US Manufacturing PMI Beats But Employment Slows To Worst In 2014

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Having hit cycle highs over 57 in February (in peak cold-weather season), US Manufacturing PMI appears unable to regain the positive momentum of that peak despite weather no longer being an issue. While the 56.2 print beat expectations of 55.5, with new orders improving, the all-too-crucial employment sub-index dropped to its slowest rate of expansion in 2014. Until just a few months ago when this macro indicator started to rise, it was seen as a secondary data item but once it started reinforcing the status quo believers trend it became crucial.

PMI beats but remains well below cold-season peak...


The full report breakdown:

The declining PMI employment index:

And perhaps most troubling:

On the price front, May’s data indicated an acceleration of input cost inflation to the strongest since January. Manufacturers suggested that the rise in input prices was broad-based, though the majority were unable to pass these higher costs on to their customers.

So, strong customer-driven economic recovery then? As long as it doesn't snow in the summer of course...

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Being employed was sooooo 1990's

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Its just the replacement of all those Snow shovels that were sold in the first quarter.....still hailing in Denver2 feet of it yesterday

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stupid humans!

algobots care nothing for your PMI or your PPI or your PMS!

these terminators are programmed to BTFD; smells like a mechanical bull to me.

Kyle Reese: You still don't get it, do you? He'll find her! That's what he does! That's ALL he does! You can't stop him! He'll wade through you, reach down her throat and pull her fuckin' heart out!

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look at these fucking fraudulent Fraud Markets...

326k unemployment print  - no problem Dow up....

Gold and Silver positive data no problem - a phony paper price dump at the open on the Crimex...

you'd think that someone, somewhere just dont want the phony paper prices of the only 2z forms of real money to rise  - wouldnt you??????


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Another perfectly executed fraud to lower metals and raise equities and the dollar!  The joke plays on!

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exactly...well stated....this shit show of fudged numbers (the PMI numbers are fucking asinine)....must somehow...some way....STOP.....but the fuckers in "power" are simply too fucking evil..too fucking greedy....


the cunts....

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will need all the showels we can manufacture to dig ous out after the shit crumbles!

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PMI beats, but Baltic Dry Index is below 1000.  Baltic Dry was near 12,000 in 2008.


That one helluva recovery.


So PMI reflects domestic activity - fair enough.  You park enough brand new cars in farmer's fields to rot, you can make the PMI say anything.

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So even though Company A is releasing employees, the real hope for Company A is that the OTHER companies don't release their employees so that someone is still left to buy Company A products.