"Political Earthquake" - Nigel Farage "Big Winner" In Local Elections

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Yesterday we highlighted the European people's growing 'revulsion' against Europe and overnight we got yet another confirmation that the status quo - despite record low bond yields and record high stock and real estate prices - are losing their grip on control. Having taken the lead in the polls last week, UKIP's Nigel Farage has scored a major victory in local elections in England with early results pointing to considerable gains for the euro-skeptic party:


As Reuters reports, one MP noted "I think Nigel Farage for quite a lot of those people is just a big sort of two fingers stuck up at what they feel is a sort of hectoring, out-of-touch elite."

As Reuters reports,

Britain's anti-EU party UKIP made strong gains in local elections in England, siphoning support from Prime Minister David Cameron's Conservatives as it capitalised on discontent about immigration and mainstream politics.


The gains by the UK Independence Party, which wants Britain to leave the EU, will pile pressure on Cameron to toughen his approach to Europe and alarm some in his party who worry UKIP could scupper the Conservatives hopes of winning next year's national election.


The strong support for UKIP indicated by early local council results suggests the party could also do well in elections to the European Parliament, also held on Thursday.




Farage told reporters he was cheered by the early results and thought they were a good platform to challenge for seats in the 2015 national election.


"Looking at the average vote shares across the country, and without wishing to count any chickens before they're hatched, it looks pretty good," he told reporters.




"I think Nigel Farage for quite a lot of those people is just a big sort of two fingers stuck up at what they feel is a sort of hectoring, out-of-touch elite," Jeremy Browne, a Liberal Democrat lawmaker




The European elections were held on the same day, but the results will not be announced until Sunday evening, in line with the rest of the EU. They will determine the political persuasion of Britain's 73 lawmakers in the 751-seat European Parliament.




"There's been a vote for UKIP and that sends us a very clear message that people have concerns about immigration, about welfare, about schools and skills of course," said Michael Gove, the Conservative education minister.


"We will pay attention to those concerns."

Change - it appears - is coming.

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Fuck the EU.

Come at me Ghordo

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Victoria? is it you? Are you pissed at Nigel Farage's UKIP electoral success? I'm pleased about that

Haus-Targaryen's picture

You? Happy? 

Is ZH starting to rub off on you?

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eh? I was always for the UK exiting the EU. I'm not a friend of Nigel because he is a populist - which for me equates for someone that is not interested in facts. or solutions

but UKIP and BriXit? bring it on. we aren't compatible. Britons want moar free trade. they always misunderstood what the other 27 want

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I always found the word populist -- when used within "European" political sense to be code for;

"Someone who isn't for the enlargement of the EU, who has a great argument that cannot be overcome with common sense, and now has a following." 

Its kinda like the word "Racist" in Anglo political circles, or "Nazi" in our political circles here. 

Anyone who uses it to describe their opposition I immediately think are either slow, dimwitted, dishonest, or all 3.

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me thinks he NOW needs enhanaced security!

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At this point, its only a matter of time before Farage is found with some Swiss account with a fund hundred million pounds in it -- that he knows nothing about. 

The EU elite will destroy him in one way or another.  If I were him, I'd be making all of his finances public at this point in time, and only use shared computers. 

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Farage is a global warming denier.

Will be interesting to see if he changes his tune on this obvious problem.

Maybe he could a vacation home in southern Florida, or the Maldive Islands, and prove himself correct..??

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Not sure if Farage as the UK's Churchill for 2016 is a very heartening thought.

Great orators are NOT usually great leaders. They love the sound of their own voice too much.


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If only he walked the walk as well as Alf Gore and all HIS coastal vacation homes and jetting around the world.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Sorry brosef, your schtick isn't nearly as good as the original. 

Although I am thinking about creating an alt, BillionDollarBonus_. 

Whatcha think?

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The Maldives are building half a dozen regional airports, so their real worry is remote.

The latest paper on sea level rise says it's not accelerating. It's chart indicates it's decelerating:




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right on...

Queen is ready for a change of hand (um, -shake).

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Tea Party...euro-style ;-)

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I'm sure Barry called to congratulate Nigel.

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Been there. Done that. Bought the t-shirt, and walked....er...limped away from it. Can't even buy a quality "accident" anymore.

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"Britons want moar free trade."

Like Blythe's CDS, Barclay's kinda "free trade"?  Who do they expect to trade with now?

When you create a world in which the primary medium of trade, is dead bodies on a battlefield, you have reached the end.

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perhaps it has some of those connotation. and perhaps I'm being elitist by saying so. fact is that half of what Nigel Farage says sounds good... until you research on it. and then you find out that his emphasis is on sounding good, and so catching votes

the simplest example: his last tirade on "people talking all kind of languages in the London Tube". this one gave him a lot of flak lately because it's easily debunked as... populist

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Have you ever ridden the Underground?  Some stations, I would venture to say that English isn't even a second language ...

