Consumer Comfort Plunges To 6-Month Lows

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Despite record highs in stock markets and talking-heads explaining that a terrible Q1 GDP print is nothing to worry about, Bloomberg's Consumer Comfort index collapsed to its lowest level in 6 months as 'Buying Climate' collapsed and economic expectations plunged from 48 to 42.5 (7-month lows). Those earning over $100k are happy and comfort soared but the comfort of those earning under $40k plunged to new cycle lows. The Fed won't be happy... need S&P 2,200 for animal spirits to come back again...



And Buying Climate has plunged...


Rich are happy - poor not so much...


Charts: Bloomberg

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Tjeff1's picture

Good to see our standard of living is plunging.  Must be bullish.  Buy stocks.

Headbanger's picture

Why yes I'm confident!


That the whole thing implodes into a shit hole!

jbvtme's picture

i'm fine with the economy. it's these genital warts which have me uncomfortable...

BandGap's picture

Consumer comfort = oxymoron

q99x2's picture

Fuckin Aye I'm uncomfortable; last week before the 1st of the month.

Jumbotron's picture

I'm uncomfortable twice over before the 1st of the month.  One...because of money...the other because it's that time of the month for the missus and if she's uncomfortable....then the WHOLE house is uncomfortable.  ;)

Space Animatoltipap's picture

Many conflicting reports the last couple of months. btw Is it Michelle or Michael?

Sisyphus's picture

It is Airwrecka. Airwrecka Mcbride.

fonzannoon's picture

Consumer comfort LOL. I have never heard of that one. 

Consumer "My ass hurts a little more than last month"

poll taker "thanks"


Sisyphus's picture

Fonz, appreciate you introducing us to Airwrecka. Thanks for teaching us how to spell correctly.

yogibear's picture

Bullish! Buy, buy, buy.

William Dudley, at the Fed's NY trading desk, buy, buy, buy!!!

Back door all those US treasury purchases, while claiming tapering.

A house of smoke and mirrors.

MountainsRoam's picture

I wonder if the American people will even care when the back door Fed buying news story goes mainstream?

Ignatius's picture

Ideology aside, in what world does it make sense for such a minute percentage of the population to own and control such a huge portion of the economy's excess production?  This corporate system is swallowing its tail and choking itself to death.

Ghordius's picture

the phenomenon of oligarchy. 'cause from a certain level of power upwards, things start again to look shaky. and safety lies often further up

this is both valid for megacorporations as for individuals. when you are at the top rung of the ladder... you have to kick down. harder

it's the same, more acute form of what further down is called "keeping up with the Joneses" or peer pressure

Spastica Rex's picture

Those earning over $100k are happy and comfort soared

Well, according To Charles-Hugh Smith, the "middle class" is doing just fine, then.

I guess "middle" is used in jocular fashion, here.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Europeans know all about oligarchy and hierarchy.

Cattender's picture

i am comfortable buying less... (i will still buy the occasional ounce of silver though)

Cattender's picture

if Gold drops much more.. i'll buy more of that too! LOL!

buzzsaw99's picture

don't worry, the fed won't let anyone (of consequence) fail

the not so mighty maximiza's picture

oo yesss,    DOW 50,000,000

Peter Pan's picture

The greater the number of zeroes, the more assured we are of returning to zero.

Peter Pan's picture

At some point even the manipulators will panic with the audacity of their stupidity.

The day will come when the most common phrase will be "what were they thinking".

intric8's picture

Consumer comfort plunged this month. I am WAY ahead of the curve on that one.

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

Just keep eating pink slime and buying stawks. Everything will work out.

toadold's picture

It is all due to the heavy snow....job.  Months of rising fuel and food prices have perhaps made the consumer just a bit sceptical about the truthiness of the information from the government and MSM.  My medical care has been causing me quite a bit of butt pain.

venturen's picture

This must be how Blackholes are formed....once JP Morgan Goldman Citi America owns everything and nothing can escape they can even buy sunlight.....they will be just one big SINGULAR! 

blue gkm's picture

Stop calling me a consumer!!!!  I do not like it!!!

BullyBearish's picture

Somebody has to pay for banker bonuses

orangegeek's picture

Do this survey today and it would be a 6 year low.

JJdog's picture

how about the middle class catching up on bills level? where is that at? must be negative $2000 per month. anyone know? 

rosiescenario's picture

If you advertise and promote it enough, the sheep will come to believe that their happiness is dependent upon their possessing it.


When I gaze around me at all the crap the sheep buy I get a sense that over 50% of  our economy is built upon fantasies.

TBT or not TBT's picture

It's some of the services we buy back and forth from each other that are fantasy, immaterial, make work or worse. Take about two thirds of higher education spend, please. John Edwards style lawyering. Big ticket environmental impact studies for no brainier projects. Fucking hundred dollar football and basketball game tickets.

Colonel Klink's picture

No need to worry about consumer comfort.  I've reduced my spending into the eCONomy and live quite comfortably.  Doing all I can to bring down this shit show.

teslaberry's picture

for years all zerohedge does is expose the fraud of statistics and econometrics. and yet, it relies on these same stats for cherrypicking out its' own narrative. 


why o why cannot zh STOP looking to statistics to cherry pick numbers and simply accept the reality on the ground that the narrative IS the narrative. 


in the 70s and 80's the average russian didn't even have statistics or biometrics or the vast stew of financial media to give them numbers. and any numbers that came out of pravda were rigged . 


they used STORIES AND NARRATIVES to talk to one another and see the world for what it was. . 


why cannot ZH abandon this nagging addiction to numbers. stop the addiction. cherrypicking is like a meth addict picking his scabs. 


stop with the numbers. the truth will not be numerized.