How Russian Investors Made $90 Billion After US Sanctions

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We have discussed the "costs" associated with US sanctions on Russia previously and while economic growth expectations have slowed - just as they have slowed for the entire world - despite the common knowledge meme being propogandzied across the mainstream media, as Bloomberg notes, the Russian Ruble is now notably stronger than before the sanctions and for those who ignored US sanctions and bought Russian stocks - the MSCI Russia Index has gained $90 billion since Jay Carney said "sell" as the sanctions hit.


As Bloomberg notes, investors who have ignored international sanctions against Russia are being rewarded.

The chart below shows Russian Ruble has strengthened notably since the US sanctions were unveiled...



And stocks are winning...



MSCI Russia has gained 22 percent, adding about $90 billion in market value since March 17, when the U.S. banned President Vladimir Putin’s business allies in response to his annexation of Crimea. MSCI’s emerging-market gauge jumped 10 percent during the period, while the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index rose 2.9 percent.


“There was a significant amount of fear in the market, but it is clear that the actual sanctions were nothing very dramatic,” Ian Hague, founding partner of New York-based Firebird Management LLC, which manages $1.1 billion of assets.

"Costs" indeed...

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Sanctions correlating with economic success...maybe Obama should place sanctions on the US economy?

maskone909's picture

scary because as an american, its obvious where the smart money is going.  and its not here.  writing is on the wall


if the .gov pulled a stunt like this 20 years ago, the ruble along with the ruskie economy would see a mass exodus.  its pretty clear that now, the politicians are just laughed at. 

freewolf7's picture

US sanctions remind me of an old Steve Martin bit, describing police in London, chasing criminals: "Stop, or I'll say stop again!"

Bankster Kibble's picture

A p'leesman's lot is not a 'appy one.

LawsofPhysics's picture

For me, the situation seems more like the Sherif hostage scene from blazing saddles.

Bokkenrijder's picture

hmmm, could this perhaps be caused by Russia selling 26 billion of US Treasuries in order to prop up the Ruble?

Could it be that the biggest thing Russia has been buying is Russian Rubles?

PartysOver's picture

Speculator:  An individual that can recognize government stupdity and profits nicely from it.   Thank you "O"

williambanzai7's picture

When a community organizing moron says everyone should go short, what should everyone do?

dontgoforit's picture

Yeah, he's in over his debth and there's no water in this puddle.

Relentless101's picture

Just another fucking moral hazard. Now everyone is going to want sanctions.

kchrisc's picture

Greece or Cyprus to the DC US: "Sanctions please."

disabledvet's picture

The Carnies did not say "sell" but "sell short."

You'd think he'd no an inflation when he saw one. (Created one hard can it be to create one in Russia?) So indeed..."confetti all around."

SmittyinLA's picture

Funny the biggest Russian "investor" was some beards for the US treasury. 

Lying is profitable particularly on a state level.

How else does a political hack like Carol M Browner get voted onto board of directors of Agribusiness giant Bunge?

What's to stop a criminal govt from printing up trillions of dollars, lying about it, and buying up everything? 


overexposed's picture


As if it weren't painfully obvious that we're living under a Soviet regime, the shameless graft just makes it that much more.

Where's Russia's Ronald Reagan when we need him?  LOL

sessinpo's picture

overexposed         Where's Russia's Ronald Reagan when we need him?  LOL


No, where is the public when we need it.

LawsofPhysics's picture

"What's to stop a criminal govt from printing up trillions of dollars, lying about it, and buying up everything? "  -


Loss of faith in the underlying currency.  history is very clear on that.

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Visa, MasterCard want to create politics-free business in Russia

"Visa and MasterCard proposed during our meeting, which was also attended by Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, to deploy basic infrastructure in Russia and create a business that would not depend on decisions made by foreign governments," Igor Shuvalov, Russian First Deputy Prime Minister, told the Rossiya-24 television on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

Shuvalov confirmed that Visa and MasterCard did not want to lose their business in Russia.

"They want to develop their business in Russia. They don’t want to lose it. They stated that they didn't want any political risks to affect their activities in the future," he said.

