Russia Reminds US It's Not Over: Test-Fires Nuclear Missile

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Both sides have run their nuclear drills (US here and Russia here) and it had all gone eerily quiet in the detente between the West and Russia...until now:


That should wake things up...for the 2nd time in two months. Time to BTFWWIII.

As Bloomberg reports,

Russia launched Topol rocket from site in Astrakhan region at 9:08pm Moscow time today, Interfax reports, citing Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Egorov.


Test missile hit notional target in Kazakhstan: Interfax


Of course - panic set in and so "Someone" - from the NY Fed - decided it was a perfect time to sell the shit out of the VIX ETF in massive size...



As a reminder, this is how Russia was not preparing for a nuclear strike...

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Sounds like it's time for our Slapdick-in-Chief to do something stupid.

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is puting still in charge or not?  i thought he was in china ...

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For those who haven't seen it, here's the Oligarch plan for WWIII:

Basically make the US look increasingly bad, justifying a Russia/China first strike against the US.  With a new world government winning in the end.

All non-connected and unprepared peasants lose.


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sure. on the selling point that only cockroaches survive, and politicians...

Putin is selling arms in China. ICBMs are arms... it's a commercial demonstration

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Does this mean we can't use Russian rockets to launch Chinese warheads?

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they havent perfected them like we have. test on bitchskis.

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We could consider a self-detonating Chinese rocket and a mysteriously disappeared spy satellite like the W J Clinton/Loral/Chicom deal.

What some people won't do for a lousy million or two in campaign slush...

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The Russians know that the US media's attention span is.... wait... what was I writing?

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fuck this shit! Come one you bastards! you want to poison me, kill me? come on! i'm ready to fucking jump out from the roof!

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Gotta defend against those Loral MIRV'S.




Every Swiss home, from the mountain to the valley, protects the occupants from blast and radiation and chemical, biological, and radiological agents.


What are you going to do?

Using Water Resources is vital information for those who desire to keep drinking water and growing food.


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The above document does not have to be paid its available for free on the internet.  Its plans for a Swiss govt rec shelter

Technical Directives for the Construction of Private Air Raid Shelters

you can google that or here is the link to the pdf

New Ordnance's picture

Thanks. Could not find a free copy at the sources you listed but I am all for free stuff.

For anyone who wants a free copy but cannot buy Painted Mountain Corn Seed, shoot an email to for the  promocode.

COSMOS's picture

Just do a search in google for the title I gave above and you will see google give you the pdf link in the searches that takes you to the link in the survivalring website.  Anyways besides that he has tons of other docs on survival etc and you can download for free.


New Ordnance's picture

Thanks Cosmos. There is a backstory to that particular document. Back in the 1980's at the height of the cold war, I developed a business relationship with an engineer  who worked for a Swiss engineering firm. It turned out that the engineer was not exactly Swiss. He was a German who survived the fire-bombing of Dresdan as a boy in WW II. He subsequently developed a passion for what would be his life's work - protecting civilians and ordinary people from the horrors of war, even nuclear war. I received a treasure trove of documents from that era that I used in my work. Now, since the documents are not helping anyone lying in my archive, I decided to share them and promote their use. Since my German is rusty, I am posting the English versions first.

The document in question contains pre-engineered plans that would allow a competent do-it-yourself person to construct a safe home shelter. Of course if your pockets are deep enough, you can hire custom designs and construction or take your chance with an off-the-shelf bunker that may or may not work.

Why should we concern ouselves with blast and radiation shelters? I assure you that our .gov politicians in D.C. and in every state capitol have a seat in a shelter. If our leaders are protected why not us? Do they know something we don't?

The scientists who designed the bombs also knew how to protect against them. There is a substantial literature on the subject. For all who are new to this discussion and for all who may read this comment, please purchase a copy of "Nuclear War Survival Skills" by Cresson Kearney. The 1987 Expanded Edition with a Forward by Edward Teller is best. It has a bright green cover. You can inspect an on-line edition here:



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One of my local nurseries sells painted mountain seed corn.  I can tell you that it is not happy with 107f.  Every single kernel that I got last year was saved as seed, because I figure those were the individual plants that were a little bit better at withstanding the heat.  I have 15 rows of corn planted, with two of them being painted mountain, and I am going to let all of the different varieties cross pollinate, and eventually I will have a genetically diverse population that is adapted to my soil, my climate and my gardening methods.  

New Ordnance's picture

Good. Save the best ears for seed for successive generations and it should adapt to your local conditions and yields should improve year over year. Make sure your cross-pollinated varieties are non-hybrid and non-GMO open pollinators lest recessive genes sabotage your efforts. All the best for your endeavors El V in your area of operation.

