China "Sanctions" US, Bans Use Of Windows 8 On Government Computers

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Considering the epic production and sales flop that Windows 8 has been, one probably does not need an actual sales ban from preventing anyone sane from using it let alone buying it, however in yet another symbolic step, banning its government employees from using the latest Windows operating system is precisely what China did in retaliation to yesterday's DOJ announcement it was charging five PLA members with hacking offenses against the US. According to Reuters, this latest blow to Microsoft came when the Central Government Procurement Center issued the ban as part of a notice on the use of energy-saving products. So Windows 8 lead to global warming? Who knew...

The implication is clear: if the US charges its hackers, China will no longer condone such porous proxies of NSA activity as Internet routers and, of course, Windows operating systems, which as has been documented in the past, is a stroll in the park for NSA infiltration attempts.

More from Reuters:

The official Xinhua news agency said the ban was to ensure computer security after Microsoft ended support for its Windows XP operating system, which was widely used in China.


Neither the government nor Xinhua elaborated on how the ban supported the use of energy-saving products, or how it ensured security.


China has long been a troublesome market for Microsoft. Former CEO Steve Ballmer reportedly told employees in 2011 that, because of piracy, Microsoft earned less revenue in China than in the Netherlands even though computer sales matched those of the U.S. Microsoft declined to comment.


Last month, Microsoft ended support for the 13-year-old XP to encourage the adoption of newer, more secure versions of Windows. This has potentially left XP users vulnerable to viruses and hacking.


"China's decision to ban Windows 8 from public procurement hampers Microsoft's push of the OS to replace XP, which makes up 50 percent of China's desktop market," said data firm Canalys.

And while this escalation in Chinese "sanctions" against the US may lead to a modest topline miss for MSFT, one company everyone should be watching is Cisco, which in late 2013 saw its China sales crater when the anger at the NSA was most acute. Now that the animosity between the US and China over cyberhacking has been rekindled, watch for the government to promptly block yet another quarter of sales growth for the switching giant, whose CEO unsucessfully pleaded for Obama to tone down NSA tensions over the weekend, and which should preannounce a weak quarter shortly.

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I already sanctioned Microsoft against putting Windows 8 on any of my computers.

Ying-Yang's picture

Bullish windows 7

Even more bullish Linux Mint

clooney_art's picture

Globalization bitchez.

One can't want globalization and then apply unilateral sanctions.

If you do that you are basically inserting your middle finger up your own arse

jaap's picture

Ubuntu on all my machines. After a month very happy with it. Hope Ubuntu phone will be LTS soon.

SamAdams's picture

It appears China has finally figured out what that little "triangle" in the MS logo means....

DirtyWilly's picture

I was suspicious of WinXP and Win7 spying on your activity, but I'm fairly positive Win8 does.  -Software Engineer

boogerbently's picture

So they will be required to switch to a program they actually have to pay for ???

PT's picture

Just gimme an assembler and a firmware guide.  In a "real, fair" (for want of a better descriptor) world, everyone would make their own operating systems.  Guess I should look into Linux one day.

Mind you, I don't think I could ever trust a computer again unless I built the whole damn thing myself.  How would I know if there was or wasn't an extra spy CPU and modem hidden in the main processor.  ( Yes, I know that is tin-foil territory - until it isn't - and I'll never know when it isn't - wheres my CRO and spectrum analyser? ... )



... oh yeah, and don't give me any of that "compatability" BS.  I've seen how Visual Basic and Direct X has changed over the last ten years, and tell me again, where is the "Off" button on Windows these days?  "Compatability"?  What a joke.

PT's picture

Re "So they will be required to switch to a program they actually have to pay for ???" :

Yeah, maybe.  But it will still be worth it because the other program will actually work.  Costs will be recouped after the first day.


Meanwhile, the rest of the world will have no manufacturing, no "know how" (we'll forget because we have no manufacturing), no capital, no land ( the Chinese will buy it all with the money we keep giving to them - what else are they going to buy with it??? ), and we'll all be totally f**ked because we'll still have Windows 8!!!!!!! 

El Vaquero's picture

Gentoo bitchez! 


(Ironically, I'm posting from my sister's computer as I am house sitting, and it's an Apple.  Now she's on all of the watchlists.  LOL.)

Monty Burns's picture

Does this mean that China was actually paying for Windows software all along?

rtalcott's picture

I am thinking of moving to Arch (from Ubuntu) becauase the ARM support is great....makes a VERY nice low power desktop.

Ghordius's picture

the question is more: does China really want globalization? or, better,... that much globalization? not everybody on this planet answers "yes, please, moar" when asked "do you want free trade?"

11b40's picture

I'm still one of those old dumb asses who longs for fair trade.  I want protection from predatory governments...and predatory multi-national corps.

 To deny all this globalism is for the benefit of the few is to deny reality.