The companies understand their responsibility for what happened to some Russian banks which were denied Visa and MasterCard services due to US sanctions over Ukraine, Shuvalov added.


daveO's picture

Russia would be absolutley stupid to allow them back in.

One And Only's picture

Bitcoin up since Russian sanctions too.

CHX's picture

Do as they say at your own financial peril.

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In other news:

Two days before the presidential election in Ukraine scheduled for May 25, the CyberBerkut hackers group, which has repeatedly posted on the Internet documents incriminating the new Kiev authorities, stated that they had destroyed the electronic system of the Ukraine's Central Election Commission.

"We, CyberBerkut, in protest against legitimization of crimes of the Kiev junta, have completely destroyed the network and computer infrastructure of the Central Election Commission of Ukraine. Taking on full responsibility we declare that the united informational and analytical system "Vibory" (”Election”) created under the complete control of the United States has ceased to exist," the website of the CyberBerkut activists says.

Here's the original communique, on CyberBerkut website.

Wahooo's picture

Now it works just like our election infrastructure.

Al Huxley's picture

Ive decided to start getting all my news from the MSM, which compels me to call bullshit on this article.  I was reading in Forbes

that Putin's done for - thanks to the prudent and enlightened sanction policies of President Obama.  In case you don't want to read the article, the gist of it is that Putin's only in power at the pleasure of the Russian Oligarchy, who will only allow him to stay if he makes them money.  And this little Ukraine fiasco and the resulting sanctions have cost them big-time. 


Ignore the chart above, who are you going to believe, the actual numbers or the wise council of Forbes magazine?  I know Forbes is telling the truth because it's written by rich people, for rich people.  I feel lucky and privileged to have a chance to benefit from their wisdom.

crazybob369's picture

Al, please tell me you forgot the /sarc after your first sentence.

Al Huxley's picture

I feel like using sarc indicators dilutes the comment.

bonin006's picture

It's not just a feeling, it's the truth.

overexposed's picture


Buying OGZPY when Carney screamed "sell" was perhaps the smartest investment decision I've made in a long while.  Loving these easy gains!

crazybob369's picture

Couldn't agree more.  One of the easiest trades I ever made.

Big Brother's picture

Yeah- That trade didn't occur to me until one of my friends who works in the Canary Warf district suggested it.  By then it was too late.

If it drops back to $7.00 / share, I'll buy.  Gotta like the 2.5 P/E ratio.

orangegeek's picture

Putin the trader - that sounds more like it.

falak pema's picture

chess player, strategist and profiteer.

I calculated that that gas deal works out to 9.6 $/million btu (350 $/ 1000 cu M) sold to China.

Whereas gas in pipeline from US fracking is roughly 50% of that price; aka 4.6 $/ mill btu in Usa.

So he is laughing to the bank AND he gets paid 25 billion up front by China for an ESTIMATED price of Russian investment of 55 billion (highly over estimated).

If you take into account the "oligarchy skimming" in that number you can be sure his Oligarchy will cream HALF of that as their fee for an investment that comes on stream in 2018 !

So getting 25 billion upfront means his TRUE investment is covered and he makes 27.5 billion in the bank from that official number from state coffers to Oligarchy accounts.

Thanks to US bumbled "sanction" shenanigans, he has now  made more! All up front!

And he will win in Crimea its off shore reserves and strategic port; whatever happens in Donbass!

Well played chess player!

Don Corleone of Siberia and Donbass! 

Wahooo's picture

The Era of Oligarchs.  That's the future, young man!

intric8's picture

Well mcsi russia broke out of that descending channel like a fucking boss

Grouchy Marx's picture

It's really like this: if the White House says invest one way, choose the other. Green industries, solar, GM, etc. The only trendlines going up under this admin, are M3, U6, (real) CPI, and their opinions of themselves.

IndianaJohn's picture

Fuk EU Nuland wants her cut.

SharkBit's picture

Carney the Clown, ring master of the Obozo Circus.  It's showtime folks.

The Blank Stare's picture

I went to see a fight and hockey game broke out. Something like that?