3 WTF Charts

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Bad breadth, flaccid flow, and bonds bid - what could possibly go wrong?


The negative divergences are mounting...

Breadth is not at all supportive...

h/t Brad Wishak of NewEdge


"Smart money" Flow is decidely the wrong way...


And bonds are well bid...


BTFWTF - it could only be a non-economic indiscriminate buyer of last resort... the desperate to shrink their float and flatter EPS - corporate buybacks.

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“How did you go bankrupt?"

Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly.”

Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises

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bad breath, flaccid flow.... sounds like getting old...


hah ha ha ha ha hah hah ah a ha haha

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free market capitalism is the best way to prosperity

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KUDLOW !!!!!!    YEAH !!!!

He was never the same without the cocaine.


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Well, all that fundamental stuff means nothing when the goal is to force well over 180,000 SPY puts to expire worthless tomorrow.

The number per strike drops off 80% above 192. Yup, there's your $1.8 billion motivation.

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Yep, as usual this all about options. The market "broke" the minute the derivatives became more important than the underlying, whether in real estate or stocks

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Max pain for SPY is actually $190...perhaps tomorrow will be a down day. 

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Smallest dollar value loss (to option writers) will occur with SPY at $190, thus causing "maximum pain" to option holders (majority of SPY options are sold by pros).


Here is a link for an excellent article describing how this occurs.




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Interesting, thanks.

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Thanks for this.  The CBOE can stay solvent longer than I can stay rational.

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Well, yeah. But nobody is. Everyting goes better with Coke. For awhile.

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Now that was funny...

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I LOLed.

If I ever get a custom license plate, that's definitely a possibility.

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Should be interesting to see the debt of Bank of America get nuked.

Sure you don't want to pay your people anything as the answer? They fired everyone at Chrysler...look how well that worked.

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That's "WTF, Over?"

This is the communications department.
According to my sources "it's Code of OmyGodda!" when it comes to the equity space.

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This is the 'new free markets' . They no longer care about your what the fucking charts, Durden. 

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sorry to topic hijack but they just wont give up....

"LONDON, May 29 (Reuters) - Major metal exchanges emerged as contenders in developing an alternative to the London silver price benchmark, or "fix", after the century-old system for setting the globally recognised price is disbanded in August.

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and the London Metal Exchange (LME) both said on Thursday they were working with the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and the precious metals industry to find an electronic-based solution.

"We are working closely with the precious metals industry and the LBMA to reduce market disruption by helping to find a robust transaction-based way to set the daily spot price, so the markets can continue to work efficiently and seamlessly," Harriet Hunnable, CME managing director of metals products, said in a statement."

read:contiued manipulation. fuck off.

"Meanwhile, the LME said it had received numerous requests from industrial and financial players to provide a new solution.  "The LME ... is working with the LBMA in consulting with the market ... it has defined a robust process for a daily silver price, which will provide best-practice regulatory compliance while maintaining the global position of the London market," the exchange operator said in a statement."

yeah right...fucking assholes...

"The LBMA has launched a consultation to find a solution, which will close on Friday. It has asked mining companies, users of the benchmarks, regulators and potential administrators for their views on who the ideal contributors to a revised pricing mechanism would be.

It considered re-launching a silver contract in the 1990s, but struggled against falling demand for the metal from the photography sector and a lack of industry support, the source added."

falling demand???

fuck off...



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You really though it was over, I feel sorry for you

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dont feel sorry for me man...

i got oz'ssssssssss that've been stacked since 07' and i aint stopping...the phony paper price is one thing....THE REAL VALUE IS ANOTHER...

pity the holders of debt coupon dollars and hope that you aint one of them...

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Hey, me too man....I agree....kinda hard to stay solvent these days...would really apprecaite some positive price movements however....it would really help me out

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stay the course...

your pre-1965 quarters buy 2 gallons of gas as of today...

what does a $1 Federal Reserve Note buy ya?

