"Never Forget"

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I'll never forget Good Old Whats-his-name.

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Lets be honest here. The VA has a backlog because the GOP thinks Veterans needs "cost too much" and block any additional funding to reduce the backlog.


GOP motto is send them to war because they volunteered but when they come home we don't know you.

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Bush's fault!!!
Um...Reagan's fault!

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The VA was worse in the 70s.  I've heard a lot of input on this, for the most part, the VA is doing a good job.  The locations at current Bases seem to be well run.  It is the others that seem to have most of the problems.


Still, I'm sure Obama will trash the good locations, to match the bad ones.  Only way Liberals know how to "fix" things.


I give it a 35% chance, as of now, they close it all & hand out Obamacare Vouchers.  Not likely yet, but the White House HAS to have already talked about it.

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Meanwhile, Iran executes 4 bankers for fraud, 2 received life sentences and 33 got 25 year jail term.

And how many bankers went to prison or faced the firing squad in the US/EU? Of course, “they” would hate us for our FREEDOM!

Exceptional, aren’t we? ;-)


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we're all just spokes in a big wheel. we just have a little bit moar knowledge of how to protect ourselves and hope for a chance in the future for Freedom.

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Semper Fi!


I'm so conflicted.

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If people didn't fight, there would be no war.

I know I'll get downvoted, but if you join the army so you can go kill strangers you have no beef with, you deserve everything you get.

Or don't get.

Protecting your 'country' is just soccer hooliganism with cooler stuff.

War is just failed diplomacy, learn to negotiate.

Unless you're trying to get into my wife's pants, then it's war.

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jimmy, your view, unfortunately, is what would be considered utopian.

But be that as it may, there is a deeper game going on here I feel.

Get enough vets angry enough, most of them are armed, get them start marching again...

Basically a git-em-riled up and smoke 'em out kind of thing.

No other reason for such open and rather vile blundering.

All part of the plan. Caring for "veterans" is precisely the reason Lao Tszu said there were no winners in war...


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Interesting post on living the 3G life, I was expecting something regarding cell phone download speeds.

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More like 813Mbps, I prefer life in the fast lane.


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Nice 813k.

In India, 813 MBPS is a dream one may as well not even launch on. No point. Never going to happen.

I live on the sub 1 MBps fast lane here :-)


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Our Obamacare trolls don't seem to know what to do with themselves....come see me in a couple years.


We're all in the VA system now.

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no one should join up to die for corrupt leadership, corrupt banksters, corrupt religious leaders, corrupt idiology, for the pleasure of paying the tax man, for the .gov cheese..Jesus was wrong about giving unto caesar what is caesar's...and we all pay for this mistake this lie every time the likes of a Johnson,nixon, clinton, bush, obuma -Akhomenini,Popes, kings, call.

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Yeah, there's a whole thread full of Chinese & Russian anti-war types on the naval drills thread.

The cognitive dissonance is amazing ;-)

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 ..Jesus was wrong about giving unto caesar what is caesar's...

Nah. Caesar was just a large-scale thief who had no clear title to anything, so giving unto Caesar what is Caesar's would have involved giving him nothing at all...

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I think that statement was meant to inform folks that they did not have a duty to start one-man, sure loser, revolutions at the expense community and family.  

You've got to pick your battles, focus on the big picture, and the end-game.  No system lasts forever and timing is everything.   In the biblical sense, that meant not bringing the hammer down on yourself and you neighbors unnecessarily.  That would not be a successful long-term survival strategy for the tribe.  Let's not forget, that ultimately, Rome converted.

For us, it means the same thing.  Prep-on and nurture the resiliance of your local community.   

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But what if you belong to a community? And that community is small enough to be "homogenous" yet large enough to be a "nation"? Wouldn't there then be legitimacy for defensive wars? Many cases of culturally inferior nations/peoples fighting off colonizers. Ethiopians beating the Italians comes to mind. No banker interests there.

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The world doesn't work that way, jimmy.  Unfortunately, your enemy gets a vote.  You can't go through life voting "present." 