BigJim's picture

 I want protection from predatory governments...and predatory multi-national corps.

And who's going to protect you from the latter? Ah yes... the former... an institution that routinely kills thousands of civilians... often at the behest of the latter. Good luck!

Uncle Remus's picture

Meh - middleman's disease, and it is always fatal.

PT's picture

China has manufacturing, now all it needs is resources.  Then why would they need the rest of us???


"Ooooh, we'll starve to death unless round-eye buys all our crap!  How could we possibly survive if we make all this stuff but round-eye doesn't buy it?" 



Who was the clever fuckwits that shipped all the manufacturing overseas and then decided to piss off the new manufacturers?

83_vf_1100_c's picture

:Who was the clever fuckwits that shipped all the manufacturing overseas and then decided to piss off the new manufacturers?"


obongo did promise to fundamentally change our country. It's the one promise he has kept.

PT's picture

It started a little earlier than Obongo.  It also happens in other countries over which Obongo does not (officially, if that means anything) preside.

Free trade and globalisation propaganda dates back to the nineties.  "It'll make the world a safer, more prosperous place!!!  Economies of scale!  Comparative advantage!  No moar woar!!!  Countries that trade with each other do not war against each other!  Blah-blah city was built on a river and flourished due to increased trade ..." 

I'm waiting for the US to declare war on China, then order 10 000 Chinese-made army Jeeps, Chinese made electronics for their jet-fighters and missiles, and Chinese made army uniforms.  After the uniforms don't turn up because they bomb the uniform-making factory, they'll outsource the whole war to Blackwater (because private industry is always more efficient), who in turn will discover that it is cheaper to hire foreign mercenaries - Chinese ones because it minimizes transport costs ... 

Pie rre's picture

And since foreign mercenaries  don't exhist think of the future savings in veteran benefits

philipat's picture

Now that MS has become a crony capitalist NSA affilaited douche, it can no longer see the market clearly. It's own business in the Corporate sector with PC's needs to be sustained. Windows 8 isn't going to do that. In the Mobile and Tablet space, a different approach is needed. You can't do BOTH at the same time. MS has tried to do that on the cheap. I suppose so that Gates can rock on??

Telemakhos's picture

Your words, "Now that MS has become," would seem to indicate that you believe that Microsoft's collusion with the NSA is a recent development. That collusion has been suspected since the the late 1990's.

CH1's picture

Even more bullish Linux Mint

Yes, Linux Mint!

Uncle Remus's picture

I agree on the Linux Mint. I prefer it over straight-up Ubuntu.

g'kar's picture

Just tried Linux Mint 17 RC, very nice and it will be LTS.

Ying-Yang's picture

What fun is to install Linux on thumbdrive and any computer is yours.... (hint).

Don't be afraid to play with free vmware..... run pesky xp, 7, os 10 in a sandbox

Headbanger's picture

Hitler plans to install Windows 8

Hitler is informed he's installed on Windows 8

Hitler rants about Windows 8

Hitler won't upgrade to Windows 8 now either!


And Windows 8 is unusable anyway!

Manthong's picture

Oy, If it is not good enough for Hitler…

Maybe I finally found  a decent reason to buy into man-made, man-caused, man influenced, man-handled global cooling,, er warming, er climate change, er climate disruption or whatever thing they are blaming the weather and market on now.

I seem to have a touchy- feely opinion about all this now.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

What, bru screen again!?  What the herr!

Latina Lover's picture

Re: Windows 8 Sucks:



Lost My Shorts's picture

Windows 8 is fine.  It was a nuisance to need to learn new ways of doing practical things, and reorganize 200 icons, and I haven't used the ipad wannabe mode for months, but once you get used to it it's fine.  In fact, the pro version is more than fine -- it's now quite easy to run a web server and development environment in Windows 8.1 pro, and the disk encryption and RDP client are better than before.

As for lost sales, no one in China pays for Windows anyway.

Uncle Remus's picture

No, it's a fucking goat blow.

Latina Lover's picture

I found Windows 8 to be clumsy and difficult to navigate.  Moreover, I do not trust MS when it comes to protecting me against well known hackers such as the NSA.  I wiped 8.0 off my computer, moved to Ubuntu and find it much better for my purposes.  For word processing and spreadsheets, my Mac does just fine.

Zoomorph's picture

You trust Apple but not Microsoft? O_o

IronForge's picture

Use LibreOffice (or OpenOffice) for WP and Spreadsheets.  They can be saved in M$FT and PDF Formats among others.  For sending/writing printable documents, I suggest saving a copy in .pdf, so the Hardcopy Formats are consistent with the appearance over people using different versions/platforms of M$FT Office and Printer Setttings.  

It should be part of your Default Linux Ubuntu or Fedora Installation.  If not, download and install.

Also, IIRC, the German Intelligence Agency once complained in Speigel that Win8s were barred from use in their Office since it contained spyware in the OS.

