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On a weekend so full of memories, we thought it appropriate to remember what was promised so many years ago from our central-planning overlords. All that printed money, all those bailouts, all those promises and Bernanke's statement that "Fed actions did not favor Wall Street over Main Street..." and this is what we end up with... "not" all time highs in what really matters...

Remember - Bernanke told us "The US economy is heading back to a full recovery" - then a few months later explained that interest rates would not normalize in his lifetime...


Just don't tell Obama (or the Democrats who have been told not to mention the 'recovery'), or the record number of middle-aged people living with their parents, or the almost imperceptible rise in the employed population since QE began...

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Yep......back to the bread and circus! 

Same as it ever was. 


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*yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I know all about the red/black, left/right horseshit, but after all, it is on His Watch and He did Promise that He, the Messiah was going to Fix It

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But.......but.......but.......Pelosi said it was all Bush's fault.

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pelosi, bush, reid, boehner, oblama, clinton, bush, clinton.......................

many heads, one body.....can't seem to remember that little ditty from the Lord of the Flies......

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Remember on this day, all the traitors who sent our brave men and women to die in battle believing they were defending our Republic. 
Revenge is the Lord's, but sometimes he uses people to exact it.

Madison is Rising Again, Bitchez!


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Hey man, corporations are people too.

Welcome to: Recovery Summer V

Thanks Obama!

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Fuck the Fed and the Bernank and the human bowling ball Mr Yellin.

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You do know the difference between a bowling ball and Mr Yellen,don't you??






You can eat a bowling ball.

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but...the price of real estate in New York City has can anyone say the economy is not doing great!

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"One day son this war is gonna end."

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"but until the day we gonna do some surfing"

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Look at the gross IRRATIONALITY that is kept out of sight!
The news media priority is to support their paying advertisers! The public be suckered!

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 May "chairsatan" shine in a glowing volcanic crater!  Bought protein lately Bernakenstein? ( 2 fiddy a whore)

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...on second thought, that just wasn't right....

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Thank you, Yen.  That's kind.  A good holiday to you and yours.

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putin knows what many here at ZH and elsewhere have been stating based on what we've been able to gleem from various official and non-official sources...

beginning at the 17:30 mark he tells u who has all the physical Gold, where they stand in relation to those "GOLDEN RESERVES", and how they and Russia in the not so distant futrue will deploy them and BE RUNNING SHIT... its over for the debt coupon dollar and the Petrodollar criminal reign.......

funny how this received no coverage in the LameStream propaganda media networks....



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This should be the USSA official song...

China is just waiting for the best time (for them) and worst (for the USSA) to officially announce the numbers. All leaders with any intelligence know it's coming and Putin let it slip here.

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i aint prone to believing Putin lets anything slip but on this one i concur...

whatever the case, u can bet that he KNOWS the number and was BRIEFED by his bossom buddies in Bejing...

Ron Paul: "Is Gold money..."

Ben "the cocksucker" Bernanke: (long pause with a stupid ass look on his face before he lies his mother fucking ass off) "no....."

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This is criminal, and the the majority are still asleep to any reality.. Damn it is gonna hurt when they are forced to wake up..

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pretty clear exposition of the failure of policy lo these last 6 years right 'chere.  Will any of the asshats in charge recognize the obvious and change course?  Dont hold your breath.  Sad

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It wasn’t likely that the promises of Greenspan and Bernanke would have been sincere taking the lying history of the Federal Reserve since its inception. It began on the promise of stabilizing an economy and holding the money trusts at bay. With the oligarchs now filthy rich we recall how stable the economy has been:

Since it was created in 1913 the Federal Reserve System has presided over the crashes of 1921 and 1929, the Great Depression of 1929-1939, recessions in the years 1953, 1957, 1969, 1975 and 1981, a stock market Black Monday in 1987, the bursting of the dot-com bubble in 2000,  the collapse of the sub-prime housing market in 2007, the 2008-economic meltdown…and ZIRP beginning in late 2008 - devaluing Americans’ savings while inflating the money supply hand over fist for Wall Street beginning with QE in early 2009.

The Federal Reserve, conceived to allegedly break up the money trust, was designed in secret by the money trust to act for the money trust against the public interest. According to William Grieder:

"At the time [about 1913] the conventional wisdom in Congress was that the government institution would finally harness the money trust, disarm its powers and establish broad democratic control over money and credit. The results were nearly the opposite. The money reforms enacted in 1913 in fact helped to preserve the status quo, to stabilize the old order. Money center bankers would not only gain dominance over the new central bank but would also enjoy new insulation against instability and their own decline. Once the Fed was in operation the steady diffusion of financial power halted. Wall Street maintained its dominant position and even enhanced it." --  William Greider, Secrets of the Temple: How the Federal Reserve Runs the Country, 1989

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wrestle back control over ur self and your loved ones...


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"It wasn’t likely that the promises of Greenspan and Bernanke would have been sincere taking the lying history of the Federal Reserve since its inception."


Zero % chance of sincerity from Greenspan and Bernanke and now Yellin.


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The chart seems to indicate that if we create more unemployment the S&P 500 and coprorate profits will get even higher.

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That depends on where the unemployment is. Shedding staff in the US and opening factories in China leads to greater profits.

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Do they have an unemployment ETF we can invest in?

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Some things don't change, Ten things that a truthful Ben Bernanke should say to clarify where our economy is, and where it is going became crystal clear last year as the Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke reaffirmed the central bank's commitment to its massive stimulus program while testifying before the Senate banking committee.Below is an article listing those ten things and it does not reflect well on QE or his policies.