The problem with telling the rest of the world to go to hell is that it WILL go to hell, and then hell will come lapping at your shores.

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It'll come lapping at your shores a damn sight quicker if you go round lapping at theirs. Joining the US (or any) military would be alright if they were a genuine defence force, but they're not - they're an offensive force that is the final enforcer of our anglo-american financial empire.

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Think about it - in the old days the oligarch used to throw children into the volcano or bleed them dry at the top of the pyramid and sell their meat for profit. Then, one day, they must've thought that this was a waste of life.Let's convince them to go out and conquer other peoples for us, the oligarchs, so that the oligarchs can asset strip and oppress even more people!

The feudal lords that used to show up at a person's cottage and rape the daughters of the home figured out there was an easier to "skin a cat," as it were.
They created a debt based monetary system to impoverish people and a media system to promote their own image.

Now those daughter seek out feudal lords and screw them for free!
And if they don't, one of the impoverished daughters will sell their body in order to eat another day.


Evil as hell, but brilliant.

The consciousness level that brought us to this point won't ever get us out of this bind.

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This is Memorial Day Weekend.

This weekend the fucking Government, Partisanship, Rep/Dem, and everything else can go take a [please] quiet shit in the corner.

This Memorial Day I want to recognize a man I've known my entire life of 54 years.

Raymond Aiken, aka Uncle Ray to myself and my sisters. Veteran of WWII, Korea and Viet Nam as a pilot. He was inducted into the Library of Congress's WWII archive two weeks ago with a live interview (one that I'm looking forward to hearing because this guy is a real character and is so admirably full of bullshit).

To Uncle Ray, we met in Hawaii in the early 60's after my first sister was born, and you've had a lifetime friend and 'family' member ever since that meeting. I remember you living with us in Hawaii while Joey was there.

You are the kindest, sweetest, gentlest, and most honorable man I've known in my life other than my dad, Uncle Troy and stepdad, Joe. You are a true uncle.

I'm honored to have known you. And look forward to seeing you Monday

  And none of this denigrates my Dad's ten or so years in Japan, Korea, Thailand, or Viet Nam.  I hardly knew him as a kid.  He retired as a Senior Master Sargeant in the USAF while my mom, who actually DID wear combat boots, retired as a Chief Master Sargeant,  I got hustled out of the Marines as a Private First Class after a training injury.   My Uncle Ray should be the fulcrum of the rejection of Federal conntrol
 Fed Fl
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When once we had guys like "Ray" Aiken to look up to, now we have guys like "Clay" Aiken.

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Sorry, fat finger effect.

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We're free to fuck the little guy.  Kind of like what was done to the Native Americans, and it's so whitewashed, I don't even know what they called themselves before.

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They called themselves the enemy of the tribe next door, honkeylips...same as same.

Go stick a feather in your ass and weep for the noble savage.


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In some Islamic sects accruing interest on money borrowed is considered a sin.

Bankers have a better chance of meeting the gallows in Islamic countries.

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I am sure they get around it by saying I give you a loan I get a percentage of the company and profits, same thing in the end as interest.

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Actually, taking  percentage of profit is NOTHING like interest on a loan.   Interest on a loan compounds itself, leading to spiraling, out of control debt.    Profit sharing is a flat rate which does not vary nor compound over time.   It's the compounding of interest which is the huge scam.


Einstein said:  

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it ... he who doesn't ... pays it.”
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the muslims are/were not alone in this.  it's just that they are practicing their religion more fervently now than is the "west", partly as a way to distinguish themselves from the largely christian/jewish colonial powers that have plagued them for the last few centuries.


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In some Judaic sects, they believe it's "God's Will" that they can dry hump everyone else on the entire fucking planet in every single way possible. Something about being most favored people with the Big Man, and what not.

Just sayin...

Anyway, speaking of memorials....

Her name was the USS Liberty
Her name was the USS Liberty
Her name was the USS Liberty
Her name was the USS Liberty
Her name was the USS Liberty

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Poor human judgment. The computer and lack of contacting the plane on different channels resulted to the same USS Liberty mess.

