Another Day, Another GM Recall

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Just after 7:30 am this morning, we reported on what we thought was one of the most important news of the day:

Sadly, 30 minutes later this tweet is no longer accurate when moments ago GM just announced its record, 30th, recall of the year.

General Motors is adding 218,000 subcompact cars to its growing list of recalled vehicles.


The new recall covers certain Chevrolet Aveo cars from the 2004 through 2008 model years. GM says the daytime running light module in the dashboard center stack can overheat, melt and cause fires.


The recall posted Wednesday on a U.S. government website is GM’s 30th this year. It brings the total number of vehicles recalled by the company since January to 13.8 million, breaking its own annual record.


Recall documents didn’t say if the problem has caused any fires or injuries. GM says it will provide a plan to fix the problem as soon as possible.


The high number of recalls is fallout from a deadly ignition switch problem that is responsible for at least 13 deaths.

This brings the total recalls for the year to 15.4 million vehicles or 72% more than GM sold in all of 2013.

At this point not even the jokes are funny so we will just leave it with the updated table of GM recalls YTD. At this rate, Microsoft will need to add more rows to its worksheet: the stock 1,048,576 won't be enough.

The good news, however, is that as GM prepares to recall double the cars it sold in 2013, all those dealer lots full of unsellable cars will promptly disappear deep in the bowels of GM factories, never to be seen again.

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BeetleBailey's picture

Government COCKSUCKING Motors

What a fucking JOKE

SLAP the next idiot that said he/she voted for Fuckbama....

Even though votes REALLY do not count....just the principle of the act of voting for this piece of SHIT is enough to warrant a good BITCH SLAP

J S Bach's picture

This is what happens when the government runs ANYTHING.  And we want them in charge of Health Care and Public Education?  They'll be recalling our children before long.

onewayticket2's picture

So when they return to dealer lots are they counted as "sold" again?  

Say What Again's picture

The new management at GM is simply cleaning house.  They are using this to get rid of ANY problem, regardless of how small.


This will be BULLISH for the SP500 because its yet another excuse to print more fiat


p.s. PLEASE get rid of the anoying pop-up ads!!!!!!


P.P.S  What's up with USDJPY?

Headbanger's picture

Yeah ..  Sum Ting Wong with USDJPY:


And try using Ghostery with Firfox to eliminate the pop ups.

max2205's picture

General Recall.....we want you back in the service dept so we can try to get you to buy a new car

PT's picture

Pardon me while I indulge my laminar stannous headwear:  Where are all the faulty parts made?

On a more probable note:  Perhaps they should have taken the second cheapest quote.  Not to worry, live and learn, markets adjust and all that ... ( What?  You don't like my use of the word, "market"? ... )        XP

SumTing Wong's picture

You called?

We both own Toyotas at my house. The wife has the minivan, and I have a truck. However, we did get a recall notice on the truck. Seems there is something potentially wrong with a least it won't cause the car to blow up. 

quasimodo's picture

Try adblock plus, it's not rocket science


StychoKiller's picture

Yeah, once your tit gets caught in a wringer, you wanna try to avoid ALL washing machines in the future!

onewayticket2's picture

"cash for clunkers" should have been called "clunkers for clunkers"


thanks barry.

Cpl Hicks's picture

Government Motors.


Xibalba's picture

Who wants it? They imposed that shit as a tax law. 

ejmoosa's picture

This is what happens when a failing company, that was failing for a reason, is saved by taxpayers and kept in business.

tempo's picture

real employment is housing. Trillion + in student debt will kill housing. So make crappy cars that must be recalled to keep people employed. Kids stay in school to be brain washed to be poltically correct robots who scream and while and phony injustices. The answer is always more control by the Government, schools, and media.

JRobby's picture

They will "chip" the children. Adults will be disposed of in an orderly fashion.

kchrisc's picture

General rule of government: "Government always accomplishes the opposite of the stated goal. Always."

This is because government is nothing more than a criminal syndicate of theft and violence. Any "goal" is nothing more than cover, a lie, for a scheme, scam or racket to benefit the pols, crats and their cronies.

A Nanny Moose's picture

"They'll be recalling our children before long."

Campus shooters, Ritalin, SSRIs. Seems that horse has left the barn.

“If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there'd be a shortage of sand” - Uncle Milton.

MeMadMax's picture

I wonder how many recalls they would ACTUALLY have if engine/transmission problems were included...



