It's 8:00 AM: Do You Know Where Your 'Un-Rigged' Non-Barclays Gold Slam Is?

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Just like stocks go up on Tuesdays in the US (and Wednesdays in Japan).. and volatility always falls... so shortly after 8am ET this morning 'someone' decided it was the optimal time to unleash $450 million notional of gold futures. Just as we saw earlier in the week, this sizable dump only achieved a $5 depreciation in price as it seems the inexorable efforts of status quo stabilizers to ensure the only real indicator of empire collapse is not flashing red remain in full effect. Given that Barclays is now out ofthe business of rigging gold prices, the question remains: who is?

Gold futures 'odd' volume dump..


Silver also saw high volume dumping...

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Just say "thank you" and keep stacking.

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Must keep gold under $1,300

Must keep gold under $1,300

Must keep gold under $1,300

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What I know every morning at 8 is that my gold is safe on the bottom of the lake.

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Sure seems that way.  Anyone know what's magic about 1,300 for the manipulators?

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We Masters of the Universe have PhDs in economics, and are capable of determining the correct price of everything, which obviously includes gold.

We havea model we call our Stochastic-Historic Individual Timeline Heuristic Economic Advisor Device System that tell us everything we need to know about the correct price of gold.

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Whole numbers are always big psychological resistance/support levels, $1,000... 1,100... 1,200... 1,300... ect.

Normally it would be understandable to see a "market" behave this way ..... except for the blatant contract dumping, all at once, at the exact same time, over and over and over again.

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That's true.  Maybe it will take a failure to deliver by the Comex or something before it all unravels.

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Can't sleep... clowns (at the Fed) will eat me.

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if you want to  clean up the spider webs the first job is to find and kill the spiders.



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Agree. But hurry up. Not much time left 'til there is no more.

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Plunkett, you naughty boy!  Where are you?

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Hopefull this is bullish. 

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The manipulators are panicking.  Desperately lashing out and not even making an attempt to cover their tracks or hide their motivation.

This will not end well.

BigJim's picture

I suppose that depends on how you define 'well'.

I and millions of others who believe in sound money are hoping it will end very well indeed.

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Godspeed, BJ- riding the crest of the coming tsunami to new heights of oligarchic power.  never whistle past a graveyard.

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DXY at 8050 not helping

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DYX has very little to do with it. Most other commodities are up.

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Yep - and the pressure builds as Europe tries to drive the value of the Euro down too.


KA-BOOM!!!!  oh wait, said it too soon.

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And gold will go up again like a few days ago. Gold is getting very resilient these days. Will make the job hard for the manipulators.

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They will.

When (not if) equities crash, silver could plunge along with them. Witness 2008---silver dropped form ~20 to <10 in six months. Why can't this happen again?

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when... yeah... when... not when I'm counting on it...

Dr. Engali's picture

It won't be like 08. If the paper prices of silver/gold collapse like in 08 there won't be any physical to grab.

actionjacksonbrownie's picture

When the paper price in '08 was <$10 you couldn't find physical silver anywhere for less than $15

Boston's picture

Nope, I did. Sure, I couldn't get ASE's anywhere near that price, but 10 and 100oz bars, were no problem.

Bay of Pigs's picture

That's bullshit. Shortages were everywhere.

pods's picture

Except Methman, who was digging it out of the ground for $5 an oz.


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The PAPER price of silver and gold WILL go lower in the short and long term. The REAL price of the actual hold it in your hand and nowhere else physical commodity will be, well, priceless. The idea of paper price is a new idea on the thousands year old value of G&S. there was no paper price before relatively recent history as gold WAS money (and really still is). It never ceases to amaze me how so many people cannot seem to wrap their head around this universal truth.

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yeah and my LCS says "Fuck you pay me $25 oz...while I have silver to sell"...then I say ok!

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How are these guys making money when half an hour later the gold price recovered? I don't get it. Is this pure desperation?

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I believe so.  Time after time in recent weeks, gold has been gradually driven down over the course of a day or two to the bottom of its (very tight) trading range and then 'Someone' unloads a shit-ton of paper to - I assume - try to force a downside breakout and set the panic-selling in motion.

Time after time it hasn't worked.  Being psycopaths though, the manipulators won't give up until either they succeed or the market breaks.

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Fucking cracks me up. Their hammer appears to be broken.

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

With all the nailguns floating around you'd think they wouldn't need a hammer.

An aside, it's nice to see the 'breaking news' scared away the manipulators.

Me.Grimlock's picture

I've decided to become a rap artist.


I henceforth crown myself MC Nailgun.


"Please, Nailgun, don't hurt 'em."

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First the London Gold Fix goes kaput, then Barclays get fingered for manipulating gold prices (just one rogue low-level employee, of course)... still the morning slam-down.

Like I said weeks ago, what are we gonna do when the morning slam-down keeps happening?  Nothing.  Sit there and take it.  We'll likely never know who is doing this <cough> <central banks> <cough> and if we did, it wouldn't stop it.

Dr. Engali's picture

"Like I said weeks ago, what are we gonna do when the morning slam-down keeps happening? "


We are both on the same page. This will continue until the system finally implodes. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

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I guess since TPTB were willing to sacrifice the London connection, they now have a new and as yet undisclosed method of manipulation.

We all know the Central Banks are at the heart of this, just haven't figured out how they're doing it exactly.

You know that when TPTB are willing to admit to some secret something, they have a new, undisclosed method or technology.

SR-71/Aurora comes to mind. Why would they retire an outstanding, though old bird unless they had something better, faster, trickier?



agstacks's picture

and we're back to where we started..

beegle's picture

do not underestimate the power and arrogance of the Mafia ... I say do not discout Barclays , now even more that they know the ticket to steal is just a hundred grand 

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I guess there is no end to the fake future contracts they can print off with their printers, when will run out of printer paper?

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Never forget that behind the scenes there is a massive flow of physical from west to east.  They'll never run out of paper, but they are fast running out of the underlying asset that backs that paper.  When faith in their paper is lost it will be (a) sudden and (b) permanent.  The west's abilility to dictate the gold price will then be at an end, having neither the metal or the means to sell paper that is accepted as a real proxy for it.

BandGap's picture

Will the owners in the east ever want to see the value of their investment go up? I mean, based on true supply and demand?

Also, who is buying these futures contracts? Another bank, perhaps? I can see where they ping pong the paper back and forth to keep the prices low.

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Looks like a very frustrated 'Whack a mole' player

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Apmex is running $1.99 over spot for 2014 Silver mapes until midnite tonight Eastern.  ANY QUANTITY. $14.95 delivery.  Damn good deal for .9999. 

Even if you can only stack 50 or so thats a great value

magnumpk's picture

thanks for the tip.  just bought some...

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Hahahahaha... This is just getting so FUN now. Theyre clearly screwed! Watching them try to fight nature is priceless!

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You've got one too many "a"s in your link.