Iran Air Flight 655 (Mistaken Identity)!! Pt-2/4

Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=db9_1306572454#XSkBU4Xqz2qSzKTp.99



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Good morning. Bedouin government, the sum total of it, amounts to "does it pay for me to be violent?". It's individualist anarchism without the morals. Or maybe not. But something in that direction.

Oh yeh, and the Arabs were never really city dwellers until they left the Arabian peninsula, fyi.

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Drove thru a VA property today - NO GUNS ALLOWED ON PROPERTY signs everywhere. I loled. Winning!

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"Meanwhile, Iran executes 4 bankers for fraud"

As bad as Iran is, could it be possible that they are better than the US?

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There are plenty of crimes worthy of the death penalty, but I've yet to see a single criminal justice system anywhere that I'd trust to mete it out only to those who were deserve it.

Allowing your (inevitably corrupt) government to kill criminals is just asking for irrevocable injustices to be carried out. A person wrongly imprisoned with a life sentence can be given some compensation when/if it is discovered they were wrongly convicted.

But someone who has already been dispatched by the hangman? Not so much.

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i was wondering what freedoms we were hated for, now i understand we have the freedom to rob as many otehrs as possible - only if you're too big to jail of course not so much for J6P

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I hope this helps see their bigger picture.

Rothschilds Want Iran's Banks

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Treat vets at hospitals near where they live. Why have them travel so far? The VA has to look into its crystal ball to determine where to build and what to build. They still can't cover the territory adequately enough. Eliminate the waste and quit building these facilities. It would be like medicare or medicaid. Just cut the check to the service provider.

I know that there are probably some services where having separate facilities would make sense like mental health. I heard one theory on this board where VA medical is used as bribery to keep vets quite. Cross the Gov and we won't treat. Vets might have secrets? Their medical conditions would horrify the public?

Maybe it is just a government program that can't be curtailed due to the usual corruption and so forth.

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"It would be like medicare or medicaid. Just cut the check to the service provider."

Thats really all that needs to happen and you don't need a mammoth bureaucracy for that. All it should take is to show the card...unless of course they setup some glitchy website for payments ;-)


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That's so damned dead-on I wish I could give you more than one up-arrow.  

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Actually, Miller is taking baby steps in that direction. But why have an "emergency" to implement such a thing, is what I say.

Make it permanent...


I liken all this to old men starting wars that young men are forced to fight in...then, coming home...being arrested for drinking under the age of 21, that of course, is ALSO what old men have passed laws about.

So apparently, "our masters of the universe" have decided you're old enough to DIE FOR THEM...but if you live, don't even think about celebrating the fact you made it out alive.

Yes, makes all the sense in the world ;-)

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Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, there is another co-opted org started with the best of intentions (who could argue with allowing drunks behind the wheel careening off guardrails anyways?) only to evolve into nanny-police-state-zero-tolerance nonsense. Well, thats how they strip liberty away, with the "very best of intentions"...fucking assholes.

I'm not sure if anyone even having a couple glasses of wine with dinner is "legal" to drive anywhere, anymore.

And while I'm on this rant (in the defense of our youth) I want to point out something else. Straying slightly OT but I did notice this ridiculous concept of prohibiting high school dropouts from getting a drivers license until they're 18.

So the idea is to keep them in school (which they hate or are failing at) and make it as hard as hell to begin supporting themselves by having the independence of a vehicle in order to get back & forth to work? I bet if they could vote at 15 or 16 this idea would have never been be floated.

Let that be a lesson of their statist-logic my young liberty loving ZH readers, they will screw you as long as you let them and proclaim it as good for you as they wipe themselves off...now get on the bus, on its schedule (not yours) and pay your damned taxes, thousands of government pensions are riding you ;-)

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"thats how they strip liberty away"

I get the sinking feeling that the Republic has already been lost when I look around at this shit show today. People are not only accepting in losing their liberties and God given rights, they are actually cheering it on. Disgusting.