is under not worry !    ;>)

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is that the northern lights reflecting off of the ice wall?

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Proof that deuterium and tritium are combustable. The ultimate confirmation is always whether the video feed gets scrubbed or segments disappear because of hard disk errors or some such.

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For those of you who want to follow the Reactor 4 spent fuel pool rod removal process you can get all the information/disinformation at the Tepco link here...

They are just past the half way point if you still find them a credible source of information. That is very good news if it is true which of course it probably isn't.

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Huh... some of that looked kinda greenish to me.  Anybody else know what that means?  No, it's not good, kiddies, but should not be unanticipated.


Y'all know, Karma is for real.
Remember those old Godzilla movies?

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The resolution of that camera is so poor it's impossible to tell what the hell we're looking at. It looks like banks of fog, to me.

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Nuclear hellfire from the depths of the inferno..

What’s the big deal?..

It’s not like it’s a damnation fix from a criminal banker.

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They are burning the bodies of all the workers that died trying to do cleanup around there.

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"History shows again and again,
How nature points out the folly of men"

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Relax is just the fog ... of war!

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Cool handle Svayambhu.


Water is the KEY....

And fukushima is spreadign through the waters. It is the long bomb, the bomb that keeps on bursting...every day a little more...


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BigJim I thought it was fog at first, too. But I went and checked the next hour of tape and it clears up about 1:00 into it. My experience with fog doesn't track with that. That said, I've spent many hours looking at those cams and STILL am never sure what I'm looking at. I can tell you that the orientation is at the far south of the plant near Unit 4. So if it is fog, it is coming from the right direction- the sea.


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Not to mention Clusterium and Fuckium

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You gonna get a BIG supLise on energy diverLsion day, you Japonese dog !


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Someone posted this on ZH,  Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center , it's worth following:

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What's left to burn?

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Depends which way the wind is blowing that day.  Radiation is equal opportunity if they don't pull the rods from those the reactors that are down river.

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just to clarify, but those power plants at risk from the serbia flooding are all coal-fired.  NOT nuclear.

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Anyone got an answer to where Europe has been dumping their Nuclear waste in Serbia? 

During the mid- to late-1990s, scientists from the Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences, one of Yugoslavia's main nuclear research facilities, began expressing concern about the safety of almost 50 kilograms of fresh nuclear fuel containing highly enriched uranium (HEU) and 2.5 tons of spent fuel that were stored at Vinca. [2] In August 2002, a multinational team of public, private, and international entities organized a successful operation to transport 48 kg of 80%-enriched uraniumfrom Vinca to the Russian Institute of Atomic Reactors in Dmitrovgrad, Russia. The Government of the Republic of Serbia and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), in cooperation with theUnited States, the European Commission, and other partners, are currently implementing the Vinca Institute Nuclear Decommissioning (VIND) Program. The VIND Program is the IAEA's largest technical cooperation effort, and involves the removal of spent fuel, improved management of radioactive waste stored at Vinca, and decommissioning of the RA research reactor. The removal of spent fuel and construction of radioactive waste management facilities were completed in 2010. In July 2009, during the IAEA Director General's visit, Serbia signed an Additional Protocol to its safeguards agreement.

The promises of men aren't worth much to anyone as a currency right all.

You know google exists right?  And the only people more worthless at keeping a secret other than the local gossip queen is the governments of the world that can't seem to get their shit together to hide classified information that seemly leaks like a sieve.  Why bother having intelligence agencies at all when it's all publicly posted in referential science documentation.  OH yeah...intelligence agencies AREN'T QUALIFIED TO HANDLE SCIENCE INFORMATION!  That much is very obvious.

See those big red blobs?  CO2 output is a great way to find where a Nuke plant is.  Because A coal plant leaves a different CO signature than a nuclear plant.   So whatever information you think you have, best be asking some more questions of the people you think are telling you the truth.

So let's keep an eye on Serbia shall we?


trader1's picture

that, i was not aware of...

yes, let's keep an eye on serbia ;-)

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I recommend this all-volunteer real-time radiation network. No lying .gov agencies involved and you can see the data to make informed decisions.



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Thanks! I noticed that Utah and Nevada seem to be a bit short of monitoring stations...I guess after they nuked the shit out them they're not worth monitoring.

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I have had flip phones that took better video than that. What's the fucking point? We can barely tell if the shit going up in flames. It's Japan for fuck sake! There has to be some kind of gadget you can nail to wall that provides better video.

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Watching that video was like seeing Jesus in my toast.

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Yes, maybe even just a nail itself.

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"Swamp gas from a weather balloon was trapped in a thermal pocket and reflected the light from Venus."

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There is no housing bubble!

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Light from Venus reflected off a weather balloon and obscured through fog.


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It looks like rain in an 8 bit videogame. 

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GE supplied Japan with the top-notch CCTV.

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Just a little nuclear burn control, to get rid of the excess plutonium. No big deal, please move on.

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Already in the air, soil and water near you.

Remember, last week their last water purification installation failled.
Strange that no other country has even send help he?
Remember BP? the world was on top of it.
It's a lost cause and our children will hate us for it.

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Yeah it's unfortunate that the jet stream passes right over there on its way to N. America.

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Well, at least the ground level air-flow on the video was inland.

"Oh, no! There goes Tokyo!"

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Agreed...when can we dispell the myth of the Japanesse as a competent, responsible people.  The only thing these retards care about is 'saving face' as they pollute the ENTIRE FUCKING WORLD!!!

Can some adults please step in and take control of this situation?!!?!?!?!?!?!?

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"Vladimir Putin is busy right now. May I take a message?"

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Agree, let's drop the old 'Japanese Honor and Quality' stereotype - if it ever was true, it sure as hell isn't true anymore.

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Wait a minute Dude, these GE NUKE plants are part of the Marshall Plan that was forced down the Japs throats after WW2.