Euroskeptics Surge: Live Results From The 2014 European Parliament Election

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As reported previously, the 2014 European Parliament is set to be a stunning setback for the "old" Europe with a surge in Euroskeptic seats in the European parliament.

This is further confounded when one consider that Euroskeptics are set to outright win the vote in places like the UK and France.

From MNI:

Anti European Union parties on both the right and left appeared to be making significant gains in Europe's parliamentary elections, according to Sunday evening exit polls, a sign of the increasing wave of discontent being expressed against decision making in Brussels and continued high unemployment.


Though the two largest political groups in the parliament will be made up of pro-European parties on the centre left and right, anti-EU parties in the UK, France, Denmark, Belgium, Germany and Greece all made gains, according to exit polls.


In Germany, exit polls showed the Christian Democrats, which is led by Angela Merkel, won the election with 36% of the national vote and 35 seats in the parliament. The Social Democratic Party came in second place with 27.2% of the vote. The anti-European Alternative fur Deutschland party in Germany could enter the party with 6.5% of the vote, granting them their first ever seat in the European Parliament.


In France, exit polls showed that the far right Front National, whose views on immigration policy and further European integration have been cause for much controversy, brought home a victory with 24.4% of the total vote. The centre UMP party came in second place with 21% while the ruling Socialist Party attained just 14.2% of the vote.


UMP president Jean-Francois Cope said the results should be seen as an expression of disappointment against the government of Francois Hollande, who has so far failed to tackle issues such as high unemployment and turn round a stagnant economy.


"These elections show a huge anger against Francois Hollande's policy," he told French media. The Socialist Party spokesman Olivier Faure said "The whole left has to reconsider itself."


Exit polls from the UK, where the anti-EU United Kingdom Independence Party are expected to win, were not immediately available.


In Greece, where unemployment levels are still at 27%, the far-left Syriza party gained 28% of the vote, the most out of any other party. Greece's New Democracy party, led by Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, came in second place with between 23 and 25% of the vote.


Other countries that saw positive results for anti-EU parties included Belgium and Denmark where the Danish People's Party received around 23% of the vote and 3 seats, according to exit polls.

The FT is not happy. Not happy at all.

Worse, in an election in which the turnout is expected to be greater than in 2008, the incremental marginal votes appear to be largely against the European dream.


Below is a real-time tracker of the results from the elections as they come in:


Finally, courtesy of the WSJ, here is the breakdown by European nation:

* * *

Meanwhile, back in "Old United Europe", it seems nothing has changed:

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free_lunch's picture

Well if you like your Obama-like change, you can keep your change.

But you are clearly confused about what your party represents:

Is the N-VA a pro-Europe party? Without a doubt. The N-VA wants a stronger Flanders and a stronger Europe. After all, more and more challenges are arising in this globalised world that we must deal with at a supranational level. The macro level for us is the European Union. Competences that require a supranational approach must therefore be transferred to the European level (i.e. currency, defence, migration, internal market, energy, etc.). The N-VA is convinced that Flanders must acquire its own voice in the European Union, at the same level as other countries and states, some of which are even smaller than Flanders. But, even as an autonomous state, we will still be linked to and stand in solidarity with other states, within the European Union first of all. The N-VA is an extremely pro-European party and is part of the European Free Alliance (EFA) within the European Parliament.

Not my words, it's from their program:

Europe: 8 Billion to fight European unemployment, 250 Billion/year hidden subsidies for the TBTF banks.

Soul Glow's picture

I hate to agree with Nuland, but fuck the EU.

aVileRat's picture

Comon, everyone saw this happening from 10 miles away. Soros spoke on this for 2 years now. The big 1 trade is testing just how far the anti-EU camp is willing to push the quo. If they make a dash for the exits like the Confed's did in the USA, what will happen ? Note most of EU is not armed like the USA was at that time. So in this period of disruptive political economics, what will Putin do ? Think back to who and how France empowered the initial split in the deep south "hard currency" trades (cotton).

Anyone else find it odd that both bonds and stocks are both rising ? Why would bonds be rising in Euro states who have their bonds pegged to the German backstop if they all want to leave ?


I wonder what Abe and India are going to be upto this week.



DeadFred's picture

What dirt does the NSA have on these new representatives? My money is betting there won't be any change. Mysteriously.

