Caught Red-Handed: This Is What Zoomed In Gold Manipulation Looks Like

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Now that gold manipulation is no longer conspiracy theory and has joined every other "tinfoil" narrative into the realm of conspiracy fact, we urge readers to catch up on both what was the story of the day, namely the UK regulator cracking down on exactly one (1) Barclays trader for manipulating the gold price in a way that prevented him from paying out a substantial fee to his counterparty (and also being the absolutely only person in all of Barclays and every other bank to manipulate gold, of course), as well as reading the full explanation of just how said manipulation was conducted.

Failing that, one can simply observe the following pretty charts catching Daniel James Plunkett smashing the price of gold, which apparently in the UK is called a "mini puke", red-handed in the act of what is now confirmed gold manipulation.

Courtesy of Nanex, the charts below show the active Gold Futures contract on June 28, 2012 during the London afternoon gold fixing (3pm London time, 10am Eastern Time), which is when we now know the Barclays trader intentionally manipulated the price lower.

1. August 2012 Gold (GC) Futures trades and quote spread over a 5 second period of time (10:00:21 to 10:00:26 Eastern).

The important London gold fix price was $1558.96 which is near the middle of the price on this chart. Approximately 1,100 contracts were traded during the sudden price drop.

2. August 2012 Gold (GC) Futures trades and quote spread - Zoomed out.

3. August 2012 Gold (GC) Futures trades and quote spread - Zoomed out 2.

4. August 2012 Gold (GC) Futures trades and quote spread - Zoomed out 3.

5. August 2012 Gold (GC) Futures trades and quote spread - Zoomed out 4.

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reposting this funny commercial.

surprised it even was allowed to be made.

USA gold.

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This is not "gold manipulation" it is manipulation of the digital, virtual gold price which is itself a fiction as they are primarily trading vapor.

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Exactly.  And.... that's the definition of a 21 Century Ponzi.  Digital market clearing, money creation, banking, and accounting.


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And digital creation of gold from nothing at the LBMA and Comex.

You can have as much of this digital gold you want.

Just do not ask for delivery.

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But but, what about Bart Chilton!?!

He said the CFTC investigated metals manipulation and ''found nothing''...

The CFTC investigated it for 5 years...

The CFTC ''allocated 7,000 man hours" to investigating metals manipulation.

How could the CFTC not have discovered metals manipulation when its so in your face obvious?

Are they bumbling Inspector Clouseaus? Or Dr. Eevils? 

Is anyone expected to keep a straight face about this screamingly obvious manipulation? Or are we now all in on it?

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Here is Barclays survery on how they should replace the ''Silver Fix''

Please send them your creative suggestions...

Be sure to vote, and vote often.

I believe this Barclays survey should be treated with the same gravitas as was the #askjpmorgan ''request for input''

I recommend Barclays replace the Silver Fix with Bart Chilton juggling ping pong balls while bouncing on a pogo stick while his new banker masters throw pickled herring at him during their lunch hour. However many balls he catches in his mouth, is how many dollars silver goes up that day. If his pogo stick slips on a herring, silver goes down by the same amount that day.

If any herring get caught in his exquistely styled couffere, all trading ceases and silver goes limit up.

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Retard #1: I'm confused...why is this article only showing vertical, high volume moves in the downward direction?

Retard #2: No one in the history of ever has ever never had a reason to manipulate gold upwards. That is for sure.

Retard #1: Oh..makes sense. I should buy some since it obviously has intrinsic value.

Retard #2: Well, yeah, but most of that value is based on human psychology which has the tendency to change over time. Most industrial applications use only very small amounts of gold. So right now the majority of the value of gold comes from the expectation that gold retains its value. If those expectation vanish, a large amount of the value vanishes with it.

#1: Oh, so I guess we don't really know which direction the price of gold will go from here relative to other goods or currencies. I'll buy a little bit anyway just in case. Plus it is a neat item to have in the form of coins.

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Retard #3: I don't care what you shit holes think. I'm gonna build large storage vaults and continue to import thousands of tonnes per year. Please Mr. Western Doofus, could you continue to mini puke the digital price while we continue to accumulate at bargain basement prices?

Retard #4: We just dropped our import ban on gold, just watch us try and make up for the lack of previous supply issues. Oh, by the way, thanks for the fire sale in silver.

