China's "Strike First" Anti-Terrorist Policy Fails Again - Explosion Hits China's Xinjiang Region, Multiple Deaths

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It appears yet again that China's "strike first" anti-terrorism policy has failed as explosions have rocked Urumqi, the capital city of China's unrest-plagued Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous region, killing (and injuring) multiple (but unknown) people. Social media suggests 2 SUVs entered the crowded market in the center of the city ploughing down onlookers, throwing explosives from the cars, before a blast was heard. One witness noted that the cars were painted with "uighur" language slogans. Flames and heavy smoke were seen nearby, police are on the scene and the 2 SUVs are being removed. There is no official death or injury count as of yet.



Via Western Australia Today,

Social Media witnesses...

One witness, 76-year-old Fang Zhaoying, was tending her daughter’s grocery store near the market when she heard a few loud explosions and saw lying on the ground.


“The blasts were loud as anything,” she said via telephone. “I went outside to look and saw people lying on the  ground, before people told me to go back inside.”


Ms Fang said the explosion occurred during the morning peak for the market, which was known to be more commonly frequented by Han Chinese. She estimated there were at least hundreds lining the streets at the time of the blast.


Another purported witness, Zhang Xiaoning, posted on China’s Twitter-like Weibo that two vehicles drove through the crowded market streets, ploughing through shoppers, before hearing several explosions blasts soon after.


“I managed to react quickly and jumped out of the way,” he posted. “I looked back, and [people] were all lying on the road.”


He said the second car he saw speed through was painted  with “Uighur language” slogans and had triangular flags stuck  to it. His posts were swiftly removed by internet censors.

Social Unrest is on the rise...

Unlike most of the rest of China which is predominantly Han Chinese, many parts of Xinjiang -- an expansive region
which shares borders with eight countries including Russia, Afghanistan and Pakistan -- remain largely home to the native Uighurs, a predominantly Muslim, Turkic-speaking ethnic group. According to a 2010 census, Xinjiang's 22 million population comprises of 43 per cent Uighur, 40 per cent Han Chinese, with the rest made up of other minority groups.

But fast-paced development and an associated influx of Han Chinese economic migrants has seen larger cities in Xinjiang, including Urumqi, transform almost unrecognisably, sparking tensions among Uighurs who chafe at government policies they say discriminate against them and restrict their religious freedoms. 

Xinjiang has been plagued by ethnic unrest, with China attributing a series of escalating knife and bomb attacks in recent months to separatist Uighur militants from Xinjiang.

Last month an explosion killed three and injured at least 79 at a central train station in Urumqi, in an attack that coincided with the high-profile visit of President Xi Jinping to the region.

 On March 1, knife-wielding attackers slashed indiscriminately at passengers at a train station in Kunming, in south-western Yunnan province, killing 29 and wounding more than 130.  

It seems the "fists and daggers" of local police are not working.

Internet censors are rapidly removing images from Weibo but here are some...

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y3maxx's picture

...No doubt friends...a CIA False Flag event...

Pinto Currency's picture

Should never have signed that natural gas deal with Russia.

DeadFred's picture

The vans came by boat from Vietnam by way of the Gulf of Tonkin

Slave's picture

They hate them because of their freedom.

Pinto Currency's picture

Desperation time.

Same techniques will be applied as Libya, Syria, Ukraine, etc.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

This is yet another item supporting my contention that the USA does not have to worry about the BRICs.  ALL of them have big internal problems, bigger than our own.  Demographics in the case of scary Russia and scary China.

India and Brazil?  Please.  Brazil is working on not screwing up hosting the World Cup (spending billion$ on those two boondoggles).  India may, way in the future, rise to become great, they are a democracy that might be able to work out their own fundamental problems.

The way the USA falls is if we let it, by our own internal rot and corruption (very possible).  It will (likely) not be due to Russia and China doing a NatGas deal, however large.  

Besides, who would want CHINA as a neighbor for the long run...?

