America's Job Is Done In Afghanistan

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Mission Accomplished... Moments ago Obama proudly announced that America's job in Afghanistan is done. Heroin users and dealers around the world agree.



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john39's picture

how dare those taliban terrorist halt the free trade of heroin!-NWO

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We're talking big, big money here...

icanhasbailout's picture

what a fitting tribute for Memorial Day

Headbanger's picture

Moar like a way to cut military spending cause a lot moar people are signing up for (corporate welfare) SNAP cards

Looney's picture

And Karzai royally dissed him – refused to meet with him. Exceptional. Hmmm…


Dr. Richard Head's picture

Looney indeed.

Many of the globalists openly believe in a "culling of the herd" so-to-speak.  Heroin seems to be doing a nice job in that to some extent.  The number of heroin overdoses in my neck of the woods is skyrocketing.  Maybe this is the way for the NWO to have Darwin take over with a little helping hand. 

Note: I am not in favor of mass killings.  Just making an observation.

insanelysane's picture


Same in the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts.  Overdoses are way up.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Barry Soetoro is progress from Cocaine to Heroin now? Maybe some day AmeriKa is elect adult for president.

COSMOS's picture

Good thing the Heroin is flowing, the CIA has its money making business back in full force, that is why they are so heavily embedded in Afghanistan.  They are the 'other' Warlord once most of the troops pull out. Don't forget military muscle will still be there or very close nearby.  Heroin makes the CIA the cash they need to destabilize the Central Asia republics and also destroy the Russian and Chinese up and coming generations with Heroin.

Induced Coma's picture

I'm curious what happened in 2001? Were the crops really bad that year? no - wait--- this is supply and demand, right... so, there must have been a real decline in users in 2000.


Or was it something else...



Cathartes Aura's picture


as others have said, can't be having that kind of interference

with the profit-able trade.


o2sd's picture

Everyone knows what happened in 2001. The Taliban banned poppy cultivation. However, what is really interesting is what happened in 2009. Presumably, demand plummeted post-GFC and the price became uneconomic to grow for the smaller cultivators.


NihilistZero's picture

Don't forget the extraction of tax dollars by the Prison Industrial Complex.  Create the problem then supply the solution. 

It's not a War on Drugs, it's a War on Personal Freedom.  Remember that at all times. - Bill Hicks

Raynja's picture

@doc @insane
The propaganda surrounding heroin is in full force on all the local news stations around the country.
That being said there likely is an increase in use and overdoses. The thing they leave off is that these are not new drug addicts, they are just people who previously got their dopiate fix off pills, which they note can't get our can't get high off anymore.

Unintended consequences indeed.

Rusty Shorts's picture

Poppy is legal to cultivate here in the States btw. Just don't let them catch you scaping the pods




NickVegas's picture

More slaves for the machine.

cynicalskeptic's picture

We're talking big, big money here...


Why should big Pharma make all the money?  

After getting a good part of America hooked on Oxy they've made it far harder to get - driving people to heroin.  

Enough to make you wonder if it wasn't planned that way all along.....  Heroin was scary - a prescription drug seemed much 'safer' - getting lots of people addicted.  But now that you can't get Oxy as easily, heroin is the alternative

Jumbotron's picture

George W. Bush - "Mission Accomplished"

Barack Hussein Obama - "Mission Accomplished"


So.....exactly what was the mission and what was accomplished ?

No matter the answer......the NWO benefits.

icanhasbailout's picture

The mission is always self-enrichment.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Remember, fight for soil, food, oil, religion, same is same,... all war is bankster war.

caShOnlY's picture

any correalation to this announcement and China's announcement that they won't participate in the afghan bank/narco-money-laundry game?

yellowsub's picture

The CIA now has full control of the fields?

Winston Churchill's picture

Never been to Afghanistan have you.

The endless graveyards, and war memorials of past empires, tell you who is in control.

Jumbotron's picture

I so love you right now for that Rush reference.  VERY well played sir !!



NoDebt's picture

They don't need to be there in person any more.  They set the optimal conditions and it's running on it's own.  Selling death for money is easy.  Everybody wants in.

Dr. Richard Head's picture

How are the strippers in that region?  ND reference from yesterday's shale stripper article.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Is typo!? Shale Stripper or Shemale Stripper? In Afghanistan is all little orphan boy.

mc225's picture

let's go beyond legalization, and simply wipe all drug laws off of the books.

Rusty Shorts's picture

The NSF (National Science Foundation) will fund your PhD research project if you have an interest in Botany.

Lore's picture

We LIBERATED those crops from their Taliban oppressors who were setting fire to them. Planes carrying 'special' cargo reportedly enjoy 'special' protection at 'special' airfields, from Turkey to Arkansas. It's nice that America still has at least one industry besides arms manufacturing. Our warriors serve a righteous cause!

Spungo's picture

What's the R^2 on opium vs S&P 500?

thatthingcanfly's picture

I'm guessing greater than .80.

youngman's picture

It is the new drug of this generation....

Headbanger's picture

And they're dropping dead all over from it now.

But of course that helps boost spending on the "war on drugs" now

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Hey, better they die from heroin than from marihuana, the weed with roots in Hell. That's baaaaaad stuff.

Winston Churchill's picture

Just need to mix it with enough coke to avoid heart failure.

Don't they teach them anything in public schools today ?

NoDebt's picture

I thought heroin was kind "old school" and a little out of favor, but I was wrong.  There's a whole new generation of YOUNG people swimming in the stuff.  I was surprised, but not shocked, unfortunately.

Monty Burns's picture

Believe it or not you can enjoy heroin without becoming addicted. Not easy but possible.  I was that soldier in my rock'n'roll days.

COSMOS's picture

Just like with alcohol its genetic, some people once they try it once are hooked for life and can't moderate it.

Cathartes Aura's picture

backlash from the meth cookers aka "parents"

every generation gets herded towards a different "illegal drug" - this next one most likely sees decreasing future options, so it's

jam today.

blue gkm's picture

suburban teenagers rejoice!!

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Here is what the Afghan President had to say this week about China bringing stability in Afghanistan. He talks about the Western media promoting differences on tribal rivalry. He mentioned that elections were held without a single bullet being fired and that foreigners (read USA) should stay out of Afghan traditions. He also mentioned that he would replicate the China growth model in Afghanistan instead of any other due to the education expansion, infra building, poverty reduction, employment creation etc that was achieved in a very short span of 30-40 years, which is exactly what Afghanistan needs but what makes all others jealous of the Chinese model .

And the interview is on Chinese TV!