Tick, Tick, Tick

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Just a matter of time...



h/t @Not_Jim_Cramer

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Race you to the bottom.

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Fantastic Chart. Wonder wuts gunna happen...

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'Don't let those two beams cross!  We'll be blown into another dimension.'

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So much higher than last time....yet it should be so much lower....


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Can volume go negative?

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The financials have been toxic since 2008 and still are!

Without bailouts/QE at the expense of future generations of tax payers this shit would be over.

It’s a farce that its ether TPTB crashing, or us being in debt up to our eyeballs.

This chart is a joke! It looks like a reflection of mountains in a lake where I had a boating accident!

Fucking banks!

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Ohhhhhhh, they're so definitely going to cross the streams. 


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the fed will buy the spx futures if theres more than a tiny correction.....no worries, they have unlimited bankroll and are 'all in'

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Can they create real jobs at living wages?  Oh, they don't care, do they?  At some point though, the veneer's going to melt off of the real economy, and no amount of window dressing is going to prevent it...that uncertainty is what TPTB are a little afraid of...how will the masses react when they (finally) realize what massive lies have been told by all these benevolent financial dictators..

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Can they create real jobs at living wages?

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approaching record highs on ghost town volume today and yesterday.  Everybody knows what's coming and is just waiting quietly.

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I see Cramer's name under the chart.

What does Leonard the wonder monkey think..??

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Can't speak for Leonard, but everyone else thinks you're an idiot for missing the "Not" in front of it.

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The last low vol period lasted a while. The Fed will do everthing to assure that repeats. Damn it! Hurry up and crash!

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You beat me to that point.

If you look back at the daily or weekly for SPX & VIX, you will see that the SPX drifted up for roughly 12 months after the VIX reached this level before the SPX finally imploded. 

That is a long time to hold a short position!

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You guys are still pining away for your little market crash?


Well, good luck!


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How's satan treating you?

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"What does Leonard the wonder monkey think..??"

All according to plan...

at least what Rosae Crucis stated in the GGS

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I gave Flux a + for likely being right. Look dudes, since '08 we have had bailouts, obvious PM manipulations and bonus rights to the 1%'ers up the ass. We live in a new world. The only thing that is going to crash the market is if they allow it to crash-which they will when the time is right, but not soon. Maybe next year?

OK...go ahead and trash me.

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It'll only crash when and if an R becomes prez. I'd bet on that.


Lack of life experience, there, Fluxie.

Time to load yourself into the flux capacitor.

Or, go flux yourself. 

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when you get a boner do you pass out? from your comment it's obvious you dont possess enough blood to run all your organs simultaneously.....so when you have a thought, you can't screw, vise versa

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Well, I'm down $2,000 on my new short on the S&P500; waiting for Monday; but if the stiuation doesn't improve I'll just have to count it as an "experience".

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Allow me to rephrase - can they efficiently/effectively create real jobs at living wages...?

A manipulated market will never do that as effectively as a (more) free market.  Of course, for TPTB 'jobs' are a means of parsing out rewards to control the masses and to maintain votes and otherwise maintain control (.gov does this endlessly), and perhaps a way to get their stuff done (lawns mowed, waiters to bring them food and drink...etc.)  There is no higher vision of work/jobs for them than that.  The rest of us are simply chattel and debt slaves..., and of course publicly, they're doing 'God's work.'  Sickening to compare the reality with the rhetoric, isn't it?

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it's not that "they can't" but "they haven't." and that's the problem.

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Exactly.  It's just not possible.  Less resources and more people = smaller pie slices.  Smaller pie slices means that large ticket items, which tend to provide for the higher incomes, are at serious risk: "economies of scale in reverse."  Everything points to contraction; and nothing points to expansion.

TPTB can never say we're fucked.  The number 1 job has always been to sell the image, to motivate people to do their bidding.  Cheerleading chants are never negative.  And given that people are all conditioned for this they wait... they wait for the "turn-around," which will never come.

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Whether or not it's possible, the fact is they don't want to create better jobs. Increasing wages is about the only thing that could spike "inflation," since the things that are increasing in price aren't counted in "inflation" statistics. If people's income increased, there would be pressure to increase interest rates.  That would blow up trillions of dollars in derivatives, set up because the insiders know the fix is in and they have successfully merged the state and corporate balance sheets to prop up the current finance system.  Of course, the weight of the carrying costs of the financialization of the entire economy will eventually pull it all down, but that drag can still be papered over by manipulation and fudging of statistics.  Far more advantageous at present to keep up the extraction, tomorrow be damned.

So the only way to get a sustainable job is to figure out how to outsource and incorporate yourself.  That requires an ability to analytically understand your own skills and where you fit into the overall profit picture, and by no coincidence, most Americans don't have that level of understanding of themselves and their place in the economy.  They cling to their shrinking paychecks, dwindling benefits, deteriorating working conditions and solvency, because they need the "Security."