Anusocracy's picture

They have big internal problems with the big internal problems the US is fomenting there.

So What's picture

How do CIA get the weapons and explosive to the muslim in that area? Better yet, let's call for a Jihad and import Arab fighters to aid their Muslim brothers in Western China.
It's time those shit eating Chinese learn to respect human beings, Tibetans etc. Everyone needs to have a little space to live, not just the Hans Chinese, the only people on the planet who can think of scooping shit out of sewer to eat.
Anyhow, this is just getting interesting.

napper's picture

How? by using the brains of CIA officers, well-trained field operatives, lots and lots of money, connections, weapons, drugs, dedicated and classified transport equipment, and the help of the recipients ... to name a few.


It's understandable that you can't figure out how, since you don't have any of that, especially the brains, money, and real experience.

Manthong's picture

SUV’s and vans don't kill people, people kill people.


I have remarked in the past that a dedicated maniac can wreak more havoc with a good, gassed up 4WD on a busy and crowded venue that any similar maniac can with whatever explosives or weaponry (belted, bladed or firearms) he can personally carry --  open or concealed.


That goes for many things that roll, fly or float at speed.


When it comes to crowded venues, large populous cities are target rich environments.


The problem is not the implements.. it is the prevailing policy.


svayambhu108's picture

You can know a job by its execution style its like when you see PR, you say, Aha, Edward Bernays, you see conditioning, you say aha Pavlov, you say suicide bombings you say CIA, although I recall the first suicide bombers were jews.

They perfected too well this technique to be able to use other.


Manthong's picture

Pavlov.. Bernays..

if we could only educate the kids properly about these guys. 

if you purport yourself to be a teacher.. get some Constitutional religion... NOW .

DoChenRollingBearing's picture




Oh, please.  They cause the bulk of their problems themselves, whatever little scummy games our CIA (et al) is up to means very little.


-- Bad demographics caused by CHINESE one-child policy

-- Big supporters of Iran and N Korea (uh, your friends?)

-- World's largest polluters, air & water


-- It's not the USA that could cut-off Europe's NatGas supplies...

-- Open your yap vs, Putin and it's off to Siberia for you (or you die)

-- Russian corruption is even worse than ours...


I could go on...

old naughty's picture

While we are looking SE, boom in NW.

While we are looking at C, or C+R, or BRICS...boom somewhere else likely.

As Brandon Smith said in another thread: " ...The East vs. West paradigm is a sham of the highest order."

Not what it seems...the invincible hand stirring.

No country for (any) men !


Manthong's picture

A lot of folks see Greece as a highly levered lynchpin to a larger unsettling..

Maybe 'Nam is more important in that regard now.

joego1's picture

True enough, seems like the world is collectively in rot mode. Just keep the nukes in the silos please.

Manthong's picture

.mil won't be pulling the trigger on societal destruction.

the trigger has already been pulled by rhe greedy, godless goons in .gov. and the banks

when I look at that condescending press briefing bitch that is touting the state department party line to the press, I want to puke.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Has Victoria Nuland been passing out misfortune cookies?

Manthong's picture

geez.. y'know..  think about Hillary, Yellen, Mary Jo, Noodleland, Jen Psaki, Valerie Jarret, the Wookie and their ilk..

you R f'd. by the so-called women (who are just meglomaniac control freaks in skirts).

Ok.. so maybe I R just a sexist.. at least I am not a racist.

Cathartes Aura's picture

lol, Man-thong,

the *tell* is that you can make a list of all yer Missus,

but haven't the life-time

to list the fuck'd brought on by the mens.

read some books? 

HISTORY is tipped towards a certain "half" of the world

demo'd graphic.

Manthong's picture


maybe thats why society seems hell-bent on smoothing out and metro-izing men.

arouse inner amazonian ?

when we are all homo, what's the diff?

