Initial Jobless Claims Jump Most In Over 5 Months

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Having dropped to 297k last week (the first time below 300k since April 2006) as 'full' employment appears to have been reached but the 326k print this week (against expectations of 310k) was the biggest jump week-over-week since December 5th 2013. This level of initial claims is exactly in line with the average for 2014 so far at around 325k. Of course the market is not worried - as opposed to the manic buying panic last week when claims plunged, stocks shrugged off this big rise...


What is perhaps more worrying for the silver-lining hunters is that this considerably disappointing print falls in the same week as the non-farm payrolls survey period (though bad news will of course be good news should that disappoint).

Charts: Bloomberg

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i_call_you_my_base's picture

Was it a full moon? Sun flares?

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Wasn't me. After 8 months of looking I finally found a job. It is a brutal market right now.

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It doesn't really matter.  The Fed controls employment and inflation data and manipulates it to say whatever supports their sociopathic bankster agenda.  Two months from now they will have cut QE nearly in half from 45B/mo to 25B/mo, and will be saying that unemployment is down or flat and inflationary worries compel them to tighten further, when in reality all they care about is prolonging the inevitable demise of our monetary system as long as possible, and their power with it.

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Peeples too busy stocking up boooze for the Memorial weekend to go look for a job or go to work.



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Busch's fawlt....since it happened during the ObowelMovement

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people all quit their jobs because they wanted to go to six flag and the boss didn't want them to give a day off.


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Last one out, please turn off the lights

And it's "schwing schwing" for you gold-tards:

Bay of Pigs's picture

Yeah, capped again at $1300 for the thousandth time...

GetZeeGold's picture



The 29.5 hr/wk nation welcomes you amigos!


Isn't Obamacare freakin great?

Headbanger's picture

Well it tells me why I saw hardly any other cars on the road mid yesterday morning driving into town to get new tires on the truck.

And the tire shop guys were looking a little restless with just one other (older) customer there.


Sudden Debt's picture

all part of the plan...

first you lower the amount of hours

than you raise the minimumwage to 9000 dollars per week


well... it's still a plan... still room for changes and all...

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

Obamacare only works if you don't.


wearef_ckedwithnohope's picture

Just wait until the McDonald's protestors with "attitude problems" get laid off.

oklaboy's picture

funemployment is baaaaccckkkkkkk.....

pods's picture

Sorry all, that was me. I decided that my life would be better served if I was a potter.  

So far I have made an ashtray and a birdbath.  Looks about as good as the ones I made in grade school, except the finger prints in them have gotten bigger.

They have great sentimental value, so I went to the bank, and using this sentimental collateral, borrowed a ton and went all in on FB.  

Now I am sniffing a line off the inner thigh of a Brazillian gal (tables are so plebeian and Simon forbids mirrors)  and partaking in a quick glass of Bollinger before hopping on the Alpaca and meeting up with the rest of Simon's army.

Life is good Bitchez!


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Ok, I'm confused. I understand that someone who trades PMs got the message early and that's why gold and platinum jumped 10 mins early (reminds mre of the old FED minutes release, with gold knowing 1 minute prior). But why did the market futures not react? While they've often reacted nonsensically, they usually jerk around at least. Barely a pulse. 

fonzannoon's picture

Hindenburg the markets are reacting to the new dramatic quote's from Marc Faber this morning. Here they are.

"Equity markets were "relatively expensive", he said, although Europe and emerging markets represented better value"If I were to buy equities I would rather go into emerging economies, but I don't think there is a hurry."

CrashisOptimistic's picture

Because there is no market.

There is only HFT, and they don't take control until opening.

It really is amusing to see people talk about "the market" when the computers are 60% of volume.  How could they NOT have it all rigged.  No other trades take place unless they allow them by slackening quote stuffing.

Just sell it all and buy farmland.  It's the only thing that is going to matter.

fonzannoon's picture

Crash think about how completely insane we all are. We all agree there is no market. None. Yet we all sit here each day like a bunch of lumps, waiting for computers to wake up and act like humans. This is how we are spending a good portion of our adult lives. Insanity.


LawsofPhysics's picture

Meh, same as it ever was...


Wake me when that "massive deflationary collapse" occurs, the price of diesel is killing us.

thatthingcanfly's picture

...and gold over $1300.

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"Inital Claims ticked up today as seasonal workers used to clearing snow and ice have been laid off due to the warm spring.  This is expected to improve as the cold returns."

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Instead of fighting the Liesman, let us play along with the narrative that all is great, unemployment has been whipped and now we can normalize rates and end QE.

CrashisOptimistic's picture

The 10 yr was up 3 bps in Singapore.  It's down a tenth of a bp now.

Good call, Tyler, on the NFP week sample.  Not everyone knows that the monthly Non Farm Payrolls report is sampled in just one week of the month.

agstacks's picture

It's always great to see people become untethered from the doldrums of work.  Pelosi will be pleased to see all these fine folks release their chains and enjoy life as they were meant to.  As she explained, these people are now free to start their own business or pursue the art classes they could never get to due to their gruling 9-5 scheudules.  Only the right views this as a bad thing. 



LawsofPhysics's picture

When does that cunt get "untethered"?  That's what folks in her district should be concerned about.

agstacks's picture

when you cut the rope, Laws. Tick, tock :)

Sudden Debt's picture

those number sure didn't leak out AGAIN...

beavertails's picture

LBMA website is down.  Is this PERMANENT? and the sign that the broken market will now allow to appear to be BROKEN? 

FLHRS's picture

I have been researching a new pickup.  Chevy Silverado ads all over Zerohedge this morning.  I'd never buy a Government Motors vehicle but I enjoyed clicking their Zerohedge ad.  Hopefully costing them a few cents.  It was like winning a dollar from one of my buddies on the golf course, all about principal.  Stick your political payoff up your ass GM, reorganize like the laws are designed.

FLHRS's picture

By the way, my wife bought a Ford Edge Sport a while back.  We love it.

dontgoforit's picture

My brother and his wife like their's, too.  Wife & I love our Elantra and Sonata.  Solid.

WTFx10's picture

By the way this isn't fucking facebook and I don't care what you fucking bought or love.

Oh regional Indian's picture

How much squeezing can 300,000,000 take?

That seems to be the question being asked here.

Go entreprenurial, it is the ultimate Fvck you to the system.


Smegley Wanxalot's picture

Having a job is soooooo 1990s ...

yogibear's picture

LOL, just live off the government and trade stocks in a private account.

Why work anymore, just frontrun the Fed. 

Tuesday was a classic Wall Street day.

William Dudley and his sidekick get on and talk about raising rates causing a selloff and then their Wall STreet buddies buy up, yesterday they say the opposite.


ShrNfr's picture

After the birth/death assumptions and the rest of the "season adjustments", the real number is between zero and infinity.

Cattender's picture

how high will the market go today on the good news?

yogibear's picture

Bullish!!! More people on the government tit, more Federal Reserve bankster treasury debt buying.

Keep the scam going to ever higher altitudes.

RevRex's picture

Global Warming makes it colder and caused the record cold we saw over 90% of the continental U.S. this past winter.


I'm going to go put some trays of water in my oven now, because I need to make some ice cubes........