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Overheard in Washington this morning


"Should we print faster"


"What else can we do?"

disabledvet's picture

You mean "lose a war"(s).

I can safely say I was last guy who won one (for the USA) actually. (Operation Restore Democracy...still fighting that one apparently. No I won't ask for anyone's vote. Acclamation is accepted however.)

My Uncle who survived the Battle of the Bulge only ever said one thing about it: "never fire your weapon otherwise they'll shoot back. And then you end up dead."

I took his advice and survived.

I did regularly fire my weapon in training...and yes I came within millimeters of paying the ultimate price for that. (H/t to Army Surgeons. Best doctors since 1861...and will remain so until 2061 it would appear.)

The best fights are the ones you walk away from folks. I wish all those who keep getting off on the real deal. Guess what...take that walk past the eternal flame and take a good hard look at the one slave revolt that succeeded.

Yep...those are all white people.

Still was when I was there too.

Hopefully times have changed (my first sergeant was Jamaican...won't repeat what they said of him when he first reported for duty..suffice to say that unit hasn't changed one bit as well. And yes..."they're somewhere north of Kiev and loving it. South of Utah from what I hear as well.)

Time for the FridayFunnies so remember "it ain't Memorial Day if you're not dying with a smile on your face!"

Oh, and "screw you supply Sergeant(s)." War ain't a matter of logistics but gettin in the other phuckers face and ripping it clear off. Let's see how your bully boys get off when staring down a colt/sauer 7mm magnum from over a thousand meters and your buddy's brain matter is all over your face.

Seer's picture

Only defensive wars are "won."

Everything else centers around stealing (resources).

War Is A Racket - Smedley Butler (who stated that he was no more than a hitman for the likes of United Fruit)

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No one can afford it any more. 

John Kerry after having his Syrian war turned down: "US beginning to behave like a poor nation."

Everyone's used up all their ammo keeping the banks in the money. They might as well have fought a war when you look at all the debt,

Not just the US.

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got that right ... since they strted tapering ... coup in ukreine , coup in thailand , terrorist attacks in china , revolts in vietnam ... , Just before Syria .... just to name a few ... all good for the buck , o maybe not so good 

Seer's picture

Good catch.

Since all wars are about resources, and it's resource shortages that are the cause of the inability to "grow," and since QE was all about faking growth, yes, wars will be the means...

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rumor has it at the fed machine shop

they just got  the work order

to fabricate new gears for the presses

looking to be 17.5% increase in the print speed.

bids are out for a faster drying ink too.

long rag fiber paper

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Tick...Tick...Tick...Poor...Poorer...Poorest. I was going to bet the farm but I have no farm left and unlike Gartman I don't have another to pull out of my hat.

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...pull out of my ASS-hat...

Correction completed.

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Why is this chart important?

Seer's picture

BECAUSE!  Colors are: Red, White and Blue, and it's Memorial Day coming up!  Sheesh, get with it!

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Now the traitor in chief is going to bail out the insurance companies for billions of dollars


Gooberment been giving Big Corporate the USD paper enema for several years now. 

When it finally takes hold, run for the hills, fellahs, 'cause there is gonna be shit everywhere. 

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@Pladizow; You might be on the wrong thread.  This thread is talking about volatility, not volume, but you raise an interesting question.  What happens when volatility goes negative?  That requires special math

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"What happens when volatility goes negative?  That requires special math"

Which is exactly why they invented Common Core math.

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When our kid was in the fifth or sixth grade, she started learning how to multiply and divide mixed numbers (eg, 4 and a third divided by 2 and a half).  I had to drive her to school every morning (25 mins or so) and for a couple of months I made her do those calculations in her head for 10 - 15 mins, she got good at it.

But, she now hates math!


ZerOhead, your point is correct.  Swirling down the drain...

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of screw drivers...

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you can't have one without the other. low volatility AND low volume is "whispering death." you will see volume pickup if we start getting dramatic moves downward. the biggest mistake a policy maker can make is to equate the equity space with real money. this is why borrowing must be contained (as it wasn't going into the middle of last year.) more importantly is the never ending quest for "yield" without doing your homework.

what we need...and haven't had in more than a decade...is INCOME..not "yield." as Washington DC discovered...but still never learned from as they bought the whole bullshit Greenspan lie that "equities are the economy!"....is that LEVERAGE is what Wall Street wants, not "assets" (real or perceived.) As long as they can maximize the borrowing regime "then the crash is Washington DC's problem not Wall Streets."

And that's how you get trillion dollar deficits with no inflation!

For a primer read the book "the Confidence Game" about the Latin American debt crisis. This is probably the greatest bailout in history (Brady Bonds) which no one has ever heard of...and it made the Treasury a ton of money. But at the same time "it's not like taxes or spending ever went down."

And today of course we had a 600 billion defense budget that passed. The veto threat is an empty one btw. Believe me you don't want to dig down to see what exactly you get for 600 billion. Certainly not an economic recovery.