I would suggest TAILS for Secure Browsing "On the Go" (LiveCD or LiveUSB - OS on your Keychain/Disc Case).  It uses the TOR system of anonymous proxy web servers - yes, the FBI/NSA hacked it once by installing their own TOR Servers to monitor some traffic flow; but it's better than nothing); and the OS wipes the RAM on shutdown to give the users some privacy.

Paranoia?  We're living in the days of Hackers who Spy for Corporate Data, Industrial Espionage, and simply just Foul Play.  I've had quite a number of Interviews sabotaged by those who deleted/intercepted emails, wiretapped phone conversations, and meeting crashers who caused a ruckus on site prior to my arrival.  (Granted, my Case is a bit extreme, since it involves rabid and ever-stalking Proselytizer Cult dweebs and dumbasses prosecuted/fired by my Federal Whistleblowing(to the Govt Authorities - Kickbacks/Criminal Negligence/Worker Safety/Misappropriation of Funding - if I were still in Uniform, I'd have them hammered in Courts-Martial - and appropriately, some perps involved are conduct and convict cases' friends and family)).  Lovely town, this Los Angeles.  Even the Air Force Base is compromised by Cult types.  

The funny part is, not only do crowds gather to worship anything(e.g., rain patterns on a dirty window pane - that actually made the evening news) that looks like the Mythically-Redux-from-other-Religions-especially-Solar-Mythra-Dionysus-Isis-Horus "Mother and/or Son", some of them are either employed by, partnered with, or supportive of the Regional Subsidy Queen SpaceX and its Sister-and-future-Lithium_hoarding-questionable_combustion-lowered_actual_range_in_hot&cold_weather-and-sales_quantity-valuation-scandal-ridden Tesla/T-Zero.

Though Linux is more secure than Windoze, it's still vulnerable (due to its controlled mob of contributors-of-various-competencies approach).  On the other hand, the "Open Source" model allows for problems to be addressed for all to see, solutions to be presented, screened, tested, and available for distribution(via patches using the Distribution's Software/Upgrade Manager) promptly (as in hours in some cases).  A Windoze OS Bug may take a month (Patch Tuesday (1st Tuesday of Month)) - or depending on the problem - never, even if the Corporate decision to neglect it gets leaked and complained about. 

BTW, Linux Geeks: What's the hype about Mint?  It's "based" on Ubuntu, right? Save for a few interfaces and a smaller distro load (for speed), I don't see the "distinguishing factor" worthy of switching.   If you're looking for speed and have the RAM capacity, boot the Operating System unto RAM with "toram" tacked on the boot script (type F6 and/or ESC to get to it during the initial boot icons); and watch it fly.

Sudden Debt's picture

Windows 8 looks like those touchscreens where monkeys learn to communicate with.







flapdoodle's picture

Amazing observation S.D - Windows 8 *DOES* look like those monkey training touchscreens - also like the ones at McDonald's to take your order, and the ones that show up in Idiocracy.

Sounds like its part of a plan!

Perfecthedge's picture

Fiat money to buy Fiat Operating Systems.  Sounds right to me.

Bill Gates is long out of the game and left the shitty years ahead to Steve Ballmer.

A Nanny Moose's picture

Lol. Hollow fiat. As is anybody uses Win8.

Dixie Rect's picture

Biggest turd that ever came out of Bill Gates ass

StychoKiller's picture

I thought that 'honor' belonged to Windows ME.

JPM Hater001's picture

According to Doctor Michael Persing of the Laurentian University, using the Windows operating system to run the "God Helmet" software on renouned remote viewer Ingo Swan, "SHUT HIM DOWN COMPLETELY."

I think this might be the presentation he shares the info: 2011 Remote Viewing by Michael Persinger

Thom_333's picture

Nice move. Instead of buying carbon-offset...paper...a more positive stride towards reduction of C02 emissions was communicated from Beijing. A ban on Windows 8.

A kinda kung fu thing using the adversaries own argumentation against him. Hit him where it hurts. In the wallet. Maybe a way of handling Buffet and Gates also in west and the ConUs. Ban use of all products associated with them on the basis of emission reduction and improvement of global climate change. Since it really doesn´t exist (global warming) or at least can´t be measured or detected it´s one of those wonderful "proof of negative" arguments. Like Saddam who had to show that he was dismantling his non-existent WMD´s. A huge challenge. As long as Buffet is calling for increased taxation of the few productive middle-class people that´s left - hit him with a blockade on all his products until he can prove that he´s not behind the global climate change. Which he can´t - ever.

shovelhead's picture

Looks like the Chinese learned that old Congressional 'rider' trick.


_ConanTheLibertarian_'s picture

An ellol has occulled.

orangegeek's picture

nothing like a bunch of rational communists doing your thinking for you


the communists hack (steal) most of their software, so not sure how this affects MS