Fact is -- you move to a country you learn their language.  Could I get around in Germany without a single world of German?  Sure.  Would I ever? Hell no.  I live here, and I HAVE TO LEARN THEIR LANGUAGE.  I fail to see why this is such a big deal, and pointing it out to people gets you labeled a racist, nazi, or now populist, apparently.

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A lot of British history and literature is not just beyond the pale, it's illegal to cite it publically. Cameras eyes and ears everywhere trained to recognize civilisation and snuff it out.

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that's why it was so bloody easy to debunk the whole affair: what about tourists? what about diplomats or foreign businesspeople going to a meeting? what about recent immigrants? what about his own German wife talking to his own bilingual children?

London happens to be in England. Yet it also is a very open megacity. A World City. With a mayor begging wealthy Russians and Chinese to buy a mansion, there

meanwhile, his whole Immigration Isssue vs the EU? bunk. including the scare his people fostered about Romanian and Bulgarian immigration for 2014

seriously, would you want to live in a place where there is a ban on foreign languages... in public transport?

Haus-Targaryen's picture

There is a material difference between people speaking German to one another in South Kensington and people speaking Pakistani to one another in a rough neighborhood (neighbourhood -- since we are discussing the UK here). 

One group of people likely is there on vacation and spending money in the UK economy without taking anything out, or is paying in more than taking out, while the other is likely taking out more than they are putting it.  Its a net-positive v net-negative effect. 

In economics there is a difference between skilled and unskilled labo(u)r.   

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Fact is -- you move to a country you learn their language.

Fact is -- you move to a country you learn their language.

Fact is -- you move to a country you learn their language.

Fact is -- you move to a country you learn their language.

Fact is -- you move to a country you learn their language.

An 'american' fact then. It shows how much 'americans' are adverse to the most immediate reality.

'Americans' have indeed a compelling record of moving abroad and learning the language.

The easiest thing though: people speaking another language in the underground does not mean they do not speak the language.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

No, of course not. I am sure some/many of them speak Engrish.

Fact is -- there is just this 800 lb gorilla in the room, and its that there are "poor" languages and "rich languages." I cannot imagine someone having an issue with people speaking Russian or German or Japanese in London. The odds are these people, assuming they live there, have a job, they pay taxes, and they aren't taking much to anything out of the system. Whereas, when someone comes to the UK speaking Ethiopian, Pakistani, or Algerian, its pretty likely that this person is not a "skilled" labourer. This means the services he receives from the government likely exceed what he pays in. Now, if the UK was starved for cheap labour, and it had an unskilled unemployment rate of say 2%, then ok, a few unskilled labourers coming in isn't that bad of a gig. However, with unskilled BRITISH BORN labourers unemployment rate being about 15% (not bad in the current economic climate) then this tells me that there is an oversupply of unskilled labour. Why anyone would want more unskilled labour is beyond me.

However, statistics do not lie. You leftists hate numbers. The overwhelming majority of North African and South Asian immigrants in the UK take low paid unskilled jobs. These people bring their languages with them, so its not wrong for people to hear a "poor" language and assume this person takes more from the system than they put in.

Explain to me where I am wrong. Don't bother telling me how it discriminates against the 42 people that work at the Pakistani, Algerian and Ethiopian embassies.

AnAnonymous's picture

Explaining how an 'american' is wrong? Wooo, that is kind a challenge. Challenges are challenging and it is better to ponder where a challenge can be conquered beforehand.

Explaining how an 'american' is wrong. That is a tough challenge. Is it a possible challenge?
'Americans' live in a cocoon of fantasy. They leave if when they are in power because people in power, no matter who they are, must deal in reality.

Apart from that peculiar situation, who would try to explain an 'american' is wrong? 'Americans' are so disconnected with reality.

Ah, so the inflexible rule of when you move abroad, you speak the language is 'american'ly adamant. It suffers no exception except for the exceptions.

And it all is understood. By speaking another language, all those guys show they move out of their position as given in an 'american' society. This is their crime.

Glad to see 'americans' still come up with their story about skilled labour, government and stuff.

'American' societies are structured by their government state. High end jobs are the result of highly structured societies.
As a consequence, it means that jobs in the higher spectrum rely much more on the society organization than jobs in lower spectrum.
As a consequence, and by following the logics, people on higher jobs should be the ones learning the language first.

So it all starts by a fact, that people moving abroad must learn the language, an adamant rule of thumb.

Then it goes with the same adamant rule that people should learn the language on the ground of their job depency of the government.