Cathartes Aura's picture


I'd call it "culture" rather than "society". . . cultures are guided by the top down, abetted with advertising products, sold for profits.

so consider:  the "women" culture is saturated with personal amendment-products, sold in ladies-mags. . . who to turn to for more $$'s earned?  push the peacocks into purchasing! 

and dandy-ism isn't new, just revived with bigger sales targets.  the inherent attraction of men-to-men rarely goes away, with "women" being the objectified sex-target, no homo bro! - and yet. . . only men earn each others respect.

Rome fell upon itSelf in the End. . . echoes.


((ps: like cultured-gender is like voting - you can *pick a side* - or you can opt out of the whole story.  no, really.))

IridiumRebel's picture

Straight up the Burma Road.

napper's picture

The Vietnamese don't engage in this kind of low tactics, and I don't believe they have adopted the British/American ways of conducting adversarial diplomacy with China.

SumTing Wong's picture

Who is going to make the first joke about "Uighur" language being on the SUV? Somebody's getting banned tonight. You just won't be able to make it through without some Vanilla Ice comment. Oh shit. Might it be me?

DoChenRollingBearing's picture



My money would be on Mark Steyn.  I love the sarcastic bast**d, he does not take ANY crap from the Left.


Manthong's picture

we gerna git up and we gerning git going pertty quick now. 



Troll Magnet's picture

I hate China but man, those people didn't do nothing wrong.
Fucking cowards. Fucking assholes. Fuck you terrorists!

ebworthen's picture

Those crazy Islamic Jihadists think killing innocent people is in the name of God.

What has happened to that peaceful, loving religion?  Do they not love others?

Not that other faiths are perfect, but Islam has a very big problem.

Manthong's picture

geez.. thyere is not much to hate in China but for policy and the pollution (same thing?).

and.. you cannot be much enamored with US kleptocrat/oligarch/bank policy anymoar


kchrisc's picture

Sorry, can't be because there were no Facebook and donation sites set up a month before.

TN Jed's picture

You do realize those donation pages, that looked like they were predated, were just opportunists who changed the page title after the incident but the incept date stays the same.

Confused's picture

My guess is not the CIA. 


It would appear Orwell was right. Its that pesky Emanuel Goldstein again. The Oligarchs in all areas will continue to consolidate power and intimidate their peoples. Then they will continue to play chess with each other at our expense. 

Hongcha's picture

How do you contain 10 million people?  It's not like they are outnumbered like the Tibetans; and they are aggressive, Muslims not Buddhists.  Big problems.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Yes, Xinjiang is a much more diffiicult for the Chinese central government.  Tough shi'ite, they took it over, now it's theirs.  Ha ha.  Have fun!

Leraconteur's picture

It's China.

You kill them.

LetThemEatRand's picture

I can't wait for the day that the U.S. and China officially call each other terr'ists in their own media.   Does it still work when you call an entire country a terr'ist?  Ask Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan.  And I seem to recall that Ukraine called pro-Russians terr'ists and vice-versa.  Let's all plant a garden with Gatorade.  It will grow faster.

Dr. Engali's picture

You should probably throw Russia in that list.

Flagit's picture

In Mother Russia, Russia throws you on list.

Slave's picture

In USSA, NSA throws you on list.

jonjon831983's picture

And you wonder how China feels about parts of the world supporting what China labels a dangerous "cult" like Falun Gong.

Dr. Engali's picture

I guess stupidity is a global phenomenon. These idiots never blow up the people who are the root of the problem, which leads me to believe this is probably another false flag.

Anusocracy's picture

In China, the government is the problem.

In a democracy, the voters and the government are the problem.

IridiumRebel's picture

I had to look twice to make sure I wasn't looking at photos of the Boston Bombing.

LetThemEatRand's picture

I checked.  No white guys with tan pants, hats with skull insignia, and black boots.  Different group.

IridiumRebel's picture

How do you say Academi in Uighur?

TheReplacement's picture

I say it just like you - Academi in Uighur?