Anasteus's picture

As a European I'm quite satisfied with the result. At least we were able to move something on.

Now it's your turn, bitchez.

Pure Evil's picture

Um, we've decided to vote for sHItLLARy and to bring Freedumb and Idiocracy to Europe.

Expect to be liberated by our bombs in 3......2......1......Fuck the EU Nuland.

Anasteus's picture yet another gesture of warm alliance after eavesdropping on Frau Merkel and everybody else :-)

GeorgeHayduke's picture

It may not be just Hillary the sheep get to vote for in 2016, they may get a choice between her or Jeb Bush! WooHoo! This is a choice between a kick in the nuts or a kick in the nuts. Even though the real policy and leadership difference between the two varies by about 0.02%, the media and the wage slaves will make a huge deal about how the country will fall apart if one is elected over the other. Then once the show is over, the oligarchs will still have one of their fully owned and cooperative minions in place for continued fleecing of the slaves.

Meanwhile, people in other countries will be out in the streets rioting for similar scams from their owners. All the while the 'Murcan slaves will be shopping, getting fatter and worrying about their football team's draft picks. Same as it ever was....

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Hey, where are the Muslim, the Neocon and the Zionist Parties?

They have a lot of sway (hidden power) that's not shown on any of these results.

Pure Evil's picture

The Muslims know that the Euro race is dying.

They're voting with their vaginas by producing more and more Mohammads.

Anasteus's picture

Both the Neocon and the Zionist Parties are already analyzing the situation... the Elders are proposing to postpone the plan until the dust settles.

gatorengineer's picture

nuke it from orbit its the onlyw ay to be sure

q99x2's picture

Are we winning yet?

goldhedge's picture




Fuh Querada's picture

In the propaganda spew of the European "progressive" mainstream media, any party that collates protest votes against the establshed cliques is " far right". The attempts by the MSM to marginalize the AfD in Germany for example, are blatant. The CDU is now left of what the SPD was in the early 2000s.

Stonedog's picture

Down with Brussels and the EU!  (Just to be different!)

theminister's picture

A vote in this "election" is a vote for the giant hemorrhoid called Brussles in the middle of Europe.

Abstinence is the best only policy.

Tenshin Headache's picture

Finally, some good news.

radiobomb's picture

only italy had over 50% of the popultion vote.... really a non-vote is a sign of 'none of the above', or 'dont believe in this system'... they just choose not to see that.  So regardless of the actual result, more than 50% of geographical europe do not want a political europe.



hooligan2009's picture

you need to click on the map with the 6 rainbows in it to get ot the other european nations....belgium (home of the ECB, the European Parliament and the European Commision) had a 90% turnout, Greece 53%, Denmark 60%, Ireland 59%, Malta 79%, Luxembourg 91% ad Cyprus 59%.

Perhaps these are the countries with the most to gain from Europe. 

I think voter turnout globally is aroun 60-80% for national elections and c. 20-40% for local elections . European elections seem to be a local vote these days, with Europeans willing to cede democracy to the European centers as their polticians are the most appallingly bad!

zerocash's picture

There is a new European law that calls for the disbandment of European political parties which don't subscribe to article 2 of the Lisbon Treaty, which enforces "respect for European values". Within a few years no Eurosceptic parties will exist anymore. Problem solved..


free_lunch's picture

It will be solved, but first let the peasants have their cheer..

Expect moar EURO-crisis, which will "force" the unelected to ignore the elected to save the children!

The only option shall be through less sovereignty, moar taxes, bail-in, bail-out, privatization, pension vaporizing, moar economy destroying austerity, all the good stuff!  Everything for the good of the people!

I'm only joking of course, naturally the politicians will do anything to honor the will of the people.

shermacman's picture

The election in France simply indicates that the French are not paying attention and will fall for anyone promising anything. Holland was elected with a majority percentage of the vote just two years ago. Not optimistic here.

jonytk's picture

France is the next in the domino to "fall" , if they don't implement austerity measures, France bubble is overdue for correction. (and yes , more taxes will not fix the problem)

eucalyptus's picture

is 130 out of 751 enough to do anything?

AnAnonymous's picture

Why pointing at a detail? 'Americans' favour fantasy over everything else.

That and the rule by the majority, and the answer is a resounding yes.

After all, 130 is a majority.

Pure Evil's picture

Why do you hate Merica so much?