Full Retard #5: Here, buy all our gold and silver at bargain basement prices. We won't be needing it since we have plenty of fiat and are able to create it out of thin air. So, why should I worry? The USD is as good as gold.

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The internet is exposing all of this for what it is.  Their days are numbered.  Just pray that there are some involved in the "reset" who will point out the crimes and propose a debt-free monetary system to replace this criminal one we now have to endure.



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Days of the Internet are numbered, most likely....
They don't like this very much!

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The days of trading Gold are numbered as the trading of Gold is the root which exposes the fraud.


Yes. They do not like the private ownership of Gold that much...unless it is in thier vaults and they are the owners.


Invest in Black Paint and you need go boating more often.

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How many years in prison did this thief get?

bunzbunzbunz's picture

Oh goodness,  you simpletons are hilarious. Use your tiny little brains and really think for a moment. What element can be used to produce more devices that serve actual purpose (not jewelry), gold or neodymium? I'll give you a hint - it's the one the can be used to create the small, efficient electric motors or generators. 

People here pretend to be "makers" or "producers" yet they lust after shiny yellow metal as though it matters. PLEEEEAAAASE SOMEONE tell me what you have made (other than fucking jewelry) that requires more than a few miligrams of gold?

The idea of gold being valuable is just another joke/tool used against you to create an environment in which wealth can be stored by those with extreme wealth. It fits in so nicely with fiat currency, equities, and energy. You are a fool if you think gold will always be a hedge against inflation. You are a fool if you think anything will always be a hedge against inflation.

Those who are long gold will be downvoting me before their tiny minds even read this entire comment. So cute.

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bunz, I am sincerely interested in what you propose those here who trust in gold should invest in instead. Please share.

Ignatius's picture

No answer as Mr. 33 weeks is a troll.

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Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life...but it seems to work for him.


They came up with Bitcoins....but as it turns out, gold has been performing that same function for thousands of years.

Prisoners_dilemna's picture

People have been transmitting money globally and instantaneously without counterparty risk for thousands of years... using gold????    Come on man,  Bitcoin is not your enemy.


Bunz may like Bitcoin, but this just proves even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then.

bunzbunzbunz's picture

fencejumper: as stated below I am simply a troll cunt. If you simply look at historic prices of gold (available back to 1975 on kitco - later from other sources) you can tell gold is not something to be trusted in as a stable investment. In fact if you believe in the past repeating itself, you can infer that gold will continue dropping and stay a levels lower than this for years to come. Obvioulsy you could infer the opposite - we all see patterns in different ways.

Diverse investments are important. I think you should invest in equities, real estate (mostly land), water, and energy. I certainly think gold/silver/rhodium/whatever element you think is shiniest can have a place in your investments, but it certainly does not deserve the volume of attention and emotion it gets here.

When people are this emotional about an "investment" you know they are doing something wrong. They shouldn't need to worry about the current price or manipulation. They should be holding the "investment" long term for a situation of dire need.

What I see is a bunch of people who are trying to get rich for nothing with gold. Some of them seem to think this is more honest than getting rich for nothing with stocks. It is idiocy and greed.

Note: When I say invest in energy, I mean your own energy. Build yourself a wind mill and some solar panels. A goal for me is to have enough energy production/storage capability to run a household off-grid on the average day.

Bay of Pigs's picture

You're a tool when it comes to gold.

Maybe just STFU?

bunzbunzbunz's picture

That is a really good argument. So why don't you go acronym yourself?

Bendromeda Strain's picture

Oh you betcha! Have another red arrow like that barbed tool of Moloch punching your prostate. You answer your own question, foolish one. Neodymium is for motors, gold is for money. Each metal for a purpose, each suited for that purpose. Only when the system of honest weights and measures (in all things, including money) is restored will liberty return.

bunzbunzbunz's picture

You don't seem to understand the question. Using gold as money is as abitrary as using fiat. Using psychology you can create a system wherin 1 mg of gold is as valuable as a house. The other way around, you could create a system where it took millions of pounds of gold to buy a house. The more trust you give to this "money", the more power those who hold the majority of it have.

By the does one shop in the modern world with gold? Do we carry a couple nuggets to the store and scrape some onto a scale? Do we trust the scale? Do they trust the purity?

Logically, the only way trade could reasonable be carried out is if the average person had hundreds of coins of different mass. The creates two problems with your idea of gold trade.The first is obvious from the fact that people would need hundreds of coins...weight. The second being that the value of gold is currently too high, due to the requirements of the average person having so many coins. At current levels, a person would need to carry thousands of dollars to perform normal activities in the modern economy.

