#AskBoE: Ask The Bank Of England Anything

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In the footsteps of the smashing success that was the #AskJPM and #MyNYPD social outreach by the two beloved institutions, yet another renowned entity has decided to take its comedic genius to the people: none other than the place where it all started - the Bank of England. So if you have a question for Mark Carney's money printing and housing bubble-forming institution, do no hesitate to tweet it: just remember to add the #AskBoE hash tag.

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Here's one of their spokesmen (person!) from the UK in action :-)





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If they couldn't predict this stunt blowing up in their face, how can they be expected to predict the economy?


At least they aren't as shameless as in Australia, where a central bank board member doubles as director for a hedge fund fraud scheme. Check out my updated blog on Australian financial crime:



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How much gold do you currently hold in physical form, as opposed to what you tell the chumps who were dumb enough to let you hold theirs?

I don't use Facefuck or Twatter so maybe someone who does can ask this for me.

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A question for Mark Carney:

What specifically is 'escape velocity' and how will you achieve it by creating more medium of exchange?

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I'm not on twitter, so could someone plese tweet for me:

BofE - but we weren't on the gold standard in the 1930's, were we? We were on the Gold EXCHANGE Standard. You don't even know that???

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You got it all wrong. The responses determine the amount of security they budget for next year !!!

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BOE:  You've been accused of being 'Satan's Spawn'.  Your response?

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In Kelvin, How fucking hot do you believe hell will be?

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Wheres flight 370?

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Last I heard.....Pakistan via Diego Garcia.


I hope that doesn't qualify me for Directive 3025.18....it's not a really well kept secret. It's not like I outed the CIA chief for Afghanistan.

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Maybe he was already compromised and outing him seemed like an easy way to get rid of him.

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I heard he was late on his "contribution" to CREEP.

( Commitee to RE-Elect the President)

Then there was that puzzling 17 minutes of silence on the latest Obama Secret Tapes. ...

Somebody get Kissinger in here Stat....

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More importantly, why wasn't he  and the other Board members on it?

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#AskBoE What will be the price of gold on June 30, 2014?

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I thought it was the Fed that decided that? Via their proxies of course.

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No, Barclays (Fed apparently being well endowed with tungsten, or so I read).

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Does the Queen enjoy her fresh baby brains scrambled or poached?

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Come on, those are for her corgi's.

She only eats the hearts , stuffed with caviar.

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Russian caviar at that - yes the band stuff

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Iranian caviar is the best ,and even more banned.

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You big ass.

We Corgi's do not eat scrambled brains....

HRH gives us French cake - you get .........crumbs and crumbs of crumby debt....


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I thought the new wonder treatment involves injections of young blood?

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Save that one for #askhenrykissinger.

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Mark, what is it like to be a human hemorrhoid? #AskBoE

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What have you got against hemorrhoids?

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Drugs and Hookers For GDP!!!

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Q. How many hookers and blow will it take to raise the GDP by 1 percentage point?

Q (part two) Can we institute a government program to incentivize spending on hookers and blow through tax deductions and direct payments to low income citizen who can't spend their fair share?

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Dear BoE, you got that money you owe me?

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Does Mervyn King cross dress, or what? #askBoE

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Are they willing to release a full ledger showing what gold they own and what gold they are holding on behalf of each other nation as well as conducting a full and independent audit?

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The Queen has ordered you off to Tyburn.

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I am currently living in one of her penal colonies which is by far a better place than the one she is living in.

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You sure?

She kinda still owns lots of lands in penal colonies... loads of land and just "maintains' a residence for the masses dog and pony show. Whatever!! My penal colony got a grand fabulous media frenzied royal inspection...erm, I mean, visit.... recently, did yours?


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Where's Inthemix99?

I think they could relate to his dynamic homespun style.

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He can spin the word cunt into such a deep and complex tapestry of rage that I am never less than completely impressed and awestruck at his posts. +1000 for inthemix.

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Why don't you make like a tree and get the fuck off this planet?

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# if the masses awaken to your theft, would you prefer to have your head on a pike or placed in a basket#

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Better still they can kick it all the way like they did with Cromwell's head.

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Actually the king ordered that Cromewell's body be disinterred and his body was hung after which his head was placed on a spike. 

They have in my mind set the precedent for awaits them as well.

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just tweeted that to @bankofengland just in case you hadn't

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How young , is too young ? 

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When you suck Satan's dick, does it taste like Obama's ass? #askBoE

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10, 9, 8, 7.....is the NSA, FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, at your door yet?

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Is that synonymous with Yellen's dick?

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Is this really how they manage inflation ? From their own web site:


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Shooting or hanging?

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On what planet is throwing cash at mortgages, causing another housing bubble and more concreting over of Englands (formerly) green and pleasant land, a good idea?

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If you are on a path that leads straight to hell when do you get there?

Not soon enough.