Don't you have some Japanese or Vietnamese to shiite on?

AnAnonymous's picture

Questions are: do Japanese prefer to be rained down with human feces or with a nuclear bomb?
Do Vietnamese prefer to be rained down with human feces or with agent orange?

Those are some of the questions. They are much more of those questions, considering who 'americans' are.

Sudden Debt's picture

The elite is still very strong in Europe, let's hope the sceptics can bring it down.

Now suddenly a lot of people who voted for other parties are realizing they casted the wrong vote and shouldalso have voted against europe.
People realize that everything thhey need went up in price by 50% in 7 years time all but their income.
If it doesn't change now, we'll be broke and poor in the next 7 years if this crisis isn't handled right.

I'm very positive for the french but now they need to fight the rest of europe to gain support.

free_lunch's picture

NVa is PRO-europe, do you ever even read comments?

De Tijd: Wat denkt van de opnieuw vaak gehoorde stelling dat Europa een aanslag is op de soevereiniteit van de staten en dat we moeten terugkeren naar de natiestaat? Europa is cultureel te divers.

Van Overtveldt: Wat we vandaag inderdaad moeten doen is een aanslag op de soevereiniteit van de lidstaten. Maar dit is een direct gevolg van de keuze voor een eenheidsmunt. Het valt me op dat politici nu pas lijken te beseffen dat dit het gevolg is van de euro. Een muntunie is een fundamentele ingreep met vergaande gevolgen in de economie en de maatschappij. Het inbedden van de economische en politieke samenwerking in Europa in een muntunie is een idee waar veel voor te zeggen is. Maar de prijs voor een duurzame monetaire unie is inderdaad het afstaan van soevereiniteit van macht aan Europa. 



AnAnonymous's picture

Italians were active to raise the average turn out.65 pc.

Countries under 20 pc turn out.

The rule of the majority, as 'americans' say.

nmewn's picture

You're gonna have to get a new Uncle Sam voodoo doll, you've just about worn that one

Try an original one next time instead of that cheap chinese shit ;-)

AnAnonymous's picture

It will wear out when 'americanism' wears out. Not tomorrow. Nobody here will live long enough to see those days.

So yeah, 'americans' should be piling on fantasy as their 'american' nature leads them to.

It ensures the rope does not wear out.

johngerard's picture

The EU has ten years at best. Worst case scenario,  it breaks into northern and southern unions, with other countries leaving. Best case scenario is it breaks up altogether. Fascist shits.

homonohumanus's picture

 BUllshit, sadly...


We are a couple year ahead of the great consolidation... those trade agreements are sealing the deal.

You think they care about about 30% out of less than half the whole commoners being angry?

Get real... and mourn your hopes...

Senduko's picture

the EU would never allow for belgium to become Anti- Europe extreme right. So now we even have a fake extreme right government prettending to be fake anti- Europe movement. What a shithole I live in. 

And besides, all these graphs are correct if you assume the election wasn't rigged... Belgium is one of the last nations where you are forced to vote, so how do they scale this towards say Italy where perhaps only 1 procent went to vote.  So if Italy only the asshats in the parlement went to vote pro-eurpope they could end up claiming 80% of that nation ( statistics wise )



Pure Evil's picture

I think its Bullhockey, but

Whoreshit will work as well.

hooligan2009's picture

seems that the anti-europe parties are getting stronger in the european parliament..i guess all they need to do is run expenses, since they don't have to attend ..i wonder what proportion of MP's voting constitutes a quorum (below which no vote can be taken)..

amazing, polticians in europe get cost 7 times more than the average salary of a goldman sachs employee; god knows what the security, buildings, insurance and pension plans cost, let alone the leakage from spending not making it to the targeted area because of admin costs (like aid to africa paying aid workers not feeding dying children)

from here

751 European MP's from 28 member countries cost around 1.8 pounds sterling a year, three times that of british MP's and around a third of them aren't going to contribute to europe. that's about 2.3 billion dollars, just for salaries and expenses..

1.8 million pounds = 3 million bucks a year....every year and only going up, another proof/official version below

from here

766 members cost 1.756 billion euros = us dollars 2.4 billion. 

that puts european parliamentary members on packages at 7 times that of an average goldman sachs employee of $383,00, all for spending other peoples money and provding zero value for anyone... here

not sure what to make of this!