JRobby's picture

Engine and transmission "problems" will be repaired under warranty on our next available warranty repair appointment date only after 24.6 documented unproductive customer work hours have elapsed in efforts to resolve alleged defects and at least $750 has been spent on legal consultation. Nervouse breakdown is optional and will not be considered.

drendebe10's picture

Gummint Motors makes noyhing i want to own or drive. 


Every thing the gummint touches turns to stool. And wait. Phoenix VA hospital quality care is coming to you soon courtesy the liar in chief's mandatory death panel care. Bureaucracy rules.

JRobby's picture

"Stool", I am laughing! Great use of the word.  GOVT is "politely" pushing ours in for us. 

Took Red Pill's picture

Nice to see the bail out money went to good use

Bunga Bunga's picture

Right, nothing can go wrong in central planning.

replaceme's picture

It's much more efficient than breaking a billion windows.  3 billion.

Winston Churchill's picture

Brick up the factory doors already.

thecoloredsky's picture

I'm picturing a factory pumping out cars bumper to bumper into a garbage dump. It's insane the times we live in.

Winston Churchill's picture

Just turn Detroit into a giant wreckers yard.
Those Chinese are damn clever.

Blano's picture

Clearly you haven't been there lately.

JustObserving's picture

Blame it on the brutal winter.  Who could have foreseen that? Won't it be simpler to recall all their cars?

In other news, Prince Charles, another freeloader, compares Putin to Hitler:

Britain’s Prince Charles caused controversy on Wednesday after he reportedly compared Russian President Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler while on a trip to Canada.

Talking about Russia and the Ukraine to a Jewish woman who fled the Nazi invasion of Poland in 1939, the Prince was reported to have said: “And now Putin is doing just about the same as Hitler”.

The comments came just two weeks before the future king is due to meet Mr. Putin and other leaders at the 70th anniversary commemorations of the D-Day landings in Normandy, France.

Peter Pan's picture

Your comment is spot on but might not be understood by the majority of ZH readers. You are of course referring to the private comment of Prine Charles to Camilla while they were having an affair that he wanted to be her tampon or words to that effect.

The problem with comparing Putin to Hitler is that it leaves you with few choices with whom to compare Obama and his masters to.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

So, "Putin" is to "Hitler" like "Prince Charles" is to "Tampon".  I like this game!

JRobby's picture

The emporer comes to mind but Darth Vader saves the day. I don't see that in this current script.

Xibalba's picture

Yeah, but he means it as a compliment. Just like grampa! 

Seize Mars's picture

Just observing
It makes one wonder, how do these guys keep a straight face?

101 years and counting's picture

luckily for GM, most of these cars are still on their lots or in their factories.  i cant believe anyone still buys these pieces of shit.

buzzsaw99's picture

why do all these recalls involve the chance of a fiery death?

NoDebt's picture

They used to recall for things like trim clips that come loose or a seat adjuster that gets stuck... non-life-threatening stuff.  If they had recalls for all that stuff PLUS all the recent "firery death" recalls that would be.... pretty much all the cars GM has built since 1998.

Important year for GM:  1998.  That's when they started playing bidding wars between Delphi and Delco with the goal of building the cheapest possible electrical systems.  Also the year that electrical problems in GM cars started to go through the roof.  Conincidental, I'm sure.

Clark Bent's picture

That sort of top-down hardball (gun to  knife-fight) is just the way Obama would make things more efficient for those dirty capitalists. Look into the "Dr.'s Fix" that Congress keeps gving us to forestall the Obamacare prescription for making healthcare more affordable, i.e. stop payin the providers of healthcare. More brilliant-ness from our Ivy League alumni.  

drendebe10's picture

Conveniently, the elected ruling political elite have passed a vote exempting themselves from obamascare.  And all the incumbents won in their elections yesterday. WTF?

Seize Mars's picture

It's rigged.
Voting is rigged.

StychoKiller's picture

The Ignorati 'vote' for the name(s) they recognize.

Sabibaby's picture

Anyone else think that maybe GM is doing this on purpose? It seems like GM might be trying to punish the government for punishing them on the first recall. It's like a statement for GM to say, "We too are too big to fail so leave us alone or we'll destroy the stawk market!"

Peter Pan's picture

We are getting to the stage where we will not be able to recall the number of recalls there have been.

_ConanTheLibertarian_'s picture

Is that a GM in the picture? WHAHAHAAHAAHAHA!!

Clark Bent's picture

Detroit is alive and Bin Laden is dead! Vote Obama 2012, just give it a little more time and the policies will kick in.