What The French Think Of The Euro

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It wasn't immediately clear what the other 33% thought, but it is safe to assume have never heard of Draghi's "political capital."

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Euro, fuck yeah!


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No one has abandoned ship yet but the crowd circling where the lifeboats are stored is growing.

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I dont believe we are at the point yet where they are circiling the lifeboats.  I think we are at the point where they are queitly grabbing the keys to lock us all down with the others in the steering class. Once we are secured, they can get into their lifeboat without all the chaos and riffraff. 


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It doesn't matter what the French think.

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Mais, monsieur, c'est un insult aux francais!

('Scuse bad franglais...)

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disagree. France is still the linchpin of many things, here
nevertheless... it's not unusual for France to be undecided about monetary policy. and this is what I read in the poll: undecided

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With France being the hq of Masons what it says is extremely relevant.

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So you are predicting a huge market driven  devaluation of the Euro ? (it cant hyperiflate BC its not been printed enough)

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Jim Rickards makes a good case for the Euro in the short-term (also the SDR) in his new book, The Death of Money.

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Wrong. You're thinking only about the supply side. ANY currency can hyperinflate if the demand side goes to zero.


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+1 in fact HY is nearly always due to demand collapsing, often abroad

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   Yelping frogs slow boiling in the pot...

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Say what you want about the frogs, WOPS, krauts ect, they have a better currency then the Seppos do.


Are you a seppo ?

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  You forgot the Japs and Chinks?  I'll stick with Physical (xag/xau)thanks.

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anything with an 'x' in front of it is paper

metal goes clunk...fox goes...

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Draggie's predecessor was some Froggie called Treeshit, or something similar....

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Hah... Polls mean nothing to the elites. These unwashed masses, who smell of elderberries, just can't comprehend the brilliance of the Eurocrats. In due time ordinary man will come to see just how visionary the Eurocrats are... and they will be amazed. 

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something like 'let them eat cake' comes to mind...

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Unwashed Masses prefer intra-european currency wars? Devaluation rounds? Inflation, the most regressive tax of all? Did not know that

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Take out the intra-European currency wars and nothing has changed save for the fact that they are being squeezed by a single currency.

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EuroZone solution to this poll:  Ban on all polls not conducted by the EU.

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Also, quelle fromage!

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Fromage. He! Thanks for the laugh. 

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But it makes frottage more enjoyable.

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Just build a few more mosques in Paris and around the country and that poll will change.

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And yet, with all the news that has unfolded today, the VIX gets slammed down to a new 52 week low?

Oh yeah, that makes a whole lotta fuckin sense.

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you didn't hear? Putin pulled his tropps back from the boarder.



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How about, "what the world thinks of the french"?

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@orangegeek :

Your answer : P.23 of this poll 



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fuck the french...

its a failure alright...

so do something about it you fucking bunch of pussy's.

or shut the fuck up and remain slaves of the international bankers...


alien-IQ's picture

yeah, the French are pussies. They should do what the Americans have done to break loose from the chains of the international bankers...

Now, if you don't mind, can you let me know what exactly it is that Americans have done to break these chains? I can't quite see it or figure it out.

But surely, the non-pussy Americans have done something...right?

Kaiser Sousa's picture

bro -

i dont represent the majority of americans i represent me and my collective...most american's r a bunch of brain dead pussy's as well.

so, here's what ive done...

1) Refuse to pay income tribute to the bankers aka TAXES.

2) Defaulted on all debt owed to the banks;credt cards, HELOCS, Mortgages, ALL OF IT.

3) aint payin property taxes except on houses in which family or loved ones live in, and that dont include all holdings.

4) no debt coupons in the bank, all held outside the system to deprive them of income and reserves.  the bank is just a recycling center for me to move out of worthless currency and into real money...


all of this has been done becuase i refuse to be party to my own enslavement regardless of the consequences or treats of the Police States of America which is run by the shadow government  - THE MONEYCHANGERS anymore questions?


alien-IQ's picture

and don't you think there are some in France and indeed the world over that have arrived at a similar conclusion and plan as you?

It just gets old and tiresome watching Americans bash the whole fucking world and omit themselves from blame when it is Americans that are more the cause of global strife than any other nation or people on earth...And that's why the whole fucking world hates Americans!

Kaiser Sousa's picture

look man, if u have seen me here before u would know im a equal opportunity basher of ALL who do not resist the rule of the bankers...u got me twisted and more importantly, if there were truly more who have come to the same conclusion i have the world over, then the rule of the MONEYCHANGERS would be done and over with. we would once again live in a time where sound money, which benefits all mankind would be at the heart of this global monetary regimen...it is the debt and death paradigm underpinned by debt based currency that is destroying mankind...the fact that we r where we r is proof that WE AINT THERE.


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The whole F'ing world hates America because the leftist whiners lawyers and politicians have taken over the country. We now have a bunch of far left wankers sucking the US and the world dry.


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"Americans that are more the cause of global strife than any other nation or people on earth."

That's a bit extreme.

Yes we Americans spend more than we produce.

Our, inherently worthless, fiat dollars make it all possible. It is the root cause of all our corruption and wars.

But, if you think that the French, Russians, Chinese, North Koreans ... would do any better you are full of s**t! 

Want to do something about it, and help America?

Stop accepting US Dollars for payment. Accept only goods, silver or gold for what you export.

Stop accepting any fiat currency, accept only gold or silver, and help the world.

Kaiser Sousa's picture

"Stop accepting any fiat currency, accept only gold or silver, and help the world."

thank u that was my fucking point...

therein lies the 1st step to removing the bankerchains from ALL humanity...

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@Kaiser Sousa As if your USA were any better.

Yo man, I mean no disrespect, but fuck you too, tomorrow there's a vote for Europe and I'll do my part.

Concerned citizens are from everywhere, direct your "wrath" the right way.

cooky puss 

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40% want to be bailed out while the remaining cunt rags want free shit and don’t understand a debt slave chequebook to balance your obligations. In Obama’s world, everything is Nigger free.

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Vive le froggies!

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I am glad they were Franc about it.

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hey at least it didn't add up to 103%

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Try exchanging a 500 euro note in a French bank.


The currency exchanges on the streets will though.

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The Third Category was missing :


"Is the Euro a Deliberate Failure"