Obviously the rebuttal to my comments are a gold backed dollar system. But perhaps there is a flaw in that idea. What would happen to the backing of the money when counterfeiters are introduced into the system? They create fake cash, redeem for gold, and slowly siphon the money gold to nothing.

My point is that there are flaws to every system. You are an idiot if you think you know of a perfect system in any facet of life.


Bendromeda Strain's picture

Gold is almost as divisible as bitcoin - is not edible gold leaf gold? What is needed is indeed gold backed money, just not gold pegged money. The free gold camp actually envisions a floating scrip that can be expanded or withdrawn (by elected bodies, not "independent" private banks), and a gold price that rises and falls in relation to the prudence or profligance of the monetary regulators. Gold money for saving, scrip backed by the floating price of gold for transacting. Letters of credit or bills can be settled as agreed. The price of gold should only be set by a market that does not include short or long futures, nor any other form of "paper gold" proxies traded on the market (ETFs could only be administered by public entities, auditable by serial number annually). Physical for cash settlement only would be the price setting machanism, again in relation to how well our elected bodies managed the balance sheet. I apologize for my previous impetuousness, I assumed you were a drive by grenade tosser.

ImGumbydmmt's picture

Good LORD!

Did Cyprus not teach you a damm thing?


How about the UK resolution to raid personal bank accounts directly for back taxes?

I'm not trying to hedge anything, just trying to prevent outright seizure of assets.

If you can't stand over it and defend it with a semi automatic rifle its Not yours,

Same goes for land, paper assets, gold, your home, your vehicles, your loved ones.

Try requesting an actual stock certificate, doesn't work so good these days. highly improbable if not outright impossible.

At least with PMs when they come to take us to "the camps" and we have to illegally emigrate across the border to Canada or Mexico I have bribe/airfare money to get my family somewhere safe.

bunzbunzbunz's picture

Emotional. Non-realistic. You actually are trying to hedge against something. "At least with PMs when they come to take us to "the camps" and we have to illegally emigrate across the border to Canada or Mexico I have bribe/airfare money to get my family somewhere safe."


And if that's the only realistic reason you can think of for needing gold, then you don't need any more than you and your loved ones can carry in their asses. Because "they" will be looking for your valuables.

ImGumbydmmt's picture

Glass houses, Now you're the one not reading the entire post.

The reasons greater than "the camps" was stated first, Cyprus, we need to revisit recent history?

More Recent,IRS targeting conservative groups 10x the rate for audit.

All reasons not to keep surplus assets in "the banking system"

If this was your reference to "not realistic" how many ZH articles do we need to dredge up that "Cyprus was a template" stated by those close to central planners do we need to show you?

Are you Young? no grandparents who lived through 1929-39 to tell you just how bad it really was?

Why would you even be on this site if your world view is akin to "gold is a barbarous relic"

Also the emigration use of PMs was prefaced with "At least w/ PMs...." not as a primary use but as a last ditch fall back use.

At least your history is correct here, The anal cavity was exactly how some jews escaped the Nazis with some of their assets.

Its not emotional, its a careful study of history, and recognizing that patterns sometimes repeat, I hope not, If I was certain that was the future I would have left already, its just one of several possible outcomes which has multiple historical precedents.

Denial of this historical fact is called "Normalacy Bias" has has its own emotional attachments, so back at you...

When people question me on the topic of Collapse, my reply is along the lines of:

" We are 17 trillion in known federal debt, which will become 20 T without intervention. The debt chart has gone hyperbolic in our lifetime, but GDP growth is low single digits.This is  simply mathematically unsustainable,. Our Children and grandchildren simply cannot pay this debt EVER with current value dollars.. So something BIG must change, in our lifetime. probably in less than a decade with the chart going hyperbolic. I know not what, but I can look back on history and share with you the options we see played out throught history of other countries and empires in similar straits.

For example,,

Currency debasement

"Bread and Circuses" tpye distractions/ entitlements to maintain status quo

HyperInflation- complete repudiation of a currency

War to avert the above

Civil upheavel, possibly including revolution, counter revolution and scapgoating one people group resulting in genocide

Complete empire collapse and overun by invaders

You can wiki search



and other topics to get yourself an education."