An excellent bit, the type 'americans' are able to produce. 'Americans' and their way of thinking, what potent minds, the greatest humanity ever has ever known.

Rejoicing. Even more rejoicing, deep within me, I know for certain that an 'american' will improve on that. An 'american' will come with an ever more excellent bit.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


Rejoicing. Even more rejoicing, deep within me, I know for certain that an 'american' will improve on that.

Ah, good fortune. I am glad to see your rejoicement is blobbing up betterly.

nmewn's picture

"Challenges are challenging..."

ROTFL!...I swear it never gets old, the commie again, giving his best impression of Yogi Berra.

A great American I might add ;-)

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Or maybe he is popular because people are tired of the bullshit and misery being fed to them by the bankers and politicians?

BigJim's picture

 Victoria? is it you? Are you pissed at Nigel Farage's UKIP electoral success? I'm pleased about that

Is that what people are saying to you?

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I love to watch Farage's EU rants on youtube.  A voice in the wilderness of ignorance.


Haus-Targaryen's picture

Good for Faraga.  Too bad the EU Parliment is a totally limp-wristed institution and divoid of power.

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those are the results of the British local elections (aka municipal). the results of the EU parliamentary elections are not out yet

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Correct, but I find it much less likely die Inselaffen vote for UKIP for local and Labour for EU.  I imagine many are more willing to gamble their votes away on the EU elections moreso than domestic ones.

Ghordius's picture

there is no need to call Britons "Inselaffen" (Island Apes). it's a cheap, unnecessary and disrespectful thing to do. you are insulting a very interesting civilization, one of the brightest in the world

Haus-Targaryen's picture

#It was a low blow, but I just looked at Labour, who won over 500 seats.  How can anyone with two brain cells possibly vote for these morons. 

(Dear English readers who voted for UKIP -- my Inselaffen comment was directed at Labour voters)

Mitzibitzi's picture

Apology accepted, since me and the wife did indeed vote for UKIP. Not that we agree with them on everything, have no illusions that it will change anything inthe short to medium term (or ever, in all probability) and in the knowledge that Nige is a bit populist, at least some of the time - it actually depends on who is interviewing him, to be fair. If it's the BBC or some other status-quo establishment media, he knows he isn't going to get to back up UKIP policy opinions on anything important with facts. They will (and DO, to the point where it's blatantly obvious that they've been strongly instructed to at senior editorial level) just keep interrupting him. Can't have the troublemaker spouting any hard data about things that will rile the plebs, should they spend 10 minutes researching the points he's trying to make. It's actually pretty apparent that they would like to deny UKIP, and particularly Farage, any air-time at all, were it possible to do so.

Let's be realistic, though; the Western world is going to have to burn at least halfway to the ground before there's any hope of meaningful reform. As long as the sociopaths have even the smallest levers of control to keep themselves in their positions of privilege, they aren't going to let go. Which is probably a good thing, despite the pain it will cause the common pleb. Even if we DO succeed in ousting the rent-seeking scumbags, if the lesson isn't a clear enough one that it has a lasting legacy of "Never again!" in the collective psyche, the bastards will simply creep off to their out of the way retreats in New Zealand, etc and bide their time until they spy an opportunity to seize control again. Has happened again and again all through history.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

This is quite true. 

I get the feeling though, that burning half-way down isn't going to do it, and we're going to kill ourselves before its all said and done. 

NotApplicable's picture

As much as I enjoy seeing this pushback against the elites, it still serves them, as it fuels the divide and conquer necessary to ultimately destroy nationalism, so that they may usher in a global state. Order from chaos, bitchez. When did nationalism peak previously?

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+1 My favorite post on this great thread -- but thanks to all!  Related:  A start-up I used to work at had all chinese s/w people (ASIC guys were all indian, EE all white but one, techs all vietnamese).  The chinese s/w people would meet in a conference room to make sure everyone was on the same page, but someone got offended and the management issued a ruling that ALL meetings must be held in English even if everyone there speaks another (same) language.  WTF?  Why the hell does it matter -- what's wrong with maximizing communication efficiency in a private meeting like that?

TBT or not TBT's picture

They're fair game at this point, having flushed their cultural inheritance down the toilet for three generations straight they will never get back. The rot is body wide, with the strongest cells putting up their last ditch efforts like this. They really are fighting on their own shores now, but their finest hour was quite a few decades back.

TBT or not TBT's picture

How about chavscum then? There are a lot of them.

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There's no need to concern troll someone because you want to chill their language. Let people express themselves any way they want so that the rest of us know what we're dealing with.

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BTW, you also should say this when the French are so often and unfairly called "Cheeseating surrender MONKEYS"