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I'm getting 100% germination rates on the corn I bought from you, and I'm stunned at how fast it's sprouting.

I would urge everyone who is interested in growing heirloom corn to check out You will not be sorry. 

New Ordnance's picture

Thanks for the testimonial Meattrapper.

Good to hear from you!


COSMOS's picture

Hmmm, 100% lol find it hard to believe

New Ordnance's picture

LOL. Meattrapper is down south. I am in Montana. We collided on zerohedge. Seems like we had some mutual interests - simple hunters and trappers.

It is an idea though. I am not as clever as the Bard and don't know how authentic the dramatis personae would be without a lot of practice.

"All the world is a stage..."

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According to rumour the latest version of the Topol vehicle can drop 3-8 re-entry packages into a 170 mile diameter 'basket', with a circular error probability of under 50 meters per package. How reliable it is at doing that, I couldn't say, but with 110/550kt per warhead, it only has to get it right more than half the time to give you a really bad day.

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Well, the US looks like it has either not enough, or has non-working hardware to fire off on a test range in response.

This does not look good.

I wonder if any of our weapons even work anymore.

Mitzibitzi's picture

Probably melted all the warheads down and gold plated them, to give Ft Knox the appearance of actually having some gold.

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Hey Russia! Better save some for the Grand Finale!!

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from your link: "The Western globalists are divided into two main factions: a US/British faction firmly in control of the financial means of the NWO, and a European faction of hard-core leftists, secretly aligned with Moscow, which controls the majority of votes in the General Assembly of the UN."

just a general question: why do we "hard-core leftists Putin-friends" aka continentals control a majority of votes at the UN?

Arius's picture

because none cares ... and all left or right or whaever just play what role they auditioned for ... just a job

NDXTrader's picture

I think that's probably because all of the former colonial states would vote for that faction as a way to "even" things out from the colonial exploitation. Most 3rd world countries and/or former colonies are hard leftist states

tonyw's picture

"hard-core leftists Putin-friends" aka continentals control a majority of votes at the UN

ROTFLOL, the USSA bullies most countries to toe the line or else....

asteroids's picture

Unless or until something breaks (ie a big bank, hedgie, or company) or goes tits up, you will get stupid action. There IS no fear because the banksters have your back. The VXX should be up 10 points.

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We call him King Putt, and I guess he is "in charge". Puting is spelled "PUTTING". 

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Disclaimer: Long Ready-Mix.

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Can they only target WASH DC ?   That would be such a relief !

nowhereman's picture

And he will.  It's the only thing you can truly count on.

IridiumRebel's picture

He is so good at if it is planned.



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Puppet Masters and Whistleblowers, the NSA Ties - Richard Grove

I know its nearly a half-hour video, but one you won't regret finding the time to watch, and you should prepared to take a few notes. The one thing important I want to point out now is a conclusion R. Grove mentions at the very end, when he explains that America, right now, is acting in a way, Globally, that destroys our reputation and makes it easy for countries to dislike us and believe we deserve anything "bad" that may happen to us

(a wealth of knowledge and I never heard of him before, you'll want to view this)

topshelfstuff's picture

""""when he explains that America, right now, is acting in a way, Globally, that destroys our reputation and makes it easy for countries to dislike us and believe we deserve anything "bad" that may happen to us""""""


I should have added that this is by Intent. You'll understand once you view the tube.

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Barry Potter and the Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles of Astrakhan.

Berspankme's picture

More importantly where is bathhouse Barry golfing today?

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38°53 N 77°26 W is close enough for a MIRV.

redpill's picture

You mean an ICBM?  It's not nuclear unless it has a real warhead on it, and I'm assuming that's not the case.

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Its the thought that counts.
Best wishes from Vlad.

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has the said pdf of swiss basement shelter in their archives for free as well as other stuff

or you can just search google for the pdf with

Technical Directives for the Construction of Private Air Raid Shelters

New Ordnance's picture

Thanks. Could not find a free copy at the sources you listed but I am all for free stuff.

For anyone who wants a free copy but cannot buy Painted Mountain Corn Seed, shoot an email to for the  promocode.

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Now that's pretty swift right there

IridiumRebel's picture

Try the Dong Feng 5000 which is in China's arsenal. Now THAT would have a little bit of a sting. We are outside of the Topol for our current location, but the Dong Feng would give us about 10 minutes to get outta Dodge.


Old Man River's picture

Gulp, thanks.


Hail Mary...