For you, completely devoid of emotion if you like

Unless of course you love your children, then its a little hard not to get really pissed off, but its just a phase, akin to phases of grief,, acceptance comes later and then you develop work-arounds for how your own family will respond if any of the above occurs.

See the signs and have a plan, but live the best you can until you need to make a change, and move on.

so yep, one worst case response is leave the country. and if you do so correctly you may be able to take legally $10k each, or illegally, much more. its enough to get somewhere, and get to work starting over.

I am honeslty trying to help you out here.

So, now if you have something nasty to say about my reply, you will have only reinforced the troll accusations others already launched at you.

We wish you a fine evening.




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He gets a raise and a promotion. We get 1295 gold for the next 7 months until nukes start their volley.

SAT 800's picture

Yesterday, or the day before; read a MSM note that Obama is "caving in", LOL; on "net neutrality"; so you're right on there.

Yes_Questions's picture



Retard #5 has nukes, a history of using them, and a big brother central bank there to back its psychotic little bro?



snr-moment's picture

retards 3 and 4 have them too, and are helping to create lots of tiny little retards.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

O/T, but of interest to some here tonight.


Starting at about 1:00 AM until 4:00 AM (US ET) there will be the peak of a newly discovered meteor shower, maybe a BIG one, visible from N America (depends on your local weather).  Info here:

Look northwards, near the easy to spot constellation of Cassiopeia (looks like a "W").

If you have never seen a meteor shower before, consider staying up late and check it out.

Abitdodgie's picture

Sorry to burst your bubble but nothing will happen , just like every other event on this planet , they dont call it prison planet for nothing.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

I am sure (pretty sure) that everyone here knows that meteors almost all get burned up in the atmosphere, it is very rare that a big one hit the Earth (like the one in Siberia a year or two ago).

Tonight is just a celestial show, sponsored by our Father.  Could be awesome.

Tall Tom's picture

Thanks for the heads up...pun intended. I hope that it is a good show.

CheapBastard's picture

Thanks, but Meteor Showers make my Brain hurt.

Took Red Pill's picture

Nothing might not happen this time but eventually it will. Look at the one that buzzed Moscow. It's like a nuclear bomb going off. I crack up when I watch the news and they get all excited about a meteor shower or Northern Lights. Neither is a good thing and will get us again one of these days.

MsCitizen2's picture

If you are under clouds, as we are in metro NY, try one of these streaming webcams to view the Camelopardalids 

fencejumper's picture

It clouded over here in southern OR, too. Though nothing showing of Camelopardalids just now on your link, thanks for effort MsCitizen2!

ImGumbydmmt's picture

I'm Southern OR as well, Clear sky in the mountains here tonight.

Nice to find a local on ZH

oooBooo's picture

Manipulation will always be in the opposite direction of the trend unless someone is particularly impaitent.

Well let me know how much US treasuries are worth in a thousand years. Someone will still be pleased to find a gold bug's hoard. For thousands of years, gold was endlessly recycled and that didn't hurt its value. Today, many uses in consumer goods like electronics cause it to be consumed for it's not worth the effort to separate and recycle. When a little bit is multiplied by millions it's no longer a small amount. Sure a particular cell phone model might use a tiny tiny amount of gold, but there will be three million of them made.

Humans are the same as they were thousands of years ago. The USA is like a replay of ancient rome, just faster. Ancient Rome has been gone for a very long time yet the gold and silver coins of ancient Rome still have value. Finding a sack of gold and silver eagles will most likely be as big of deal in a thousand years as finding a sack of Roman coins is now. It's a big deal just to find a can full of US gold coins from century ago.

I think the gamble on human nature with regards to gold and silver is pretty secure. It probably won't turn out like the Twlight zone episode and even if it does, we're probably not going to be frozen only to wake up and find gold useless.


strannick's picture

Let me know what Treasuries are worth in a thousand days. Im talking their price, not their duration.

lotsoffun's picture

a couple of drinks - and my lots of fun brain made a strange connection.  bennie bucks.

"It's Only A Paper Moon"

It is only a paper moon
Sailing over a cardboard sea
But it wouldn't be make believe
If you believed in me

nickt1y's picture
It shall be unlawful for any person, directly or indirectly, to use or employ, or attempt to use or employ, in connection with any swap,

But not the Gummint. Suppose that the investigation found that it was the Gummint / Fed doing the manipulation   .... no laws broken ... nothing to see here move along.