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Can't be repeated too many times. It's amazing when you have to explain it to citizens, TWICE, tho. Yeah, a quarter, that's right; only it was made of Silver. Oh, forget about it then.

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Zimbabwe pulled it off so we should too.

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Effiecient and Seamless Markets !! Whoo. I can't wait. It'll be so wonderful.

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They have found a new way to goose stocks. Salesforce.com(crm) went up over 3% after hours on news that was out at 6:43 am today. But cnbc reportedit as breaking news. The saddest part is I'm afraid to short it. Ah efficent markets at work

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Rather like this insane "please don't stop buying stawks" headline: "U.S. Economy Shrinks for First Time Since 2011; Pent Demand Suggests Temporary Setback " Hey, think of all the pent up demand that this shrinking economy is about to unleash! ...

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Or what about this guy who showed up in my twitter feed: "Fret not over Q1 GDP or numerologists worrying that H1 will be slower than H2 13. Focus instead on falling jobless claims = better growth." Hey, who are you going to trust? Me? Or your lying sense of smell?

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Hmm, I love the smell of Streamlines in the Morning !! Good Morning Viet-Nam; Victory is just around the corner !!

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was watching some sectors today, incredible how low volume was it

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"Smart money"


Well considering they are missing this next leg of the upside they aren't very smart now are they? 

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"Smart money" is having some...let alone holding on to what you've got.

Once the Government turns on everyone...including itself...annihilating the money is the easy part.

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Fortunately, anything 'smart' ain't you...

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Flight to safety.

They're about ready to clean Mom and Pop's chips off the table again.

Millions of "WTF!?" 's echoing off the walls of the homes as they look at their "retirement" statements.

I'm almost glad mine is almost all cashed out and I have no job to be fired from.

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Yeah. I keep thinking that. But it never happens. The market just isn't allowed to go down anymore. We're going the way of Japan only faster.

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Now that the markets are considered to be a national security issue, they probably never will go down. Just imagine what a share of google will be worth when WWIII starts!

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Are you going to come back on and admit you were wrong when it crashes? never is a long time; be careful not to hypnotize yourself with loose language.

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Bad Breath Makes Me Flaccid Every Time!

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Interview with Victor Sperandeo who said about today's new highs off the negative GDP news "The U.S. economy must be in grave danger, and I want to emphasize that again, grave danger of the system completely collapsing.  This is why the Fed does not dare allow the stock market to selloff...There is no way we after 5 years that we should still be at zero interest rates, and allowing markets to do what they are doing with continued Fed manipulation, unless things are very, very dire.  I want to be clear about this, Eric, what I am saying is that things must be very alarming behind the scenes because the Fed won’t allow any kind of selloff to occur in stocks...You have to look at the comments by Fed member Lacker stating that GDP will be up in the second quarter.  I can understand some economist coming out and saying that, but for a Fed official to rush out and make that statement just reveals how protective the Fed is and how worried the Fed is about a market selloff taking place.  But that’s actually a very stupid comment for this Fed official to make because it reveals just how dire things are behind the curtain.  They are really grave (laughter ensues once again) for the Fed to be this protective with the Dow nearing the 17,000 level this long after the collapse of 2008. "





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Anyone still doubting the imminent fall?

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I'm just waiting to don my big, goofy, foam "DOW 20k" cowboy hat...

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Not doubting the eventual fail...it's that imminent part that's been imminent for far too long. Said another way the fail has already happened its just being papered over until the music runs out.

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WAH - DA - FOOK!!!!????????

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every day at 4 pm I see a large block of ES go off  some where between 15k-25k    Today it was 25k at 1917.50.   Any ideas where these trades are coming from?    The block usually acts as support and  its not wise to short below it.

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the fed is doing abenomics. they are hell bent on inflation and one of the side effects of inflation is a rising nominal stock price. that is the theory. in practice, the market will crash first before it takes advantage of the inflation put.